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    Black Sabbath - Vol 4 LP, US pressing
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    Last night in Seattle Definitive Audio held its "Music Matters" event, an invite only party with booze, catered food and a whole bunch of killer high end audio products. Exhibitors included Sonus Faber, Audio Research, dCS, Clear Audio, Bowers & Wilkins, Linn, Nad, Wilson Audio, McIntosh, Dan D'Agostino, Dali and others.. Dan D'Agistono was there himself. So was Gilad Tiefenbrun, Managing Director of Linn Products. Gilaad (along with Gordon Inch) who did this A:B presentation between the current Cirkus and Karousel bearings with two identical Klimax level LP12 tables. I shot a few phone photos (with my massively bandaged right thumb). This was the very first time any members of the public (anywhere) have seen this new bearing. The entire focus was this new Karousel with zero time devoted to any other Linn product. The two LP12s, one with the brand new white plinth, were feeding active Akubarik speakers. They played the same varied bits of music on both tables so your could hear the difference the new Karousel makes. Both sounded excellent to my ears, but if I owned a LP12 at this level and my bearing was several years old I would MOST DEFINITELY upgrade. Gordon played this 40-year-old album, purchased at a flee market for £5, and it still sounded great. On display with the new bearing were the two previous vintages of bearings. The new one looks significantly heavier and more "fancy". It made a loud pop sound when removed from the main platter, the tolerances are that tight. We then moved to the next room and listened to the new $25,000 Clear Audio table, the Innovation, which looks like a model ocean oil rig. Powering this was high end tube based Audio Research amps and preamps and Sonus Faber Olympica Nova V speakers. Lovely, full rich sound from this expensive combo but I think I preferred the Linn system in the previous room. Just a more relaxed "not trying to hard" sound? (I am terrible with sound adjectives). There was lots of other kit to see and listen to. But all of this stuff will remain set up for weeks so I plan on stopping by at Definitive Audio again to spend some tire kicking time without the crowd.
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    Looking for some help with understanding the relationship between pre-amp output impedance and power amp output impedance. Here are specs for a matching pre and power amp from same manufacturer Pre-amp . Input impedance 50K . Input sensitivity 170mV 170mA . Output impedance 560ohms 26K . Max Output voltage 4 volts Power amp . Input impedance 50K . Input sensitivity 675mv for max output If was looking for a suitable different pre-amp for the power amp, what are the parameters I should be looking to match? The sensitivity side is easier to grasp but the impedance relationship is not something I really understand. Many thanks, Graham.
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    If you continue using laptop I would get Audirvana ( it comes with EQ etc, Tidal, Qobuz built-in; there's Audirvana app which works as a remote control... recent update makes it a mobile fully fledged version of the desktop Audirvana) + Benchmark dac. btw, I have a huge digital library and Audirvana copes well with it.
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    It's quite a lot over, as the budget was 3500 Euros, which is about £3045......so £1k too much. I sorted mine (ADS/2) for around £3600.....any less than that is a great deal - or an older model. This ADS/1 is €1900 + €2k for Katalyst = €3900 (£3400) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Linn-Akurate-DS/124033534274?hash=item1ce0f98942:g:OBYAAOSwElpeEKZd
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    I did sniff around but decided to pay more for the later model (same innards, just younger) with power button surround and which had been serviced by Sugden 18m ago. Also has phono board. Good to see Class A goodness continuing to be appreciated.
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    For me upgrading to Exakt was a revelation. I had Ninkas with A4200 and A2200 with active cards before i bought an Akurate Exaktbox still without Katalyst. The Ninkas played in another league with Exakt. But you‘ll have to make your own decision. Space Optimisation + is much better, too.
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    Sounds like a bargain there: personally I love a good grip and feel disappointed if I haven’t got one One of my SB700 flashes died on me so I bought one of these, I have the YN triggers which are great but this flash, if it lasts (which it might not) for 90 quid vs maybe 300 for Nikon is a total bargain...transceiver built in, HSS, etc. So far, so good.
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    The Enid - In the Region of the Summer Stars LP, the original version
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    It seems that GWR are offering free travel, to anyone with a valid ticket for Flybe,so I may let the train take the strain. to GWR.
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    Why not use an LED but with a bigger dropper resistor if it's too bright?
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    Sounds a nice sarnie
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    ... And so am I because to me they got the aesthetics of the original spot on, from the fluted afromosia to the on/off switch. It still looks fantastic after 40 years, the coloured things look like a Project gone wrong. Sent from my BLA-L09 using Tapatalk
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    No not heard your exact amp either but amps won’t sound the same at the same price point. i don’t care what anybody says but class A gives a much more richer sound. Hence why I’m hanging on to the a21a. The Luxman imo was in a different league compared to some other amps I’ve heard but everyone is different so to speak. the Luxman has got such a good power supply that it might not hurt just to try it plugged directly into the mains.. worth a try.?
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    Thanks for the report and photos PM. The one comparing the 3 bearings is particularly revealling!
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    As much as it may beloved..its only stuff. I speak from experience. Hope life in the future deals you a better hand ,as it did for me Kindest regards Julian
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    It was Roisin Murphy - Overpowered but now I'm onto Roisin Murphy - Ruby Blue. Slightly odd, off kilter, genre defying stuff, but has a certain way with hooks (as did Moloko).
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    Grace Jones - Living my life Vinyl
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    Release date is March 23. All new LP12s from that point will have the Karousel and the Cirkus will go away. I don't know if the price of the LP12s will change or not. although there might be room to keep the Majik the same since the new arm is less expensive than the old. Supply will initially be constrained. Kit includes the inner platter/spindle, Karousel, springs, grommets, ground wire and finally washers and nuts. Belt and oil were not shown or listed but that might be an oversight.
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    Demo of the Brio was a success and I now have one installed in my living room setup driving my Concept 40s, fully agree with the previous comments about the Brio’s superiority over the CXA60, having said that I’m keeping the CXA60 and it’s now been relegated to the bedroom setup. After intensive use over the last couple of days I think the Brio should now be fully burned in, having said that it still sounded pretty decent straight out of the box. Tried the phono stage briefly with my ATLP5/Goldring E3 in the bedroom setup and it did sound very good. Gave the main system vinyl front end (Planar 3/ATF7/Cambridge CP2)a bit of airing with the Brio this afternoon and it sounded absolutely stunning playing my half speed mastered 2009 remaster of Tubular Bells. Sorted [emoji846] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    What he says. The circuit you use a valve in has far greater effect than the specific 'flavour' of a valve. There is absolutely no doubt that there are differences, but these can be emphasised, reduced or can differ depending on what the valve is doing in a circuit, the other components, and the operating point the designer has chosen. If you run a 12AX7 as a phase splitter at low plate current and in the linear portion of its operating range, you could use just about any 12AX7 and you'd need very golden ears to hear any difference. Anything else is a generalisation. Overall, Telefunken and Siemens (provided they are genuine, test well and aren't microphonic) will be as good as anything and better than most. Usually. For the 'how can they do it at the price' range, JJ Gold Pin modern production ECC803S. YMMV and I have no doubt many valves are good in some setups. There's a lot of old toot around though. Just because a valve is old doesn't mean it's good. Don't forget a lot were produced in their thousands for TVs and radios in the 50s and 60s and a lot were pretty average. With most decent old small signal valves, (provided...) you should get your money back anyway. Usual rules apply. Buy carefully, avoid anything that looks too cheap, avoid anything with rubbish sales comments (not tested but worked fine last time...) and avoid everything that says NOS, but obviously isn't. New Old Stock means exactly that. Unused, original box, etc. Actually, you're just as well off with used old stock that's tested, if not better off. Plenty of unused old valves turn out microphonic or down on specs. Last, don't waste money. It'll make small differences. Like cables, you don't want to be trying to justify the money you spent by having to tell people it made a night and day difference, when it didn't really.
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    Anyone have a price yet? And do you need to exchange the subplatter?
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    [1998] Massive Attack ‎– Mezzanine [flac]
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    Joe Jackson - Look Sharp Vinyl
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    the very best of Canned Heat
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    Yes, It's always nice to have some great sounding albums which allow the system to show off a bit ... But the real proof of a system is how enjoyable it manages to make the less good recordings in our collection. The best systems excel at this ...allowing us to focus on the music and not the sound .
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    a wonderful album - sublime sound, fantastic music. Thanks to "dvh" on another forum. https://open.qobuz.com/album/0002894724322
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    Not in rack but really enjoying the sound after an extensive break
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    We usually arrive late afternoon, and then head out for a curry about 8 ish, just to check it is alright for the Sunday night bash
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    As far as I understand it, it would effectively be classed as a public event, the pictures will not be used for direct commercial gain through product advertising or for political canvassing, so GDPR and privacy laws do not apply. Much as if your picture appears in a newspaper if you are at apublic event, there is no relevant law that has been broken. Similarly, you do not have to ask people to sign a model release form under such circumstances. I could be wrong if things have changed (again), but there was some discussion about this a year or so ago with regard to photography in public places in general.
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    Drawers are soo last year...but here is my do-it-all workbench (well, one of them - the one in the garage for my metalworking stuff makes this look positively tidy)
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    A few years ago, I bought a PL Dialogue Premium and a pair of Dialogue 6s. I got a large discount on the pre-amp from HI FI Corner and an even better deal on the monoblocks from the Belgian "Technology Factory" (ex - demo), (https://www.technologyfactory.eu/en/ ) I recommend the ex-dem and "used" sections - good bargains and, in my case, free delivery. I replaced the EL34s with 2 x quads of Psvane KT88s, giving me that little,extra edge which I wanted ). Effectively they became Dialogue 7s. I had, initially ,problems with the pre-amp. It was only 2-3 months old - fuses kept blowing. Contacted HiFi Corner ( excellent help from them, took back the amp FOC). They sent it to The Netherlands, where the PL engineers discovered a possibly, recurring problem in the fuse circuits, hence the distribution of new,different fuses to all owners. I got an email from big Herman, himself, telling me that, had I not had these problems, the Prima Luna series may have developed a poor reliability reputation re. the blown fuses. This is why all owners were offered the new fuses. So, I m a trailblazer ! Also got half a dozen, extra fuses. After my initial problems with the pre, all three amps have never missed a beat, extremely happy with them. After a long-awaited unveiling of the "new" PLs, I went to have a listen to an Evo300. I couldn't, honestly, tell any major differences/improvements, between my PL and the Evo. Any perceived changes, I put down to a different listening room. There were no stand out moments, no spine shivers, as there were when first listening to PLs. Looking at the spec, the only difference between the amps is the Du Roch caps replacing Mundorf. I believe they're made by the same factory? I think Du Roch is a step sideways (probably cheaper), instead of an improvement. Not speaking from electrical/electronic expertise but rather, worldly...All the specs are identical , down to the dimensions and weight. Don't get me wrong, I love my PLs and would not part with them. I do wish that there had been a "great leap forward" as PrimaLuna were , originally, but I wouldn't pay nearly £1000 more for an Evo300 pre. I'd buy a used Dialogue Premium.
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    Well for those of you not following my pleas for help on the DIY Section thread (probably most if not all of you ) I have done a complete factory reset (three times one after the other) a complete clean install of software and firmware on the device and tried it again today . Sadly the same outcome . I have no other ideas or avenues that I can ru down . I will have to wait for MiniDSP to give me an answer or suggestion as to what it can be and if there is any solution. Given the time constraints now if this is not resolved in the next eight to ten days then I will have to abandon my plans for using this system in room 217 . I was pretty low about this first theng this morning but well over that now . Instead I have had a quick wlak around the house and looked at all of my systems and put together in my head a full system I can take to the show anyway . It will not be what is advertised (again) but it will be working and hopefully making beautiful music anyway . It will still be my favourite weekend of the year and I will still not be able to wipe the smile off my face . Anyone else going to be impressed or knocked out by the music ? Not too sure and frankly at this moment could not care less . I will get a system playing in a way I enjoy and will be able to groove to the music .
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    I didn't know that. I've decided in this 1.7 upgrade to go for short signal paths, so I'm mounting the cross over boxes in the back on the speakers, rather than using long cable lengths and putting them some distance behind. Like this.
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    Much varnishing, sanding, and soldering later...and we seem to have 2 new cabinets (you can see the old ones in the background): The Dual Concentric drivers will be driven using the same Icepower 50 ASX2 amps that I used back in Kegworth; the 2 pairs of bass drivers will be powered from an additional Icepower 125 ASX2. Should be more than enough power for the job. The new amp came as a bare board, as did the 50's; I found a Chinese company on line that supplied nice slot-together boxes with cable sets ready prepared, complete with switches, sockets, etc. so that amp looks like this: The box is built to a good quality - not apparent in the photo - and excellent value. The same box is drilled to take a variety of different Icepower boards, including the '50s, so I have another pair of boxes on the way from China to replace the functional but rather clunky grey boxes (one either side of the new amp in the pic) that they are currently mounted in. Should look very neat. Of course, I couldn't resist firing up the bass section on its own - as these drivers are officially mid-bass units, they actually sound surprisingly good driven full range, although naturally somewhat lacking in the treble department. Much messing with DSPs to come before I get a serviceable sound out of them, but so far, so good!
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    No doubt the set up I have been using for the last 45 years will amuse and perhaps intrigue some of the enthusiasts in this Forum. Click this link for more pictures and details of the original design etc http://knightsaberdeen.com/bbc1.htm Keep rockin' Graham Knight
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    Stands now lacquered and supporting the speaker cabs:
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    I have a 1m, 1.5m & 2m pair of Van Damme 6mm² cables (properly compression terminated with 4mm bananas) sitting here doing nothing. If any of these lengths are suitable for you then you are welcome to them for the cost of postage. As to VD vs QED XT40, I had the XT40 before the VD, and whilst I found it to be pretty good in a budget system, I thought the VD hifi series far superior, providing more detail and greater bass weight. The VD hifi series is definitely the one ot go for rather than the VD blue or black series.
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    You know what I'm going to say, so I'm saying nothing......as I don't want to sound like a stuck DS.
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    I'm surprised the tweakers haven't discussed the ideal torque setting for the locknut yet.
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    Which was the big mistake? Having the kids or selling the LP12?
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    Is no one going to address the elephant in the room ? Which colour sounds best and why ? I am sure there will be a Linn Engineer along in a minute to tell us and which malt whisky goes with each colour .
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    .....have you seen the general populace of this forum .....close contact is not the first thing on your mind ....
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    I think you'll have an easier time finding the Dave Brubeck album Time Out than the one listed above.