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    Received today and it is stunning:
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    Pink Floyd - A Momentary Lapse of Reason, vinyl.
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    I’ve just written to Harbeth... there might be a cheeky pair going spare.. you never know lol
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    I do think worrying about which way the first cycle of a drum signal may go is pointless. Mostly because I don't believe any difference will be audible, but also because whether you have positive or negative polarity first on the recording will depend on where the microphone was placed - above/in front of the drumhead and the first cycle will be negative. This is assuming there aren't any further polarity changes during the recording and editing process, which it wouldn't shock me if there often were.
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    Excellent album, Don’t forget their is another album released a couple of weeks ago Please remain seated the others
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    Just realised I have an original copy of this but I can't remember ever playing it! Maybe another day... Jimi Plays Monterey, vinyl. One of my favourite tracks playing right now, The Wind Cries Mary..
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    Linn! OK, I'm out. I thought this was about high-end gear, sorry.
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    The White Stripes - White Blood Cells, vinyl.
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    The best active speakers I've heard are the Avantgarde Zero 1. They have a 12" bass driver in a 19" wide baffle. They look a bit lifestyle in white, but they genuinely sound high-end. Never heard a standmount that did.
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    It will be clipping that is more likely to damage the speakers, so do not overdrive the amp. I have some 8 ohm Ls35a's and have used 4 watt Valve amps and 200 wpc into 8 ohms solid state, all to good effect. In fact I have just got a new 500 wpc into 4 ohms amp, and cannot wait to try that with them. The B110 will usually bottom out when driven to hard, this you will hear!
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    Crikey that takes me back Remember seeing them maybe 1970 at The Locarno Ballroom in Sunderland.
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    Looking to sell on my Jolida DAC. Its in immaculate condition & has been upgraded by Rob of this parish to a very nice spec. The upgrades are;- DC Cap upgraded to Audyns, Low Voltage cap upgrades to 1 Audio Note & 2 Nichicon Golds Modwright output caps, Silver wire & silver plated RCA's Valves upgraded to CK5755's IMG_5692 by matt randall, on Flickr IMG_5693 by matt randall, on Flickr Looking for offers around the £450 mark. I doubt you'd be able to find a better DAC at anywhere near that price. Personal collection preferred, I'm in the Bishops Stortford area.
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    Never thought I'd be doing this (well not for another 5 years or so) but I'm selling my wonderful Ushers as I've been smitten by the sonics of a pair of Quad 989s I have on loan. These really are superb sounding beasts that go really low but also have great mids & hf. Plenty of good comments from reviews out there, looking for SOLD Too heavy to post 45kg each, but willing to transport upto 1 1/2 hrs from Chichester or work with your courier. Currently travelling to Ledbury once a month so could deliver/meet up then if that helps
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    I’m confused by why the chief engineer of a loudspeaker manufacturer would listen to a punter wanting to ruin the basic design they’ve slaved over and then cheerily offer them advice on how to do it...
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    Nah. It's an excellent piece of marketing posing as science that acts as confirmation bias for many audiophiles. Come on, at 20K to 250K for MBL gear, this guy has to scrape a living. It isn't all Champagne and caviar you know. That's just at shows, which occur about every 3 to 5 days, in between first-class flights to audio shows around the globe. MBL = Must Be Laughing
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    I have a Mdsm/3 and the Apple TV 4K is going through the Mdsm (hdmi) and out to the Panasonic plasma (hdmi) . I have a Tidal account and when I start Tidal in my Iphone and share it to my Apple TV 4K then i can listening to the masters at Tidal .
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    Unfortunately, for you guys, yes 😀
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    Thee must be posher than I ... ……..yep they are the ones with harbeth logo printed across them, but make your own is a no brainer .
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    Mine came with them too but really only for transit.. bit ugly tho. I’ve looked on their website and it says the 40th anniversary models come with covers! You should have some if they are 40’s btw, I think I’ve started something... she is measuring the Sugden now lol
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    Also built by Edd with the same drivers in 0.5" Corian with external crossovers plus a pair of Aleph 60 monoblocks he built.
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    My Mrs is a dab hand on the sew and she is measuring up as we speak!! Definitely a market for speakers, TT’s and valve amps!! i think it was the prices I was looking at!!
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    I wouldn't know where to look locally, but fabric isn't expensive and it's effectively a box without one end. I would imagine someone with a sewing machine could do that without too much hassle. SWMBO has one. Maybe I should learn!
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    Found this today. I think this was the craziest I ever got to although the number of hugely complex systems I tried and different ideas remains hilarious when I look back. The TT there was a Technics SP10 Mk3 and it was as good as people often claim.
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    My old Sonus fabers had nice covers as standard, similar to what you sometimes see on a grand piano.
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    Are becoming!!! Since November 2016 Lurch has hosted 10 major Bake Offs with 28 different Wammers attending, plus Lurch , John. In addition to that many mini BOs have taken place in and around the area so I think we can say that the South Coast is now the hot spot for BOs and gatherings on the Wam. In addition to that 10% of the rooms at this years Kegworth event were provided by the South Coast Bake Off Crew, all of whom had to travel 200 miles to get there.
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    My apologies, I realised my previous comment wasn't clear. But yes, I reversed the phase on all the drivers.
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    That makes no sense to me. I don't think bunging the port does reverse the phase of the woofer but if it did this would then totally mess up the relative phase with the tweeter (assuming a 2-way speaker) and give terrible performance in the crossover region between the two. I suspect you're mis-remembering what you were told there. Edit: or possibly this had nothing to do with blocking the port? Unless your sub is closer than your main speakers you need to delay the signal to the main speakers to get proper time alignment. Either way round the only way you'd truly know is by measurements. I do use my miniDSP as my main DAC, taking the view that its upsides (including EQ for bass modes) is worth the trade off vs a better DAC. I appreciate that many would take a different view, and if I stick to my current configuration longer term I probably will upgrade to the miniDSP SHD model.
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    "I don't think I'll ever sell these" Bloody lovely they are. Great scale and dynamics and a lovely presentation. Don't look half bad either. On top of all that, silly money cheap for what they are.
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    ...look out you’d better duck, here comes the Flying Doctor... Hawklords - 25 Years On
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    Fresh out on Pressure Sounds. Yabby You/King Tubby collaboration. Heavy roots.
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    Skunk Anansie - I Can Dream CD single Skunk Anansie - Charlie Big Potato CD single Some rare tracks on these two singles, plus different versions of the album tracks.
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    I should add - the hifi ones can also be used on an integrated amp by using the Tape out socket and in sockets on the amp. The equalisers generally have tap inputs on the back for hooking up a tape machine to make up for the loss of the input sockets on the amp.
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    Alison Krauss. Early compilation. CD.
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    I agree with greybeard. You won’t ‘accidentally’ overdrive them, assuming you’ve some mechanical sympathies! Actually, the PM15 Marantz would be fine, imo, though if you want period sound then tubes may be the answer. That said, the 3/5as appeared when transistors were in the ascendant. And they were meant to sound accurate, not cuddly!
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    Also another secret. I've been dreading this as I'll get 'set upon. I have had Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side Of The Moon' on cd for years. Can't remember where I purchased it: As it has £1.50 on the case I guess it was from a charity shop. You lot know my contempt for Floyd and most things resembling 'Prog Rock', but I do see the appeal. The biggest problem I have is every track seems to go on and on... for about 2 days.
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    A question, If you added a 3rd speaker to a system which was connected for example on a cable that was 10m longer than the other 2, would there be a delay on the 3rd speaker? Kind regards D p.s. This is probably fairly easy but I’m err tipsy and couldn’t be bothered sifting through all that google crap.
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    Not what I asked
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    ^I started having a quick look into this but rapidly decided I was too tired / couldn't be arsed. So before anyone decides to challenge this I'll just say that actually I don't know one way of the other .
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    No. I've got two left at the bottom of the packet Fugly, FUGLY?!!? Mel Gibson had them in his Manhattan apartment in some film about hearing what women think, so they must be a design classic That is a True Fact that is. OTOH, maybe having them in the room is why I can hear my wife thinking very loudly sometimes - about fugly speakers... Nope, it's big ones you haven't yet heard. Ask Jack about them, you'd love them, I know you would..!
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    Of course they do. If we have an amplifier with the speakers 3m away from the amplifier and you have no cables then you get no sound. If we have cables that are only 2m long you still get no sound. I would have thought you being a recording engineer you would have known such technical details. See cables make a difference.
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    I would love a graphic equalizer. I'm just a kid at heart: Love playing with knobs, buttons, sliders... Didn't know they still made dedicated Equalizers for separates.