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    [1973] Gong ‎– Flying Teapot (Radio Gnome Invisible Part 1) [flac]
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    [1989] Tears For Fears ‎– The Seeds Of Love [2012 MOFI 180g LP]
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    Hi. I am listening to Pink Floyd's Endless River at the moment having just listened to A Great Day which is not advised due to the recording being so poor. Division Bell next I think.
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    Unfortunately, things like this throw up a whole load of potential safety issues and noncompliance to electrical regulations.
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    While playing with my new Tamron 150-600 G2 on a Nikon D500 in my back garden this afternoon a starling landed on the bird feeder, the first time I've seen one do that.
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    Thanks chronicals and Iceman...the acoustic solid and transrotors have always been in my sights. Probably best bought locally from Germany, as I visit there in my trips to Europe. And enough bling too to keep my ghetto tastes pleased
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    Take a butchers at the link below https://www.discogs.com/Robert-Miles-Dreamland/master/67831
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    Here are a couple of screen grabs form the TV programme.
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    Progtastic ! Lonely Robot - The Big Dream
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    Paul Kossoff. Original 1977 Vinyl. Good to see there is more than one copy!!
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    Music, all the way It's nicer to have something half decent to listen to it on / through, but if I haven't, I'll listen and enjoy anyway.
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    We have all seen the mess behind our HiFi cabinets or racks, with a whole lot of Cable Spaghetti. In my case, speaker cables, interconnects, ethernet cables, HDMI and 10 different mains cords. I have found that separating the cables away from each other can provide big gains in sound quality, if done right. My cables seem to have a mind of their own, and even after rearranging the cables to separate them away from each other, a couple of weeks later, the cables seem to have rearranged themselves to another configuration that is just as messy as before. The mains cords end up touching many of my other cables, resulting in reduced sound quality. The solution: This past week, the fence guys were putting in a new fence around some of the ground floor suites for their outside patio, and there was left over fencing material that looks like it was made for a trellis. I was able to obtain a piece about 15 inches by 60 inches and place it behind my HiFi cabinet. Then I started attaching many of the cables onto the trellis using ties. The silver tubes are made of foam, with a thin aluminum/mylar covering and are there as spacers to help separate the cables. The result: Greatly improved detail, sound stage, and sound quality overall.
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    As BMB has observed, this kind of solution has its own issues wrt regulations. I guess you could also contemplate a completely "off-grid" solution - a bunch of PV panels or a wind turbine on the roof, feed the output into a bunch of batteries for storage, then use the stored energy to drive your own private mains supply via inverters/regenerators etc., or even better, re-wire your hifi components for DC supply. The main issue I have with all of this is "Why Bother" when the standard mains supply fed to a competently designed PSU works just fine.
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    Have a look here. https://hifiwigwam.com/forum/forum/14-wam-bake-offs/
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    Sorry, all for the incredibly late reply, and for necro of the post. As an update, these have gone on eBay in the end. After speaking to a few people I just couldn't justify keeping them. Again many thanks for all the input and advice. Kind regards, Essy
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    Ardnamurchan point; Ardnamurchan point by APM Photography, on Flickr D850 -- Nikkor 24-120mm -- iso 64 -- @ f/11 -- @ 24mm end -- handheld -- 50th sec
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    Hi Ian, Where abouts are you located? There are many kind wammers on here and opportunities to hear stuff. As you like Arcam - if you want to hear newer Arcam kit - then I’ll kick off with... if you’re anywhere near me (Bristol) you’re welcome to come and have a listen to my FMJ A29 which is Class G and pretty recent - it’s not the top of the range model (which was A49 before recent overhaul), but its very respectable indeed. Equally if you’re not to far away and wanted to hear it in your own room on your speakers, bribe me with some good coffee and might be pos. I’ve had older Arcam stuff and imo it’s not a patch on their newer kit.
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    It's Porcupine Tree - Fear of a Blank Planet
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    I spoke with Kevin at Definitive and he told me that he built a system for a Russian factory owner. The factory and the owner’s home were in the most miserable polluted grey city in the middle of nowhere in Russia. It was like something out of a black and white 1984 dystopia. Even the grass was probably grey. Anyway, he wanted the “The Best” Kondo system despite only playing the same handful of CDs on rotation. The system complete with “The Best” cables set him back near enough half a million quid. Guess the glowing tubes was the only sunlight he got. Nowt as queer as folk....
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    I’m pretty sure it won’t put you to sleep. My eldest son asked why I’d bough a giant hip flask.
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    Nice work Paulssurround. But is your equipment liquid cooled; cables thick as hoses? I have kind of same arrangement with the cables tied to a structure separating mains from audio and digital.
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    Flatterer. I've only heard the A39 once, briefly, and it seems to be very similar in presentation to the Pulse.
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    I’ve taken a standard budget cat8 cable, modified it to eliminate the ground loop problem, and chosen a shorter length. It sounds better than any other Ethernet cable I’ve heard, so I don’t give a stuff if it no longer meets Catx spec’s. I’m listening to music on a HiFi system, not building a data centre 🤷🏼‍♀️
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    Sunset at Ardtoe peninsula; Sunset at Ardtoe peninsula by APM Photography, on Flickr D850 -- 24-120mm -- iso 64 -- @ 50mm end -- @ f/16 -- 1.3 secs
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    If you contact Falcon they will sell you the appropriate adhesive to stick it down properly. I am not sure but the glue you have may be a contact adhesive whereby you need to coat each surface and let it dry for 15 minutes then when pushed together they seal and glue immediately to each other. When I did a replacement surround many years ago I just used UPVA glue and did the coat and leave to dry and push together and it worked a treat for me. I have seen this recommended https://www.parts-express.com/parts-express-speaker-repair-glue-1-oz-bottle--340-076 This link may prove a useful read https://www.vintage-radio.net/forum/showthread.php?t=60321
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    When i built my extension, i knew where i wanted the hifi to be, so from a dedicated way, ran 6mm T&E supply direct to that socket. I also ran some thick earth wire to a long piece of copper sunk into the ground. Top-tip =use the deepest socket boxes you can get to make it easier to fit everything in. Does it work, yes, does it make a difference..maybe, it certainly sounds good. This is a whole can of worms that you are opening, but if you have ever heard a power cable make a difference (i have), it doesn't seem a far step, and it certainly can't 'hurt' (*caveat - if in doubt consult a certified professional). I have noticed that In my system, power conditioners don't make a noticeable difference.
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    This isn't a big problem like some make out. A Swedish bloke on the green forum seems to have a agenda with this subject posting again and again every chance he gets even said its the reason why Linn closed its forum. Thats complete rubbish. He also even used a RIP thread to mention it again which was really bad form. I had one of the first Radikals fitted when it was released and never had a problem. I know loads of people with Radikals and the only problem they've had is there records sounding to good.
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    Peter has been trying it for over a year now and is fairly sure but then again there can always be expectation bias. The best example is if you had a computer running non-stop for a couple of months it slows down it needs a reboot to clean itself up. So basically what you’re doing is a manual cleanup of all the correction data on the Radikal chip. What to do is to play the same piece of music before and then again after the reset " Tune Dem " in this way we will get usable information that can then be disseminated if found positive and unbiased. It costs nothing to try but takes a long time between resets to analyse any change in performance so the more people that try then the more information hopefully will come back. I don't understand any skeptical thoughts on this as it's free information about a possibly not thought about operating advantage.
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    Mumford & Sons - Sigh No More. CD
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    I also use an Isotek cond. the Aquarius Evo3 and it’s one of best upgrade I’ve done to my system. Significantly reduced noise floor and “hiss” is non existent from my speakers.
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    Little update, the volume and other pots were crackling and the source selector iffy on one channel. Managed to get inside and spray all pots and selectors with deoxit. No problems now and sounding a bit nicer (possibly all in my head) Sent from my BLN-L21 using Tapatalk
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    I was beginning to think that you had some kind of affiliation with the company in-question to be honest.
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    I haven't a clue what I expect them to say. They more or less told me in the email what it is, or did you not read that part? If you look around the edge of the driver it is still black, it is coated too. I expect KEF to say nothing like they have, I'm not expecting them to do anything like most large companies these days, there's no warranty on them. I'm simply making my concerns and this post will show up if anybody else experiences this if searching. There's no paint on these speakers, acetone does nothing to them. I'm just going to buy a driver and keep the grills on. But I'll be looking at other brands when I replace them. I'm just stating that the company has told me what there is a possibly of the cause ,and as though that is acceptable. I would personally expect better, they're not cheap and many people buy speakers and keep them for years and years. They obviously carry parts for these speakers, which is of little use if they have been damaged by sunlight and made the colour change. If you personally think it is ok for sunlight to possibly completely change the appearance of something that's fine. Or if like a lot of people you often upgrade speakers I get that, but many people keep speakers for longer than other components. "Some Fading" is from black to gold with my eyes. My brother has a 30 year old pair of Mission speakers that have no fading at all anywhere. Toxic elements in a living room, but not changing the colour of one driver. I personally think there is nothing wrong at all in anything I have said or researched. If it helps somebody out with this issue that's a good thing. I think the main purpose of my post is that I was hoping KEF had made an admin error, and some of these speakers were actually made with gold drivers and somebody might tell me. I just couldn't get my head around that these are supposed to be black as they are so far removed from that colour. You seem to dismiss every single thing that I have wrote in this thread, even when a company actually states what can happen to these speakers in sunlight, logical thinking would tell me that this has happened before. If not, why mention it?? I'm simply making people aware, as many people keep speakers for a long, long time. If the parts are obsolete it's not an issue. I personally find UV damage in this day and age to be not really be acceptable. But as you say they're used, end of!
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    Is that one of Chumpy’s greatest hits.
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    True...but you do need both hands to search for an album cover
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    I was sure it was Joni Mitchell, but could not find the cover. Besides, she’s Canadian, so I’m wrong on many counts. She did have a Big Yellow Taxi though .
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    Haven't a clue but had to say - if you pay this much attention to it to get it right, you need to change your name in here to "given up bodging it"
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