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    Well I went ahead and had my dealer order an Ekos SE along with the Karousel promo. Sold Akito 3B to offset cost. This leaves the Keel, Kandid and Urika-II to complete the journey. I decided after going back and forth between digital and vinyl versions of albums I love, the LP12 is producing far more enjoyable playback of the music. I think this is what it is. For years we have been listening to files or rips. For some reason, this old finicky tech to my ears is producing musically pleasing results that are both engaging and relaxing. I started with CD very early. My parents feed my audio habit and I was able to score a Phillips CD100 early on followed by a Denon DCD-1500 a few years later. At that time I had a Denon DP-35F with a Grado cartridge. This was a direct drive turntable that ended up giving a collage pal. I stuck with CDs for the most part until last summer when I bought my first LP12. Surprised to how much I have taken to it but it just plays music so well. Even my die hard digital friends have admitted albums have never sounded better.
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    Hi guys. Apologies if this is a longish post by internet standards but I always try to give as much relevant info as I can straight up front rather than respond to helpers' requests for it. If there is anything else that you need I will of course post it. I'm very tech savvy in the electronics and PC field and know a bit about the standard network setup and its terminology and process but I'm not a specialist network administrator by any means. (Mumble mumble black arts. Mumble mumble work of the devil.) You can talk to me naturally in tech language if it is easier for you, it won't scare me off or overly confuse me, and anything I don't understand I won't be too embarrassed to ask. SYSTEM INFO: I have a Majik DSM which I have had from new a couple of years ago. It performs flawlessly - when it can be reached. As is pretty much standard, I use Kazoo to control it and Konfig to configure it. They both also seem to do the job as they should - when they can reach it. It's in place on a trusted home network with the music files stored on a NAS drive on the same network fitting the same standard IP mask. The network set up uses 1Gb switches and is simple and basic with a good few other devices on it, (I programme so have other dedicated hardware), and all the other hardware has no problems accessing each other. The devices all run decent Eset security software which does not seem to be preventing any contact as it makes no difference with firewalls switched off temporarily. While some devices are wireless via a dedicated secondary access point, wireless is switched off on the main router. Both the Majik and its control devices, (laptop or PC), and the NAS are all wired connections into the same network switch. They are all set up via DHCP from the network router with permanent IP addresses reserved within the router so it should keep to the same IPs even after network leases are called in and reallocated. The IP addresses don't seem to change after the leases expire, I can still ping the Majik and NAS on the same addresses, so I have assumed up to now that that side is set up correctly. THE PROBLEM: The problem is that, the DSM works perfectly for a random time, sometimes even up to a week or so, then it suddenly becomes invisible to Kazoo and Konfig. Kazoo just circles and circles searching for it under the correct name but never connects. It is still visible as a connected device in the router control software showing the correct IP address and I am able to ping it from a command prompt with the usual short response time from any device but it just doesn't respond to any attempt to connect and control it. I can't connect to it to even tell it to perform a restart. If I turn it off and then on again manually it quickly re-establishes itself on the network and everything is fine for a while. This problem has been there from day one and I have had to just live with it but it is once again becoming an irritation so I would really like to get to the root of it and fix it. I would appreciate any advice that you can give as to anything I am missing, or can anyone suggest areas I haven't touched on where I may find the cause?
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    I remember in the mid 80s when I started in this crazy hobby of ours, that HiFi mags quite often had freebies stuck to the front cover. Many of them pretty useless like Peter Belt foils to cut and stick on record labels/tt lids. However several I found very useful as I hadn't bothered, investing in setup tools. I remember HFNRR giving away a plasti-card protractor which I used up until 3 years a go, I still have the small square of Green stuff (3 micron grit sandpaper). I also remember a stylus balance they gave away, it was a black plastic knife edge see-saw job with 2 pans which accepted 1p coins and came in a packet for clip together assembly of the 5 pieces, which were on its moulding frame like an airfix kit. The see-saw was triangular section with graduations on one end which you placed one of the 1p loaded pans on at your desired vtf then adjusted the arm to get all in balance. It was a great piece of kit that I used up until around 2006 when I lost the sliding pan during a house move. The only other thing I remember that I had (till it dried out and went hard) was a 40mm square of Black-Tac. Recently I grabbed the April 19 copy of Hifi + as a back copy just for the system setup cd that was being discussed on here. What giveaways do you remember, useful or otherwise?
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    I seem to have a 74g counter weight that I have no use for. PM me and I’ll stick it in the post to you.
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    More building done (and in progress), so it's all moved around a little. Rubbish phone pic, sorry. Left: Well Tempered, valve phono stage, solid-state phono stage, SUT. 5687 valve preamp. 845 power amp. Centre: Pioneer used as transport. Valve DAC. Two solid-state DACs and spare valve phono. All the rest is assorted solid state and valve power supplies. Right: Sony R2R. Spare solid-state power amp. Part-built valve headphone amp. I'm going to have a serious space issue when I get the next preamp finished...
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    Welcome to my neighbourhood :-)
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    In lockdown I have been doing what is known as faffing about. Now the stereo image is lopsided, many changes have brought about this "improvement". Including, moving all kit on rack to between speakers, involved putting one speaker near a bay window, this is now the dominant channel, left side bias! Putting stand on isolation feet, changing speaker cables (1.5m left, 3m right, manufacturer says that's ok, Isolda Townshend). Marginally worse/more obvious on vinyl than CD, thought it was the TT bias or valves in phono stage, swapped about, interconnects also swapped about. Maybe output valves in the AI500, not done that yet, could also be the room more expensive to fix that. Post really for info, if it isn't broken don't try and fix it no matter how much time you have on your hands
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    Maybe try some tube Rolling whilst you have time on your hands. That way you could end up with the best of both worlds.
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    Robert Plant ‎– Shaken 'N' Stirred
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    Porcupine Tree - BBC Session 13th April 2007 Bandcamp download
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    The above record cleaner is still in regular use. Not so the protractors, but they were to hand for a picture! Quite a few CDs, some of which were samplers, and I think there’s some stylus cleaning fluid still in the cupboard (imagine that on the cover of a mag today!)
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    Pre lockdown walk up Cnicht...
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    My Marantz pm4 which imo sounded better than my Denon pma-2000ae and my Teac distinction ai-3000 . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My favourite piece of jap crap is my denon dl110
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    Motorway by HectorHughMunro, on Flickr
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    [2015] Public Service Broadcasting ‎– The Race For Space [flac]
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    I was a big Harman/kardon fan in the 1970s, and though they were US based I can’t recall where they were manufactured. Aside from the receivers that I could almost afford, there was a top line Citation, that came as a pre+power. My memory is that it was only rated at 60 watts per channel, but with AR LST speakers they were pretty formidable. I am sure your later amplifier is no wilting flower! Many higher end Japanese amps were superb, and still respected, such as those from Hitachi, Sansui, Trio and Denon. These days, only Luxman and Accuphase seem to have stayed the course in the upper echelons.
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    Sort of agree. Personally, I would take it back and get another TT. Rock II is a great table, if you can stick with the damping and the liquid leaking slowly. I always thought that the Pink Triangle mk1 was a great turntable too. Linns to be full Linn to work in my experience, the best one I had was a Lingo/Ekos/Troika version.
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    Probably pretty good, but not £400 good as a single valve. I've got a a fair few very early Osram and Marconi valves and some are excellent. Still, prices are simply down to availability and what people are willing to pay. The market, as always, sets the real prices, not the hopeful sellers.
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    next question is do I get out of the faff of valves and sell the 500/phono and get a Sugden Mystro or similar or STOP FAFFING!!!!!!!! Or go back to work and have less time to think about this stuff.
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    @ Golke53, Hi mate, (doctor in math and physics here - but also a very long time ago) From what I heard the underlying model is rather complex and I'm not sure it would be of any help if we knew it. Most of the assumption you stated I would agree to. But I think it is likely that one parameter may not have a 1:1 relationship to the impact (with the exception of the frequency). That said in general my assumption is: Room dimensions -> frequency of the modes Ideal/Practical /listening position -> decides which frequencies are relevant for you (you may not notice some modes at specific spots in your room) Absorption -> gain and bandwith, importance to get them right is in descending sequence :Partition, Suspended floor, glass, wood. Environment -> actual speed of sound vs. default temperature (21°?) and humidity - impacts possibly time of flight? calculation of frequencies may be off a little Preferences - > I guess it is similar to the bass/treble shelf, it will modify the deepness of cuts and shape of the gain filter. Of course all of this may be completely wrong
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    Love the Marantz amp and tuner. Never heard one. What is it like? Comparable to anything today?
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    I was in the park yesterday when I saw a tramp having a huge argument with his girlfriend on a bench. He suddenly stood up and poured his bottle of meths over the bench and set it on fire. “What the hell are you doing?” I yelled at him. He said, “She can leave me if she wants, but there’s no way she’s getting the house.”
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    I have an AT 110E LC OFC you can have for free.. Kindest regards Julian
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    They do look nice - however, an ex-colleague has already sourced the tubes I mentioned. If they’re not suitable I’ll look into the carbon tubes... Ta. Mick
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    My youngest has been asking for a mohawk for a long time. Obvs the answer has always been no, school would never allow that. However, as no school and no hairdressers until Dec most probably I relented and did him one. 1 buzz cut to sides and left the middle line. Actually worked really well and he loves it. There will never be another point where he's allowed until he hits adulthood (by which point the will probably think it looks ridiculous). Awesome. We now need to address him as "inspector Mohawk". 😂😂😂 Whenever schools go back will just take the middle off too first. He loves it!!
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    Thanks for that Keith - a very interesting pair of videos. Who needs REW when you can be a human signal generator!
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    Currently a bit Heath Robinson, and it will get prettied up at some point. Basically the TT is now stood on a sandbox, whilst the motor pod is sat on a plinth which has sorbothane domes isolating two of the layers. The top layer is also not touching the sandbox.
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    A few early starts of late
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    That's a good point you're raisin there.
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    Part 2 room modes, Keith
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    That would be me I really like the Acoustic Solid, although it does benefit from some jiggery-pokery in terms of support, in particular isolating the motor from the same surface that the deck sits on and not using the spike shoes. The An Arm 1 V2 that came with it I'm less impressed by. It's now singing, but only because I have spent hours setting it up and finding out why various options work or don't work. Despite those comments, I'm now very happy with what I've got.
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    Ha, yes, the AN Io, I well remember going to a bake-off - lots of carts to hear. Near the end someone said "actually, I've got an Io here". Oh yeah? - tee hee, let's see if it's worth it - haha. Jaw drop time - easily the most stunning cart I have ever heard. Yes, it was way more expensive than any others, doubly so with the special stepup needed - but bugger me it was worth it! So, a fad, sure - but that doesn't mean it was an undeserving fad!
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    I ended a long term relationship today. I’m not too bothered about it. It wasn’t mine.
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    How many narcissists does it take to change a light bulb? One. He just has to hold it in place while the world revolves around him.
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    onto the fun bit of final assembly! first I attached the speed switch panel, then the power switch panel. Then attached the arm grounding leads and 2 PCB wiring sockets before mating the top plate to the base which are held together via the feet. Then popped the platter on for a test run. The platter started to run regardless of arm position so I quickly realised I had forgotten to attach one of the 3 PCB wiring sockets..... After a quick dismantle all was rectified and it runs perfectly! I have a spare Audio Technica MS-9 headshell so will use this with an 150Sa cartridge to try it out. This cart is too heavy for the supplied 85g counterweight, however I have a 110g CW from a 1500 that fits perfectly and balances out the cart nicely.
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    [/url]IMG_20200428_134721418_HDR by
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    Hi Folks, My gear : TW Acustic/ Audio Technica / Project / Exogal / Vitus / Wilson Untitled by Steve Willett, on Flickr No changes for last 3 years other than a recent change from AT33 to an ART 9. Cheers, Steve
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    Have you been to the show as a visitor? Perhaps you might like to do that before making any form of opinion of what its about, let alone a largely negative one? Linn users have been subject of much negative commentary on here for many years, as have users of other brands, but that's not really an issue is it? So what? Why would a few words typed by keyboard warriors be a deterent? I know that some visitors have not bothered to go into my room at previous years purely due to the brands listed on the door. Which is their loss. I deliberately played a complete Linn streaming system when I first exhibited and it was pretty enlightening to those who were open minded enough to look past the brand, as feedback on this forum demonstrated. Plus I've had Linn in a number of systems exhibited since and they've all garnered nice comments. I'm sure there were those brave enough to open the door and have a listen still don't like Linn and that's fine. For me its a community and an opportunity to share experiences and ideas for different systems and different sounds. Its fine if you don't want to take part, but criticising others for doing so doesn't add any value. Come along, form an opinion of what its about. You might like it, you might not, either of which is fine.
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    I can't think of anything (aside from relieving you of a large wad of cash) this is doing, that your equipment is already doing. There is already a connection to mains earth in every piece of kit you own Phil.....having a second one won't make any positive difference.
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    Not sure what’s oil been used as start. But this is Transrotor oil I just used today. Clearer than my pee
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    School work all done for the day, the kids (well, Emma & Harley) get some lazy-time: TV time by Boxertrixter, on Flickr
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    ... --- .-. .-. -.-- "Sorry" (Remorse Code)
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    You've obviously not seen some of Lurch's efforts before he cleaned the lens on his camera phone, you are David Bailey by comparison.