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    The fairies transformed my room from a nightmare to a workable space in no time and I can’t thank them enough. This absolutely typifies what the WAM spirit is all about, great people and super helpful. Huge thanks to Lee from strictly stereo for measuring my room, creating the bespoke parametric EQ filters for the show resulting a really good set up given what the room had started out like. I couldn’t have do it without you. Big team effort and much respect due to all involved.
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    Ok, back home and with a home made lamb curry curry down the hatch I can upload some photos . . .
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    Durham Cathedral has always had a no interior public photography policy. The only opportunity to photograph it's interior has been to join one of the quarterly photo sessions where 200+ people pay £10 and jockey for position (nightmare and pointless) or a couple of local photographers run private sessions at around £40 a couple of times a year. It seems the regular complaints from tourists and locals have now been listened to and a week or so ago restrictions were lifted. Still no flash and no tripods but it is now possible to photograph this fabulous World Heritage site yourself and living on it's doorstep I'm really happy that common sense has now finally prevailed ! Head by Les, on Flickr North Transept by Les, on Flickr Choir to Nave by Les, on Flickr Fuji X-T2 with XF 10-24mm
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    I really enjoyed my visit today and the advice on this thread proved very useful. can I just say a huge thank you to the organisers and the exhibitors who I am sure put months of effort into the event - you did the whole WAM community proud
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    I'm always really impressed with the huge amount of effort put in by everyone transporting whole systems to demonstrate .
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    If only that were true - single core with low capacitance, resistance and inductance will sound different to multistrand low capacitance, resistance and inductance. You can use loudspeaker cable to perform like tone controls (less strands less bass and so people feel the mids and tops are clearer). The thing is - there is no right or wrong answer here. Provided you like the sound your cables give you then fine as to getting into a debate about one being better than another .. well that is kind of daft because it all depends on the total make up of a system from source through to loudspeakers and changing a component may make your "right" cables sound wrong. When it comes to speaker cables I use the biggest number of strands I can fit into a 4mm banana plug without having to trim the cable thinner (currently 512). The biggest upgrade you can make to your cables could possibly be to check for oxidisation at the ends and to trim an inch off to have nice new wire going into your banana plugs (or spades).
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    That can't be a definition of correctly though, can it Shadders. You might just as well define a correctly designed car as one which has the lowest possible fuel consumption and the lowest possibe 0-60 acceleration time. "Lowest possible" can be an aspiration but no more: even if you compare just two cables and one has, for example, slightly higher capacitance than the other and the other has slightly higher inductance, then neither is "correctly" designed as neither exhibits the minimum of all three. Only a range of each of these can be used to define correctly. And you can't provide such a range. So you can't define "correctly". Let me guess... because Townshend Isolda are higher capacitance than many, you judge them to be incorrectly designed. Many would respectfully disagree, and would (and have!) put their money where their mouths are. You're obviously at liberty to choose and use QED79 yourself but it's a big step from that to suggest that anyone making, selling or using anything which does not share its measurements is using an incorrectly designed cable. Rgds, TheFlash
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    Another great show today guys. Congratulations and a big thank you to everyone that organised, exhibited in and attended show. I thought the sound quality of the systems was better than ever. So many great sounding systems. I'm so glad I'm not building a system from scratch as I wouldn't know where to begin - so many designs and methods used, all achieving great things. Well done guys (and ladies that were involved).
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    Oh trust me - I am well into what they would call middle aged! Not that I act it of course.
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    Superfi has been in Lincoln High St for well over 35 years, now just an empty shell. Live music never dies though: Keep Music Live by Boxertrixter, on Flickr Fuji X-Pro1/Samyang 20-f2
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    Pink Floyd ‎– The Division Bell
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    Wreck of the MV Dayspring Wreck of the MV Dayspring by Tillman Kleinhans ARPS EFIAP/b DPAGB BPE3*, on Flickr Canon 5D4 + 16-35L F4 IS, 1/200s @ f10, ISO100 raw. PP in ACR.
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    And you’ve certainly done it justice Les, nice set 👍
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    Some fantastic and, keeping with the show ethos, absolutely hair shirt bonkers systems there chaps :+1 Well done to all who exhibited and lived to tell the tale
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    Thank you all guys and gals for making me so welcome to the week end stunning sounds and people!!! Sorry I did not feel up to the curry tonight ( I think I over cooked myself on Saturday night !! ) yet agin THANK YOU
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    Thanks to so many wammers and other visitors for taking the trouble to scribble their name on a badge so we could recognise each other.
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    As I learnt from a link posted earlier on in this thread, there is a trade-off between reducing capacitance at the expense of higher inductance, and vice-versa. Both cannot simultaneously be 'lowest'. How significant this is, is a deferent question .
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    Radiant Red, I agree, but for what it’s worth I’ll likely keep the P3esr. And although checking for myself in my own system would be best, I listened to the larger Harbeth side by side with a P3esr in a different system at a dealer while traveling, and the larger speaker just did not go deep enough compare with the P3esr. Maybe it is simply less efficient, and I suspect the system was just a tad bright (or less warm if you will) compared to my own, but going from the smaller to the larger speaker I just got a bigger sound stage, and a bigger room filling factor. It went deeper but not by orders of magnitude if that makes sense. That’s why I got curious about Revels in the first place (and they are super convenient to audition for me), and I think between f208 and the larger Harbeth I would have stayed with Harbeth. Good thing the salesperson suggested the L100, now I am looking forward to the in home trial.
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    A few pics from room 103 today. Thanks to everyone who listened to my system and music choice and enjoyed it. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Thirded! I'm still chucking at the "two tables" concept... a cracking idea and a cracking job done, Bazzer.
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    You said "correctly", not sufficiently. I'm asking, quite reasonably, for you to define "correctly" not to simply give just one example. If you can't define it, how can you or anyone else assess whether a cable is correctly or incorrectly designed?
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    @Non-Smoking Man Jack, Lurch has your rack. @forgot-my-id Geoff, good luck with the tripod rack project, do post photos! Four 10mm glass shelves sold at Kegworth, two reserved for another wammer who was unable to make it this year STILL AVAILABLE: four mahagony 820mm legs suitable for any existing Stands Unique rack owner wishing to change the colour of their legs (so to speak) or anyone else wishing to build their own rack with adjustable intermediate shelves. @Bazzer, huge thanks for your patience and support in manning the charity stand! As a sign of gratitude, I'd love to buy you pizza and chips next time we see each other
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    Any level of Cat X cables have a specific specification they must adhere to. So if only 4 of 20 cables pass that specification they must have a manufacturing problem, unless there is another informally recognised specification they have measured against that they are selling - usually defined as FOO. Your last paragraph sums up what I believe. If the cables are manufactured to spec then there is no difference. No tin hat needed BYW, just spent a great day at Kegworth. Massive turnout and so chuffed it looks to have been a success.
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    What you mean is a lot of audiophiles smell like fish and mushy peas. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
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    Not glamorous, but very accommodating, I don’t think many hotels would like their beds and mattresses stuffed in bathrooms and corridors by the guests..
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    Seconded. It was a grand idea and I’m very grateful to Bazzer for help!
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    My WAM show in pictures... hadn’t I picked the winning ticket...room 107 had everything you possibly wouldn’t want in a room where your showing your kit... but then the WAM fairies turned up with Allen keys and vacuums
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    But if it looks pretty, its worth spending extra.
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    You could become John Wayne Not Bit Perfect! If you hadn’t taken god knows how many months, umpteen home demos and almost one thousand posts before making your mind up you wouldn’t be in this position! I wouldn’t worry about it, hell, I bought an endgame CD player that became discontinued a month later! I definitely won’t lose any sleep over it.
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    Yes, but he is in shock in this picture as he dropped a shakti stone on his foot and had to go to the plastic surgeon for a cable lift.
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    Audiophiles and glamour go together like fish and mushy peas.
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    I thought the levels of the hotel’s glamour and our own were matched perfectly.
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    You can never have too many tin foil hats. I find they are very helpful when blocking the signals from the mother ship. Glad it is making a difference for you..... 😉
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    Welcome Danny, and don't forget to update your profile. Thanks for making many of us feel older with your comment "My Dad etc."
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    Good lord. I’ve just made myself a tin foil hat and made sure I was pointed exactly due north. 5,000,000% improvement. Where has this been my whole life?! Lol.