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    Tresaith Sunset Fuji X-T20 18-55mm
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    A bit of Lincolnshire evening... Barkstone evening by Boxertrixter, on Flickr Huawei P20 Pro
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    We have a large pond in front of the house - getting on for an acre of water - so there is always plenty of wildlife activity to be seen, even if it is only the ubiquitous mallards, which regularly raise broods around the pond. This morning, a heron was posing particularly nicely, so I took a few pics before I got too close and frightened it off - also one of the wigeon drake that has been visiting us regularly for a couple of weeks - he seems to be happy to hang out with the mallards.
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    I have just finished my review of the RME ADI-2 DAC and uploaded it onto members reviews pages. I was really surprised by this DAC and it was not what I expected.
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    [2002] Peter Gabriel - Up [flac]
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    London Bridge.jpg by -DaveBailey1- GRiii
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    For once I am very happy and confident about using a term that has become debased Nikki Lauder - Legend - RIP
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    You can pick up the hinges for a tenner a pop too ....something else that's overpriced from Linn. I have no issue whatsoever with the cost of specially made & performance related LP12 parts ....they have to be faultlessly made , aren't cheap to manufacture and there are lots of costs & overheads....exacerbated by relatively low production volumes . ....but when they start asking silly money for stuff they've just bought in from some supplier's catalogue, it's a bit cheeky and greedy . They just assume that folks with an LP12 can afford it . WRONG . Some of us can't .
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    Monday City of London.jpg by -DaveBailey1-
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    I have a sizeable collection of DVDs (4-500?), mainly SciFi and Action movies which I want to give away. You will have to bring your own boxes to collect them from near Coventry. Sorry but I will not list titles or post.
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    .... but were overlooked. Why this wasn't a Bond theme I'll never know. This came out before Skyfall.
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    I don't own a turntable, don't own vinyl and have never even heard a LP12. No intention to either. So, what I usually do is not pestering the people who do happen to have LP12s. Be like me. 😇
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    First listen on vinyl Madeleine Peyroux ‎– Careless Love
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    Indeed. I listened to Sir Jackie Stewart this morning on Radio 4. As always Sir Jackie was well worth listening to and gave a most moving and heartfelt tribute. He described just how much pain Nikki Lauder was in when he drove again almost unbelievably only 6 weeks after his accident. Beggars belief really.
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    With a £1k max ceiling, your existing tt is tough to beat, if you are planning on buying new. After all, the new price of your tt is also £1k. I highly doubt there is much at £1k that will be a big step up from what you have. Different yes, but definitively better, maybe not. Id be tempted to get it serviced/ repaired ( going through 2 motor assemblies is a tad unusual I think?) & maybe look at a different cart, MC maybe &/or a better phono stage. What are you presently using? If you’re open to 2nd hand stuff, then the options widen considerably, as long as you know what to look for with pre owned tt’s.
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    Classic deck, rare in this fabulous condition. Good luck.
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    Very temporary, although it might be acting as a sort of bass boost... My ambition is to formally install the ATC passives and the Audia Flight in Kendal next week but I am waiting for my black belt joiner friend to tweak the shelf. Read on if interested. I love my Custom Design shelves, designed and made in UK. The older Custom Design shelves have a groove into which the 6mm shelf slots, the newer ones have the glass sitting atop. The older designs are in 6mm glass only; newer designs are in 6mm glass or in 10mm "Reference" glass. The 6mm can take 30kg, the 10mm can take 50kg, and the FLS10 weighs 36kg. I did think of getting the groove deepened but apparently one cannot cut holes into any strengthened glass less than 2.5 times the thickness from its edge or it will crack; so I've bought a 10mm top-mounted shelf from Custom Design (arrived today, top quality) and my buddy will cut off the shelf supports at the bottom of the groove, round the edges, reseat the bolts... and I shall have a "Reference" top shelf on which to give the Audia Flight FLS10 the home it deserves.
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    I believe that Pro-ject are revising their rather elegant Classic model, so if you fancy brand new this might be worth looking out for. It will probably have a 2M Red as standard, so your superior Blue stylus would swap straight over. Otherwise, the usual suspects from Rega and Michell can sound very good, unless you fancy a different classic in the guise of a Technics SL-1200GR.
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    If I fancy replacing or changing the colour of the grilles on my speakers, it’ll cost me around £5000 apparently. On that basis, £795 seems quite reasonable! But it isn’t, obviously...
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    Why don't you message the seller and ask him?
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    Hi, One thing Linn should/must do is let users backup their playlists to somewhere safe and easily accessed in emergency. A reply from Linn explains how I can transfer a playlist to another device, but I have many different playists as I am sure have others, do I have to transfer each and every one of my playlists, they have not replied to my question yet. They appear not to understand the simple fact that people buy expensive items of HiFi made by Linn but the very part of it that allows the user to enjoy that HiFi is the playlists they make for themself. These playlists must surely be able to be backed up somewhere for just such an occurance as has just happened and not just one playlist why not a backup every month or week or when you add a new one list. Surely this is not outwith the abilities of a company such as Linn products. I would be interested in what others think about this concept. Cheers John
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    For sure. ThomasOK likes them enough to take them to a show and use them to demonstrate Fred L.'s £32K phono stage ... David
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    Yes, I've heard of IKEA. I have Kallax in our spare room, but I have iCubes in the listening room so need a couple more to complement them.
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    This is week 2 of 4. It's been testing - quite literally - for students constantly revising between exams. Due to a lack of confidence my daughter didn't do too well in the mocks back in December. As a consequence she's had outside tutoring on a weekly basis over the past 3 months. When they finish each exam, they are not allowed home until chucking out time. Very different from my day when you could arrive and leave school almost at will, as long as you sat through for the full duration. My thoughts are with all pupils and parents at this period. (And breath)
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    All cracking suggestions gentlemen. This'll keep me busy for a while, as some of these artists I'm not familiar with. Thank you.
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    "The Mrs" or, as I call her when shouting for my tea, "Wife!" is content in the knowledge that the arrangement is temporary - the passives are being fostered here rather than adopted as it were. Until next week. She's been very patient over the last year with so much swapping around but a period of stability will shortly be upon us!
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    As far as I know, it's one of the few without any real alternatives. In most circuits, 5692 will be OK, but it's far less common and unlikely to sound 'better'. Some sites suggest EL34 is a direct replacement, but it's by no means identical nor is the ECC32. The ideal grid bias is different and the heater current is higher. VT231 is the milspec 6SN7, but rare so costly. Some others are stated as replacements but arent, as they are not true double triodes, and have a common cathode. No equivalents with different gain, but that would normally be very unlikely anyway. Lower gain is sometimes possible, but higher gain inevitably means changes to the circuit, not the valve type. The good news is that there are almost endless flavours of 6SN7s around with different suffixes. So many that most are inconsistent in meaning. 6SN7GT should be a slightly better made version, but in most cases is probably the same. You can find 6SN7GTA, GTB, A, W, WGT, WGTA, WGTB and probably loads more. There is a Russian direct equivalent, but my list doesn't show the right number for it and a web search is inconclusive (Google is not always your friend). I think it's 6n8s in Cyrilic, but don't take that as gospel. As for what the different types sound like, I'm afraid I don't have a clue because I've never used them!
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    AS transport and DACs circa 2010. 25 + year old Oracle Mk 1 25+ year old Musical Reference pre. Old Squeeze box. Even the Io is geriatric but has been rebuilt and is on a new Tri-planar and Helius Viridia. Yes I am Steptoe!
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    yes i fear you may be correct , the a21se is the most remarkable amp [ having had an awful lot of amps !! ] its amazingly fast , huge cavernous sound with a very very low noise floor . but i don`t think it would stay long with the impulse . its great for 90 mins but after that its a bit much . the word `relentless` comes to mind . i must say not what i expected , i expected a warm soft powerful class A sound [ my msb errs on the warmish side but thats 200w class AB ] the arcam remote gives better control of volume i think , just a little bit fiddly with the sugden remote . however the arcam does not have the seismic bass of the sugden although its pretty good . of course the a75 cost a fraction of the sugden .
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    https://www.rough-online.co.uk/emma-blackery-s-highly-anticipated-debut-album-villains Emma Blackery (again) I hope she is still ok ...busker outside HMV London b 4 ... she was awesome!
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    NY subway 59th street subway by Tillman Kleinhans ARPS EFIAP/b DPAGB BPE3*, on Flickr Canon 5D4 + 24-105L, 1/40s @ f4, ISO800 raw. PP in ACR.
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    Don’t forget the companion album ‘Live at the Sands (Before Frank)’ recorded the same night. I am lucky to have bought the two CDs together years ago but it can be streamed/downloaded ...
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    That looks a good buy doesn't it . Appears to fit ,looks perfectly functional, and the official product is in this instance extremely overpriced . And it's not like buying a 3rd party belt ....it's not going to affect performance if its not exactly like the original
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    If an LP12 sounds "vile" [compared to digital , or anything for that matter ]....then something is seriously wrong with it !
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    Don't ...unless it's cheap as chips and you can easily write off the loss if it doesn't work properly It may work just fine...or it may cause all kinds of speed related issues if not right. Factory LInn belts are expensive these days [the new price almost caused a war on the old forum] ...but they last for years and give us peace of mind re any potential sound quality compromises which may be caused by other products. .
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    An excellent summary from someone that clearly understands the technical issues. I particularly liked "Ethernet is so ubiquitous and important that there are legions of very accomplished engineers constantly improving the specs and requirements. This work is in support of the real-world applications of Ethernet which are far more important than anything audio-related. The thought that the audio industry is going to make real improvements here when most companies lack the equipment to do proper measurements is beyond laughable." Couldn't have put it better myself.
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    Thanks for letting us know about the disappearing playlists. We have identified the problem and are issuing a fix today. It will most likely take a day or two to go through the Apple approval process but once you update Kazoo your playlist will be reinstated. Apologies for any inconvenience experienced. Regards, David
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    Soundcare Superspikes now fitted to the Audionote stands, again improvements all across the board.
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    More ‘fuel for the fire’, from the Roon forum this time: AMPAndrew PProgramme Manager at dCS Dec '18 stevebythebay: Noise via Ethernet is a real thing, but the funny thing is that most audiophile cables are making the problem worse. The sad thing is that consumers are buying these things. Twisted-pair Ethernet is a differential (balanced) connection so typical EMI/RFI issues are addressed through common mode rejection. That isn’t to say that Ethernet is immune to this type of noise, but in a domestic application you have to be really haphazard in cable routing to get real issues here. Twisted-pair Ethernet is galvanically isolated when unshielded cables are used. This is part of the Ethernet spec which mandates transformer coupling (or some other similar air gap isolation) for all PHYs. This is in place to break potential ground loops (which can be deadly in real-world implementations) as well as to avoid current leakage and spikes over Ethernet links. Twisted-pair Ethernet is an extremely reliable transport mechanism as long as the specifications are followed to the letter. This includes cable geometry, connector design, and termination. Ignore any one of these and the quality of transmission (and the noise rejection properties of the transport suffer). Here’s how audiophile cables tend to screw up Ethernet: “Creative” cable geometries which don’t follow the spec and ultimately result in noise issues and signal reflections that do impact data transfer performance. Non-standard (answer to the question no one ever asked) connectors which look impressive but have issues with maintaining a reliable connection, impedance mismatches, and a higher likelihood of damaging the component they’re plugged into. Use of shielding without understanding how Ehternet works. With a fully connected shield you’ve now linked the ground planes of the stereo with the rest of the network. If noise is a concern the this is just stupid. With the shield floating or only connected at one end you now have a very effective antenna connected to the ground plane. Product designs which are make to look and feel impressive in order to justify ridiculous costs. This includes cables that are so heavy they literally rip the Ethernet jacks off circuit boards, connectors which tend to wallow out the jacks on the components, and cables which have no chance if having proper geometry unless they’re kept perfectly straight. Fun fact… most audiphile Ethernet cables don’t pass the certification for their advertised category (i.e. some audiophile CAT7 cables are lucky to pass CAT5 requirements). Many audiophile Ethernet cables don’t certify remotely close to any of the Ethernet standards… yet for some reason they cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. I’ve talked to a lot of audio cable manufacturers about Ethernet and the interesting thing is that none of them really understand how it works. They’re just trying to apply audio signal cable principles to a very different kind of connection. The good companies will admit that they don’t have the knowledge they need and hence their product offerings appear to be rather limited in scope (this list is very short). Many report hearing sonic differences between different Ethernet cables and use this as a justification for purchase. If you’re happy with what you’re buying and feel that a cable provides a positive sonic change then there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s your money and system so if you’re happy then that’s great. Just don’t get caught up in the hype about noise reduction and magic dust. There’s a really good chance that the difference you’re hearing isn’t the result of noise reduction, just a change in the overall shape of the noise floor in your system. Some notes here: Ethernet is so ubiquitous and important that there are legions of very accomplished engineers constantly improving the specs and requirements. This work is in support of the real-world applications of Ethernet which are far more important than anything audio-related. The thought that the audio industry is going to make real improvements here when most companies lack the equipment to do proper measurements is beyond laughable. This isn’t my opinion, it’s fact and based on actual understanding of IEEE 802.3 along with decades of experience in large scale data networking. dCS has no official recommendations for network cables as long as they meet the Ethernet spec, don’t damage the component, and certify at their listed category. When customers report issues that are beyond basic configuration problems the first thing we request is the replacement of all audiophile Ethernet cables with something less exotic (and more correct). You’d be surprised how often this resolves the problem. I have absolutely nothing against audiophile cables or the companies that make them. I do have an issue with products that are designed and marketed with an obvios ignorance toward their intended application. Anthony_Bates: We put a lot of effort into proper implementation of our Ethernet interfaces and can demonstrate excellent measured performance. We don’t violate standards so our Ethernet port shields are connected to the component’s ground plane. We go to great lengths to maintain a clean ground (which is especially critical in digital audio), but we can’t do anything when someone connects an antenna (poorly designed cable) to the Ethernet port.
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    Great phonostage in excellent nick - picked up this morning & it's already making fantastic music in my system. Indus is a genuine hifi-fan, and a thorough gent to deal with. Thanks!
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    saying goodbye to my harbeth p3esr today which have to go to pay bills sadly . hope to have some back someday of the c7 as RR has . they are playing tonight with an arcam integrated which sounds absolutely sublime , extremely natural, extremely live and compelling . you could play these all day and not get fatigued . i briefly had them with a sugden a21se which i find to be very good but prefer the more laidback presentation of the arcam
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    I'm gettin' really turned on man!
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    Who are you calling “that lot”? Oh, you mean the Hifi kit?!
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    My Canadian however still needs some practise, eh?
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    Yes, I had a customer a few years ago, who I got on well with. I used to start texts to her "Dear Anya" I abruptly lost her as a customer and wasn't sure why. Then I noticed my predictive text had been at play. I had sent a couple of text messages starting " Dear Anus"
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    Tin, you onlee speech 4 sandwitchs. Ur Denglish iz pritty gud if u axe mee. 👍🏻