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    Let's put it this way. The purpose of the deck is to render the the information on the disc (of which, by common agreement, there will be more than on any corresponding CD) as completely and as accurately as possible, while adding as little as possible by way of artefacts (noise and distortion) of its own. The Karousel, essentially, works in the second of these 'departments'. At the point in the system where the most mechanical noise is likely to be generated, it provides a lower noise floor (as compared with previous, already very good, bearings). That doesn't sound like much, but in reality it is analogous to increasing the amount of light transmitted through a lens element. You get to hear more of the information that has been rendered, and your brain does not have to work so hard to filter out the noise, so listening fatigue is reduced. The Radikal (including the motor) works in both departments. Stable, accurate rotation of the disk is key to providing the amount and quality needed of the kinetic energy that powers the rendering (or transcription) process. But motors and power supplies are sources of noise, which also has to be kept to the minimum. At the point where the stylus interacts with the record groove, the voltages produced are tiny, and can all too readily be swamped by noise. The Radikal (and specifically the machined Radikal you have ordered) is the best component of this kind Linn have so far produced.. It enables your Krystal to do the best job it can of transcribing the information on the disc. And, believe me, you will hear the difference, certainly compared with the Valhalla (which, unless you've had it serviced along the way, is probably past its best by now in any case). The Urika II at the other end of the LP12 can be regarded as a second stage of rendering after the cartridge. Its purpose is twofold. it has to remove the RIAA correction applied when the LP master was originally cut, and it has to take the tiny signal from the cartridge and turn it into something the rest of the system can use. Once again this is all about maximum accuracy of rendering associated with the minimum of unwanted artefacts. It is widely thought that the headline characteristic of the Urika II is that its output is digital. I am sure that Linn would say that this is only the means to the end. Again, based on my experience, you will hear the difference. Unfortunately, unless your dealer is prepared to dismantle and rebuild your deck three times over (which seems unlikely), you will not get to hear the effect of changing each component individually. In any case, it is at least arguable that, particularly with components that are designed to work together, there is an element of synergy from which you will not benefit until the full upgrade is complete. If my own progressive upgrading (recently completed with the Karousel and the Kandid) is anything to go by, what you will get from the upgraded deck as a whole is clarity, proportionate detail (that is more information, properly placed in context), wider and better graduated tonal and dynamic ranges, better spatial presentation and increased ease of listening. Enjoy! David
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    Queen ‎– Sheer Heart Attack
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    Foreign objects by Boxertrixter, on Flickr Nikon D700/Nikkor 85-1.8D
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    The Linn upgrades do not remove the swing. All of them do make things more neutral and more resolved but also more fun and more engaging. I don't think you have anything to worry about on that. This somewhat depends on your timing, but for the price you are talking about I would head a different direction that I guarantee would give you more musical information and more fun. The package you talk about above comes up to $4095: Karousel $975, Kore $1200, Lingo 4 $1890, new crossbrace $30 (needed for Lingo 4). Now if you were going to order this by June 30th you could get a Radikal for $4250 and get the Karousel for free! You would still need a different subchassis to accommodate the Karousel but many Linn dealers will have a used Cirkus subchassis sitting around which was $170 new so should be a fair bit less used. Add a new Linn armboard for under $50 and you should still be under $4500. From personal experience I can tell you that a Radikal with Cirkus subchassis, Basik LV-X arm and At 95e cartridge easily outperforms a Lingo 2, Kore, Ekos 2 and Adikt cartridge. So if you can order in time to take advantage of the promo (which doesn't require installation by June 30th, just placing the order with Linn by then) it would easily the best way to spend about that amount of money. By the way I would also add a Trampolin 2 for $250. But your existing Ittok and Grado will be fine. Finally, contrary to the balance argument from mskaye, you can indeed set up a $20,000 LP12 with a $640 Adikt phono cartridge and it will sound quite wonderful, as some on here and others can attest.
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    Couple of pics: originally bought as a QL7 - sound was transformed by sticking it in a better plinth (bonus being decent lid and hinges could be reused) - briefly housed the sublime TT101, but I learnt my lesson the hard way - will probably go for an SP10 in due course, although I have got a monster 401 build that's been on hold for a while.. MH
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    I can’t believe how much my Linn system has improved over the last few months, with moderate cost to me. I purchased a beautiful pair of passive Akudoriks for my surround speakers and sold my Akurate 212’s to a good home, as well as a spin bike. I have levelled all my speakers and added sand to my Akudorik stands. A few days ago I have now placed my Akudoriks on a pair of new Aurelex SubDudes. I have spent a lot of time redoing the vibration control measures of all of my electronics, this past week. I also developed a new platform for some of my components that I think made a big difference. More to come on that topic I have redone my Space Optimisation V2, to fine tune my system I have upgraded my Ethernet switch to a better sounding switch , as well as take measures to shield my cables better. I have recalibrated the torque settings on my speaker drivers. There are new spikes, Gunstigs, lighter more rigid shelving, Aurelex SubDudes and copper tape. The results have been very much worth the effort What have you done to improve your system over the last few months?
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    Yello Point, Out 28th August. https://point.yello.com/ I’ve just spent £95 Always super excited on a new Yello release.
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    Hey guys, I hope this isn’t posted in the wrong place as I am new to wigwam . I am selling my Jamo Concert 8’s, With Original Jamo Stands! I’ve had these now for quite a number of years and they have always been fantastic! Detailed and open treble with unbelievable performance on vocals! Bass is solid and quite surprising for a stand mount! Punchy and impressively deep. I think Jamo say down to 38hz. They are pretty awesome. Actually selling as the Mrs would rather have some floorstanders as she prefers the look.. They’re in good condition, with the odd mark here and there but unless you’re using them as headphones, not really noticeable. Rarely, they come with the Jamo stands which were a £400 option, and I think the only pair I’ve seen for sale with them. They are very solid, and heavy! Currently filled with some fine shingles to add extra weight. Happy for people to come have a listen lockdown dependant of course.. they’re set up and ready to go. Realistically it’s collection only as the stands are rather large and all together it weighs a tonne, plus I have no boxes to accommodate it all. The speakers are about 12kg each and the stands about 18 with the shingles. Location is Bristol, but happy to drive part way to ease a long journey. They are up for sale elsewhere at £550, I won’t respond to silly offers but am open to having a chat. I’d rather keep them them and fend off the wife then let them go for pennies though 😂
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    The good thing with starting a thread like this is you realise that you listen to such a narrow choice of tunes. Even if we all think we have a broad spectrum of cds. I definitely think listening to something new and out of your comfort zone helps with deciding on kit and makes you understand your system better, kind of a shock factor. Familiarity is definitely a bad thing but also gives you a bas e level to gauge bass etc on. Tidal, Spotify etc are excellent. I can go weeks without listening to group or album i have heard before. New music every week is a whole new system. Kind of a free upgrade! Enjoy finding new tunes
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    For bass tests, Marcus Millers Silver Rain album, or Yello Touch. If your into organ music and ultra low bass Bollemes Toccata particularly the version recorded at West Point Cathedral with its 64ft bass pipes giving 16 Hz !!!!
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    Leonard Cohen Want it Darker album is very well recorded album with natural timbres and great vocals. Jennifer Warnes Way down deep from The Hunter good test of bass. The best test of upgrade is it usually makes your favourite tracks sound better but more importantly you find that some tracks that you previously found a bit meh now sound better / musically more interesting and or enjoyable .
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    Another one to try might be "Nadia", from Nitin Sawhney's Beyond Skin. The female singer should not sound overly screechy and the Bass Synth (or what ever it is), should go very low. It's a test of both treble sweetness and bass depth.
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    Try Daft Punk, Random Access Memories. I listened to it at the weekend for the first time on vinyl and was amazed at the bass performance of my speakers. Genuinely astounded. The last two tracks especially.
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    @Andyroo1986 I have driven a pair of B&W N802’s with amplifiers, ranging from 50-350W, to decent volume levels without a problem. The only amplifier that ran out of steam was an Arcam AVR receiver (70W IIRC), but that was running surround speakers as well, with a highly dynamic movie soundtrack which would have been far more demanding than music.
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    I'm not going back, having time away has given me new perspective.
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    Have you considered keeping the CD8 as your transport? It has the digital output that you need and it wouldn't cost a thing.
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    [1994] Yello ‎– Zebra [flac]
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    All I would say is - get your favourite loudspeakers and see how they perform with your current amp .. then if you feel something is missing then either upgrade the amp to one with more power (that is what I would do) or try biamping to get a bit more oomph, You have to realise that the tweeters are using very little power and these speakers are rated at 90db efficiency - if that is true then they should blast you into the middle of next week on a paltry 20 to 25 watts from a Sugden A21. Personal view about biamping - I tried it (in fact I tri amped) and couldn't tell the difference. It may make a difference if the amp is lacking oomph but to be honest the amount of extra oomph were you need it will be down the bottom end .. So get the speakers - and sit and listen for a few weeks before determining if you need to do anything and if you do exactly what you need to do to achieve your aims.
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    Biamping is a waste of money, try the speakers with your amp, if you can't live with them after 6 months look at more power. When I had 801 they needed lots of power to get the big lazy 15" driver going, but 803 don't have that issue.
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    Hi Bencat. No, this is a misconception. In a 'passive' bi-amp situation both amplifiers are driving full range, the split in the signal between bass and treble ranges are carried out by the passive crossover in the speaker (split or otherwise) and 'see' the complexity of the speaker as usual. The amplifiers will clip in the normal way if overdriven, so naturally the least powerful one will clip first, so it's power output is the limiting factor, whilst the power at high frequencies is pretty modest, this is irrelevant as the amplifier is driven with a full range signal. Proper bi-amp active speakers are quite different, the signal being split before the amplifier, that is what you new describing. MF 1000, A mix of solid state and valve amps are often used as you describe, but the same caveat applies, you would need an active system with an active crossover, whether analogue or solid state.
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    My only experience with 802/3ds was with a pair that a fellow wammer had and was driving them with the Icon Audio MB845 monoblocks. Even with the 845s in 100 watt push pull mode they seemed to be in control of the a,ps more than the amps driving them, so my opinion would be loads of SS grunt for those bass drivers and something with more finesse for the mids/tweeters. Has anyone done active DSP on a pair ? ....expensive but the potential would be interesting.
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    Congratulations on you new purchase. Everyone I know that has heard it or received their Karousel is extremely delighted with it, and hear significant improvements in sound quality The Karousel orders seem to have people going around in circles
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    There really isn’t any need to spend that much, you could use your PCs drive to play CDs if you prefer a dedicated CD transport Choose one whose CD mechanism is still manufactured. Playback software such as Roon has inbuilt parametric EQ as do an increasing number of Dacs, state of the art performance is relatively inexpensive. Keith
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    Since both amplifiers are diving full range into the complex speakers, the effective power of the system would be that of the least powerful of the two power amplifiers. If the CAP2100 really does drive 800wpc into 1 ohm, I would have though that was plenty on it's own.
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    Hi Andyroo first question I would ask is how sensitive are your speakers sorry they are not a model i am familliar with . However I would say that a 200 watt amplifer used to power the bass / mid part of even a large speaker should be more than enough. The treble units or part of the speaker will take very little power and often 10 /15 wats is enough. Also your amps in both cases will be much less stressed for not having to split across all frequencies but just react and deal with a narrower band. This will mean that your bass amplifier will have much less stress than if it was being used full range and your 200 watss will go much further in this case. I would suggest that there should be no issues. Apologies as the amps were from the same company I had assumed that they would be identical for sensitivity . If this not the case then as has been pointed out you will have to find something to get them in balance .
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    Hi sir That is certainly doable. If the gain of both the amps is exactly the same. Otherwise the sound balance will change as you change the volume. I use tubes for mid and highs. And SS for bass. Both power amps having different gains. However, I use a cheap Dayton DSP 400 to split the preamp signals to the 2 power amps and balance out their differing gains. It is easy in my system as I use a separate preamp. But since you are using a integrated amps preouts. It's power amp section will still see a full range signal, offsetting some of the merits to be had by biamping. I definitely found better dynamicsand clarity, once I stopped sending any signal below 350hz, to the tube power amps.
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    I have a Luxman PD264 which I saved from the skip, I initially fitted a GH228 tonearm and OM10, sounded OK, but then I replaced the flimsy baseboard underneath which is , to be honest useless, with 6mm MDF, what a difference. Everything just tightened up, so much so that a V15 type III went on, very very nice indeed, especially with a Jico SAS stylus. It has an Acos Lustre GST1 fitted now and a AT OC9 /III. Not bad at all, not up to the Rock/RB250/VdH DDT-II though.
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    I just had Kay of Speakers Corner at my home to collect my LP12 for the Karousel, Radikal, Urika ll upgrade. I asked his opinion, on Akiva vs Krystal. According to him. the Krystal sounds very clear and detailed, but the Akiva sounds more coherent. This is in line with my own impression.
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    Wild Goat by Mr ff1d1l, on Flickr
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    I would approach the QL10 (TT-101 motor unit) with extreme caution - fabulous sounding in a suitable plinth, but hideously complex and pretty much impossible to get serviced - the speed control went on mine and at that point you're pretty much stuck - I can recommend the TT71 as a simpler/more reliable alternative - cheaper than the Denon units, and every bit as good - the original (QL7) plinth is rubbish though - performance is transformed by decent high mass replacement and decent arm - can find a few pics of mine if you are interested - MH
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    Not bad at all, they are a little peaky at the moment but I think with a days or two of use they will mellow out (that certainly was the case for the last set I built). I wasn't expect huge amounts of bass and they didn't disappoint, so probably need a sub for any serious work. However they image well, mid range is good, bass is present (although less pronounced) and for the cost of the build I am pretty impressed!
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    Looks like @Paulssurround triggered something, by his careful selection of words. Nevertheless, It canot be wrong to listen while we are working at The Great Leap Forward. Let me quote Lester Bowie (referring to the LA riots 1992) from the liner notes of his album The Fire This Time, which is dedicated to Phillip Wilson, former drummer with Lester Bowie's band Art Ensemble of Chicago, who was murdered close to Central Park on March 25, 1992: "In my travels, I've had the pleasure to observe a group of people consisting of all races, sexes, religious and sexual persuasions, working ...., playing ... and enjoying life together. There is much to be learned from observing the behaviour of this multi-hued group of world citizens. Who are this people??? Jazz Fans!! Consequently my answer to the solution of the worlds many problems is MORE JAZZ. Keep up the good work, the World Needs Us! ..." At present, these words sound more topical than ever to me, and also apply to us Linn Fans. The proof is in this forum. Back to SO.
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    Old favourites of mine but a new recording to me - really enjoying it:
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    I had a phone call with Akamatsu yesterday, who encouraged me to add the 4 doors to the floor plan as features, that are part of my listening room. There are doors to the bedrooms, a bathroom and a double folding closet door., that are all attached to the listening room. I usually left the doors open so I didn’t add them to my room layout, but discovered that the sound quality was better with the doors closed I am happy to report that the sound quality of my system took a Great Leap Forward last night when I added the doors to the room layout, and kept the doors closed. The music really came together, with much better timing of the music, better sound stage, clearer detail and a more engaged listening experience. Thank you Akamatsu. 😊🙏
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    A bit confusing as to where it is available, seems to be across multiple sites. Alas, I couldnt find a signed LP only a signed print with the CD.
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    I owed a pair of CM8's from 2011 until 2018 then gave them to my Dad. Lovely speakers and great sound. My current speakers are 700 S2 which are very enjoyable and a perfect match for my system perfect.
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    And so we come full circle. My original idea was a simple tweek to my Node to give it's performance, which I enjoy a lot, a bit of a lift. A power supply upgrade to simply lift the performance of the Node a level or two Spend a couple of hundred quid (+/- a dB or so), job done. Then I got involved in this interminable thread, which really turned every thing pretty much to ... ****. Apologies to all of you who find all this stuff important, but to me it has become a huge turn off. Doubt I shall bother now, stock Node, into active speaker or BT headphones, flexible and easy to use, unobtrusive and sounds great.
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    Eddie I would really think and recomend some speakers but I think in your case it may be the wrong approach . Given that you are in a detached property and I presume there is a normal 12 plus foot gap between you and your neighbour I think you are being mugged off by them . I live in a mid terrace property and so far neither neighbour has ever complained . Now these are 1890,s terraces with proper brick thick walls but even so still not an issue. I think honestly that your neighbour can not hear your system playing with the windows shut and a t normal loud levels . You can easily test this by putting on some music in the day at your normal levls then recoding the noise with you mobile phone out side your property . I would suspect that you will not get any levels over 60 DB which is frankly not an issue . You are being played by an arsey neighbour who has another issue and is using this . Do not , repeat do not give in to this and change your system . Try for yourself and measure (god I never thought I would hear myself say that ) the sound levels . Tell us what they are and I am positive they are nothing like the levels that would constitutute a problem . Once you know for sure that you are not making a noise issue tell the neighbour to go jump in the lake .
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    Just thought i would post this in case anyone else is prepared to take a punt as well . I have no idea what this sounds like but there are so many people that i love involved that for just over £5 its worth a gamble . Looks like it will be something quite dread and with Denis Bovell at the helm the sound should be good . Nice to have another album that features brother Rico very much missed . https://www.amazon.co.uk/Fraction-Jah-Action-Expanded-Benjahman/dp/B075TN1XZY/ref=sr_1_2?crid=QRNGV1TOX76P&dchild=1&keywords=dennis+bovell&qid=1592209558&s=music&sprefix=Denis+B%2Cpopular%2C173&sr=1-2
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    Jamie Woon, Making Time. Public Service Broadcasting, Inform-Educate-Entertain. Both on CD.
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    Seems I may well have resolved my issue. Just got my hands on a demo pair of Spendor Classic 2/3 to see how they compare with Harbeth 30.1. Sure enough whatever was irritating me on the top end of 30.1 has now gone. I think I prefer the tweeter integration of the Spendor. I'm REALLY enjoying listening to the Spendors. Plays everything well. Superb speakers. Right up there with Harbeth 30.1 and ATC SCM40. I've listened to a lot of speakers, dacs, and amps over the last couple of years. This combination of Moon 330A, Hugo TT, and Spendor 2/3 is as good as, if not better, than anything I have heard before.
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    Make sure you buy an expensive variety. It's bound to be more effective than a cheaper one
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    I’d be really interested to know which combination is the right one for you. As you, I have 12 channels of amplification available for driving 10 speaker chassis. Since mine are at Akurate level, the possible number of combinations actually becomes higher, not smaller (four separate boxes and four separate power supplies). The easiest way to avoid such problems is buying 10 Solos with adjacent serial numbers.
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    Very poor decks so I hear - vastly over-rated. If anyone has one they should drop it off with me and I'll responsibly recycle it for them. Especially if it's a PD-444...