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    +1 for M140’s. I’ve had mine for 7 years using Aktiv cards in a pair of M6100 , to AEbox, to A pair of A4200’s. Every single upgrade gave me more from the M140’s.
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    Rush hour London tube..
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    Gekko Silver Cloud silver speaker cables for sale. 2x 3.75m long (approx). Sent them to Gekko for retermination recently and they came back fully refurbished, as new. Beautiful wooden body banana plugs on both ends. Selling as I have too many cables. Want £395 for them which is very fair price for such rare and exotic cables. Can be collected in SE London.
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    For sale my KEF Reference 203s in maple finish. I had to re-do the covers last year, one mid-tweeter driver has been replaced as well. They have marks on them but in general they are in good condition for their age. £1100 cash on collection or can deliver 70 miles from Ipswich/Hadleigh. Selling them due to major revamp of my system.
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    I might be letting mine go but it’ll take a minimum of £1800 , let me know if you’re interested by pm . Collection ONLY I have re-soldered all connections , these are all original aside from upgraded binding posts which I bought from Hifi collective ( I don’t remember the brand ) They currently have plinths of 200mm in height fitted , I will supply the 100mm plinths too. The grills are also included and are almost like new . I am the second owner of them . https://stereonomono.blogspot.com/2018/05/tannoy-srm-12x-monitor.html?m=1 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    There was a pre/power on AoS with no notice of them being sold: https://theartofsound.net/forum/forum.php?s=187fc64b5e4dc9bff95348126c4666cb Edit to say that these were for sale by andyrib also of this forum Ah! just found the thread on here and I see that they were sold, sorry for getting your hopes up
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    I've upgraded my office system since it's where I have been (and will be from now on) spending most of my time Before: Wharfedale Diamond 220, Marantz PM5005, HiFiMeDIY USB DAC Now: Quad S1, Sony 530ES amp, Sony X303ES CD player, Audiolab Q-DAC Absolutely in love with how it all sounds, and it's hugely distracting from work
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    Silverwing Stealth; Silverwing Stealth by APM Photography, on Flickr mac
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    Garden daisy: Daisy by Boxertrixter, on Flickr Fuji X-Pro2/Fuji XC35-f2
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    The long ride home; The long ride home by APM Photography, on Flickr
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    Dinorwig Barracks by Mr ff1d1l, on Flickr
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    Lockdown has been more a frustration for me. Pre lockdown I was happy with the system and was about to cart it all up to Kegworth to exhibit for the first time. I have fiddled a bit since then without changing anything major, but it really isn’t singing now and not being able to call in my local Wammers for an opinion and a little swap around has been a big disadvantage. Going to have a break and holiday first then tackle it, face masks and all if necessary!
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    Easier to say what I don't like! My record & CD collection contains: early music renaissance tudor baroque some classical some folk contemporary acoustic singer/songwriter blues jazz hard rock progressive rock jazz-rock reggae some pop It would have included my late father's Beethoven LPs but my mum disposed of them not knowing of my interest (I'd already rescued all the Bach Handel and Vivaldi). It does not (and never will) include rap, hip-hop, and what is called "r&b" (but which has nothing to do with the rhythm & blues I'm used to) @rabski have you noticed that listening to Deep Purple can be bad for your driving licence? (Speed King, Highway Star etc)
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    All unpacked, looks the bizzo with its matching Preamp.... Thanks for all the suggestions guys, problem solved.
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    I have memories of dialling-in the bias and levels on my deck back in the day, I was mainly recording the Top 40 on Radio 1 as a teenager. I always stuck to TDK as a brand after a couple of dalliances with other brands that I didn't get on with. I just don't know if I want to go back there any more, really the only thing I can think of that I could want to use a recorder for is for certain radio stations or programmes, but I don't really listen that much apart from in the background if I'm honest. I certainly can't imagine buying pre-recorded music on cassette! That TEAC cassette is cute - like a proper little miniature open reel Think I'll still go for the big-boy version though, if I ever have spare cash lying around and burning a hole in my pocket. An esteemed fellow Wammer has desperately tried to put me off buying an R2R but to no avail I'm afraid!
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    Not so. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence (in this case of variability), unless it can be separately demonstrated that the absence is a statistically significant indicator. To say anything meaningful about a particular model, you would need to test a valid statistical sample of that model, which in turn would both require some sort of protocol to determine which examples could validly be included in the sample and some means of determining that the sample is indeed a random selection from the target population. Those conditions are to some degree mutually contradictory, and so they are difficult to meet. And, as they are rarely if ever met in the conventional reviewing process even of new equipment, the degree to which individual reviews can be relied on is always open to question. As the fundamental purpose of an amplifier is to be part of a system that produces sound, an ethos based solely on measurement would appear to make the measurements meaningless. Measurements only have meaning when they are coherently related to the results of some kind of systematic listening test. This is of course difficult; subjective and objective do not mix very well, and the pages of forums such as this are full of arguments as to what constitutes a valid test or comparison. In such circumstances, I understand the desire to dispense completely with subjective assessment, but doing so is tantamount to throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Isn't it easier and more relevant just to connect the thing up in a system, listen to it, and decide whether or not one likes it? Not, I grant you, a very "scientific" process, but Hi-Fi is meant to be for enjoyment. David
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    Yes, I suspect that as the BBC article says, a lot of these album sales, whether it be CD, cassette, or LP, are just memorabilia sales and that the people buying them may never actually listen to the disc or tape. Even if they do listen to it and it does sound terrible because they are using low-grade equipment, it doesn't matter because they already listen to it via streaming anyway. Plus, for many, they really don't even know that something sounds bad. It's quite amazing how some people are completely oblivious to things like W&F which we would probably notice immediately. I suppose that is our loss though. None of this is to say that cassettes have to sound bad. In fact, while pre-recorded cassettes often sounded pretty mediocre in the 1970s and 1980s, some record labels started using digital duplicating machines in the 1990s, like the Digalog tapes, and those tend to sound very good. Those digital duplicators could record very hot onto Type I cassette without distortion at levels which are not possible using regular cassette decks (even the best ones). Part of the reason why they could do this is that they used a system like HX Pro to adjust the bias on high frequencies which allowed for hotter recordings since high frequencies tend to be self-biasing by nature. Combine the hot recordings with Dolby and pretty decent tape stock, usually BASF or AGFA, and those recordings came out very well. I think Techmoan did a video about this, but Wilhelm on the TapeHeads forum is the real authority on stuff like this. So, yeah, if one has a good cassette deck that is properly aligned, one of those Digalog cassettes that is also in good condition will sound great. I did look at the Urban Outfitters website, a popular source for new pre-recorded cassettes here in the US, and it seems that the prices for pre-recorded cassettes have really gone up in the last few years. I remember looking in around 2017 or so and new pre-recorded cassettes cost about $8-10 back then. Now, many of them are going for $15-22. I don't know if this is just fattening the profit margins to take advantage of fads or if production costs have increased as well. The latter could be the case because the company that duplicates most of these commercial albums in the US, National Audio Company in Springfield, Missouri, had to switch from NOS reels of Korean Saehan/SKC tape to tape they made themselves here recently since the NOS stuff was running out. They probably could have sourced new tape from elsewhere, but they did try to make their own. Supposedly this new tape from their factory got mediocre reviews when they tried selling it as blank tape to cassette fans. It is sometimes confusing as to whether new pre-recorded tapes have Dolby encoding on them or not. Usually the tapes don't have the Dolby logo on them, but sometimes that means that the tape has Dolby on it and it just isn't disclosed (perhaps for trademark purposes) and sometimes it means that the tape was not recorded with Dolby. It seems that new cassette decks no longer have Dolby on them. I've read that Dolby no longer wants their product to be included since their patents have expired, but I don't know if that's true. That does not make sense to me, but I know that Teac did remove Dolby B from their cassette decks a few years ago. Anyway, if one wants to read the user comments of people who have purchased new pre-recorded tapes, check out this Urban Outfitters page for a Britney Spears cassette. It seems the most common comment is how cute the pink cassette is. https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/britney-spears-baby-one-more-time-limited-cassette-tape?category=cassettes&color=010&type=REGULAR&size=ONE%20SIZE&quantity=1
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    They did a similar story two years ago and five years ago etc. Me, I love cassettes and it reminds me I must repair my tape deck.
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    Why did the blonde snort saccharin ? She thought it was diet coke.
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    My teacher told me I’d never amount to anything because I procrastinate too much. I said, “Oh, yeah? Just you wait and see.”
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    John, Unless I am misunderstanding your comments you have bought an SJS preamplifier from a mainstream company on e-bay and on looking inside found it has been bodged and not by SJS. If the company who sold it did not tell you it had been modified then it is inadequately described and you can legitimately return the preamp as 'not as described' and get your money back. I have no doubt it can be returned to its former glory by Simon (maybe with tears in his eyes) but you obviously have to pay for his time and any new components needed. But that is not your problem, it is the sellers. In your position, I would ask for a refund as the SJS preamplifer is not as described. You have no idea whether the balance control, loose valves on the boards and odd wiring is degrading the sound quality but I bet SJS would think it is. SJS preamplifiers sound excellent and this unfortunately does not look to be a good example. With your account recharged it is back to square one but at least you can seriously look for a good example (unmodified). You have zero chance of selling it on as well. Sorry John but if you leave it more than a few weeks your chance to get a good example will be gone.
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    I wish I could reply fully to @HH2010 and @ThomasOK among others who have recently contributed. But this is a thread about Karousel, and we have to be careful not to wander off topic. So while I should be happy to pursue in another thread many of the points that have been made, here I must let them lie where they fall. However, there are a couple of points that can legitimately be made. Firstly, my assessment of Karousel, with which folk who disagree with me on other things do at least concur, was made on an Exakt system, with Space Optimisation +, version 2, fully set up. Previously, I had Space Optimisation version 1, fully tweaked by @Paulssurround, which was a wonderful revelation. Space Optimisation, by definition, has to be used in a DSM and cannot be implemented in an end to end analogue system, but I originally used it with a passive setup downstream of the ADSM I had at the time (ADSM/1 > A2200 > M109s and subwoofer), to which it brought considerable benefits. So I am confident that the way I am now using my LP12, with the Karousel, is actually the best use of the available technology, and is the very opposite of a missed opportunity or lost life, because it provides the best Hi-Fi listening experience I have ever enjoyed in well over six decades of Hi-Fi use. - an experience to which, of course, the Karousel is a major contributor. My second point, is that the Karousel gives the lie to the implicit contention in some of what has been said that Linn have somehow abandoned either or both of their heritage or some true path of Hi-Fi rectitude. They have simply (well, actually, rather skillfully) taken a module of a modular product and improved it significantly, such that the whole product performs better. This is pretty much what they have been doing for nearly half a century, and not just with the LP12. The origins of Katalyst lie in much the same kind of thinking. What really matters is not that Karousel is part of an analogue or digital system (especially given that most systems, including mine, are analogue and digital hybrids), but that it is better engineered than its predecessor and that the resultant performance improvement is clearly audible. David
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    Excellent album and my vinyl copy arrives today 🎉🎉
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    I joined a gym and said to the trainer, “I want to impress beautiful girls, which machine should I use?” He said, “Try the ATM outside”.
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    Blue in Sefton Park, Liverpool.
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    Frightened little Plummer Terrier Elsa
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    The last time I was someone’s type … I was donating blood.
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    Look at how pretty it is etc Bump
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    Frankie chilling to Wishbone Ash think he’s put on a few ounces during lockdown .. kindest regards Julian
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    Heard a couple of theirs on 6 now and have been impressed, added them on tidal to check out more stuff 👌
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    Calling all funk/soul/hip hop heads ... this is a bit special. From 38 minutes ish - GP saw fit to play the whole LP. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m000k1lx It’s absolutely amazing.
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    Allow me to share some lessons/truths I have realized on my path to sonic bliss. 1. Cables do matter: Many argue that cables are over-priced and are often snake oil products. This assertion is patently false. I have been fortunate to have enough funds to experiment with a variety of cables (interconnects, speaker, power, Ethernet) and have found that all of them DO make a difference in the Sound Quality (SQ). For example, I have experimented with interconnects. I have had Linn Silvers across the board; however, I found they muddied/muddled the bass line too much. Instead, I use Marc Stager Silver interconnects that, because of their inherent “brightness”, give a crisp taughtness to the bass line. There is a great deal of control to everything, for the bass line is the spine upon which all else hangs. I have tried them on the mid and tweeters, but, obviously, too bright there for my taste. My old Linn dealer and dear friend Gary of Bettermusic, who will always be missed, stoped by one day and switched out Cat 5 Ethernet cables for Cat6e cables. He did not say anything about SQ, but simply they were new and wanted to have his friends try them: there was a noticeable improvement to the SQ. Through Gary, I also replaced three runs of K20 for one run of K600 on my last AV5140 ExaKt system (at that time). Gary used a Tone Generator to fiddle with the early SO: he was a master; he and I spent hours going through the tones, getting the registered SO graph representations just right, and, most importantly, getting the system to sound blissful. The K20 cables had an audible and, on the Konfig graph, visible problematic dip that was very wide. It was never properly resolved until I switched out to the K600 cables: you could hear it and see it on the Konfig SO graph! I have gradually switched my power cables from the stock Linn cables, to Shunyata, to Audio Sensibility cables. I have added one or two at a time, going from two entry level Impact power cables, to my three amps (2 x A4200, AV5105) to three Statement cables on the amps, one on the Oppo HA-1 headphone amp, and Signature V2s on the AEDSM and the ExaKtbox. The sound improvements at each stage have been stunning. From listening experience, changing the stock power cables to the Audio Sensibility cables has elevated my system from the Akurate level to beyond the Klimax level. 2. Don’t be afraid of the seeming absurd. Thanks to my dear friend Paul, I have obtained SQ improvements in the oddest ways. Tin Foil (replaced by copper foil) around cords that touch one another has done wonders to the SQ; as has Gunstigs from Ikea: don’t be afraid to try the inexpensive absurd. It will cost very little if you don’t like it. 3. Speaker placement to a millimeter matters. This concerns distance from the back wall, and toe-in. Experiment by the millimeter and you will get it right. 4. Be patient and don’t forget to sit back and enjoy the music.
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    I have bought the Majik LP12 with Jelco and Karousel as standard. My dealer is waiting for a Lingo 4 which is on order from Linn and when that comes I will have the turntable. By all accounts I understand from my dealer that the sound quality from the Majik LP12 is exceptional - better than any non Karousel deck including Klimax level. It sounds as though there is something special in the combination of the current components that make up the Majik LP12 and that includes the Jelco arm, so it is a shame that the arm will not be available for much longer. As a footnote, the Majik will mean a return to vinyl after a period of 23 years, so exciting times ahead. I did sell sell all my LPs to help finance a CD12 so am shocked at the price I am paying for vinyl now. What I am looking foward to most is listening again to the 300 x 12 inch singles that I kept.
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    Yep, this is a synergy issue alright. Pathos and those PMCs are a nice contrast. The best amps I tried with my Twenty 26 were the Unison Research Unico 150 (another hybrid) and the class A Luxman L-590AXII. The class A Luxmans might be a better fit for you but the Pathos will have more muscle. Luxman's class AB amps are detailed but smooth. I take it you've not tried the likes of Cyrus, Chord or Bryston with those speakers! If you want to keep the speakers, stick with the Pathos.
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    Quite the opposite, Peter Walker was what we would call a measurist these days.
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    Watching 2001 for the umpteenth time, on 4K...
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    Has Peter confirmed with Linn that his suggested procedure actually does anything to the Radikal and, if so, why it might make a difference? 'troll
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    Happy to loan you my CXC & Modded DacMagic Plus & linear PSU or the Sony CDP-791 (CDP X-111ES).
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    wow , fantastic alan , would love to hear the 590 too . glad you are liking it
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    I think it might be something to do with Heisenberg, but I'm not certain...
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    I just bought a gallon of correction fluid. Big mistake.
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    Spot the difference ... The main difference seems to be that Robby gets the girls ... Hmm, now I come to look, the MBLs seem to be a cross between Robby the Robot and Darth Vader. + =
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    Well, cassettes aren't for everyone. The thing that is interesting about analog tape to me is recording aspect of it. There are so many different types of cassettes out there that it is fun to experiment with them and see what kind of results one can get from them. If one has a top-end cassette deck, there will be adjustments for bias, equalization, sensitivity, and input level. On a cassette deck with auto-calibration and/or test tone generators, setting this is pretty straight forward. On somewhat lesser decks, this requires more creativity to try to get things right, but things are a lot easier now if one is using the computer as a source (or if one has a CD-R of test tones). It's best to set everything to their ideal settings for reducing distortion and so forth, but sometimes it is fun to play around with the bias and so forth on a three head cassette deck and just see how the changes alter the sound versus the source using the monitor button. If one has an equalizer, it's interesting to see how the actual recorded sound turns out when things are altered a bit. Unless one is really familiar with their cassette deck and the tapes they are using, the changes may not have an obvious impact. So, yes, there is some skill involved and sometimes the process is the fun part. Sometimes the process is a pain in the rectum. I suppose it's not really any different than setting up a turntable, but I don't think setting up a recording is as easy as setting up a turntable unless one has a cassette deck that makes things easy. Then there is the cassette sound. With all the right methods, NR, and good quality Type II or IV tape, it's quite possible to come very close to matching the source with cassette. It's never going to be perfect though. For some, however, matching the source is the goal. For others, the somewhat hissy sound of Type I cassettes brings some pleasure. If nothing else, the noise floor can hide some flaws in recordings. I quite like using Type I cassettes without NR for things like pop music. Many basic Type I tapes, like Maxell UR tapes from the late 1980s/early 1990s, have a nice low-end oompth to them which makes some music sound nice. The basic Sony HF cassette from the same time, or even later in the 1990s, has pretty low noise and a nice warm high end that works well for acoustical music or female vocals. It should be said that I find cassettes (and LPs) to be pretty rubbish for classical music and that's mostly what I listen to on the stereo system. For most everything else, I find that cassettes have their place in my system. Now, of course, most the people buying pre-recorded cassettes these days probably don't give a London about anything I just wrote above. They probably think that cassettes look cool and that's that. I think if you take a deep look at cassette fanatics at a place like the TapeHeads forum, you'll see that they really like the way cassettes look even if that isn't the only reason why they like cassettes. There were some really interesting blank cassette tape designs out there over the years! Even some of the hideous ones were at least somewhat interesting. I used some of these (they are really Scotch cassettes which were really SKC cassettes) in the early 1990s and they always generated discussion. R2R is great for those who have R2R machines, but the number of people with R2R machines is probably pretty small. Cassettes are certainly more accessible and I reckon more people have personal memories with cassettes or even 8-track carts than R2R. I do have one of these Teac cassettes which gives cassettes a bit of a R2R look. These are worth quite a bit these days just because of how they look. They aren't anything special as far as sound goes: There are also those cassette shells from Teac which allowed one to change cassette reels. I think Techmoan did a video about those a long time back. Now pardon me, I think I'm going to go polish my capstan.
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    It’s hard for those us with a few grey hairs to grasp, but I’m guessing that if downloads and streaming is your ‘normal’ way to consume music then a pretty little case with wheels and tape inside, or a 12” shiny black disc has a certain appeal!
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    A young girl walks into Tesco and on her way round she sees the bloke who had flirted with her the previous evening in a pub. He was stacking washing powder boxes on the shelves. "You lying toad" she yells "Last night you told me you were a stunt pilot" "I told you nothing of the sort" he says.. "I told you I was a member of the Ariel display team"