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    I know this has been done to death on here but I’ve listened to it on an early Vinyl copy and then via FLAC. So involving on vinyl and just shows how a good original copy can be.. 👍🏻
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    That good quality active subwoofers are now much more readily available is no reason to discount them.That said, an important feature of movie setups is that they incorporate DSP to integrate a sub with the other speakers. Simply adding a sub to a conventional stereo system without additional hardware for proper integration is very different. @Naimkiller Integration between a sub and your main speakers is the real challenge. When you buy a conventional speaker the designer has (hopefully) done the hard work of ensuring that the sound from the different drivers blends together well through the crossover region(s). If you add a sub you'll first have the challenge of wanting one that lets you blend with the low-frequency fall-off of your main speakers. If you achieve this you then need to ensure the sub and main speakers are in phase over the crossover region between the two. Generally subs tend to be further away than the main speakers and so even with the correct relative phase there is still a time delay for the sub signal although I think in practice this is less noticeable than you'd expect. Finally if the extended frequency range brought by the sub excites room modes that weren't previously then you may find this detracts from the sound as a whole. I've said all this for two reasons: 1) Absolutely do try a sub if you get chance but note that achieving good setup is not trivial, and how successful it can be will depend on the speakers and the sub. 2) There are real advantages to using one or more subwoofers for low frequencies but to realise these you need some form of DSP to properly manage the crossover region, which should be in the 80 Hz or even higher range. DSP can also manage room mode issues. I have a subwoofer and think they're great, but I use mine in conjunction with a miniDSP to take full advantage.
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    Pioneers well regarded stable platter player in mint condition. The only sign of wear is some fading on the power button gold trim, otherwise it looks as new. It is quiet in operation and all the functions work correctly. The remote is for a different model however it controls all the basic functions and all operations are accessible from the front panel. Price £150. Collection from Surrey (near junction 8 of M25) or Wam/AoS taxi only.
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    Marantz mint little used uk edition CD player. Due to a upgrade and lack of space I can’t justify keeping it boxed up no longer This unit will be be a year old in late December. it comes with all original packaging and box contents, remote and cables. Selling due to upgrade im based in St Albans Hertfordshire looking for £270 Ovno thank you
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    At one of my clients, in his office he has a pair of Neat Motive 3. He has a Marantz 610 and both are stuck in a bookcase come storage unit. Although immensely close to the wall, they sounded quite impressive: Very open and detailed and considering the proximity to the wall had no real noticable 'bloom' to the lower frequencies. Having heard Q Acoustics 2020 with the Marantz 603, although different acoustics and layout, the Neats struck me with the amount of get up and go, compared to the more considered presentation of the QAs. Quite taken by the Neats.
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    I use the same on my W8s, black marble chopping boards. Even SWMBO is happy with them. The Swingbase is not at its best on carpet in my experience. Photo shows my W8 and a Spendor D7.2 I was trialling. I preferred the Boenicke.
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    I wish managers wouldn't bleat so much if they don't get the right result. Klopp said Man U always defend when they play each other. Football is about attacking and defending, and Klopp should look at that as a compliment. Who's getting fed up with VAR? It's the Brexit of football. The refs have the option of looking at a screen behind the touchline, and so far this season no referee has used that option. It's a joke.
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    Good man. You can of course either isolate each component from its shelf or each shelf from other shelves (or both!). At the risk of making the marketing folk from Townshend, Stillpoints, etc choke, you basically need something spongy or springy... and appropriate to the weight of the kit: insufficient resistance and it will be squashed flat and offer minimal/no isolation, ditto if so strong/robust it does not compress at all. As discussed elsewhere, spikes don’t really isolate, they couple, albeit through a tiny contact point rather than broad one, giving the illusion of separation but unless someone corrects me I believe that an illusion is all it is. Share your designs/sketches/ideas and we will happily rip them apart with helpful and constructively criticism!
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    Hi Julian Got back to Southampton at about 9:30pm, just wanted to say a big thank you to you (and everyone else) for a terrific day, nice to meet some new faces too and get to listen to a really diverse range of both hi-fi and music. Jules P.S. the chilli was epic! Hope it departs quietly (so to speak...)
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    Strawbs - Grave New World
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    2019-10-19_05-35-35 by uh_simon, on Flickr 2019-10-15_10-48-12 by uh_simon, on Flickr 20191013_130423 by uh_simon, on Flickr
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    Just got back from a brilliant day out! Thank you for your hospitality Julien, and thank you all for the warm welcome! Some lovely systems and music! 👍 👍 👍 😎 😎 😎
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    You would need a sub with a largish driver and the big challenge is to integrate it to act below at below 20 Hz which is at the limit of what most people hear. Have you analysed your speakers in your listening space to see their actual response ....you may not be achieving 20Hz with your source/amp/speaker combination.
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    [1983] Mike Oldfield - Crises [CD]
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    FS: Supernait £1100 The big sell off continues... I bought this amp on first listen and have loved it since for its clarity with any source and excellent DAC. But if you’re reading this, I don’t need to tell you any of that. It’s been on the same shelf since I bought it and is in excellent condition with very few minor cosmetic scratches. Supplied in original box with manual and remote control. Collection from Banbury much preferred but could ship at buyers cost and risk. Mark
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    I have tried a lot of expensive cables from Tellurium Q/Chord/QED & Audioquest and at the time enjoyed them all, i currently have chord shawline XLR's and Audioquest cinnamon USB cable along with some Van Damme 4mm Hi-Fi UP-LCOFC speaker cable, all my cables are well made but not breaking the bank and sound excellent, i find the sound i have to be more realistic and definitely my preferred sound. only one of my cables was purchased from new which was the Van Damme speaker cable from Mark Grant, the others were used which makes my outlay less than £200.
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    Yes that's right Jamie, LS26. Bit of a story in that I wanted an integrated so I could get rid of a box, & it sounds really good & perfectly capable as is, but then a stupid voice inside me wanted to know what effect a top class pre would have (having sold my AudioZone Pre), so Robin obligingly brought his LS26. Big mistake, it sounds fantastic, & once heard of course it is hard to go back, so here I am. Skint! Right first time by the way, the Line Magnetic is 22 wpc. Looking forward to seeing you too. So the system as it stands is this..........
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    What a great day yesterday. A REAL Naim day. Firstly, thanks to Mike and Mr Underhill (Martin) to let me hear two very different but great sounding Naim systems. I arrived at Martin's abode after being delayed by an accident where a BMW driver managed to destroy his BMW. Fortunately, he was walking around so was not injured, except in his pocket. We went over to Mike's abode and were made welcome. Mike had just upgraded his system with a brand new Naim 500DR. And very nice it looked to with its accompanying power supply. This top-notch system consisted of a Naim CD555 and power supply, a NAC 552 and PSU, a Naim 500DR and PSU with a set of Focal 1038Be speakers. All cabling by Naim and some very nice stands. The Naim 500DR was run in and had been on for many hours as was the rest of the system. On goes Suzanne Vega.....forget all the negative thoughts you may have this was a well-tuned system in a great room. The voice was natural and the frequency response very even. No emphases I could detect, possible slightly warm. Yes, a Naim/Focal system that was was possibly slightly warm. Suzanne's voice was very clear, present and full of emotion. It was transfixing. The guitar was real but not hyper-real or etched and the whole musical picture was well integrated. The timing, as you may expect, was immaculate. What I thought was a straight forward guitar tune was more complex with different emphases on the timing which built and released the tension in the song. We then went through a few of Mike's favourites that demonstrated what this system could do and after a track or two, I got out of reviewer mode and just enjoyed the system and the music it played. Pink Floyd's money showed that although the frequency balance was even the cymbals shimmered and sounded like real metallic instruments. I hear this with good systems but here there was a huge amount of information about how the cymbal was being played, without any pushing forward of the top end. I liked the warm powerful bass with a shimmering cymbal. Of course, I had brought a couple of CDs and the first was a very well recorded (Chesky) but simple piece of music featuring some live rockabilly music. It was fast and detailed but kept the individual drum beats and bass playing separate and it was easy to hear when the bass provided a simple beat or when he let rip and just filled the tune with ultra-fast bass notes. It was infectious and made you want to dance. But of course, we are British so no such thing was done. You would be surprised at the number of expensive systems that just can't do that in a simple tune. The bass tends to merge in those systems. We then played Mike Valentine's recording of Bach's Toccata in D and it was easy to hear the size and distance to the organ. And the size of the church. Imagine that, a Naim system doing 3D imaging. Not that artificial ultra-sharp instrument placement type of imaging beloved by some US systems but the more realistic you are in the church imaging. It was really easy to hear the two parts played by the left and right hands and still hear the whole integrated music. And the bass was nicely deep and tight and settee rattling. And before we knew it we had to go. I have heard many expensive systems, some with speakers 3x the price of this complete system, but this system is one of the best. In the top 4/5, which is a major achievement. I have also heard more expensive Naim systems sound much worse at shows but this system was well set-up and in a sympathetic room and sounded it. Luvvverly. And on to Martin's place. We took out his EAR valve amplifier and added an Allegri preamp and a Naim 250. And here was a small chunk of what we heard earlier. That clarity and ease of hearing what the singer was singing and the emotion in their voices were easy to hear. Timing tightened up a lot and the small amount of 'fuzziness' of the valves disappeared. This was a great insight into the music. The bass had less weight and 'heft' as Martin described it. And I agree. Downsides, well the bass although detailed and fast did have less weight and the dynamic range of sound quality was greater. What does that mean? Well, good/great recordings sounded good and great but less good and compressed tracks sounded not so good. The valves evened out those sound quality differences. Some will say that makes the Naim more truthful but that may not be what you want. Do you want to hear awful recordings sound bad? I suspect a bit more warming up of the amp or some different cables will help. Or even better a newer DR amp would help but then I am being generous with someone else's money. Something I do a lot of. My choice would be the Naim for those extra-musical details on brilliant/good recordings and turning down the volume on bad recordings. But it ain't my system. Either way, it is the best I have heard Martin's set-up and thanks again putting up with me for most of the day.
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    A selection..(to be added to).. Lucinda Williams - The Ghosts of Highway 20 Jeffrey Foucault - Miles From the Lightning Jason Isbell - Southeastern Israel Nash - Rain Plans Cowboy Junkies - Trinity Revisited Natalie Merchant - Paradise Is There John Smith - Great Lakes Joe Henry - Invisible Hour The Delines - Colfax John Moreland - In The Thrones Damien Rice - O
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    Glen Lyon, Perthshire; Glen Lyon, Perthshire by APM Photography, on Flickr X-T1 -- XF10-24mm -- iso 200 -- @ f/14
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    Dusk Dusk by APM Photography, on Flickr X-E1 -- XF10-24mm -- iso 200 -- @ f/11
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    I exchanged my lovely, but perhaps a bit OTT for my Kendal pad, Audia Flight FLS10 for a Musical Fidelity A3CR pre/power pairing plus cash. They’re an impressive combo, great soundstage from the dual mono design and lovely bass, but I’ve always hankered after something from Sugden or Krell and increasingly have been impressed by what I read and hear about this fab British company. The ANV-50 is a novel and intriguing departure for Sugden, fits better than a pure Class A monster with its intended use, and gets very good reviews. I absolutely love the aesthetics. I’m sufficiently intrigued to borrow one for audition. My key question is whether it has the capability to generate the current to make my ATC SCM40’s sing. What has changed is that last week I got some good news... and I start a new job in mid-Nov after two years of living off my reserves, so the cash I received when “downshifting” is no longer going to top up those reserves, it’s been immediately reflagged as HiFi Funds! How cool is that? I will of course report back.
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    Cowboy Junkies: Trinity sessions (remastered) Dire Straits: Brothers in Arms (1/2 speed remastered 45rpm) Natalie Merchant: Ophelia Larkin Poe: Peach Gregory Porter: Lliquid spirit Glen Hansard: Rythm & Repose Ane Brun: A temporary drive Unkle: Never never land Micheal Franti & spearhead: Yellfire Portamao: From Mali to memphis Ben Harper & the innocent criminals: Burn to shine Eagles: Long Road out of eden Eric Bibb: Painting signs George Micheal: Songs from the last century
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    One from a while back Birds IN the sky by Tillman Kleinhans ARPS EFIAP/s DPAGB BPE4* Hon LCPU, on Flickr
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    Following up on my dilemma to use my I32 as a pre-amp to a new A35.2 or to go for an I35. An opportunity arose to buy an I35 Prisma ex-dem unit at a great price and have now had it for a couple of weeks. The improvement over the I32 is not subtle! It has made me appreciate just how well the I32 covers its tracks though. I never felt I was missing out on musicality, detail, power or poise but the I35 improves on all of these fronts. It sounds a lot more powerful than just the additional 30W per channel might suggest. Bass is notably stronger. Probably not an amp for small rooms. I’m still getting used to the streaming and control aspects - new for me - but the Prisma app is fine once you are used to it. Hope they release the version for IPhone soon ( just IPad at present I believe). Yes, going to enjoy this one!
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    More Red Kites: Chase by Keith M, on Flickr
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    Ashdown Forest Waterfall by Rick Francis, on Flickr
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    Despite my initial reservations about buying second hand (which was probably based on my lack of experience and the dread of using the 'bay'), I have acquired a set of D7's from Sondekker, who contacted me after our exchange earlier in this thread. So yesterday after a very long drive to collect them, I now have a pair of light oak Spendor D7's installed in my system. Big thanks to Sondekker (John) for his hospitality yesterday. Spent a few hours last night listening to them and I am very pleased. I shall give a further update when I have had a chance to get used to them a little.
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    Spent a week at Castle Point on the Scottish side of the Solway Firth. Dundrennan Abbey by Tillman Kleinhans ARPS EFIAP/s DPAGB BPE4* Hon LCPU, on Flickr Canon 5D4 + 16-35L f4, 62s @f9, ISO100 raw Carsethorn pier by Tillman Kleinhans ARPS EFIAP/s DPAGB BPE4* Hon LCPU, on Flickr Canon 5D4 + 16-35L f4, 62s @f20, ISO100 raw RAF bombing target Sandyhills by Tillman Kleinhans ARPS EFIAP/s DPAGB BPE4* Hon LCPU, on Flickr Canon 5D4 + 70-200L f4 IS II, 1/2000s @ f11, ISO200 raw
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    Benefits of cycling into work early 😁 London Landscape at dawn.jpg by -DaveBailey1-
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    Synchronicity by Les, on Flickr Fuji XT3 with XF55-200mmF3.5-4.8 R LM OIS Weardale Fields by Les, on Flickr Fuji XT3 with XF55-200mmF3.5-4.8 R LM OIS
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    View from my sun lounger Albania in the distance
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    Hi all, New to the forum today. System is a Marantz CD6006UKSE, Roksan Kandy K3 DAC, Rega Brio and Monitor Audio Bronze 5. I’m a big fan of 2 channel hifi rediscovering my very large CD collection. Constant sufferer of “upgrade-itis”. Speakers are next
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    Hi all, Even though I joined some time ago, I haven't been involved in this wonderful forum for a long time. So, hello. The HiFi bug has got me thinking of making changes again.... See you around.
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    Well I was here many years ago, but I'll be damned if I can remember my username or the email I used so I've rejoined. Current system is LP12 (with vivid upgrade), originlive silver arm and dynavrctor dv20x into a sugden ia4 amp and onto a pair of original PMC FB1 speakers. Looking to update the system due to an inheritance, so rejoined to get some idea of what's considered good these days.
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    Hello everyone, New here as you can see, looks real interesting here looking forward to some browsing. well I guess I’ll see you all in the postings bye for now
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    I don't doubt that for a second, it is a strange phenomenon but it does not surprise me. It's hard to fathom how this can actually happen, even when the subject knows the truth. I just go by my own ears. Trouble is they can be a bit over selective when it comes to hifi and take me on all sorts of strange and wonderful journeys if I could live with the cheap stuff I gladly would, trouble is the costly gear does 'sometimes' sound the best to me. But that isn't always a dead cert.
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    Gents, I do not routinely post, as this is your 'club' and area, to be vocal with good, bad or indifferent views on your experience with Boenicke and many other brands. However there is one thing I do need to clarify and clear up: delivery for ownership and demo. There are many ways to skin a cat, and move goods from point A to point B in the UK. For example we can quite easily ship an Aqua Formula DAC (circa £12k) within the UK for £20.00 fully insured and packaged to arrive safely. The cost of the unit when dealing with our shipping partner(s) trade accounts by in large, bear no relevance to value. Conversely and to demonstrate this, I have to send Audio Physic Classic 15 Speakers (Circa £2.2k) by another method, that costs £125.00. This is due to the fact that Audio Physic insist on them being shipped on a pallet (please see one of my unboxing videos that shows their packing stating this) and the pallet delivery costing this amount. As for the Boenicke range they are shipped as follows: W5 - DPD £20.00 W8,11,13 - Pallet £125 within UK on a standard service Why a pallet? Simple really - safety of the goods. Most couriers have neither the time, staff or equipment to consistently transport items like speakers in card boxes without there being serious risk of damage. Hence why Audio Physic insist on it. Experience tells us that you're better safe than sorry. Would you want your new £8.5k W8SE speakers arriving rattling around in the back of the proverbial white van? Hopefully that explains the delivery method, cost and reasons for this. I should also state that where clients have not been invoiced with a delivery charge it is purely down to the price invoiced on that occasion including delivery. Some clients prefer things written this way. Nothing more sinister. In terms of how we manage a demo situation it is mainly by negotiation. I fully accept that everyone wants a home demo; in fact I strongly encourage it! That stated we are not 'next door' to every customer so if someone cannot drive to us then the options become limited to delivery only. In this type of situation we spend a lot of time discussing the owner's current system and goals. We do so to limit the chance of the speakers not being 'right' By adopting this approach we rarely see returns, and even if there are, the client normally goes on to make a purchase of another speaker. The shipping costs then being worked in to everything overall and explained. This leaves us with the last situation that has been highlighted, and the one that is perhaps the most tricky to deal with: the multiple or 'casual' demo. I've had clients who have multiple units to demo. I've run through the delivery options, and most have agreed that given the level of investment, and after gaining an understanding of our shipping methods and why, that it's a fair amount to charge as it is a cost to the business that we cannot absorb due to our location, or indeed the clients. All have been totally understanding of this, and again been told they'd be more than welcome to visit and collect - free of any delivery charge! The same applies to the 'casual' demo client. The only difference being it perhaps sharpens their mind on to whether the speaker is right for them in the first instance. It is important to add that we remain committed to making all our customers happy, and will work tirelessly to ensure common ground is reached, products tested, sold and supported. As I constantly and consistently tell clients (much to my colleagues annoyance of the same line) 'I am an enthusiast as well, and I know how important this is to you, so let's get it right' Thanks, and enjoy the forum! David PS. If anyone would like to discuss please do not hesitate to give me a call
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    WOW! spooky, just digging out some older mags and trying to read up about Open baffles when i found Hi Fi World Oct 2008 and although i was reading about old wharfdale OB's fron the 50's i was just reading the review on the Monopluse as well, nearly bought these twice before but the wife didnt approve. they have gone up a fair bit over the years but every time i read about them it sets me thinking again, i could have bought a used pair a while back for £500. glad to see someone using these i always like the small companies in the UK putting it up the big guys from time to time. THAT VIDEO IS PURE AUDIO PORN, THANK YOU. 2 OR 3 COMPONENTS I ALWAYS WANTED TO TRY CAN YOU TELL ME YOUR THOUGHTS 1 THE USHERS 2 THE CAYIN 860 MONOS THANKS
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    Howzit If your looking to view a lot of foo or bs visit persuit perfect system on YouTube and take your pick. You'll even get ab sound comparison switching
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    ... They lift the sound to new highs [emoji106] Sent from my BLA-L09 using Tapatalk
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    he he we know where this ends up
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    One day my immediate next door neighbour came in as she was very worried about a boinging noise her central heating was making and could I come at look at it. Well it was making quite a noise and shaking the house but I couldnt actually locate where it was coming from. Then I suddenly saw Lee who lived next door to her with what looked like a giant subwoofer in his garden. He ran a part time business hiring PA and was impulse testing a 24in sub. Problem solved !