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    She is a truly loving soul. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    @newlash09 I've just installed these 2 GIK 242's at the back wall. I did'nt do any sound measurements but from what I hear now the diff. is not subtle.
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    I know . As you say, my point was the panels could be more useful in a different position, not that they were useless where they are now.
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    It's not just reflection points but overall reverberation of the room that's often an issue. Sure the panels could be more optimally used however it's likely to better have them than not. Especially if you've got a demanding partner.
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    I will be putting them in place of the wall decor but need something to bribe my other half first as she really like it. I also have 2 GIK bass traps behind the speakers and obviously not on the pic.
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    10cc - How Dare You LP, first pressing
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    I took this afternoon off work so that I could take delivery of a new AV receiver. I know this is posted in the 2 channel section but this could equally be a new amp or other piece of kit. The point is I deliberately chose today as the delivery day knowing that SWMBO would be out of the house this afternoon and I could box swap and hide all the evidence. She will never realise that one black box has been substituted for another and the amount of cash I spend on my hobby. Does anyone else behave in this disgraceful manner?
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    New digital source and I'm done. I'm happy with something that does the job. I can't imagine the pain certain box swappers go through - buy good kit and forget about it
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    I reached my "End Game" maybe six or seven years ago having owned enormous amounts of kit and having been a complete addict for decades. I'm no longer remotely interested in hardware. Music fills the hole.
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    No. My wife and I are totally honest with each other about everything. She is every bit as involved in the hifi as I am. The choice of Tannoy speakers was ultimately her choice, and when I was considering an upgrade of power amps (mono) to a stereo model, it was she who persuaded me to buy two monos instead.
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    I guess Iam the biggest lier here. I buy used stuff and get it couriered to my friends. Then I bring them home and claim that my friend lent it. And I distribute all my boxes between my friends before I leave on a sail. So my wife has no clue how much is sinking in this hobby. I will probably have to confess to the system being mine some day. But that is for another day. And happy with this arrangement so far
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    Boenicke small movie. https://player.vimeo.com/video/341611722?fbclid=IwAR1x1AKDPqIwMG7NpKPJ_1sexGaOXJPlZSCXpQQ2ApA7f0Yhn0-p4ZeW-U8
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    Now.... Nirvana - MTV Unplugged ...next... Ocean Colour Scene - B-Sides, Seasides & Freerides
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    After his heroics to win the doubles at Queens I am just pleased for him and his family that he has got to a point were he is pain free. If he wants to carry on then good luck but just as much if he wants to stop and keep his newly found pain free situation for his family then good luck with that .
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    I think at the time he gave the news there was another pro player who was playing with a hip replacement so it was always possible he might return.
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    That's me then, a real spendthrift
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    @dround99 Hi , I'ts not wise to post your personal details so I have deleted them , also offers aren't allowed you need to set a price and a photo of the actual item and it's location is required please. Apart from that you're doing fine
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    I have them for sale in diy forum as well, with actual photos https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/swap-meet/325528-fs-hypex-nc500-based-mono-amp-pair.html#post5514579
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    You can find early reflection zones with this web utility -> http://www.acoustic.ua/forms/calculator4.en.html
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    That looks good but I'm slightly wondering why you chose to place them there? It looks extremely unlikely where they are would be early reflection points to me? It may well have been a purely aesthetic decision but I'm just thinking they're likely to be more effective elsewhere...
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    Sounds like you are now getting from it what one would expect. Accuphase certainly always gives you more when you spend more. Equally, when they do an upgrade of a model it is really noticeably better even though sometimes one thinks this is not possible. What can happen then is that a lower model but updated one can outperform the next model up which is from the previous generation. I have to say,. I have not tested this myself but go with the advise I received. Apparently, the difference between the DP-560 and the DP-720 was actually quite small but the DP-750 has increased the gap again. I have noticed that your E470 is now up for sale on the AudioWorks website. As I mentioned before, I have invested in the distribution box and main cables from MusicWorks, which had a massive effect on my system. It is quite astonishing how much you can further improve your system with getting the power supply correct and also isolating your electronics from noise/vibration. The cables and box were quite expensive but still only 1/2 to 1/3 of what one can pay for such things when one buys the established brands and tries to achieve similar quality. The latest development they have done is a new composite shelf, which they are starting to sell now. I tried out one to put under my DP-560 already using their shelf system with the PEEK uprights. The effect of just that single composite shelf are astonishing and I know I am not the only customer who is completely taken by it. They are still experimenting with the best way of supporting this new composite shelf, but even with just placing it between the CD player and the standard shelf they sell, it is already an incredible improvement. It is like having upgraded your CD player. It feels that my DP-560 now provides much higher resolution. I suspect that over the next few months I will invest more in this.
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    Brilliant - that's a good one. You nearly had me believing you until you mentioned 'cogging'!
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    A very popular country for hi-fi scams unfortunately. Different pictures apparently of different equipment too. Ask for a picture of an up to date newspaper next to the amp with a phrase of your choice written. No way to be conned then... I have purchased music from Italy with no issues, not everyone is dubious but not very expensive toys worth small fortunes, so would advise caution on this one!
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    Leftfield - Rhythm And Stealth. CD
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    It has ended for me SO V2.3.4 sounds superb.
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    @occasional thinker is where I bought mine from (now moved on) and did have some others S5’s (?) as well... Top bloke, but he’s in Sheffield so a fair trek from you. Should have grabbed mine off me when I was done with them 😀
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    Which ones are you looking for?
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    First listen , not a big Bruce fan but I like what I'm hearing , mellow , bit like me
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    I'm glad you're happy, and TBH, I'd also be happy for you if you had bought them new. Envy is sooooo overrated. Now you just need a couple more of those and get rid of your passive crossovers. Your electricity company will be grateful.
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    It ended in my house. Not going to fix what ain't broken.
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    Second the Soundcare Superspikes- great VFM and you can easily move speakers around.
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    Noise is relevant. Electrical noise can be passed between directly coupled devices and have an impact on sound quality despite the signal being bit perfect. The problem is that there is no simple answer. Some PC designs address the problem, some DAC devices address the problem. Some PSU designs address the problem. Get the right combination and you are peachy, but you can spend bucketloads of cash on linear PSU’s and special ‘quiet PCs’ and still get it wrong. Do not worry about power. Make sure the build is decent quality but over specifying PSU’s doesn’t have a benefit with PCs.
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    Yeah, but what about the magazine?
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    For that budget I would push a bit more and get a puresound p10, and use it with a good mm cart. What MC are you going to benefit from using a £200 phono stage with?
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    Today, it seems to have all fallen into place, that tighter base you mentioned Cno is much more evident... definitely gives a bigger sound with more depth than the E470. Mac
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    Very very happy to hear that Iam sure they will continue to open up as Cnoevil suggested
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    That's very good to hear. IME. Amps can take a while to settle....especially if they have been off for a while. It wouldn't surprise me if things continue to improve a bit....and then they will truly show their class and pedigree.
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    You have no idea how often clients have requested a delivery whilst shmbo is out for a while or at work, disgraceful behaviour. I just hide the new ? in the warehouse for a while.
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    yes , must confess to sneaking stuff in too !! some years back i made some room treatment thingies covered in bed sheets matching the wall paint , it was some weeks before she noticed ! and yet if i help myself to biscuits ............
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    I think it's absolutely disgusting.... Tuesday off?! That should teach you to take deliveries on Friday and make a long weekend out of it
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    UMG have consistently lied through their teeth about this.... I wonder how many "remastered from the original analogue masters" CDs and LP have been issued, when the true master was destroyed in the fire.
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    Leg of human. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Mt dentist only has non-fiction magazines.