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    I hope that we’re much more reasonable than that! @DomT @Headcoat @Amormusic @Tony_J I would just ask that if you wish to know more about prices, you drop me a quick message, no one will get any preferential pricing, you’ll all get the same information, but there are a couple of other factors. I also wouldn’t like to see anyone promoting their services professionally and so I don’t believe in doing the same.
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    Shaun, if you have never made a mistake in anything you have purchased, why comment on here? The forum is here after all for people to share there experiences. But doing it to things you haven’t tried or owned is errr a bit extreme. Just sayin’ 😊
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    Finished my conference calls early today so set about a test fit of the bass cabinet into its new 'skin'. The new box still needs each panel wrapping in the gloss walnut vinyl so there is only the biscuits holding it together. Trying to align the existing heavy cabinet (which is not a fully square cube ) into the box with no front or top was interesting given I'd only allowed 3mm clearance. Eventually I got it aligned with some of the nitrile rubber as packing. The front baffle will be secured to the existing cabinet with 14 SS cap head bolts into captive nuts and located around its edges with biscuits into the MDF sides. The port will be extended to meet up with the new walnut flange I made earlier and the Volt driver will be flush mounted. Hopefully tomorrow I can get the holes cut in the front baffle and do a full test assembly.
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    Mike Oldfield -Tubular Bells. CD
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    @bencat I’ve just dropped you a PM, its not that I’m not happy sharing pricing, but I’m very aware that despite admin saying its ok to respond, I really don’t want to get into public discussions around price and “stuff” around it. That way you can make your own mind up rather than leaving it open to public discussion.
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    Also capturing a bit of lost prog youth tonight. Steve Wilson remastered vinyl
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    Got a new toy on demo, think it might have found a new home. Excuse the iffy pics and tatty set up, not set up properly yet and yes it is getting a bit warm...
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    Virtually all my bad decisions revolve around large speakers! I've always lusted after some nice BIG speakers and have bought several big-uns in my time (obviously never learning my lesson). First ones were Meridian 7000's in Ferrari red...seemed reasonably sized in the lovely house I visited and they didn't look too big. When I got them back to my much smaller house they just filled the room and sounded a lot worse than in the big room. Did the same thing with some Horning Agathon Ultimates....saw them in a big house, got them home and they just dominated the room. They did sound superb though with a top-of-the-range Border Patrol power amplifier, even in my smaller front room. I think I could have lived with the Horning's, but then decided they were just too big in a room that measures 17' x 15' I do still miss them! Saying that, the new owner was delighted with them in his much bigger conservatory. Obviously bigger isn't alway better with speakers...shame it doesn't apply to everything
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    I got involved in a cable debate once. Does that count?
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    How refreshing it is to discover commercial vendors with morals! @ManorDrive Audio you are to be commended with the way you're conducting yourselves on the forum. I shall also be PM'ing you for info.
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    Our recent arrival. She might not look it but she's hard work [emoji23] Sent from my HRY-LX1 using Tapatalk
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    Back in the UK and this one hasn't left my side. I have only been with her for twelve weeks of her life but we now have togetherness to look forward to.
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    Just jesting... I doubt it will make one iota of difference, just trying to protect a 2k+ DAC. Mind you... If you done that with my Pathos mono's running at 150c+ I doubt the Brooklyn would last very long[emoji35] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Mark Knopfler - Down the road wherever Vinyl
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    Hells teeth, it doesn't work better being fried on top of your amp[emoji51][emoji51][emoji51][emoji51] Keep it cool [emoji3063][emoji3063][emoji3063][emoji3063] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I paid £185 for the Pioneer SF-700 off ebay about 8 years ago now. It came with a Pioneer reverb unit that I've never used that I could probably sell on for a quid. The SF-700 has certain frequencies that you can use as the crossover points. In my system it's no big deal at all crossing over at 500 hz instead of the 400 hz recommended for my speaker drivers. In my system I use it with the 6 db slope, as per the recommendation for my speakers. I suspect the greater transparency of the SF-700 over the Ashly might be down to a simpler signal path. The Ashly was 24 db (4th order) crossover slope only. There are Sony adjustable active crossovers from the 1970's onwards that are highly rated by some, eg: http://www.thevintageknob.org/sony-TA-D88B.html When I've seen TA D88B's for sale it's been for over £1200...
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    [1971] Led Zeppelin ‎– IV [CD]
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    I use a Pioneer SF-700. It's more transparent than the Ashly adjustable active crossover I was using before. Reasonable quality solid state power amplifiers can be bought relatively cheaply. Like about £100ish for a stereo power amp.
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    That’s a superb offer, thanks Jerry. I’ve got my eye on a tidy little class D on eBay, but if nowt comes of it I might grab this for a bit. Much appreciated 👍
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    Any active crossover would need to go before the amplifiers,and you would need 4-channels of amplifier for a 2-way speaker.
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    Okay going to add this here but not really sure if it is the right place as the improvements are not strictly with the DIY build per se. There are going to be other that are on here who will as I was be sceptical of this and I honestly do understand their view I was quite sceptical as well but I am also pragmatic enough to accept what my ears are telling me . Now my bedroom system that use the Stacked KEF 103's has been working (well mostly we will ignore the recent rh channel blown and repaired on a Quad 405 it was not my fault , honest) for quite few months now and is in use most if not every day and like now is playing while i type this . I am really happy with the sound and very proud of what has been achieved . With addition to DIRAC Live 3.0 it has just been getting better and better to my ears at least . Then an isusue else where stepped in . I blew the Raspberry Pi 4gb unit I use as a stand alone Logitech Media Server with Max2play Distro and a USB 2 TB HD attached . So much so typical Andrew . I had a spare Pi 4 2gb and inserted the SD card in to that and thigs were back in less than 10 minutes . Sadly the Pi 4 4gb is not somehting you can repair once they go it is replacement only . Straight to my nromal supplier and about to press the button on another Pi 4 4gb then little niggles in my head and I looked at the Pi4 8gb and despite being a big hike in price i thought what the hell lets go big or go home and bought one . The intention and thought behind this was it would offer additional speed and smoothness in operation as the switch from a Pi 3 to a Pi 4 did . Pi 4 8 gb arrived next day and I was able to install it in the original Pi 4 4gb irrc metal case which is great for keeping your Pi 4 cool and working at sensible temeratures (around 42/3 deg) . Checked with Max2play but they had have not yet had a Pi 4 8gb so they have not made any special download for this model . So like the temporary Pi 4 2gb just inserted the already set up SD card from the original Pi 4 4gb to the Pi 4 8gb . Reboot and give it thre or so minutes to set itself and appear on my network in the ISP of the original . Never too sure why it does not appear quicky and takes a couple of scans for it to be seen but it does so I stay patient. There it is and a quick look in Material Skin GUI on my PC and select the Hifi Digi Pro+ player in my bedroom system . Decided to do a full clear and rescan of the 53938 tracks and was quite impressed how quick the full arrangement was done including downloading artists picture missed LP Art , everything in around 21 minutes . My PC took nearly an hour to do the same and the Pi 4 4gb took about 30 minutes . So all good then find My Music , Random Mix , Song Mix hit play and the first song comes up not instantly (the first song never has) but less than 5 or so seconds . Music starts playing and I am then paying it some attention , it sounds better than it has and not by a little bit . Imaging is much wider and detailed with better space between inidividuals and players . Vocals are more natural and closer to what i hear from the Quad ESL57's . Bas has great texture and it is easy easy to tell if it electric or Stand up you can also tell when it is a synthetic acoustic bass. everything is coming from a much quieter background and seems to be able to support an increase in volume without getting edgy or showing any strain . Now the system is all the same and has been running with the Pi 4 4gb and the Pi 2 gb without any changes. I switched the Pi 4 2gb back instead of the 8 gb as I hoestly at this stage was doubting what I was hearing but there was an immidiate change using the 2gb and there seemed to be a hash or glare to the music . The background has always been quiet but it was I know this sounds silly but less quiet with the 2 gb. Switch back to the 4gb and things returned with that quietness just more noticable . I do not have a reson why and I instictively feel that using a different more powerful Pi 4 (as the increase to 8 gb is the only change I am aware of) should not make any difference but it does . If anyone is about to replace the Pi 4 then the 8 gb while more costly would be somehting I would say consider but only to use as either a standlaone Server or combined player / server . I would very much doubt that it will make any difference to a stand alone player but then again it may . For me at least it is a little too expensive to be swapping round the players but you never know . One of the reasons for reporting this here is that the improvement and additional musicality of this system which has taken place shows that all the work done on it was worth the effort I have made as it is improving and showing any clarity and change further up the chain and just giving me a window that gets clearer and better by what it is being fed . A good system will show and let you hear improvements not matter where they take place .
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    Devices like that seem to me to be an accident waiting to happen. Received wisdom is that the smallest thing you should ever stick in your ear is your elbow.
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    It has a tube voltage selector enabling the use of 6H6/12AU7/12BH7/E88CC/6922/6DJ8 I've using a quad of 6n30p-pi tubes but might invest in some 6n30p-dr reflectors like I have in my Modwright. They are extremely expensive unfortunately
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    Jamiroquai - a band or a bloke in a hat? The Jam were a tad too up themselves & The Eagles - mainly because of the mind numbingly awful Hotel Calif...
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    Cool! I haven't even got past the first post... but me too... sorry for thread derail, but what have you got?
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    Yup. On top of all that, listening as well as measuring eh. Whatever next...
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    Thanks for taking the trouble to tell everyone about your findings it's great to hear how pleased you are with the results I was very interested in your post. Personally I feel your interactions with Manordrive Audio and is nothing to do with anyone if it is'nt offered then it should not be demanded with or without a mods permission imho.Maybe those who want to know should contact Manordrive Audio themselves.
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    Have you considered the Audio Note DAC 0.1x? I use this DAC on the end of my Bluesound Vault 2 and love it. It's very musical and musically detailed, plus it's great at communicating emotion. Price is similar to the DAC-7.
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    A lot of changes in one go: ASR Emitter out, Vitus Audio monos in. On front end ML 30.6 dac replaced Reimyo Dap777 dac. Thank you, Joolz, for lending your Herron preamp.
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    Hi folks, I bought 8x M8 black chunky speaker spikes on Ebay. I googled the size then they arrived and I actually need M6. Not worth the faff on an Ebay return as by time I pay postage then only get couple of quid back anyway. Does anyone want them? Ping me a PM and I'll post them to you. Now just gotta wait for m6 to arrive!!
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    Slipper thief... Slipper Thief by Boxertrixter, on Flickr
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    Had a few photos of one of my girls taken today, in our garden:
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    Thanks for this - surely the funniest sentence I’ve read for ages! Not laughing at your misfortune, but your clever use of words! Brilliant.
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    The manufacturer of the "new" Majik arm - Jelco - recently decided to stop producing tonearms completely, after more than 100 years in the business. So there will be a replacement tonearm for the Majik LP12 coming along soon, anyway.
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    Well the most bang for the buck being a Karousel bearing at the moment, I think that's a given. The next would be an upgrade from Lingo 3 to 4, which is a very nice upgrade. Or, you could add a Kore subchassis, but that would bring you less. There should even be some money left for a good LP12-table...
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    I would rather choose something like this: http://www.nokturneaudio.com/NOKTable.html That would be a major gain in sound quality.
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    Or the one I know.
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    My 845s are on and in use 10 - 12 hours a day, every day. As far as I'm concerned I bought them to listen too and I can't do that if the buggers are switched off. Yes I do have a couple of other amps about, but their SQ is rather mediocre by comparison, and life is too short to just make do.
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    I have had a look but don’t consider myself a user.......ooops, I think I read your thread title wrong. 😀
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    @dannybgoode, you’re good to move the pictures, but the one with the “dog” in a peculiar position has to stay...I’m not sure if it even is a dog...it did look vaguely disturbing...but that’s another thread entirely. PLEASE DO NOT MOVE THE LAMP THOUGH, or the cuddly animal thing...they’re important parts of the acoustical signature of the room now and add depth and airiness...
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    Oh yes. Mark is incredibly good at telling what's not quite right about speakers Sorry mate.
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    A young girl walks into Tesco and on her way round she sees the bloke who had flirted with her the previous evening in a pub. He was stacking washing powder boxes on the shelves. "You lying toad" she yells "Last night you told me you were a stunt pilot" "I told you nothing of the sort" he says.. "I told you I was a member of the Ariel display team"
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    Ah but was the tutorial written double blind ....
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    Biggus Dickus would be even better