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    Paul from Definitive Audio spent about five hours setting up my new system today! My 140s are now powered by an Akurate System Hub and Akurate ExaktBox-I w/ Katalyst plus four sets of Transparent speaker cables. Figuring out the optimal position, final position, Space Optimization settings, room measurements, and balancing the speakers on Linn Skeets took five hours. Fascinating process to watch with a professional who knows his stuff. I need to build a new custom support shelf for the ExaktBox. I also need to block/dim the blue LED light on the front of the box as it is super bright. So far it sounds fabulous. Will spend this weekend doing some attentive listening. Once the sick feeling of paying the credit card bill recedes I think I will love this system... 😎
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    I have so far resisted any PIP assesment as I have a DLA judgement that was given for life. All I do is ask whoever they are going to send to assess me to provide their medical qualifications with regard to surgery and nerve damage . In all cases so far the person they appointed was a general nurse with no specialisation . Given this before they even get to make any assesment I send a written report from my Orthopeadic Surgeon on what has been carried out and the resuts and a similar report from both a neurological specialist and pain specialist . I then send a with this a written question notorised by a Solicitor (costs about £35) asking the simple question can the person they send offer a professional medical opinion that differs from those given . In every case they tried for a period of three years they had to respond no they were not able to dispute the specialst medical assesments and any change or interview was cancelled. There last contact was over two years ago and they just seem to leave me alone. I would echo the advice given , engage with the medical professionals that you are being treated by and try and get them to given you written assements that are relevant taken from your notes (so they do not have to write brand new ones) . In most cases if you tell them why you need them I have found most Specialists to be both supportive and helpful and they are your best line of defence against under qualified assesment officers. While the individuals are not paid any commision for rejecting claims the overall company is and and it happens to be owned by a school friend of David Cameron which probably tells you all you need to know .
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    My pleasure. I thought after 22 pages of thrashing about and trying to make sense of recommendations for 500 amps it was about time you listened to something! Two different amps might prove that you should actually be more concerned about swapping out your speakers than your amp... Enjoy your journey!
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    Really, really excited to announce that I shall very soon be back in the fold! I've previously owned an early 3-motor deck with a prototype PSU and Ref platter & bearing. When I acquired it it had the orange top plate and silver power button, and wasn't running at the correct speed. Guy Adams refurbished it from the ground up for me, fitting the Ref bits, new top plate and switch, and a lid, as well as fettling it to get it running sweetly. However I had to sell it about 5 years ago due to redundancy, and I've missed it every single day since we parted company. On Tuesday next week I'm excited to say that my lovely new Voyd, looking almost identical to my old one, will be delivered and set up with a new arm and cartridge. The main difference being that this one has the proper split-phase PSU. I'm counting down the hours.... Pics to follow as soon as it's in-situ.
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    Hi all....have any wammers got sons , daughters nephews nieces, grandkids..who have an interest in nature or studying biology, zoology.. I am giving away my collection of bugs...its a large collection..built into a technical drawing cabinet .so needs to go somewhere with space...8 drawers in todal Kindest regards Julian
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    What a great opportunity! This demonstrates the value of this forum, I think I might have to move to England 😀
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    Pretty impressive how those 140s keep given as long as you keep feeding them better.
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    Scottish Chamber Orchestra - Mozart Requiem. FLAC. Beautiful.
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    Very interesting prospect and a decent price too! A valve stage incorporated into a class D amp? Again, research and consideration. Don't want to waste £500 of my budget on an unknown. I am currently in receipt of Nigel's Musical Fidelity A3cr and matching Pre amp. He rang me last night and, due to taking in a Sugden (lucky beggar), he offered to loan me the above to test out in my system. This is a big thing as it will allow me to actually demo a particular product in my own home on my speakers. It's my sons birthday tomorrow (he's 4) so I won't get much chance to hook it all up this weekend but when I do, I'll have a fantastic class A/B to try out. Looking forward to it. 😊 He loaned me his bedroom amp too but that can wait...😎😁
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    [1979] Frank Zappa ‎– Sheik Yerbouti [TIDAL]
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    I have started upp my Akurate Exact Dsm now. That there would be no audible difference between Mdsm and Aedsm? It is something that I do not agree with, I love the calm that arises, and the extra clarity that is in the upper register. It has become a little easier to separate the instruments from each other as well, wider soundscape, im pleased anyway
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    What's wrong with this bloody country...the people have spoken. Protesting already !!!!!!! Give it a rest !!!!! and give the guy a chance ,, ffs Kindest regards Julian
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    Yes, I am very early with the evaluation. But my 140s sound like totally different speakers...
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    Having a rumage around in the loft and found this BIB book i bought back in the seventies. It's very useful and a great tool for vintage lovers.
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    Hi andy as the platter sits now with out the weights it weighs in at 4.17 kg , so to add the weighs it will be about the 5.1 5.4 kg , heavier then the orbe one, i have played several lps as it sits , but with a cork mat , the cartridge is new rebuilt sound smith and will take a couple of hrs to run in , but in the mean time , all i can say is that it digs the very last note out of the LP , i was concerned that it would have a lot of rumble but i cannot hear any, the center hole underneith is a good fit over the bearing , i have been listerning to radio kaos , roger waters , i thought i was hearing things , about fish , and at the end of the lp there is ahigh pitched tone that steps up and then the shock was it steps up again , i have never heard that in 10 years of playing that lp , the voicing is spot on , with the drums on phil colins in the room , more depth again which i thought was impossible , but the very last bit of the piano being played by kate bush of 50 words for snow blown me away , and that is only after 4 lps, The valleys , being clear in the voicing on the progress , the welsh singer in the room , but as it is only 50% there , i am still stunned , p
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    bet this peachtree would sound just superb with the spendor , cheap at the price but judging on what i am hearing from ice power amps it might well be very good https://www.pinkfishmedia.net/forum/threads/peachtree-nova-125-amplifier.234907/#post-3839828
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    Replaced Musical Fidelity A3CR pre/power combo in Kendal main rig with Sugden IA-4. Sounds ok! Sorry for crap photo.
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    I managed to squeeze in a couple of working days in my Kendal man-cave... stuck on laptop so could have been anywhere, but it did give me the opportunity to spend an hour or two shuffling the hifi. In my mainly Rotel second system, I had an excellent Pioneer A300R Precision (Tom Evans tuned) integrated amp. Beneath it was Rotel RB-991 waiting for a suitable pre to arrive. I removed the Pioneer and installed my RC-1570, an impressively specced and well-connected pre-amplifier, feeding the RB-991. To my surprise, the combo did not wipe the floor with the Pioneer integrated... punchier and more dynamic in the mids and highs and I suspect most audiophiles would prefer it but if you stand back it's probably different rather than unequivocally better. I do like it and it's staying a while (I do tend to chop and change this system) though it also shows what extraordinary value the Pioneer represents. ProAc Studio 125 speakers Systemdek IIx900 turntable Rotel RCD-991 CD player Rotel RC-1570 pre-amp Rotel RT-930 tuner Yamaha KX-580 SE cassette player Rotel RB-991 power amp
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    https://www.gnomonwatches.com/ Steinhart Hamilton Seiko - of course! Orient All should have something in your price range I'm a bit of a watch guy...feel free to ask any questions
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    Mine cost all of £2.89! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LP-Vinyl-Record-Player-Measuring-Phono-Tonearm-VTA-Cartridge-Azimuth-Ruler-FS/192758730638?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 and comes with some interesting labelling
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    That's a very good point actually. Not all masters are cut the same so what would be the "ideal" VTA on the replay end for one LP may not be the same as for another. Additionally the stylus angle will vary a little between different manufacturers, plus different quality pressings (i.e different thicknesses of vinyl) will also have a small impact on VTA. So many variables! If you're fortunate enough to have an arm that allows "on the fly" VTA adjustment then yes it can be altered on a case-by-case basis, otherwise it's a "best compromise", like the rest of cartridge alignments. I'm not aware that getting the VTA "wrong" could result in any potential damage to records, just a less than optimal sound - anyone know any different to that?
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    I have no doubt that the ultimate goal of a system is to provide listening enjoyment. But because your better may not be someone else's I would rather called it a more enjoyable system (subjective) and use better for an equipment or system's ability to acurately reproduce the recorded signal (objective). If this were to standard procedure hi-fi reviews would actually be of some use.
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    The LS50s just need attention to their set up - as they are really a mini Ref Monitor. IME: - They work really well with Arcam - Put them on solid, sand filled stands...held in place with a little Blu - Tak - Use copper cables - Give them a little room to breathe - Make sure the room isn't too reflective I hate a bright, forward or analytical sound...that's in any way edgy....but with a Magic DS/Arcam AVR600, they sounded on the richer side of neutral and with a scale that belied their size (in a room that's about 14' x 21' x 11.5', with suspended wooden floors).
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    Unfamiliar rooms , unfamiliar equipment can explain that ....but the real problem is that people listen to the Hi Fi and don't hear the music . Much "Hi Fii" equipment provides an experience much like looking at pictures of food ....and folks are more interested in how well the picture is framed than what the food might taste like. Good systems let you taste the food ...or hear the music ...and if you use your response to the music as your criterion for judgement , you don't have to listen very hard or rationalise anything.
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    It’s a tiny amount of money in the grand scheme of government finances, but it can cause enormous hardship, if you are a pensioner or are caring for a disabled family member then you really can be put in an horrific situation, its a very blunt instrument for a very small problem. Say you are on benefits and have a child who requires home dialysis and the equipment is in the spare bedroom, you are up shit creek, they don’t care, it’s black and white its still a “ spare “ room, and there are literally thousands of similar cases, any benefits are proportionally cut, a tax by any other name.
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    I've bought the trigger and flash and a portable Pixapro black/white background, lightstand & umbrella softbox. Always fancied having a go at some decent portraits so thought I would give it a go with a one flash off camera set up.
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    I have owned the Rega.. great amp and definitely has the grunt. I went to the Sugden because of the texture and depth in the sound it produced.
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    ProAcs definitely sound nice with valve/hybrid/ Class A etc and if you can a bit of wallop up 'em. ( They do like it up 'em.)
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    I know the guy, he's a good guy But I'd rather buy a new Akurate Exaktbox-i at that price!
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    I believe the new Ref 6 SE is due for release early next year....
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    I have a Bluesound Vault 2 with built-in 2TB hard drive. All of the rips on there are lossless FLAC files. I've also created MP3 files from those FLACs using FLACsquisher, which uses a Variable Bit Rate compression algorithm to maximise sound quality in the compressed file. A while ago, I compared some MP3s on a memory stick plugged into the Vault with the original FLACs stored on the Vault, and there was hardly any difference. I had to listen hard to hear any difference at all, and if I'd not known that the MP3 files were compressed I wouldn't have worried at all. And that's comparing MP3 to FLAC as well as USB memory stick to hard drive! Since then, however, I've acquired an Audio Note DAC 0.1x and had my Croft amplification upgraded a bit but have yet to run the same test again. The better DAC and amplification might bring out more differences. Having said that, if your kit sounds nice then I wouldn't worry. Most things will sound nice through it, and when you're listening normally it won't be to compare sources anyway.
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    An update: I got an Akurate DSM hub and mated to an AEKbox. Wow. just wow. Ultimately I can drive my M140 louder and the music remains clear, clean and separation is excellent.
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    All recordings are not equal. All mastering is not equal. All MP3s are not equal. I use my system to listen to music and to get pleasure from that. I would much rather listen to a good piece of music, recorded and mastered well and downsampled to a high bitrate MP3, than listen to a high-resolution track that's badly recorded and mastered, even if I like the music. We can tend to get too stuffy about the subject. Yes, high res is obviously potentially the best format, but a good system will get the best out of a good recording no matter what the format. Music first, hifi last.
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    Something seems a bit strange here I must say. I've known OTA on and off for years. Their place looks like an explosion in a dustbin usually, but I've always found their work to be very good and they are quite fussy about doing things right. Missing nuts, missing screws and wrong-length screws does not sound like the One Thing work I've seen. Incorrectly stretched dust covers? That's something they've been doing for decades and they have it down to a fine art, so something definitely doess not seem right here.
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    You can appreciate that "inky silence" that costs a fortune.
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    Remove the cup and see. When I moved from Valhalla to Lingo in the ‘nineties, removing the cup was part of the fitting process. Mick
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    I think the problem is the idea that you should pay extra for music with higher resolution. On bandcamp all the downloads cost the same regardless of resolution, and whether you want 24/192 or MP3 is a matter of personal preference. If all the download sites worked that way there would be no such thing as 'Hi Res Music'. The most stupid example of 'pay more for more bits' for me was when I wanted to buy a boxed set of Doctor John's Atlantic albums. The 5 CD boxed set was about 30 pounds on Amazon, the 24/96 version of HDTracks was 60 pounds and the 24/192 version was 90 pounds. Funnily enough I bought the CD boxed set for 30 pounds and ripped it.
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    I’ve finally had a bit of time to put the FR64fx on the Voyd. First thing to note is that the FR64fx is very heavy and it took a bit of work on the suspension to adjust it level. I shudder to think what fitting an FR64S would be like! Secondly , the armboard was cut for a 231.5mm S2P but I’m struggling to even get Stephenson alignment with the cart slung all the way forward as far as it can go. Funny buggers these FR’s with alignment sometimes. Anyway before I faff about with different carts and headshells I thought I would give it a listen. Wowsers! Where did all that detail come from? Maybe there is some kind of synergy here but there is just so much more information coming at me. It’s going to take a bit of tweaking to dial it in to satisfaction but it’s a hell of a start. More to come.
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    You can't compare. I have no problem in saying that Dweezil is a better player than Frank was, but I don't think Frank would have disputed that either, though he was no mean guitarist. When it comes to writing and composing, that's a different matter. FZ was a genius IMHO.
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    A lighthearted thread folks to showcase human idiocy at it's best... I'll kick off with... Me and a mate have recently joined the gym. I went on Saturday with him and we decided we'd hit the weights like the He-Men we are (yeah right!!)... went too hard and now I literally cannot straighten my arms, think I've ripped some muscles and its bloody agony - I feel like a right muppet!! Or here's another - a couple of years back I helped a friend to put up her kids trampoline on a very hot summers day, thought it would take 10 minutes and lost track of time - an hour or so later, result, finished... Hooray... Two hours or so later, owweee!!! I completely forgot to put on suncream and I was wearing a vest, whoops! Several hours later and so frazzled to a crisp I could not bend my arms to my face and my Mrs had to feed me my dinner!!! What stupid stuff have you done? Make me feel better about myself for being such a muppet!!! And ps - anyone know any good muscle remedies as this bloody kills!!!
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    A few years ago I pulled down the system to decorate and threw it back up temporarily in a then spare room.... ...and it sounded loads better in there ....so it stayed .... I've now got my own "lair" and I've had no more ear ache from the dragon indoors about big wooden boxes and bits of wire.
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    ...If we remove the 'andles....and the fings wot 'old the candles ....
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    The Orchestra plays a different piece to the one he had prepared. Poor bugger.
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    All it does is feed your OCD and give you one less thing to equivocate about . Then again if you get one and your tonearm has no VTA adjustment it will haunt you till you buy one that does. Does it make a difference , possibly but I strongly suspect that it is very tiny and not that important .
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    A brick To start building a new Hadrians wall on the Scottish side... Kindest regards Julian
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    Alternatively, how about a voucher for Supercuts, to sort out that abomination on her head.
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    What is it with 'high-rez' music? Why is it all god-awful dreary jazz, twangy guitar with grumbling male vocals, screechy classical and mostly utterly boring trite guff. Why do they play it hi-fi shows when its nothing more than audio wallpaper sparkly elevator music? YMMV of course...