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    Just need to have a quick vent about this. For the last few years , with the modest vinyl resurgence , every new record in the shop has "180gm Audiophile Vinyl" boldly emblazoned on the front as a mark of professed quality and excellence . Does the industry not realise what a joke this is ? Almost every one of these hefty discs you buy today is warped... and a very high proportion exhibit loud "vinyl roar" , often further coupled with surface noise between tracks, consistent with the vinyl formulation having a 20% grit content ! The thin , wobbly and supposedly shoddy "oil crisis " vinyl of the '70s is typically far better ! The problem I suspect is that we've lost a generation who knew how to manufacture , cool, package and store records ....with the generation now responsible not yet having learnt very much! There. I feel better now .
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    Great news, I managed to get it out, with an almighty tug. Then nearly gave myself a hernia carrying 20kg of Bow Technologies Wazoo up my spiral staircase to finally get it in situ. All powered up and running, I've got myself a beer and am now going to sit down and have a listen Thanks for all your posts P.s this is what a Bow Wazoo looks like to anyone that doesn't know
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    My lad gets all his music on vinyl (bands such as All time Low, Gates. You me at 6 and a host of others) to date you can pick holes in some production but overall the vinyl is pretty much noiseless and far more consistent in quality than LPs from the 80s. Even in my hay day of buying vinyl in the 70s pressings were pretty much hit and miss .. I gave up on Yellow Brick Road after my local record shop had got in the third copy and it was still popping and ticking all over the place (even on the fairly mediocre replay stuff in the shop). I have bought a number of pressings in recent years (40th Edition Crime of the Century, replaced Sgt Pepper, Genesis Foxtrot and Nursery Cryme, Roger Walters stuff and others) and overall I have been very pleased with the quality (although the original mixes of Foxtrot and Nursery Cryme is not as good as the original). I clean a record and replace the sleeve for my stuff before playing it (as I have found dust contamination on some new records in the past). So if you are serious about your vinyl get a decent record cleaner (I use an Okki Nokki). I am one of those of the opinion that a modern digital recording should sound as good if not better on CD. However my 22 year old lad has some of his material (mostly all new and digital recordings) on CD but will invariably play the vinyl version which he says sounds better. He is not a hifi buff but he says that there is a realism about vinyl that just isn't there on CD and he has absolutely no axe to grind. He uses my system (he knows sod all about turntables arms and cartridges) but in case he buys a house I bought a Linn on ebay the other day for not a lot of money, with a mission arm mount still left on it - so I can just slot in my spare Mission 774 arm and I must get my other Decca Retipped and he is ready to go (I have a pair of time windows in the garage and I have two spare haflers and a hafler preamp and an elite preamp .. now for a 22 year old that is one hell of a first system methinks) as he would be lost without vinyl replay.
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    I feel your pain. Very frustrating when that happens, and all too often. Hope you enjoy the amps when they finally arrive - the P4200 is a belter and I nearly bought one about three years ago, went for Class A Plinius instead.
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    Tinning the ends where there is no need for a solder connection will reduce the conductivity from pure copper. Also if you are using captive screws to hold the wire the solder is soft and deforms and does not IMO give such a good bond (have also noted over the years how you have to re tighten screws in mains plugs where the wires have been tinned as they get loose over time).
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    Really ? So the new issues for Vinyl are limited and now they need to be even more limited because you have to ensure they are good pressings ? This is the reason I switched to CD many years ago and for me at least makes my decision the right thing to do . I buy ten to fifteen second hand CD's a month and never seem to have any trouble playing them and no need to limit my choice of what I buy . I have a huge eclectic taste in music across all types and countries CD makes getting this music easy Vinyl seems to me to just limit your choice.
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    A decent single wire cable and a cut off from same cable to use as jumpers will do imo.
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    SOLD:Nordost Heimdall 1.5m RCA Interconnects mk 1 - in full working order with original box - £SOLD inc Royal Mail Special Delivery Selling as I am now using balanced connections. Payment by bank transfer.
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    thank you for your reply HansBertil. My system is comparable to yours : adsm3 (soon) m2100 - m109 - bk xls200 - turntable with adikt cartridge
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    I removed the standard copper binding posts on my 3 way pmc speakers and replace them with jumpers made off some spare supra cable. Couldn't hear an iota of difference, but kept the supra cables in place as they looked better. I just got a biwire cable to run the mids and tweeters. So the speakers will be triwired, so it will look even better
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    Absolutely no worries sir You are most welcome to chip in any time
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    If you can cope with a bit of DIY you should have a look at Wayne Parnham's Pi Speakers: http://www.pispeakers.com/contents.html. David Whistance
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    I am no expert on Bel Canto but my understanding is that either the owner or the designer has a passion for valves and they built to order both the Set 40 power amp and a pair of Set 80 Monoblock's which use the same chassis but two rather than the single chassis of my Set 40. The amp uses a pair of 211 output valves giving approx. 40 watts a side although I understand at 40watt output they were unreliable and they started to wind down the output to about 35 watts a side. I have owned mine for over 5 years and have never felt to urge or need to change.
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    This is quite modified, the plinth, top plate, motor and Valhalla are original circa 1980’s. The bearing is cirkus, then the mods Vinyl Passion VP2 sub-chassis, and springs, crown platter with VP acrylic mat, topped with an audiomods V5 arm It will be in my car.. My car, an old fiat 500 not the nice X3 that belongs to my partner lol
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    Porcupine Tree - The Sky Moves Sideways Double LP. The first of todays haul.
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    Turned up today Graham Nash ‎– Songs For Beginners on CD
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    Hey - yes running a Nubert Sub with my active Kaber. Chain is MDSM/3 -> 6100 -> Speakers. Output for the sub is taken from the 6100 outs, last ones at the sides of the amp. The sub sits on the left hand side outside of the speakers. Crossover is around 66hz, tuned by ear. Judging by the Exakt-filters for the Kaber they fall off fast at around 74hz so some overlap is desirable. How high or low you go depends on your room and positions. Also gain and phase are important. Be prepared to spend quite some time until getting it right. Test tones for sub adjustment are available on the net. Give it a try it’s worth it!
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    Temple Of The Dog - Temple Of The Dog
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    This one's a bit of a puzzle . The only thing those serrated edges of the Z Plug could feasibly catch on are the cross drilled holes in the binding posts ...so if you can rotate the plug through 90 degrees in either direction, it should then come out quite easily .
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    I hadn't heard of the Dayton 408 so just had a quick Google... From what I can see both the Dayton and the particular miniDSP you mentioned are limited to about an 8 ms maximum delay, which for you could easily find shorter than you want/need for your setup. What is your main system? You describe it as 'audiophile' which makes me think you should probably be looking at some of the better performing miniDSP products. If you have the budget of course. Edit: I have a miniDSP 2x4 HD myself.
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    Hope its a good un for you,.....should be no doubt.
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    Big parcel arrived from Amazon today, will have some fun in the next few days: Porcupine Tree - The Sky Moves Sideways Double LP. Amazingly I didn't have this at all in my collection. Porcupine Tree - Lightbulb Sun Double LP. Almost completed my collection of PT studio albums on LP. Rammstein - Rammstein Double LP. I've played the CD, this is the first Rammstein I've bought on LP. Jethro Tull - Too Old to Rock'n'Roll: Too Young to Die TV edition box set, with Steven Wilson mixes.
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    A tunefully plausible plan and yes, it would look just fabulous with that Wazoo! The KDS/1 and preamp was a mighty fine sound (and I could happily have stuck with that) and there was something very appealing about the sheer musicality and the 'weight' of the sound that it made. My memory of demonstrating it is that the ADSM (K) via the KK sounded more detailed, but sounded very slightly less powerful (in terms of the weight of the sound) then using it direct (without my KK) restored the missing weight. The weight and musicality of the KDS/1+KK/1 combination on less 'complex' music was very appealing, but the ADSM/K could better disambiguate the individual 'sub-tunes' in more complex music, so that made these tunes more musical (in terms of being able to follow all the individual instruments) than the KDS/1 + KK/1 combination. As I have said in the past, I would be more than delighted with either, but as the system is now mostly used for AV sound (and when using it to de-embed HDMI sound from my Sky+ box, the ADSM sounded better without a preamp 'in the way'; adding a preamp smeared voices across the sound stage) then it made best sense for me to sell the KDS and KK. Had the system mainly been used for music, I suspect the Katalyst KDS + KK/1 might have been the way to go. As streaming wasn't my priority for the lounge system, I never compared a Katalyst KDS + KK/1 to a Katalyst ADSM on its own (I could have done as I did get the KDS upgraded before selling it, but I didn't bother to unpack it and listen to it when I got it back; I had already sold it as a KDS/3). It is entirely plausible that the KDS/3 is so much musically better than an ADSM that it more than overcomes the losses incurred by pumping the signal through a KK/1 (so if I was using that system mostly for music, I'd definitely have tried that out) but for my usage case, retaining the KK/1 in my system made no sense at all and thus it just didn't make any sense for me even to bother trying that experiment (perhaps better not to know and to thus remain delighted with what one has) and overall, I do prefer the sound - when streaming from my NAS - of the ADSM to the KDS/1 + KK/1, so I do regard my last change as an upgrade (but I would not be at all disappointed if I had to return to using a KDS/1 and KK/1 for a music streaming system). I do miss my silver boxes, though! I had made a sub-chassis for an Ikea thing and they looked far cooler than a single ADSM now looks (sorry about the poor picture quality, though): Bri
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    Problem is that some charity shops which used to be a great source of 2nd hand buys are not only charging more, but for records that are frankly not in great nick. But that makes it all the more rewarding when that treasure is found for a decent price I suppose. It's why I got into records in the first place all those years ago - the thrill of the chase!!!
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    Tin the bare copper ends.
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    No there are many great pressings out there without any of the limitations of CD sound, I like CD also but Vinyl every time for me.
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    To be fair, one of the main reasons for using copper for connectors is that it actually oxidises relatively slowly in air. That said, there is no harm whatsoever is a bit of deoxit. Better still is to regularly remake bare wire connections and unplug and plug things back in. An old-fashioned tip, but still a good one! As for the OP. Either will be fine.
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    The Steve Hoffman forum is a good source for information on vinyl mastering and pressing quality. Personally I think MoFi pressings are way too pricy but Speakers Corner and Pure Pleasure offer a good sound per pound. There are no half-measures with vinyl replay. If you want to hear it at it's best then it's going to cost, both in terms of kit and the price of the physical media.
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    I've just found a much simpler and cheaper solution which could be of interest: Google Chromecast Audio and BubbleUPNP Server. Using BubbleUPNP Server you can tell your Chromecast to act as an OpenHome renderer. It's just a click. After that your Chromecast will be visible in Kazoo as a second room.
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    I think the thing to do is a little research, reviews, etc although for sound/pressing quality I find these very thin on the ground.
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    You’re welcome mate. I think there’s 6 pcs spot panels available in black for £190 atm. Just be quick and make them an offer. Sorry @newlash09 for derailing your thread.
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    Thanks @iceman 16 for info.
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    I bought a new tt, thinking “ I’ve got a decent tt and phono stage now, I can build my vinyl collection up, this is gonna be great!” Reality is, the new stuff gets sent back half of the time, reiterating your comments, and the used stuff is so expensive, and requires forensic scrutiny to the nth degree before I buy it, which takes all the fun out of what should be a relaxing hobby. I hardly ever put my tt on really, even though I actually prefer the sound, I stick a cd in.
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    Yeah, I'd understood you weren't looking to treat the lowest frequencies, I was just making a general comment on what typical panels placed at early reflection points could achieve. To try to give an idea of how much variation there can be in the frequency range affected by early reflection panels, the graph below shows a quick theoretical comparison of absorption vs frequency for two examples. The blue curve is a denser* panel that is 100 mm thick and with a 100 mm air gap behind it before the wall, and the green curve is a lower density panel that is 50 mm thick and placed directly on the wall. I'm just trying to make the point that there can be significant differences over mid-range frequencies, not just in the low bass region. None of this changes your plan of borrowing panels to see what you think of course . Source: http://www.acousticmodelling.com/multi.php *Technically differences is gas flow resistivity (GFR) but roughly this varies with density.
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    Having listened to the 2.3.4 v2 profile for a few days I have gone back to the Paul inspired v1, but it is a LOT closer now.
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    Always wanted to try a pair of 20se's, but never got around to it. Had the 703s and I thought those were not great but as always if you get perfect synergy that might have changed things, but they didnt sound terrible either really with the stuff I had. The old MA used to be kind of bright so perhaps they wouldnt have done me long term anyway. I was offered a pair of 20se mint for £300 once but pulled out last minute, so it was not meant to be Good luck with your search.
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    I have a dilema , Do I buy a set of Bi wired speaker cables ? or a quality pair of single cables and some decent Jumpers ( Not wooly Jumpers ) The speakers have 4 binding posts on each speaker ( obviously ) OH GOD , I started a CABLE thread
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    UPS strike again! waited in all day an no amps! had to raise query through FB and Twitter and they can't do anything till tomorrow, fed up from Sussex here. Mac
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    Nice one. But don’t tell us that you’ll use those banana z plugs again
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    Add a DS and in a sense, you'll be using Kazoo with your Wazoo, too! (Note that I don't mean to imply Kazoo can directly control the Wazoo - it won't - I was just having a play with the words.)
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    My understanding re soak testing is the same so @manicatel worry about the neighbours not the drivers... And make a note of Nick's generous wamtastic offer to relieve you of them if you're not quite as thrilled in a few days time. God loves a trier!
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    That's novel are thay buletooth and don't need any cables , Epic
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    Nothing wrong with Val Doonican Jazid ... I was his biggest fan when I was about 5 "Delaney had a donkey that everyone admired ... temporarily lazy and permanently tired A leg at every corner , balancing his head ...and a tail to let you know which end he wanted to be fed "
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    It doesn't put me off vinyl at all ...and good turntables have a knack of minimising the annoyance . It's just hugely silly to see these stickers all over the place when the industry obviously doesn't have a clue what they should mean. Either improve the product... or leave the bloody stickers off ! [Preferably the former ]