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    Treated myself to a second hand Bb Clarinet (Buffet Crampon - Evette), I haven't played since 2001. Looking forward to teaching myself again. Bb Clarinet by APM Photography, on Flickr XT2 | XF56 | F16 | 4.5s | iso 200
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    It sounds like you've made your mind up but it might be worth just checking what the resale value of your current balanced cable is before making any modifications. For what it's worth what you're proposing really doesn't make any sense as far as I'm concerned.
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    Can't remember when I last placed an LP on a turntable before Saturday. Probably in the mid 80s and the turntable was a Thorens TD160. Ive also no idea what happened to the turntable (sad) but it was usurped by a Denon CD player that sounded ok but nothing special. I did stop buying vinyl around this time as Cds were so much easier to store. Fast forward to Saturday and new turntable purchased (a Rega Planar 2 with Elyse cartridge). The Linn Akurate DSM was also tweaked in the shop in order for it to work properly with mm rather than mc cartridge (the default factory setting). First impressions are positive. Listened to Handel's Messiah and Beethoven's Emperor late on Saturday night. With the Christmas tree lit and the single malt to hand, the sound can best be described as putting on your favourite pair of shoes/shirt (insert any other item of clothing of your choice). It was hard to stop listening and go to bed. Now this statement does not resemble anything vaguely scientific. We didn't even compare the streaming/digital equivalents although this is bound to happen soon. Two things have struck me so far. Digital streaming using a Linn streamer is not a million miles from vinyl (analogue). And the ritual of playing vinyl is highly enjoyable (especially when accompanied by good single malt). ps Also discovered that second hand classical vinyl appears to be very cheap and brand new pop/rock etc on vinyl is not!
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    Say please. Oh go on then, just teasing. Other goodies in there but I don't want to spoil the surprise
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    Guys. Chill. I've just removed one post that went way beyond what is reasonable and allowable under the rules; there are several others that have been pretty close to the edge. Continue in a similar vein and it will be vacation time. Start being civil to each other; if you can't, but out until you have calmed down. "It's only a ******* HiFi!" - anon.
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    I think you generally find it hard to believe anything you don’t believe, Keith. That’s belief systems for you. No, you’re not immune. Experiences trump beliefs. If one actually experiences something, rather than relying on proxy experiences like measurements and graphs, one does not need to believe anything. Or disbelieve anything.
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    The most disconnected from the man in the street PM in my life time since his "sister"
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    Nice to see Espeks getting some love! I think they’re great ‘speakers, but they’re hugely fussy about room and positioning so they need a lot of work to get them to sound at their best. The challenge of getting them to work at their best means that many pairs never did, so they’re usually available at bargain prices. I loved mine. Had a pair for ten years, and it took the offer of an ex-dem pair of passive Akubariks to get me to move on. Mick
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    I value your posts, I have discovered because of you that an £8500 pound dac is susceptible to power supplies. Amir fulfils the very same function over at ASR , exposing poor design. Keith
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    Newlash09 Thanks for your post and don't give up, quite a few will have valued your contribution. On occasions the WAM can become quite an argumentative environment for no apparent reason. Some of the arguments on here remind me of the partisan stuff in the 60s where people would argue who were best the Stones or Beatles, when both made music that some preferred more that others. Can't it be similar with power supplies, that some SMPS are excellent and some are not, likewise some Linear supplies are superb and some are not and in some cases a person may simply prefer one type over another for whatever reason.
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    The problem by and large is one smart alec person who has an agenda and who thread craps. Ignore him. I was genuinely excited about my discovery of using an LPS with my DAC and he has just done his level best to p*ss all over the posts. I am interested in what you have to say so please keep posting in here.
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    Just put FS/Swap: in the title and give some idea of the kinds of swaps you are interested in the listing. It's a good idea since there is so much gear not moving at the moment that one way to get the merry go round going again is to work with trades and part trades instead of only cash. I did just that a few days ago swapping a cartridge and headshell for a turntable and tonearm with very little cash changing hands.
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    Find a good carpenter .. find your lid on ebay (dimensions) and get him to make a nice new plinth - job don ... take off base board - find local metalsmith (Stainless steel sheet supplier) get them to cut a base to the dimensions of your new plinth and use bitumen panels stuck to it (inside) to stop all base resonance) .. ... the 160 super has damping material applied to the subchassis - there are some diy suppliers who provide this - .. job done
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    It's the Wigwam. There's plenty of people here who could start a fight in an empty room With regard to the topic, it's turned into 'all switch-mode power supplies are bad, and all linear power supplies are good'. This is fundamentally wrong. A good power supply is a good power supply and a bad one is a bad one.
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    Job done, if you are interested it was to Rescue Remedies - https://www.rescueremediesdogrescue.co.uk/ a Surrey based dog rescue near me. We had a dog from them many years ago and they do all their work with volunteers so every penny goes where you want it to go, to look after the dogs . Who are you supporting?
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    There are some reasons why sometimes I’d rather keep my own experience or thoughts with regards to thread or topic like this for myself. Why would I care about the critics and naysayers. It’s my ££, I trust my ears and I enjoy my music.
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    Thanks bud TBH, I hear no difference, it just helps a bit to keep the thinner records flat.. looks quite good tho
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    I think it sounds like a "For trade" thread.
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    Your Xerxes looks the business with the AM Classic. Jeff Spall's Audiomods arms are superbly engineered and built & don't cost the earth, in fact they're a steal at the price. The Series Six I recently bought sounds top class & is quite an advancement over the earlier Classic - the arm based on the earlier Rega tube. Jeff is a very helpful chap, my Classic was serviced free of charge before it goes up for sale... Just a thought - Xerxes are not designed to use a record clamp - to do with preventing bearing rumble getting through to the record. Do you find it beneficial?
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    If this Parliament runs it's full course, it will be half a century since the Labour Party won an Election, except when they had Tory Blair as leader. I suspect they could learn something from this. I also suspect they won't.
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    Buy a couple per cable of XLR to RCA converters.
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    Hong Kong Macau Guangzhou All in 1984
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    There is a long way to go yet and I see the announcements to date as sabre rattling as much as anything else anticipating that the EU will want to play their game of brinkmanship like they did with the earlier negotiations. The difference this time is that we will not have a remain parliament constantly shooting ourselves in the foot and trying to micro manage the negotiations in order to frustrate them.
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    Inspired by @Sir_Franc who only had to go to the south coast
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    Jethro Tull’s Christmas Album for me... go on give it a try.
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    Mine too and All I want for Christmas is a Dual Prague Away Strip. Well my Scalextric broke and to replace my dodgy transformer would cost £3 10s. But that so called mate at school had managed to get hold of a Dukla Prague away kit ‘cos his uncle owned a sports shop and he’d kept it to one side and now he’s working in a job with a future and hands me my Giro every two weeks and me I’m on the lookout for a proper transformer Kate Rusby's new Christmas album is her best yet
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    That is very true. It's mind boggling for example just how wonderful some of those early LPs from the '50s sound today [Sad however that recording and mastering engineers today could learn more than a thing or two from them ]
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    Aren't there wammers nearby that can lend you a couple of items..we've all got gear sat doing nowt...just to get you through this troubling time.. Kindest regards Julian
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    I find that a system which "draws more attention to imperfections in the recordings or software" is actually "one which allows greater enjoyment of the music we want to listen to". Am I wrong? . A system that shows more imperfections and differences between recordings is also better able to reproduce all the detail in the recording and you know what they say, "the devil is in the detail".
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    In praise of the humble but affordable SP25 . My first "proper turntable " as a lad was the SP25 IV . No great shakes in performance terms but, with it's little Goldring cartridge, it played my LPs enjoyably ....and without damaging them . I have that SP25 to thank for many of my old early 70s LPs still being in excellent playable condition to this day . So I owe it a lot !
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    A useless forum post that brings nothing to the table...
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    That is until the single malt is directly responsible for trashing a £600 stylus. That does tend to take the edge off the enjoyment a tad, been there done that.
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    Guys - behave. If you don't like the item, don't buy it, but do resist the temptation to crap on someone else's classified ad. Unhelpful comments will be removed.
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    Zandestancia aethiopica from the garden..
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    Just received this excellent copy of Abbey Road 1969 2nd Pressing. Sounds stunning.
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    If it's anything like the last 2 years (admin & prices) then stick yer name and kit details in the spreadsheet (rooms allocated nearer the time) and the room cost was £85 for B&B, stay Saturday night and exhibit Sunday. If you can/want to stop Sunday night for the exhibitors curry then last year it was £50 B&B. (above prices were per room NOT per person)
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    A friend said to me try Densen. I heard a couple of years ago a Dm 10 at his place and was very impressed. I bought 2X DM30 and a DM20 a couple of months ago. Let them get looked over. And hooked them up in a passive biamp setup with Apogee speakers. These amps are amazing. No more wondering or searching for something better. It has gravitas and speed, but also a kind of musicality/organic sound. Endless bandwidth on all frequencies. I could definitely hear deeper into the music as never before. Very very special. Never heard a sound like it before At a side note I'm also evenly impressed with the DM 20. A great sounding preamp on itself with the best tactile feel ever. But combined with the DM30's.... Very cheap to recap with nippon chemicon, advice from Densen Sent from my ONEPLUS A5000 using Tapatalk
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    It's a very interesting article. I think the author slightly fudges the question of whether a slightly higher sampling rate might be better than 44.1, ie 48kHz or a bit more, because of the relaxation of demands on the filter in the ADC or the downsampler before the recording reaches the consumer rate. Nevertheless his fundamental point- that it may be a bad idea to attempt to reproduce frequencies above the specification of the amp and speakers- seems to be a good one.
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    I can’t cope with all this. I’m off to one of the Brexit threads; better for my nerves
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    Keep going dude... Ps extra points for getting ass fart into a sentence. Lol.
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    Take it easy man. Everybody know you mean well, and this is a subjective hobby no matter what the measurement fellows say. Everyone's mileage varies. Sometimes we all write stuff that comes across as absolutist even though we don't mean it to, or it gets taken out of context, or others get defensive or we get defensive or blah, blah, etc.etc. Don't stop sharing your thoughts. I've been rubbed the wrong way on here once or twice or felt insulted and fired back when it probably was not necessary. Not everyone has Cno's ultimate amiable temperament. This too shall pass. Cheer up, it's Christmas or if you happen to be shipboard or back home on the subcontinent, have a beer. Just not that kingfisher stuff. Yikes.
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    And the papers in the area of organic chemistry to which I referred that consider extraction techniques or fractional distillation of the compounds I am working with would be funded and published without bias or agenda as they are not products for sale. Thus rendering your argument to my specific example pointless and irrelevant.
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    Just found a Mortlach Generations 1939 on Amazon for £21k. I’m giving it a miss though ‘cause it’s not eligible for Amazon Prime delivery. Poor show
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    As much as I love hi fi and music , and everything that comes with it...this is taking up too much of my time. I am struggling to keep up with the everyday basics of work , commuting , cleaning and cooking and maintaining my home, so something has to give. I have decided to sell up Below is a list of what's available. Serious inquiries only, and please don't insult me with low offers. Thanks for reading and understanding… 1. Wet/Dry Vac 2. Dustpan and brush 3. Mop and bucket 4. Mop and Shine 5. Window cleaner 6. Laundry detergent 7. Leaf rake 8. Broom 9 dusters
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