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    Vibration damped RJ45 ports Or maybe electronically damped? I really don't get it, these people surely know how TCP/IP works and I just cannot understand how there's any difference to be made with audio? What about 8k broadcasting over IP? That has no problems with micro timing issues and whatever symptoms they've made up.
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    https://hifipig.com/russ-andrews-launches-the-network-switch/ On hifi pig too! Old foo peddler is back
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    Lord help me, for I am afflicted with undamped ethernet ports... Apparently, they 'tested many switches from different brands and at different price points'. Astonishingly, the conclusion appears to be that none of the switches tested was nearly expensive enough. Thankfully, that problem is now solved. Phew, what a relief.
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    What do you call a magician who has lost their magic? Ian.
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    Not a soul around... Happy isolation by Boxertrixter, on Flickr Ricoh GR III
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    I continue to be amazed that the Chord ‘Dave’ has such poor internal filtration/regulation that it can be improved by a ‘better’ power supply. You really ought to write to Chord and complain. Keith
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    Reflection of the lights and coffee table. Looks like Orions belt in an orbit. Kindest regards Julian
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    I just got a new job at the guillotine factory. I’ll beheading there shortly.
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    Pink moon tonight, as seen in NZ.
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    From my experience it depends. I've a pair of Senn HD6xxx which are the same as HD650's, I love them. Currently I listen through a NAD C368 integrated amplifiers headphone amp and an Arcam rHead dedicated headphone amp. Both are excellent but I slightly prefer the NAD C368's built in head amp. So, if the Linn built in headphone amp is good it's good. I find a Schiit Loki in the chain to eq really helps with headphones. We all hear differently and prefer a different balance of sound. All headphones have different fq response, tweak it to suit you. I've a Feliks Echo on order, dedicated tube headphone amplifier... will see what's it like. You have to try and see what works for you and your headphones, there is no right or wrong answer. Generally, I think I enjoy headphones more. It might be poor room acoustics or the intimacy. Bass is tighter and more defined, and detail can be superb. Having said that am updating speakers and hope to get them working well with the rooms they are in. Headphones are easier to get really good sound - probably.
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    I think a Karousel deck vs a Tranquility / Cirkus deck is a very valid comparison, I've not heard either, but wouldn't it be ironic if they both changed the sound in a similar way ! Amazes me (as an engineer) how some who neither work in Linn or appear to be an engineer can speculate so much about design process and philosophy. "Fact and Data" as one of my old bosses use to say. I don't see anything in that design that couldn't of been made years or decades ago on a CNC machining centre, perhaps it wasn't possible in side Linn until they recently bought more up to date machining capacity in house.
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    Great amp, wouldn’t be without mine.
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    I don't understand why you keep touching things to see if this makes the woofers move? You don't normally do this so it doesn't matter. Your last reply doesn't clearly answer @uzzy's question. Do you get woofer movement in the silent bits at the start and end of each record, or just when there is music?
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    I've finally got the x100T out and recharged the battery. Looks like November 2016 was the last picture i took with it 😳. Ill try and add some random stuff on my dogs walks. Expect rusty stuff, windows etc
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    Been a lifetime subscriber for 4 years now, love the program, but I think Roon really comes into its own when combined with Tidal or Qobuz, I have always loved the blues and have a lot of cd’s, but after having Roon and Tidal I have moved more into guitar jazz, a area of music I knew very little about, a year in I have at least 60 record releases incorporated into my Roon library, the way one can click on a bass player on a record, then see all the other records he/she has been in is just fantastic, also the radio feature works really well now, I find a lot of new stuff there. One problem is that if I find something I really really like, I usually end up buying the cd...... Ohh, the reviews and the bios of musicians can be very helpful too.
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    Unfortunately, I don't think that your leap of logic here is strong enough to carry you over the chasm of unknowing. Whatever the merits of Tranquility may be, I think it is unwise to assume that they were a major factor in the development of Karousel. For the better part of half a century, Linn have put the bearing at the top of the improvement hierarchy of their flagship product. Just because Cirkus was introduced in 1993, we should not assume that the development team have not been working on the design pretty much continuously since then. If you look at the photos and cutaway drawings, it is clear that there are many changes of detail between Cirkus and Karousel. Those changes did not happen by accident; a lot of work has gone into them, very likely over an extended period. Linn have said that the technology underpinning Karousel has only become available quite recently, but that does not necessarily mean that the whole design has just come out of nowhere; aspects of it could have been waiting in the wings for some time. Progressive development is, for me, a more plausible explanation of the motivation for creating Karousel than a need to counter Tranquility. It may be of course that Tiger Paw will develop a version of Tranquility that is compatible with Karousel. Sadly, I have heard several reports that they are not currently contactable. The website is still online, but that is all. I'd love the reports to be wrong and to learn that Tiger Paw are still in business. David
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    Re-Flex The Politics of Dancing
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    Most of my listening used to be with speakers and I love big bass, used to have a three way active Linn system but nowadays most my listening is through headphones. Initially this started due to the wife watching the soaps in the evening so I would put the headphones on but now I've endedup appreciating the isolation that headphones give me and connecting more to the music. Whereas I may not get the bass weight that I get from big speakers I get a tighter and more tuneful bass that allows me to follow the basslines better and I think I end up listening to the music more thanks to the isolation. I enjoy to read a lot and putting on a classical piece or some jazz allows me to follow the book better than if I have external noises around me. and as a fan of very extreme and noisy music I can follow it better and dissect it more - over recent years I've started to enjoy the analytical side far more then I did 10 years ago. I still have a simple speaker system system which I use now and again but I find I start to miss the listening experience I now enjoy. Also I have a few different headphones, amp and dacs which I like to play around with as my mood changes I find it a lot easier than hugging big amps and speakers around.
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    This makes no sense at all as a general advice, since the power demand on the bass is much higher than on the treble. Linn’s Chakra design uses an integrated circuit (TDA 7293) in conjunction with one pair of bipolar transistors (Mx100) or two pairs in parallel (Ax2000). If power demand is low, only the TDA 7293 is active. If power demand rises above the level the IC can provide, the transistors come into play. Interestingly enough even integrated Exakt 350s do not provide a pair of transistors for their super tweeter amps, but only a TDA 7293. Why? Because the power demand of the super tweeter is so low that the transistors are never needed. You’ve drawn the wrong conclusion from your observation and mixed up output power with sound quality. Sometimes it’s advisable to use the better sounding amp on the treble, but again, this is no general rule. If I’d add two Solos to my current setup (Akubariks at Akurate level amplification), they would drive the Isobarik bass. Phil Budd from Linn also recommended this.
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    More water-related activity about to kick off - he can't help himself :-D Waiting to jump by Boxertrixter, on Flickr
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    Keith, Could you be a pet and do us all a favour and put @Fourlegs on ignore? Then the rest of us wouldn't have to put up with quite so many of your predictable, tedious, repetitive dismissals of things of which you have absolutely no personal experience and yet continue to dismiss based on a dodgy and partial scientific understanding and an irrational belief in the (measurably) rational. Just a thought. Happy to discuss. PM me!
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    One of the ponds on my daily dog walk
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    That's right. The way data is transmitted on ethernet means that you would be very likely to see the effects of excessive noise as packet loss or jitter. The quality of a switch is unlikely to make so much of a difference here, even the basic £15 hobbies are pretty well built. They have economies of scale which are many multiples of the boutique hifi companies. Don't get me wrong, a faulty switch could cause problems, which could (edge case) affect audio quality, but you'd see it through stuttering / dropouts, or reduced bitrate (on systems that do transcoding / adaptive bitrate - not many do and certainly not audiophile ones). Also some switches have shitty firmware which can stop some things working properly eg. Upnp / dnla but again this is quite rare, and again, it would be pretty obvious that it wasn't working. Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
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    That is pretty much what I thought, thanks. I can't see the point in spending a lot of money on a streamer if that is the case.
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    At midnight last night Moon by Mr ff1d1l, on Flickr
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    Super super happy. Had thought that I had mentioned that here but it must have been in my ‘amp for P3’ thread. I bought a Quad 909 to go with the P3s and the sound is stunning to the extent that one of my keyboards sounds much better than I thought that it did so am now not selling it! The Quad gives the P3s a nice punch and listening nearfield means that I am hearing all of the speaker and am not missing anything apart from really deep bass that the Adams give. But the P3s do go deep enough for the job that they need to do. Absolutely zero complaints.
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    Hi sir...I would personally remove the bungs first, and move the speakers a little away from the walls to let then breathe as intended . My experiments with bunging at 50% of the port and even 100% gave very bad results. I found the airiness and spaciousness completely gone. And speakers were sounding completely closed in. With a complete collapse of sound staging and imaging. So please give that a try. My next level upgrade would be to add isoacoustics gaia isolators to the base of the speakers stand. I've found miraculous results with the gaia3 under my floor standers. All the best sir
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    I'm constantly blown away by Spotify 320kbit on my system.
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    Agree with all of the positive sentiments above... get well soon Boris, you're country needs you...
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    I have newer. Tannoy. Ardens... Now powered by a luxman integrated... No music ever feels like it has something missing... Have them facing 30-40cm outside ears.. Room setup pretty much to Cardas method. Absorbing Gik acoustics panels rear wall and 2 side panels to stop first reflection.. New diffusion panels coming as well. I'm feel lucky every night I listen
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    I feared this news might be coming . Hopefully Boris will make a full recovery but this seems unlikely to be quick. If the media could somehow manage to not now obsess about constantly trying to get updates that would be a bonus but seems unlikely. Get well soon Boris!
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    This morning's walk - beautiful weather, and plenty of fresh air. We didn't see a soul: Quiet by Boxertrixter, on Flickr Olympus E-M1 Mk2/Oly 75-300
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    Very nice! I’m very partial to a nice smoky Islay malt, and the Lagavulin 16y and Laphroaig 10y are my favourites of the ones I’ve tried so far. Cheers! Mick
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    Although my small system - with one Linn unit only - hardly qualifies for this thread:
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    Here is my humble little setup, Its a minimalist approach, the cabinet is actually supposed to be attached to wall and tv wall mounted but haven't got around to it. All the gear is inside cabinet, which is just a KDSM + cable box etc. Celling is vaulted and tall not shown in pic. Still a bit reflective surfaces but oh well. TV is 75 inch, not sure what that is in Brexit terms.
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    I'll be the first in 2019....
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    Fixt. I wonder if he has a licence for it.
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    You want stupid? Try this one for size. When we moved in to our current house, I had to install the washing machine in a utility area at the end of the garage. The plumbing and power was already there, but the space in the unit was very tight, and I had to cut the plug off the washing machine in order to feed the cable through a very tight gap. No problem - new plug fitted, all good. Several years later, that washing machine died a death and we bought a new one. I carefully pulled the old machine out of its space and disconnected the hoses. Then I remembered that the plug wouldn't fit through the little hole in the side of the unit, and would need to be removed. Why bother? just cut the cable - the machine's going for recycling anyway. I grabbed a pair of kitchen scissors and cut the cable. There was a huge blue flash, a loud crack and a puff of smoke. The scissor blades had a chunk melted out of them (about the size of a penny). I had forgotten to remove the plug from the socket - shit, I hadn't even flicked the power off. I was completely unscathed. To this day, I don't know if it was the shoes I was wearing or the material the scissor handles were made from, but whatever it was, the current found a route that bypassed me. Very fortunate - the state of the scissor blades made me shudder when I considered what might have become of me. Believe it or not, I am Professor Cautious when it comes to this kind of thing, so I have absolutely no idea what I was smoking at the time. Edit: and no, there was no wine involved.
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    How about is other items..... for example: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NAIM-AUIDIO-NAC-32-5-PRE-AMPLIFIER-VOLUME-AND-SOURCE-SELECTION-KNOBS-FREE-POST/293534841459?hash=item44580a3a73:g:fEQAAOSw5ulehzQW
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    I've read this thread with interest. I have a Squeezebox and Topping D50 and am very happy with it, but I'd very much like to know what stepping up would bring.....actually, no I don't!!
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    Ah. I think I see your problem, you've inadvertently mounted them to the wall. Easy mistake to make when you're eager to get everything set-up for the first time. If I were you, I'd move the speakers to the floor, then try removing your tweaks, but only one a time. Don't attempt 30 second A/Bs, take something away for a week, then replace it and see what you think. Better or worse? From your photo, I'd agree that the rack might not be doing the Rega many favours, so don't assume any bass boominess for instance is necessarily an issue with the speakers.
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    It is with great sadness that I have to mention the loss of a few further local businesses around our Town. The bra manufacturer has gone bust, the specialist in submersibles has gone under, the manufacturer of food blenders has gone into liquidation, a dog kennel has had to call in the retrievers, the suppliers of paper for origami enthusiasts has folded, the Heinz factory has been canned as they couldn't ketchup with orders, the tarmac laying company has reached the end of the road, the bread company has run out of dough, the clock manufacturer has had to wind down and gone cuckoo, the Chinese has been taken away, the shoe shop has had to put his foot down and given his staff the boot and finally the laundrette has been taken to the cleaners!
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    https://twitter.com/JimMFelton/status/1246337829300514816?s=20 https://twitter.com/JimMFelton/status/1246337829300514816?s=20 https://twitter.com/JimMFelton/status/1246337829300514816?s=20 https://twitter.com/JimMFelton/status/1246337829300514816?s=20