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    very eloquently put - what we seek (well what I seek) is emotional engagement and detail. If there is no emotional engagement then it is not right. As a mate's missus said when they were trying to choose between two pairs of speakers "I can hear more on those but I like it far better on these" .. her ideal would be a pair of speakers that gave her the detail of the ones she didn't like and the emotional engagement she had with the ones she liked the sound of better. That is the holy grail methinks
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    I'm not looking to improve the sound, only to free some funds. If I buy a decent pre-owned transport for a grand and sell the Sugden CDP for two grand and end up with a similar sound using the transport and Sugden pre-amp DAC, I'll be happy. Second hand. My Ayon CD10 ii Signature is a combined CD, DAC and pre-amp but it sounds much better going through my MFA Baby Ref V2 pre amp compared to being plugged directly into my power amp. It makes no sense but the difference is huge. The sound is so much freer and more relaxed routed through the pre amp. I don't understand hi-fi sometimes. Yeah, I tested it using my Ayon CD-10 ii Signature as a transport. It sounded lovely, better than the Sugden CDP in some ways. I wasn't criticising Cyrus, I just don't like their sound.
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    Reading a few of the recent posts on this it appears that many were into the hifi and music equally or maybe skewed a bit to kit. I can honestly say I was into the music totally in my teens to being in my late twenties. It never occurred to me to listen to the equipment, all I could hear was the music. My family had a Sharp music centre and I thought it was the business. It played the Friday rock show with Tommy Vance and all my records (it wasn't called vinyl then). The music centre played all my taped tapes of "TV on the radios" concert broadcasts. Many years later I recall after moving into my own house having my Fidelity music centre with me. That too was bliss it was something to play my beloved music on, still didn't give actual Hifi a thought not even for one moment. But then one day my Fidelity music centre packed in. A black day because then the hifi barged down the front door and everything changed. The reason for this was I had a bit of spare cash that I didn't have through my student and flat days. I reasoned good equipment would make my music sound better. I have to say the sound improved but the magic went. Don't get me wrong I sort of like the kit but its hard to listen through it or beyond it. I remember being able to play whole albums, doubles and even triple albums and revel in the music without once thinking about soundstage, sibilance, etc etc. Hell I even used to revise for my degree listening to a TDK tape of Tales from Topographic Oceans on a radio cassette player and loved it, a Sharp with a graphic equaliser, oh yes. I think the post heading says it all really, how to listen to hifi properly. Everyone has a film or a book or an album they wish they could unsee/unread/unhear so that experienced can be felt anew. I'd like to unhear the equipment. But once the bug bites it bites hard and the itch lasts a long time.
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    David Bowie - The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars LP, EMI 100 remaster. I usually play my first pressing, but although I think it's the best mastering my copy has seen better days. I forgot I had this one, so I thought I'd give it a bash. Pretty good actually, even if it does have the 'quiet morse code' in Starman.
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    Glad you now have this working and that @DavidHB was able to help out while I was AWOL
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    Meshell Ndegeocello - Ventriloquism Qobuz
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    [2016] Steven Wilson ‎– 4½ [flac]
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    In fairness to Simon Nash, the author of MinimServer, to whom those of us who use it owe a considerable debt of gratitude, I should point out that all the things discussed in our exchanges are carefully explained in the MinimServer and MinimStreamer User Guides. But it's really good to get something like this working. David
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    Hogweed & haze: Hogweed and haze by Boxertrixter, on Flickr Nikon D700/Nikkor 85-1.8D
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    Eureka! I found MinimStreamer in the Minimserver Properties on the Packages tab, and just had to install it. Now it works!!! Thx everybody for the great assistance. Much appreciated!
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    The space from rear walls with Harbs is interesting and relative. The P3s a couple of inches from the wall really do sound great. Shift them a foot away and things get better. I think the point I'm trying to make is that these speakers in less than ideal placement are still really great.
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    Now entered the contented silence stage of development. When i "finished" the speakers I used a slightly smaller inductor for the mid roll off. after a few days I concluded that I didn't like the slightly more mid. I realised that as I had linked out bi wiring binding posts I could add a small inductor externally, so I did, and the sound has gone from slightly cool sounding to just warm enough. Time to stop tweaking there. I had some problems with the 8024 with low frequency artifacts. I placed it after an active crossover, so the signal going in to the 8024 is band limited and boosted in level, and the subs turned down. A little ungainly, but seems to work. A DEQ2496 turned up today, looks like a nice and much better sorted EQ than the 8024, but no great rush to swap in the short term. Sound wise un impressive and just kind of sits in the background and gets on with it. With the understanding that most of the time I sit behind the speakers, which are halfway down my room, at my desk, the Mrs was playing violin in the next room and there was solo violin on the radio playing something else. Difficult to tell which one was which. very natural and smooth sounding, but can also be really in your face an seismic, program depending. To be honest I did not really know where this was going to end up, but they are like a comforting soothing presence that just makes everything better. I will go back to some of my other speakers and see if How much I miss them, that is probably the ultimate test. it will be interesting to try some different amps. the ones I am using are a fairly recent of my own design*, they are nice but not very familiar with them. be interesting to see how much the character I am hearing is the amp or the speaker. *3w SE fixed bias 6v6 and ef80 using cheap but ok quality Chinese optx.
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    The Chemical Brothers ‎– Surrender
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    Reading about how some of you listen to the hifi or the music or amount of equipment (multiple items) or having several copies of the same album I can say that I am not an audiophile. I buy hifi if circumstances change and then forget about it. I dont do well trying to listen to hifi elements and really just think about do I enjoy the music, are people playing well, do I like the tone. A few times though I have commented to my wife that the new Luxman t/t ‘was sounding great’ but with little inclination to think about why or what it was doing in hifi terms many of which I just don’t get. But I do take pride of owning nice products. Like most people I work hard and want to see some reward. For my destination turntable it really had to deliver on looks and function as well as sound. It was a like a confirmation or symbol that my hard work had paid off.
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    brilliant !!!! my neighbour is right now wandering around the garden shouting at squirrels in exasperation !!!
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    Doctor: "Do you want the good news or the bad news?" Patient: "Give me the good news Doc." Doctor: "Well, we'll be naming a disease after you."
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    This is the problem with hi-fi. One reason why I'm always reluctant to recommend any brand without the person having a home demo.
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    Buy a second hand vita audio R4 cd /radio/iPod/usb/headphone/rca inputs/output had mine for years as a back up.. very neat remote that lifts out of the top.. plenty of volume with a well balanced sound.
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    I tried the RME, Chord Qutest and MDAC+ with my Node 2i after using it without an external DAC for a few weeks. I found the RME fine but overly complicated in terms of options - I wanted something to drop in without a myriad of options to deter me from listening to music and spending loads of time fiddling with filters, EQ and what have you. I found the MDAC+ pretty even handed and detailed but found it a bit tiring during long listening sessions - something which led me to move on the original M-Dac a few years back as it happens. I chose the Qutest, I use it on the white filter (which is the incisive neutral filter) and connected to the 2i via toslink. I do use my Oppo through the Qutest for the occasional CD and Bluray which for clarity sake you need Phono to BNC. I think the Qutest is an appreciable upgrade on the 2i's internal DAC. It seems to have improved the dynamics and soundstage. The Node 2i / Qutest combo replaced a Naim ND5XS in my system and I think my present digital playback is much better than the highly rated Naim (and a better App which is important). I did try an MCRU LPS with the Qutest for a few days - sent it back just could hear any difference. I've not tried anything with the 2i and don't intend doing so. I love the 2i and it's control App but the Qutest added in the mix is a real winner for me. I didn't measure anything aside from the space on the shelf the new DAC would be placed upon, cover my eyes or anything else during my selection - just played a few tunes I like over a few days and bought the DAC I liked best though occasionally I did listen whilst drinking alcohol.
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    What's going on is that you're discovering that digital transports sound different. Never fear, someone will be along in a minute to tell you you're wrong and they should sound the same as long as they're "bit perfect". There's no reason why it would sound better, it's the same resolution as the CD. Don't get hung up on high res. It's all down to the quality of the mastering. If you're into your classical or jazz then there will be a couple of gems to discover I'm sure, but otherwise don't expect a high res remaster to sound better than an old CD.It most likely has more dynamic range compression for starters. See if you can get a home demo of a better streamer. Something with inbuilt storage, a good app and better sound quality than the SBT.
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    Sorry, I missed this until @TheFlash brought it to my attention just now. I used to have the active 40s and now have the active 150s which I bought second hand and then had completely fettled at ATC with new tweeters and refurbished mids and bass drivers. That way I got a pair of active 150s for not much more than the price of active 40s and was the only way I could purchase 150s due to their eye watering new price. Whereabouts are you? After lockdown ends you are welcome to come and listen/chat if you are within a reasonable distance. These are mine before I sent them off to ATC.
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    Hi Stewart, I referred to phono stages, not carts. The point I was trying to make is that I think you are better off with an “average” cart and good phono stage, rather than the other way around. The Graham Slee phono stages are non fussy and unbeatable at their respective price points in my experience. I auditioned a number in the range and also owned one for a few years. Until I decided to go all valve in my setup for no logical reason other than I wanted to go all valve Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It’s still a bit flakey for me at the moment. I’ve added the flac feeds into my TuneIn account as custom URL’s. Problems seem to be occurring normally in the afternoons. I’ve currently lost the track data on all the streams. Yesterday, there was track skipping and cut outs. Edit 26 May. New metadata enabled FLAC streams have been launched (flacm) but they don't appear to be working yet I’m sure it will eventually get sorted out, but in the interim, it’s not reliable. Edit 29 May. I've been in contact with Tune In. There is a problem of which they are aware and it's pending a new software drop .... "Thank you for contacting us regarding this problem. This is a known issue that our Developers are aware of. We're working to resolve the problem and hope to have it fixed in an upcoming release. I apologize for the inconvenience." Edit 3 June. I apologize however, our developers are still working on this issue. No update available yet. You'll be notify just in case we'll receive more information. I hope you'll understand. Sounds like Tech Support speak for "Don't hold your breath!" In the interim, I'm using the Radio Paradise iPad app, quality set to ALAC and Airplayed to the DS. You get access to all the stations, the full track metadata and large artwork.
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    The desire for compactness is what led me to the gear I have now, and Linn in particular; I went to Definitive in Seattle and and struck up a conversation with Paul about if there was such a thing as a compact all-in-one AV receiver that could handle DAC, pre-amp, and HDMI switching all at once so I could downsize from what used to be a big brawny 5.1 home-theater setup. He steered me to a Majik DSM. A huge number of boxes and cables collapsed down into a single unit, and SO tamed my 11'x11' room modes. The sound was better than my Musical Fidelity stack had been in the past, especially at lower volumes, and that led to more time spent listening to music. So what started as a search for convenience with "good enough" quality sucked me back in the upgrade rabbit hole and led me to an obsessive quest to increase the musicality of my nearfield setup, in spite of rather ludicrous self-imposed space constraints. (The main speakers must by <=6" in width to fit on either sides of my PC monitor; I'm using as mains now what used to be my 5.1 rears). So I'm now running a silent PC -> ADSM/3 -> KT -> Era D4 minimonitors, and two REL TZero 6" subs under the desk. The whole system is built on a theme - speed speed speed. The magic of my current setup comes from 3 main elements - the ADSM's Katalyst makes music just make more sense than any piece of gear I've listened to before. There's a lot more information hiding in plain ol' 44.1/16 lossless files than I ever realized. The KT keeps such an iron grip on the oversized magnets in my inefficient little minimonitors that I can hear everything the ADSM is extracting from the files, even at lower listening levels. And finally, the TZeros are so fast and responsive they turn the minimonitors into floorstanders. Not deep bass, but fast bass. It's not the loudest and most expansive system out there, and with BIG music (full orchestras, EDM, turn-it-to-11 rock) the effect is like a gigantic pair of open-backed headphones. Classic nearfield. But where all becomes bigger than the sum of its parts is with smaller-scale music - Schubert string quartets, Keith Jarrett solo piano, the modern flamenco of Rodrigo Y Gabriela, anything Bebop. Which is some of my favorite all-time music. With these, the system moving enough air with enough velocity and delicacy that sitting in my sweet spot music becomes a whole-body experience. The sound gives me chills, it gets my heart racing, it captivates... it makes it very difficult to stop listening.
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    I think this free stands giveaway may just be true. I contacted this Linn dealer from the Netherlands. They say to have several sets of showroom Akudoriks and offer me the price of 4275 EUR including original Linn stands. And this price should be 25 % discount. https://www.marktplaats.nl/a/audio-tv-en-foto/luidsprekers/m1553303407-linn-akudorik-akubarik-klimax-520-530.html
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    Dave the only speakers I have heard that show the same speed of audio sound as active speakers are those constructed out of full range single drivers . Which means that they are similar to an active set up which I think does mean that this is an active thing and may not be able to be achieved using passive cr's . This should by no means stop you trying and good luck with your interest and work I hope very much that you succeed . As someone with little real techincal and almost no mechanical ability the one thing i have to say which makes modern Active systems that you cobble together your self is the use of DSP not only does it make it easy for you to conduct complicated measurements it then gives you the starting point for better sound . The quality of DSP unit available now are so much more advanced and accurate than they were ten years ago and they enable you to create a working speaker that is so much better than its passive equivalent .
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    Sorry Phil but whichever way I look at it 10000 notes is just rediculous.
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    Of those preamps under discussion I've only heard [and owned] one, the Puresound L10. I have to confess to being underwhelmed by it, it didn't do anything obviously wrong, it just wasn't very interesting to listen to. And a good valve pre should certainly allow music to be interesting.
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    I've got the 24/192 download, but not the LP. It's quite compressed, but still the best sounding digital version IMO. I've also got a nasty LP version which has a whole load of bonus tracks. (erm, I quite like this album although I have more versions of In the Court of the Crimson King)
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    Did you say English was your second language? Beautifully and succinctly put. Tell me your first language and I'll try to return the compliment. Brace yourself.
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    All I can tell you is my HB Burnit Pro with a cheap transport in it fed through a Cambridge DAC Magic, sounded better than both the Meridian 206 and 506 20 bit .. I then fed the Meridians through the Dac Magic and bugger me I couldn't tell the difference between them and the HB Burnit Pro. It has led me to believe that provided it is a competent machine with digital out then it is all you need. When you think that the actual laser mechanism used by Naim Wadia Meridian and others in those days was a basic Phillips mechanism (used in the far cheaper Phillips machines) and as the electronics are just extracting the digits - the only difference will be mechanical isolation (but if that was true then the Meridians should have sounded better than the HB Burnit Pro through the same dac?). I would be tempted if the DAC had a USB connector that provided power, to buy an offboard dvd/cd player for about £30 and see/hear how that worked - now that would be a great test for someone to do at a Wam bakeoff after the lockdown.
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    Maybe because he believes you have long arms as well as deep pockets 😂😂
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    Russ Andrews version £849....+ £60 for the burn-in service.
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    I have to disagree To draw a true comparison, some idiot has to buy one, insist that it makes a difference, qualified by the fact his wife can hear it too, then refute any and all scientific evidence to the contrary simply because he can hear the difference and this hobby is about more than measurements I think that covers it 😂😂😂
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    Sorry Tony, I don't think I was quite obvious enough in my sarcasm... Of course the entire thing is a bloody great big scam, using unfathomable pseudo-science nonsense terminology to obfuscate the truth. Which is, as you said, a vastly overpriced memory stick with a little sticker. What I meant was that I expected the article to debunk the claim by proving that you could still obtain a 5G signal (and make a call) despite being within close proximity to the device, thereby at a stroke disproving its capability. It's a simple test to do, I'm just surprised that no-one seems to have done it and reported the results yet.
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    The active 50s are what I want to upgrade to at some point before I die.
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    I haven't a clue what @TheFlash is talking about. Doesn't everyone's sitting room look like this? If not please don't let on to Mrs Fourlegs!
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    If you decide to split up with your partner during lockdown, throw them out at 8pm on a Thursday so they get the idea that the whole street hates them, too...