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    My immaculate D33 DAC has arrived. True audiophiles of course have their hifi as pride of place in their dedicated listening room; mine is tucked away in a heavily modified "stealth" mid-century HMV cabinet. Changing kit sometimes means (sort of) woodwork which may be one reason I don't change my core kit more often (or maybe I just like the sound it makes as it is). This time I needed to move three pairs of shelf batons which was interesting. All now installed and IMHO looking good. The non-Arcam interlopers are the Rega RP6 up top and the Bluesound Node 2 sitting alongside the TTPSU. All are comfortably seated on Audiophile Base01's on Apollo 6mm glass shelves on E-shaped draught excluder (er, I mean audiophile grade isolation material) on aforementioned custom-made batons. The D33 is wonderful. After limited listening, I'm not that keen on Filter 1 which seems to bloat the bass but that has been mainly on bass-heavy tracks. I have my CD23T and Bluesound Node 2 hooked up via Coax/SPDIF into the D33 as wel as via RCA into the A49 so I can readily compare DAC options. I may be mistaken but there seems to be something (good) going on with soundstage/channel separation when using the D33. Sound quality (no filter, filter 2) is at least a match for the CD23T's RingDAC as far as I can tell at this early stage, which is a very good thing indeed. More to follow. Photos for the hifi porn obsessed:
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    All this blind testing malarkey is all very well and doubtless sensible, but it is only really relevant if you carry on listening without any knowledge of what equipment you are using. The point is that we listen sighted, fully cognisant of the equipment we are using and with the influence of all the biases that make us human. As such any decisions regarding equipment need to take account of our biases. As an example, often people will associate valve amps with a certain type of sound particularly in comparison with SS. They may actually sound the same but that is irrelevant if we perceive them differently because of our biases. To not take into account the vagaries of our minds is to ignore, arguably, the most important part of the audio reproduction chain - us. If I compare my DACs sighted (let alone unsighted) I can’t hear a difference (thus no need to go blind). Yet in practice I have a distinct preference for one over the others. Is it because of some subtle actual difference or the sum of various biases? In essence it doesn’t matter a flying fig; if I enjoy listening to music more with one more than the others that is all that matters to me. Of course others might wish to patronisingly tell me of the error of my way, some numpties have even called my choice of equipment effect boxes , but why should I or anyone care about their incomplete and “blind” understanding of the audio reproduction process. Repeatedly wittering on about DBTs is incredibly boring after a while, I personally would rather hear about how people listen and what triggers their enjoyment of music.
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    HQ Player uses 64/80-bit floating point processing. These are processing bits. What the f*ck is 32 bit floating? https://audiohertz.com/2017/02/23/what-the-fck-is-32-bit-floating/ . Analog Devices Education > Fixed-Point vs. Floating-Point Digital Signal Processing https://www.analog.com/en/education/education-library/articles/fixed-point-vs-floating-point-dsp.html#
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    Actually, checking the miniDSP website I believe that the 2x4 HD is 32 bit for DSP processing, whilst 24 bit for ADC and DAC stages. I've not checked through all their other products.
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    I expect they will be set up in my listening room by November, perhaps a little earlier, but after two years I am not getting ahead of myself.
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    OK. A story that you might find entertaining. Anecdotal I know and not properly documented, but take from it what you will. Some years ago I had a system that included Naim amplification. As I am sure you are aware, I was required to use NAC A5 cable and have both cables the same length. This meant, in my case, 2 x 7 m cables. In my setup, this was a nonsense, although I needed 7 m to reach my furthest speaker, 3 m was more than adequate to reach the nearer. As a cable sceptic I decided that this was not important so went with one 7m and one 3m cable. Guess what, in that setup I could never get the soundstage properly centered, I fiddled and messed with balance controls, spent hours, sometime days, setting up my cartridge, reversed left and right on the player, then swapped it back on the speaker outputs and pretty much everything else you might think of. At no point could I stop the soundstage 'pulling' to the right speaker, the one with the short cable. I spoke to my dealer who simply replaced the speaker cables with a regular 2 x 7m pair. Problem solved. Except of course the dealer had changed nothing, he just told me that he had made the change but had in fact left the cables untouched. Once he told me what he had done, the soundstage started pulling to the right speaker, exactly as before.
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    I still want to see the LINN diagram as I am still confused . Active crossovers go before the power amplifiers not before the drivers simples. Not sue how to produce the block charts above but best I can do is Network Streamer - Digital Out Optical - MiniDSP DDRC 24 Digital optical in - Digital Cossover / DSP / DAC including volume - 4 x Analogue Out - 2 x Quad 405 Power amps one for the Right Speaker Bass and treble - one for the Left Speaker Bass and Treble - Out put music straight to my ear . Okay I admit this is a simple active two way speaker , because I have neither the money or the skill to do a three way .
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    Blodwyn Pig - Ahead Rings Out ripped CD
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    Thanks for that. I’ve reported it to Linn. ’troll
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    I couldn't tell the difference between the filters , I think I left mine on 2 because it was recommended in a review
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    Fairport Convention - Who Knows Where the Time Goes? ripped CD
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    Yup a SET with 5% distortion is definitely going to sound ‘different’. If there is a real difference you will be able to distinguish it blind or sighted. Keith
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    Amplifiers can and do sound different. What is interesting is why the blind test doesn't show up the difference. I tried to do some semi blind test with my college tutor once. He dutifully turned up at 11 o'clock on Sunday morning and we spent an hour and a half trying to hear the difference between my gain clone* (which I hate) and my power dac (which can be excellent imo). Same speakers, speaker cable and cd player. We could not hear any difference, annoyingly. The Mrs and I tried again in the evening and could hear a bit of difference. I walked out of the room for a couple of minutes and when I came back it was there, the difference was obvious, both amps sounded better, and the difference between them was subtle but obvious, even though the presentation was similar. So I scientifically concluded that blind listening tests should be conducted during periods of low humidity in the winter, at night with a full moon, in a warm room. This is moderately repeatable. I don't think I have pinned down all the variables yet. 😀 * I have only managed to keep listening to it for max half an hour before it is swapped out for something better. It is possible it has not been used enough to "burn in".
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    Wow. Just watched that clip, incredible. Eye opening in fact. Fascinating.
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    First up, am I right to conclude that you haven't heard any miniDSP product? For info. the two SHD miniDSPs are 32 bit. They have four outputs and so enough for a pair of 2-way active speakers but more than one would be needed for more complex setups. They are a fair bit more expensive though.
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    Most people react like this to their setups, the way we react emotionally to recorded music is a huge part of this, for some it is the only thing that matter. However, it is pretty unreliable, can be inconsistent and is very difficult to quantify. I like to mitigate my emotional response with a more logical analytical approach, I find that works for me (mostly). A very simple example of how our senses interact, in this case sight over sound, (expectation bias), can be found here... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-lN8vWm3m0
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    Hi, Controlled listening, ie blind, level matched etc, simply gives you, the user, another set of data. Personally I find it allows me to discount some variables (that aren't) and concentrate on those that are. Listening to electronics, level matched, shows that sonic differences are, where they exist at all, really, really small. This begs the question, why do we hear such big differences in uncontrolled listening? Most of us do hear differences and their is a fair degree of correlation as to what those differences are, so much so that many products get the reputation for being 'warm' or 'forward' etc. Is this all in the mind as this thread might be seen to imply ? Is the correlation just 'groupthink'? Or is there something more interesting going on in the way that some components interact in various systems? Right now it is the last of those suggestions that I am most interested in exploring.
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    Forget the possibilities, just pick one configuration as an example, preferably the simplest and hopefully this will turn out also to be the cheapest... and one way of drawing it, whatever is on your laptop, even if it is a photo of a pencil drawing. In your analogue system, I still don't understand why you'd need 3 active crossovers one before each amp. A crossover splits the signal so why would one need three (or four)? Why would you feed the one music signal into three separate crossovers? Ditto with the Linn Exakt solution, why would you need three digital crossovers? We also haven't established anything in the other thread regarding DACs, the point of my diagram was to show where the DAC sits in the chain (before the pre-amp). If you can't find some way of representing this as a sequence of components then anyone who is not already familiar with Linn products will struggle to follow you as much as I am. I'm not picking a fight with you or with Linn, honest, I'm just trying to find a way in which all of us could have a conversation and at the moment you're speaking a different language and there are no translators available. I thought simple block diagrams might help.
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    Reed Warbler by Keith M, on Flickr
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    A single Behringer DCX 2496 has three pairs of outputs ....one for bass, mids & tweeters - 'simples' 😀
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    Hi, I checked this, and even the low cost miniDSP 2x4 HD has a floating point processor, as per the ADSP21489 400MHz Sharc DSP which seems to have 64bit width - sufficient for all calculations. Given that most music is 16bit, the 24bit DAC's should provide adequate headroom too. Regards, Shadders.
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    What about rubber gloves
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    Here is my current layout including the potential use of a graphic eq before the digital crossovers. Layout.pptx
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    The Art Of Noise - In No Sense Nonsense. CD (2018 reissue).
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    I think he was real! He had the moniker ‘davedotco’.
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    One wonders if you have a cognitive bias about how many Dave's there are on fora.
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    One who supports the spending on hifi kit. Currently getting quotes sorted out for professional installation of our big projection screen. Her push, not mine. Just today, she validated accidentally spending £200 on something on the basis she hadn't bought any PS4 games for a while. I said I liked her thinking since I hadn't bought an expensive DAC for a while.
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    You have a wife? Wow, didn't see that coming.
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    You need to get out more. Or at least meet a better class of hooker.
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    Just checked with the dcx manual ...it's actually 1 DAC per channel - now I know that it will sound even worse 😜
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    Thanks for this; much clearer explanation. It all sounds rather complex and rather (unnecessarily) expensive! Three crossovers, three DACs... does it sound heart-stoppingly gorgeous? If so, 'nuff said perhaps. But otherwise I'm not convinced that three DACs are better than one and three crossovers are better than one. Or, in financial/SQ terms, one might get the same SQ for less £ or higher SQ for the same £, by investing in two excellent crossovers (one per speaker) and one excellent DAC. Enjoy!
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    Serge would love this. Then would probably contend something about distortion in the valve preamp and the audibility of the Fostex driver. Not to be confused with a Foster's driver...
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    But does it sound correct? Many a woman looks a stunner, then her mouth opens and and all sorts of vile expletives and uncouth drama about reality TV and cheap attire that could adorn a lady of the night doth spew forth in a Vicky Pollard from Little Britain style. Equally, the sound of somebody rather demure, classy, with much intelligence, good humour and marriageability could emerge. And just for Electro, I don't mean Rees-Mogg's sister. I know you like her. Go on, admit it.
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    I have a question - why does he have a lawn in his living room ?
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    Not tonight! Girl friend is coming over! 😁
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    That is because they have a single purpose. Linn tries to shave multiple cats in different types of configurations, and their naming convention is lacking as well. You need at least 4 people and a fully stocked pub to be able to process a list of all the possible combinations, possibilities, caveats and issues.
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    I tested the silent shutter and it felt really weird after using the machine gun loud 1DX. I'll use it when I need it but for now I have the fake shutter sound turned on - which is much quieter than any DSLR I've ever used. Later the same day after I'd been testing the silent shutter I was trying to take a photo and nothing was happening. I kept pressing the shutter but nothing. I thought the camera was broken. Turned out I had taken a load of photos in silent shutter mode
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    Don't bring your alternative 'activities' into the open Eddie 😏
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    I'm wondering if @Tin will be along shortly to take the opportunity to pull this pic into Powerpoint of similar and put some asterisks in various places to show which of these components are inside the Exaktbox-thingie...