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    PJ Harvey 'Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea’ (2000- CD)
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    Bowie 'The Man Who Sold The World’ (2016- LP)
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    Taken today (27th April 2019) in Doncaster. Here is a link to this mans work as shown on Flickr. https://www.flickr.com/photos/ibarber/ The camera shown here is shown in this link above, 2nd row, 1st picture. Extremely pleased to talk to this man, he was great to talk to & very knowledgeable too. Fuji XPro1 + XF 35mm f1.4
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    It was interesting to give the old Krell pair a blast through the ATC before selling them last week. Still sounded big and ballsy but not quite the subtlety I’ve become accustomed to. All very subjective of course. And after hearing @TheFlash‘s actives they are undoubtedly a big step up in transparency. Probably they are my best future upgrade apart from sources. Now I just need that lottery win!
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    Those big boys are just sat in the corner of the summer house not being used, I had them in the living room for around 24hrs a couple of weeks ago and my wife didn't speak to me for 2 days. Poor things, they're possibly my most sentimental piece considering the work it took to bring them back. The 911 is just an example as I'm working on one at the moment. Not sure I really like the way they drive. Half my problem at the moment is the business bought a van so I'm just driving that around all the time bored out of my mind. Keep the old Yam kit, sell the rest I reckon So, I listen to music constantly, its always playing in the house, the car, my workshop etc. I've got a Naim Unity Nova and Dynaudios in the living room which gets a couple of hours a week, at work I have two systems, Ns1000 + Arcam and a Peachtree Nova 300 with B&W 803 Diamond. These all get fair use but my main system has no home really, it's sat in a summer house outside at the moment and not really getting used at all. That said, music means more to me than any of my kit so with or without a system I'll still be constantly listening, and singing, likely dancing... My kids have a great time listening to music and even with them being 5 and 2 they understand daddies hifi bits. It may be time for a thin out, quite like you've done. I feel there's too much squeeze and not enough juice in my HIFI habbit. The only way around it I can see is to reduce the Squeeze to even up the ratio. Wise words Rabs, cheers <3 It's looking imminent! I think I have a list to write! Joolz, I'd rather thumb lifts than own a kit car. I think you've hit the nail on the head there, that's exactly where I'm at, it feels like it's just sat there and is not being used, it's through no fault of anyone really its just life at present. Money wise it's not really that I need or could do with the money, it's more so as hobbies go the amount for enjoyment it currently returns to me for the cost I could be doing other things I'll get more enjoyment from. God knows it's pissing me off. I think a lot of it spans from the fact I sold my M3 and Clubsport to fund the house, so now I'm without them to give me my fix, the house is nothing but a pain in the arse and ironically it's sucking up all my listening time. It's likely I've just got the hump for a few weeks while real life kicks me in the arse, it'll all come good in the end haha! ======== Cheers for all your input though lads, I knew I wouldn't have been the only one that's been here! Carl <3
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    When it all gets too much for the bride !
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    Big Krell amp driving old school SFs is musical, with a capital M. Primare (Class D) + ATC - I would expect to be clean, neutral, accurate, controlled and detailed....but not as emotionally engaging.....but a change is as good as a rest, they say.
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    Sadly that's real life. I have W13s now as these W8s were demo speakers, I’d love to have the W13s in their own space but it just is not possible. The speakers close to the kit was a real problem until I put the Quadraspire rack onto Townshend 'seismic' floating support corners. That was transformational and the proximity of the gear to the right hand speaker now has no nasty effect.
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    Something similar happened to me and a friend of mine. I told him I could here differences in sound quality when my amp was in direct analog mode and when not. So I played a few tracks and he could hear the difference in sound quality easily as well. So just to remove anything placebo effect we decided to test it blind. I got it right 4 out of 5 times, my friend was 5 out of 5. We then played another track just to be sure, then suddenly we could no longer here any differences. We just got it wrong almost every time, now it became a guess if tone control was defeated or not. Anyway we thought it strange. After my friend left that day in the evening I then decided to try without blindfold and I could here the difference again. It then suddenly dawned on me it was a particular track played that was masking the difference. Next day we tried again with blindfold and got it right almost every time playing other tracks.
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    Great set Les, really shows off this great city!
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    I may be downsizing from my valve amps? Btw, I am not looking for any speakers, and my Tannoys wouldn't fit in any suitcase I have seen.
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    And now for something completely different...Give the Miami Vice movie Sound Track a try, some amazing songs. Oh the cat8 really exposes the detail to the song "one of these mornings". Run away, run away.
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    As I recall the base panel of the enclosure was screwed in place, so this would help access to construct & fit the port line and allow shimming of the gap between the rear of the driver and the mdf port line.
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    It would mean an increase in length by 12 cm to account for the reduced cabinet vol, but the benefits would seem to outweigh the potential disadvantages
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    Just a quick estimate ( as I'm away from home tonight) the mdf port would allow me to provide a centre mid brace against the rear of the driver and cross link the two sides of the cabinet at the same time. A 150mm x 150mm square tube in 18mm mdf would be the equivalent of a 15 cm dia tube and be a very strong brace 😀😀😀. i could then use dowels from this to the top & base panels and a rear running piece of mdf to secure the rear baffle Great thinking Tony
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    The Eagles - Hotel California ripped SACD
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    Love this track.But i dont tell many people about it .Was in my local Argos the weekend with my 15 year old son.This was playing.Could not help but sing along to it,and i think i might of even shook my little ass a bit.My son said, ffs Dad ,are you Gay now or what. ha ha.
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    Keith you could use toilet rolls , but it might sound ...pants …
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    This was my last bike, sold shortly before Christmas. Before that I rode old British, the most recent being a 1954 Velocette MSS. I think I may have given up riding, though I may be tempted by the new Guzzi.
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    Peter Belt was a UK phenomena, and I had never heard of him until I was on the Linn Forum. The big difference is that I have nothing to sell, I don't work in the HiFi Trade, and I don't claim any expertise. Perhaps what we do share in common is trying to get the best performance out of our HiFi systems. My favourite HiFi dealers in North America, all sell power conditioners, power cords, Audiophile grade cables for interconnects, speaker wires and Ethernet. They also have a selection of fancy HiFi stands, vibration control devices, room acoustic panelling and so on. These are all devices that can have a marked improvement in sound quality, and many of these products are reviewed by Stereophile magazine, Absolute Sound and Soundstage. But it is always best to try it out in my own system and my friend's HiFi systems to see if there is any positive effects or not. In every case, my HiFi dealers have always allowed me to try the new devices out in my home, and I invite some of the guys over to listen to hear if there is a difference, and if it is worth the cost. I baulked at paying $3000 for an anti-vibration platform, but found that a silicon pad from IKEA for 4 Euros called the Gunstigs, that gives a similar improvement in sound quality. For my speakers, I found that a pair of Aurelex Subdudes works wonders on the bass, for my downward firing isobarik bass drivers on my Akubariks. They cost $60 CDN each. I am happy to suggest that people try it in their HiFi system and see what they think. I could spend big money on buying the next level up of preamp, streamer or power amps, or I could do some cable management, and get a noticeable improvement in sound quality for free. My adventures in Space Optimization are another story all together , but it was one of the greatest HiFi learning experiences in my life. I am on a continuous mission to find the best sound quality I can for my own HiFi system, and sometimes I even listen to the music.
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    Just put this on. The blue vinyl makes it a bit more interesting to look at.
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    I’ll bring my wire coat hangers around. You probably won’t notice the difference
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    I'd say they were a large step up from my LS50s and I personally thought those did female voices very well. Ane Brun was on my speaker test list, and, in general, the speakers that I liked had scale and an excellent midrange. That includes the few I mentioned earlier and also the ATC SCM 40. I'd be interested to know what the ATC standmount in the SCM series sounds like. I do think the Special 40s make most music sound, well, special.
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    IME. Price, provided it is affordable, is very much secondary to having the right speakers for your taste. Speaking for myself, I would rather have the Cremonas, than Focals at any price...but that's me. I would take good condition Diapason, over poor condition SFs...but all things being equal - you know where my vote goes.
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    You beat me to it, at least as far as the Sonus Fabers, with the Krell of course! But @newlash09 knows that already!
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    I $h1t Shakti stones. Usually after eating Black Ravioli. Fortunately, the Bybee Filters work well at cleansing the colon at the quantum level. I need those to be directional, or else it ain't pretty. I find my hearing is much more acute during a full moon. But then again, I have a lot more hair, fangs, bark/ hump the wife, $h1t in the garden and bark/hump the wife some more. Next morning I wake up naked on the living room floor and the wife looks really pi$$ed and begins to rant at me. I tell her that fair is fair, she has her monthlies so I'm allowed to have mine too. Then we make up and she chucks me a chew stick and scratches behind my ears. #BestRelationshipEver
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    Last time I looked, Cyrus one's were not cheap but maybe cheerful.
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    Cart is getting slightly better as time passes (or it could just be me getting used to it but it definitely sounds less "fizzy" in the treble). Problem is I keep reading up on things and heard that the cables need to be lowest capacitance possible and short. Well, mine are old RadioShack looking things which after testing using a multimeter came up with roughly 450pF - probably because they're old and too long (they're 2m cables). I only need 1m between TT and phonostage and I thought most cables are usually about 300pF tops. In the small chance this might make a difference I paid a nice chap on eBay the princely sum of £15 to make me a pair of 1m interconnects using Van Damme cable that's rated at 50pF/m. Can't tell if it's made a difference tbh but it was a small outlay and they reach nicely without lots of extra slack
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    Being the wrong side of 60 I have had several hobbies over the years and always bought magazines on the subject that I was interested in at the time. Looking back, I think Hi-Fi Answers was the best magazine of them all. Although I could not afford many of the gear they review, I used to look forward to each issue. Jimmy Hughes was my favourite contributor. My dream was to build the transmission line speakers they developed, but sadly never got around to it. I stopped buying Hi-Fi magazines when Hi-Fi Answers went to the wall for obvious reasons if you used to read it. Crime writer Ian Rankin used to write for Hi-Fi Answers and as far as I am aware still has an LP12.
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    I've heard both. The Sopra was nice but I felt it would might need a sub-woofer depending on the room -- not my cup of tea. It certainly did not have the scale of the Dynaudio. The Contour 20 was/is a very nice full bodied speaker. It has excellent range, timing, scale and bass control. It's a little dry. It's a Bordeaux in a Burgundy bottle. It's one drawback is its lack of "musicality," and it's slightly outdone, IMO, by the Special 40. I think you could safely buy either one of the Dynaudios (Special 40 is about $3000) blind and get one hell of a bookshelf/standmount speaker.
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    Can’t help with the amp choice and I may be stating the obvious here but worth pointing it out in case. Make sure any amp you get in the States will work with 240V. Most valve amps have the transformer built-in and they do not always have a means of switching over from 110V.
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    ...of that lot, I would pick: - Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor Ms - Diapason Italia Adamantes III - Dynaudio's Contour 20 (probably in that order).
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    I’ve heard both the Epicon 2 and 6 at two diff. locations. The 2’s were run by all Linn system(Klimax)at Bristol show and the 6’s irrc by some Chord pre-power and both were impressive.
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    Mine sounded terrible straight off and I thought of sending them back, but they really started to open up after a day or so. Don't worry, I sure you won't regret buying them. My w8s sound great at the moment, had them 2 months with about 800 hours.
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    I think it potentially helps because you set the volume for each to sound the best, and then compare the two to see which you prefer. That way you're comparing them how you'd actually use them. I was actually responding above more from a general blind comparison POV rather than for your own case though. The other advantage of allowing volume adjustments during comparisons is that you can make changes for different test tracks, exactly as you would if listening to music normally.
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    Indeed. I quite often listen to an Abba album while eating a Spam sandwich from "My Little Pony" lunchbox. Doh, I've confessed to something else.
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    Ironically, I would probably take your old system, over your current one....but I think you know this.
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    If you bring me chew sticks, yes. Sometimes chew sticks look like CAT cables. I'm ABXing a chewed vs unchewed cables as I believe I can hear a difference. Next week trying and actual CAT cable made of CAT. Should be interesting.
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    Why would there be an argument? It's perfectly obvious that red vinyl sounds warmer than blue. Just like CDs sound bright because they're silver.
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    No way. Rules is rules.
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    Glad that you are not listening to them then
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    Keith doesn't listen to vinyl. We're safe.