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    That's interesting. I didn't know you could select "no filter" - the manual doesn't indicate anything other than selecting 1 or 2. I've just pressed the button, and bugger me, so you can! That's something to play with in days / weeks to come - I really don't want to fiddle too much now until I think I've got the measure of it's basic performance. I've just been been enjoying listening, believe it or not, to an awful quality Radio 2 broadcast over TuneIn via Sonos. And that's quite a good sign, I think, even with a pretty lousy source the Arcam has made it listenable, and I thoroughly enjoyed the performance. And thank you for your kind words BTW - I tend to write just as I speak so I hope my thoughts (and humour) come over. Do you know, I'm pretty certain this is going to be a good weekend...
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    @Jules_S It's good when a plan comes together. If it sounds good from cold, that is a great sign. I suspect it will only get better. If you are like me, you like detail, but presented in a clear, natural and dynamic way. If you can turn the volume up, without your ears running for cover, that is a very good sign. Once you get the basic presentation the way you like it, then any efforts to sort the room out, will be icing on the cake. Once you get the room maximised - "Season" with Cables, if necessary. I look forward to any further thoughts.....which I think will also increasingly show what the Gato is capable of.
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    So.... the Arcam arrived this morning - can't really beat that for service - 24 hours from placing the order online to arriving at my door. Thank you 2ndhandhifi and UPS, who managed to deliver it in one piece and perfect condition. I've posted pics in the Q Acoustics owners thread anyway, but just to add, the unit is in perfect "as-new" condition with all original packaging, manuals, accessories etc so whoever owned it previously obviously took good care of it: Naturally work is taking a back-seat today as there's far more important things to be doing than modifying database tables! I've hooked it up using the standard unbalanced outputs and fired it up. And I know you shouldn't take too much notice of initial impressions, but I'm going to anyway. And.... wow. I think the D33 and I will be bestest buddies. I've listened to the entire album "Days of Open Hand" by Suzanne Vega and I'm halfway through Sara Bareilles "The Blessed Unrest". All I can say is that by track 3 of DOOH I was impressed, and as the album went on I just got totally engrossed. Tracks such as "Institution Green", with its delicate percussive stick-on-drum-case sounds were rendered brilliantly, so much inner detail and yet not at all detatched. The recording isn't the most expansive in its stereo perspective but I could hear all the different strands of the music going on with ease. There's far more body and heft to the lower frequencies than my CA player - in the very first minute or two I thought it was going to be too "warm and cuddly" but not at all. There's detail aplenty to bass instruments and kick drums, just with a dose more "oomph" in the lower registers than I've been used to. And dynamics are definitely there when the music calls for it, both macro and micro-dynamics. On "Prediction" the shape and tone of the bass guitar, the contrast between notes that sustained and those stopped abruptly was really noticeable, and the rhythms towards the end of the track bounced along. The music just flowed with ease, and yet with so much more detail than I'd ever noticed before. There's so much more of a sense of actual instruments - shimmering cymbals, plucked and bowed strings, etc Other tracks such as "Room Off the Street" with the almost Latin-y feel to the rhythm and the intricate guitar work sounded wonderful, the slightly less dense and better separated production showing up easily. By the time I'd got to the last track "Pilgrimage" I'd got the volume cranked up and the sheer presence of the sound, and the dynamics of the drum kit, together with Suzanne's wistful vocals and the layered background harmonies gave me goose bumps! With the Sara Bareilles album, the recording is thinner and her voice less "plummy" than the SV CD. That said I was still aware of that bit of a hump in the lower midrange. Given the equipment that's been through this house in the last couple of weeks and the fact that this seems to be a consistent feature, I'm suspecting its a characteristic of the speakers and / or the room interaction, so I'm not going to blame the Arcam for this. Listening to Sara's ethereal vocals (complete with widescreen effect) on the beautiful "Satellite Call" was another goosebump moment for me. OK, so this is early days yet, and I'm also trying to keep an open mind on external parameters like expectation bias, time of day (and mains quality), and the fact that the sun is out and I've just got shiny new kit to play with and therefore I'm happy. There's a lot of evaluation to get through yet and I've not played with the Arcam's filter choices yet. Nor do I intend to until I've spent some time with it on its default filter 1, that's for later down the line. I also have a set of balanced interconnects too, so once I have settled down to the D33 properly and have a deeper understanding of it rather than just a quick impression, I'll try the balanced connection and see how it differs, or not. I'd just like to say another thank you to everyone that's contributed to ideas and suggestions in this thread, they've been greatly appreciated and very helpful. I would almost definitely not have considered the Arcam (or the RME, which is still scratching around my thoughts) had it not been for these suggestions. I'll post some further thoughts on the DAC's performance in my system over in the Q Acoustics owners forum if you want to follow on and see how it's getting on. Cheers all! Jules
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    The Wam Classifieds are here for the benefit of our members to buy and sell HiFi or other hobby related items. Please do your research into the items and seller/buyer, as The Wam forum and it's staff (Moderators/Owner) cannot be held responsible for deals going wrong or the content of any posts. Buyer Beware! Please bear in mind that components and home-built, modified, etc. equipment may be offered for sale. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure any item is suitable and appropriate for use. DURING THE COVID-19 CRISIS, ADS THAT OFFER OR REQUIRE LOCAL COLLECTION ARE NOT PERMITTED. THE PRIVATE HIFI CLASSIFIEDS SECTION IS FOR THE USE OF FORUM MEMBERS TO SELL THEIR OWN HIFI EQUIPMENT ON A NON-COMMERCIAL BASIS, AND IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR COMMERCIAL USE. ALL ITEMS LISTED FOR SALE MUST INCLUDE A PRICE AND LOCATION (unless your location is entered in your personal info). ALL ITEMS LISTED FOR SALE MUST INCLUDE A PHOTOGRAPH OR PHOTOGRAPHS OF THE ACTUAL ITEM(S) FOR SALE. NO INTEREST CHECKS ARE ALLOWED. DIRECT LINKS TO ITEMS FOR SALE ELSEWHERE ARE NOT ALLOWED. We reserve the right to remove listings without notice if the listing does not comply with the requirements stated above. Please keep the in thread discussions sensible and fair for all. Any discussion of price or delivery arrangements must be done via PM, and not in the public thread. If you see something you don't like, contact the seller by PM and discuss it away from the sale thread. Trolling of ads will not be tolerated. Once your item is sold it should be marked as such and reported to the Moderators so it can be archived.
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    Bryston BDA-3 - Hifi Audiophile Reference External DAC Black, Very good condition. Very minor marks from using for two years. My Price: £ 2000 (Lowered from 2800). Retail price: £ 3600 This is a multi award winning Digital to Analogue converter in wonderful condition. Stereophile's Editors' Choices & many more awards. Don't have the original box anymore, so collection in central London preferred. Buyer can test the BDA-3 and make sure everything is all right. Payment by cash, paypal, monzo. If you're interested and need shipping please get in touch. Features: Dual 32Bit AKM DAC IC's Discrete Class A analog output stage Independent analog and digital signal paths Independent power supplies Massive support for different PCM and DSD resolutions HDMI video pass-through with audio out (4K video pass-through) Dimensions: 3.63” H x 17” W x 11.12” D 92.20mm H x 431.8mm W x 282.45mm D (431.8mm faceplate) 8.5 lb/3.9 kg
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    Not listened to my system much the last year. Main listening is tidal through raspberry pi into iqaudio DAC into transformer pre into really nice 20w class a amp, into loathers, then eminent technology lft16's, and for now yamaha soavo 2 standmounters. Squeezer controlled all this through my android phone. I put my non listening down to busyness and audio fatigue. . Then a few days ago I started to wonder, and on impulse plugged my iPad into the preamp via the cheapest 3m interconnect on the planet, and suddenly and immediately some of that musician in the room magic was back! Gobsmacked. I'm sitting here now listening, and wondering why. I have 2 Allo DACs on raspberry pis to plug in and see if that helps, but haven't got round to it. So why is this iPad, with its cheap DAC, such a nice performer? I've spent 2days googling, got wound up by DAC threads and opinion etc etc, and yet here I am.
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    Wow, I remember you selling up to go. Has it really been three years? That’s mad!
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    A few things: 1) Excellent! Early impressions are only early impressions but yours are great to read. 2) On mine the default is not filter 1, it's no filter at all, and so far that's the way I prefer it. I don't know whether you really meant "no filter" or whether the Filter 1 button is illuminated; the pics suggest it is not. 3) Once you've had a good listen, it might also be adding a cross-post to th Arcam Owners Club thread. I posted there when I first got mine and I'm sure Arcam owners would be interested in your views, for good or bad. Enjoy your weekend (do you know, I think you just might). N
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    I knock -3dB out the presence region with the EQ plugin for Foobar, as my speakers are a bit hot there. Not ideal but it stops them getting fatiguing with bad recordings.
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    [1986] Genesis ‎– Invisible Touch [CD]
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    Anything by James Arthur, just shows how a media machine can turn any idiot into a main stream pop star, and that goes for most of the shit played on Radio 1.
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    If you want to see if a switch makes a difference then fork out the money for https://www.arista.com/en/products/7130-series (Arista just bought out Metamako) or maybe https://exablaze.com/exalink-fusion Plug it in and see what you think. Apart from you being considerably poorer I highly doubt this will make a difference. Given these devices are currently state of the art for networking ( 10G/40G/100G) then if they don't sound better then nothing will If you are ultra paranoid then measure the latency between each port pairing. Due to the different lengths of wire involved you can find the 2 port pairs with the lowest latency and then use them. The picosecond delay differences are measurable. However I am guessing you are listening to music and not high frequency algo trading in a co-located data centre so none of this matters. If you can avoid using wi-fi then do so as it's a very inefficient way to send packet data and signal strength and other people using the same router can cause problems. Plugging an ethernet cable into the router you have connected to the phone line will be good enough. Audio data ( even hi-res ) isn't actually that much at all and compared to video it is nothing. From an audio point of view you are interested in maximum latency and not average latency and the outliers in a network can be much highter than the average but again you are listening to audio which even at 192Khz sampling frequency isn't going to make any difference. If you can watch iPlayer or Netflix withouth drop outs and buffering that are not caused by your internet supplier but by your own network then you will be fine with just music. If you have a NAS and a Streamer running off a dedicated switch not connected to the internet or the rest of the house then this will increase security and prevent the network being saturated by other people streaming hi-res video across your network.
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    A couple of shots from a recent trip to Toronto. Fuji X-T20 18-55 Really enjoyed the city very friendly , great food , smelt strangely like Amsterdam (the city not the food).
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    I SO want to say yes... Unfortunately, nothing so exciting, although extremely beneficial in the hot weather we had. It's a portable air conditioning unit. Originally purchased because I used to keep Chinchillas, and they suffer very badly in hot weather, not being built for anything other than High Andean conditions. Since they departed (to a friend who keeps them, not "departed") it's been rather more useful in the lounge. The Arcam D33 has just arrived, dead excited now! Got it installed in its temporary position, now it's time to get playing. Thoughts to follow. Thanks to everyone who noticed this one for sale - I'd been looking on eBay and all the hi fi websites every few days but hadn't checked since last week (typical!). Basically, it's been 24 hours from seeing the ad to plugging it in, can't get much better than that!
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    For completeness.... Anything by UB40, Simply Red, The Beatles & The Rolling Stones,
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    Don’t think there’s anything quite like a brisk country walk for clearing your head.A-couple of weeks ago we started the Welsh coastline, split into seven sections and starting Chester , is one of only a few countries to have a complete coastal path. The next section for us will be Anglesey, later this year.
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    Yes- Tormato, IMO a very underated Yes album
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    The MDac takes a while to break in (yes Ive only ever had the Plus model), I did notice that. But its still just a cheap DAC, so generally at the cheaper end of the scale you wont get that 'wow' and listeneable factory that higher end ones do - thats just what I have found myself from my zillion dac swapping year I had. Thats why I really rate the 851 as its affordable and it is a massive step from all the ones you've mentioned. You can pick them up with the N less thatn £900 and the D at around £600, you wont match it at that price for what it does imo. I'm actually using a Lumin D2 at the moment so I can avoid nasty USB audio with Roon - now this is one beautiful analogue sounding DAC, impressive stuff from the Chi-Fi brand, absolutely loving it, its gonna be a tough call to keep this over my 851 but Roon has stolen my heart. As Nigel says, let the Arcam come and mingle first, its a great unit, it may just be what you're after.
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    Larkin Poe, again thanks to the Wam and a post in the Awesome YouTube videos thread.
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    Let's not overthink this! The D33 will arrive soon enough... I'm an Arcam fanboy and enjoy my own D33, but of course if it's not for you it's not for you. I'd just encourage you to set aside any preconceived notions of the dreaded "warmth" (often translated as lack of detail/crispness) which seems to pop up whenever anyone mentions Arcam and listen as objectively and afresh as you can. You have two filters to choose from so three sounds to experiment with. I won't say I eagerly await your feedback as you need to take your time! All the best, Nigel
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    I prefer Eric and Ernie's version.
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    The Rega Planar 3 will probably be top of my audition list
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    Simon & Garfunkel ‎– Parsley, Sage, Rosemary And Thyme
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    Walk in the woods Tresaith Fuji X-T20 18-55
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    Naranjo de Bulnes Naranjo de Bulnes by Tillman Kleinhans ARPS EFIAP/s DPAGB BPE4*, on Flickr Canon 5D4 + 400L f5.6, 1/400s @ f10, ISO100 raw. PP in ACR and CC.
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    Al Stewart - Year Of The Cat Gentle start to a Sunday morning
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    Hi Martin That's a fair point, and I'm aware that differences in volume levels can have the psychological impact of making one piece of equipment sound brighter, more dynamic, punchier, or some other perception. I can't say that I level-matched the two items exactly but they were broadly speaking of the same volume. Plus this wasn't a quick "play this track, swap amps and listen again" comparison. I played full albums through to make sure I was in the groove, so to speak, before changing the equipment over. I wanted to make sure that the amp's DAC got a fair evaluation and to make allowances for perception bias. Nevertheless to my ears at least it was pretty apparent though that the onboard DAC just didn't have the capabilities of the CA. I do think (and this is a general impression I get, not a barbed comment aimed at you) that people think of Cambridge Audio as some cheap and cheerful hi-fi only capable of operating at a very basic level of performance (the same people who assume that Richer Sounds still operates on a pile it high, sell it cheap discontinued products basis). While it's true that CA do operate at the very entry level, the brand also offers some pretty high-end equipment too (the Edge range) and have produced some very capable bits of kit over the years. My 740C, although not the top model in the Azur range at the time I bought it, sports twin Wolfson 8740 DACs (not that that means anything to me, no doubt the tech-heads will understand) and garnered generally favourable reviews at the time. (the 840C I believe used dual Analog Devices DACs instead and was quite a bit better, but outside my budget at the time). Anyway, the upshot is that the Gato's DAC will probably remain idle unless used for the occasional bit of Bluetooth streaming. The Audiolab is arriving today, I'm still on the lookout for an Arcam D33 and I think I'd like to try the RME to see what the EQ facilities could bring to the party.
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    I think DDD was making the point that a modded pmat AT1010 will cost £1200 which is around the price of a used SME iv. So it should be a lot better than any of the other arms mentioned as it is around two to three times the cost of any of them. If the PMAT 1010 was £500 then fair enough but at £1200 it’s hardly a fair comparison.
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    You have to love Collies.
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    Yes - and it's still very niche. I applied for an account but nothing doing - I think only people who attended were granted access.
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    I was sooo close with a fridge. I win I think.
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    Got these on loan from Wizmax/Robin and having a play with them tonight... Stax SRM-T1 & SR Gama electrostatic earspeakers.. Another itch scratched....
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    Ed Shitron? Wow, Oscar Wilde lives...........
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    I’ve asked this myself before posting my previous reply. To me it’s unclear as well, hence I didn’t mentioned it.
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    Poultry glass? For chickens to dance on?
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    Nonsense. It's brilliant. You clearly have not heard the full 6 minute version. Just fantastic. In fact Fab.
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    If that's a mains conditioner I'm impressed.
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    Hmm. That's a slight worry. I can't say I really found the M-DAC+ to be that airy - I felt it was a bit restrained compared to the CA so if the Arcam is less airy than the M-DAC+ we may not get on... Incidentally was it the original M-DAC or the newer "plus" that you had? I'm really looking for something that gives me the sense of an open and natural presentation of instruments within the illusory soundstage. From what I have gathered from opinions and reviews (FWTW) the Arcam is supposed to be impressive in this arena so fingers crossed. I had considered the 851N but I really don't need or want the streaming capability so it seems like a bit of a waste (plus it's over budget). The 851D looks to be discontinued now but there's a few for sale on the bay-of-E so I'd give that some consideration if I don't get on with the Arcam. The Marantz isn't (hasn't) been on my radar at all, I know nothing about it TBH. Still hoping to try this RME too! I suppose I'll have to stop somewhere - can't keep buying these things, or I could turn into the Wam's very own lending library
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    It's the limited "beer" edition model....
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