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    These are trying times, as our normal routines have been severely challenged, physically, mentally and financially. Most people are trying to stay safe and healthy, and forced to suddenly adapt to a new life style. I have already talked with some people that are in dire straits financially and having difficulties coping with this unexpected and sudden new reality. What are you doing to stay safe and healthy during the Covid-19 crisis? This crisis may seem overwhelming but I am adopting the following techniques to cope: Mental Health I remind myself that there will be an end to this and that this is temporary challenge in our lives. That said, the consequences may take weeks, months or years to fully recover, but I try to maintain a positive outlook, as that will help boast my immune system better than letting the consequences overwhelm me and become depressed about something that is out of my control globally. I find humour helps immensely, and there are no shortage of funny videos and clips that capture the humour in this situation. Listening to music has been instrumental in helping me go through my day, as I sing along in my head, sing out loud, dance along or even play air guitar when necessary. Meditation and breathing exercises has been helpful when I feel anxiety. Helping other helps me feel better about my life and improves my wellbeing. I find myself trying to reach out to others and see how they are doing, as this social network is key to boasting my immune system and hopefully theirs as well. There have been lots of phone calls, texts, exchanged humour and emails every day, and I appreciate all the people that have reached out to me to see if I am okay. Being on the HiFi Wigwam has been an essential part of my life lately, to see how others are getting along and increase my knowledge of HiFi. Physical Health As the experts suggest, I am washing my hands frequently, at least 20 seconds with lots of soap. I give a wide berth away from people I encounter when in the supermarkets or on the streets I try to get out and exercise every day, either for walks or bike rides, or both. I keep my distance from everyone and try to be friendly to everyone I meet, knowing that they may be going through a very difficult time. Exercise helps boast the immune system. Getting outside for a walk or bike ride may provide sunshine which generates vitamin D which can enhance mood. Eating healthy food choices helps support mood and the immune system . I have supplemented my diet with garlic pills, and vitamin C which I believe helps my immune system. If I get symptoms of illness I will take more drastic measures with higher doses of garlic and other measures. Financial Health This is a tough one, but I consider myself fortunate that I have everything I need at the moment, and will put my wish list on hold for now. I have pledged to help close friends and family if they need some financial help, to get them through this difficult time. I wish everyone the best, to stay safe and healthy. We will get through this.
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    Food shops will stay open. Food deliveries will continue. Essential shooping will go on. Shame. I was so looking forward to going to Wickes to get some bathroom tiles Just have to listen to music instead. It's the regulations dear, I'd have loved to do it, but...
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    It’s being so cheerful....! I’m sure we will find it testing, but doable, and not as tough as my parents had it during WW2.
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    242 speakers with dyi 5kg weight added to each stand. 2 x 4200 + 1 5105 amps. AEDSM + ExaKtbox 10. Shunyata Triton Power conditioner. Oppo HA-1 Headphone amp. Sennheiser HD800 headphones. Shunyata and Audio Sensibility power cords. Linn Silver Interconnects + Marc Stager Silver Interconnects on the bass drivers. The obvious Salamander 100 Kg. Stereo cabinet. As Monty Python once said, “the sun shines out your ass mate”. 🙏🙏
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    Saw a tv news article today about a newsagent guy who's realised that the vulnerable are struggling to get basics and is making up and delivering (free of charge), bog roll, soap, paracetamol packs for the needy in his local vicinity. Was very refreshing to see.... Small things bring a lump to my throat nowadays, I have realised I'm a big softy. Take care everyone. ❤
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    Porcupine Tree - XM Bandcamp 16/44.1 download. I like this recording a lot.
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    The new KM 750 Behringer I've got today are 750 watts in bridged mono mode and listening to the rest of Yello Touch this eve the change up from the A500's is noticeable.....more depth and control - Jane has commented positively 😀😀 Will be interesting to see how they measure with REW tomorrow
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    PSU is more important than the chassis, did the Keel and Radikal demo years ago, I did Radikal first.... elimination the source of the issue rather than trying to brace or filter it out.
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    Too easy, anyone can put junk together, the art is doing it and sounding decent.. everything in this photo inc cables all for under £130. Charity shop and ebay
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    I'm hoping things will be better. We all need a shove now and then to mend our ways and change. Perhaps we'll appreciate things more, the basics in life, the things that truly matter. Now, where did I leave the keys for my Ferrari??
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    Err, no. A good dealer can easily demonstrate that an LP12 with Radikal power supply and Cirkus subchassis will be better than a Lingo 1 with a Kore subchassis. He can also show that a Karousel bearing with Lingo 1 power supply will be better than a Cirkus bearing with a Kore or Keel subchassis or a Lingo 4/Kore for that matter. Lots to do before upgrading cart or phono stage...
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    Maybe it’s my circle of friends but the Waters/Floyd is a thing that I’ve come across. I like all of Gabriel’s solo stuff, seen him a dozen times and really like him. A few years back I got to go to a soundcheck when they played in Newcastle and met him and the band. I have a picture of me standing between Peter and Tony Levin, it’s a treasured possession
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    My two new power amps for my 18" Volt driver bass speakers
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    The better comparison with Genesis and Peter Gabriel really ought to be Floyd and Syd Barrett, but I don't see it matters really. Probably less so with Floyd, as they're a 'group' in the traditional sense of never really having had a front man as such. Most know I'm somewhat of a Pink Floyd 'enthusiast'. I have the lot, but I can't really say I have a favourite, because it depends on my mood. I'd take Meddle as a desert island disc, but as much for the memories it brings back as for the music. Overall, I'd put Division Bell right up there. Genesis? Got all them as well
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    I've just been browsing ebay for things I don't need and ended up looking at Ruark speakers I've had two pairs (Swordsman and Epilogue) both a few years ago and both bought and sold for not a lot (£30 - £70) now they're on ebay for £150ish Have they suddenly become desirable, collectable or ebay rare? I don't remember them sounding that good.
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    Yes, I was holding out in the hope that the proper horns would turn up, but thats looking less and less likely so I’ll probable make a start on them this weekend.
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    Sorry to ask but can we put all this advice and general help on another thread . This was has been mostly positive and I think we all need that . Doom , gloom and advice on how to cope can be read anywhere or heaven forfend you could watch the daily two hours of BBC updates . This would not be so annoying if they had anyhting to say that was different from yesterday and the day day before , but they dont so why do we need another special ?
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    Hmmm. We really don't want lots of people flocking to DIY stores for 'essential' redecorating/home improvement supplies right now.
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    I can't remember what I've posted here now but this is the most complete comparison I've written: https://www.avforums.com/threads/power-sound-audio-subwoofers-in-memory-of-mojogoes.1953630/post-27814740 I've been busy doing other things since then. I need to spend some more time to optimise things.
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    Genuine guy, me thinks.
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    I was sceptical about Roon but have switched, so have ditched Linn apps, Minimserver and Asset completely. The Roon control point isn’t perfect, but it offers functionality that is way beyond Kazoo, and the new Linn app has been a great disappointment for me. Backbone of the infrastructure is a cluster of NAS units hosting all master content for audio and video, runs the database application for all the Kodi clients, PVR backend etc. Music share is auto-mirrored to the SSD inside the Intel NUC running the Roon core. I had no issues at all in running Roon against the NAS version of my library, but the SSD version is of course a little slicker, but by no means essential, given my NAS units never spin down (I’ve been amused by just how low their power consumption is according to the display on the UPS, goes to show that hibernation would literally be saving me just pennies a week).
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    Mental health: Don't die Physical health: Don't die Financial health: Don't die I live on a small patch (5 sq miles) of US soil just outside of Vancouver. The population is about 1300. The border with Canada is closed. I'm stuck here. For me, it really has come down to survival. I'm over 60, and I don't want to test my health and resiliency. The only place I go where there are other people is the grocery store. And that, based on my experience today, is Russian roulette. There are plenty of people not practicing social distancing. Also, I saw a guy pick up a shopping basket and then rub his nose. I will continue to self isolate. I'll go to the store wearing gloves and an N95 respirator as infrequently as possible. I will enjoy my daily bike rides in solitude.
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    I am sure Stefan at KJF Audio can advise on a suitable amp configuration for you. They are hypex nCore class d amp modules. In my experience you cannot have too many watts for bass duties. The old KEF B 200 I use for bass duties is only rated at 30 watts, but I use a 500 watt module on each one to great effect.
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    Hi sir The external dimensions are H-54 x W-17 x D-21 inches. Thr total shipping wieght was 230 kgs. The mids and tweeter are in their own sealed enclosures. The bass enclosure is a TL design which vents in the back. In order not to hijack this thread, I will post details in the DIY section once Iam home after a listen. My conversations with the designer and builder of these speakers was though WhatsApp, so will have to type a lot. Besides he wants me to keep the internal dimensions and drawing private for now. As it was 3 month's of calculations and simulations to arrive at the final specs. Will post and share all Iam permitted to in the DIY section. Thanks for your kind understanding in this regard.
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    You're absolutely right but decent sounding is hard to define
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    [1968] The Beatles ‎– The Beatles [2018 remastered/reissued 24/96 flac]
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    There’s a good micro pub not far from Crosby station, The Corner Post.
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    Hi dari The tweeter is a satori beryllium tweeter and mid rnage is also a satori 6 incher ( Satori MR16P-4 ). The bass is a Seas prestige 10 incher ( Seas-H1411_A26RE4). Will check the exact specs of the tweeter and will update. Thanks.
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    What is your budget? If it's around £/€500 then you won't go far wrong with the BlueSound Node2i
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    He he he...no they hadnt..lots of pot noodles and weird looking coffee from India ( its actually ok..once you get used to it! ) next door but one is tk maxx which was closed! The shop inbetween is a carpet shop.. And the manager was carrying a carpet on his shoulder to a customers land rover..it was odd someone buying carpet in this desolation..that image is going to stay with me a long time..hopefully when we get through this? Things will get back to normal? But I think they wont..things will different in the future..maybe a nice difference.. Maybe..
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    If it is a good transport you are considering this should be considered, it is a bit over your budget but the Audiolab 6000 CDT in Richer sounds is the best transport at the lower end of the scale, I have followed many a thread and this is often considered to be the best at its price. Hifi hut also have these but sterling is currently weak against the euro.
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    Experiment with different types/depths till you find one that works best for you and your room ....an enjoyable journey ....and £££ isn't necessarily the best too
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    Ok, it’s been a short while, I am still waiting on the midrange horns arriving, I had no response to my last email over a week ago and with things being the way they are, I doubt they will be arriving anytime soon! 🥺 I have been testing the speakers without the horns (they sound very good), but I noticed that the walls of the bass cabinets resonated at higher volumes (a known issue) so I decided to do a little mod and install some braces between the dog house (pointy bit) and the side walls. This is a well documented mod and offers much improved sonics over stock. Anyway, they were cut this evening and I’ll apply some finish to them before glueing and fixing.
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    Mods Very sorry posted in wrong section Could you please move to 2 channel? Thanks
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    I always enjoy my work trips to Belgium ....the exec lounge at Brussels airport has Leffe Brun on draught ...free 😀
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    Was everything still a pound? Or did the bastards put all the prices up?
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    My workplace shutdown over the weekend. A small percentage of staff are able to work from home while almost all of the rest have been told not to come in, including everyone else in my department. It was eerily quiet and quite surreal.
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    Did you see the new car which Ant is making? It seems to have styling cues from loads of different classic vehicles, but it works in a brutish ugly duckling sort of manner. I like it.
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    Or turn on another Class A amp .....
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    If you make toast on there yes.
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    There's a microwave horn on top of the other speaker in the rhs background tho or maybe it just a cupboard ?
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    Do you know anyone who could pray for you Fred 😀
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    While I am without work and waiting for various electronic bits for a couple of projects, it seems I will have to become a teacher for the foreseeable future. I don't see it going well!
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    Funny f***** lol. Tannoy M3’s Rotel RCD02 CD Nad 350 amp Van Damme cables Harbeths, Thorens, Sonos and Samsung TV not included 😂
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    Bargain. I wouldn't have paid that much for the Harbeths though