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    For me it has to be Bob Dylan , admire the songs and can see the beauty in some of his lyrics but please , please Bob do not sing . I just have to reach for the off button . Next in line for me is Bruce Springsteen another voice I just can not listen to and feel comfortable and I just do not get why the adulation for him is so strong .
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    My Tannoy Canterbury Gold Reference speakers for sale. Immaculate used condition, as good as new. Comes with all accessories and original packaging. Want to try something different hence the sale. Please note these are current model and RRP is £31200. £10500 Collection from Woolwich Arsenal (SE London). Buyer can arrange shipping, but please note they have to go onto large pallet. Each speaker weights over 70kg in packaging. Please contact if you have any questions. Better pictures can be emailed.
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    I'll start with one of my non-Linn stereo devices, a Safe-Tec Tyr 3 bicycle helmet. This week I received my newest addition stereo. It is not exactly HiFi sound quality, but it is portable and the sound quality is decent enough, using Jawbone technology. The really cool thing is that I can hear the music really clearly, even with wind rushing in my ears, and can still hear traffic around me as I pedal It uses Bluetooth to stream music from my iPhone, and accepts voice command, to change volume and switch tracks, or ask for specific artists or songs. The website does not indicate that it accepts Siri voice commands, but it works well, as long as you have an internet connection as you ride. I use the LTE on my iPhone With built in front and rear lights, turn signals and brake lights it has obtained more than a few enquiries from people as I ride.
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    Right you are: I buy the SACD/DSD version of an album when I have reason to think (due to a review, or the reputation of the people involved in the release) that it will be an improvement over the version(s) I already have. More often than not, that turns out to be the case. In some instances, however, I end up preferring a high res PCM version, or even a CD rip. Even when the remastering sounds “better,” I may stick with an old mastering that has been been burned into my brain over decades, for example. And sometimes the remaster just doesn’t sound better to my ears. It is hit and miss, but for me the hits are worth it.
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    I actually have it on good authority it’s Kakkam.
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    Tom Tom Club ‎– Tom Tom Club
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    Bose Sunglasses speakers - love them - nothing in your ears - for speech, gentle background Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    And that is why we all have to listen and make up our own mind. My experience of a couple of regenerators, one very expensive and one not so expensive, was that they both introduced a hardness to the top end when connected to sources (streamer, DAC etc).
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    My test for ‘new’ ancillaries is ‘ do I leave it in?’ This applies to cables, mains leads, Wood blocks, suspension feet etc. I have ( and use) a (Reasonably) cheap Russ Andrews mains block and a cheap (£50) Currys mains distribution unit. I am not sure of any gains or losses but when I installed a mains regenerator that all changed. No more ‘poor sound’ days. The amp runs better straight into the wall. The sources all connect to the regenerator. It is easy to AB. No contest.
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    Propaganda ‎– A Secret Wish
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    My wife and I watched Dunkirk after our neighbours said it was perhaps the best film they had ever seen. Thought it was terrible. An exercise in visual presentation, but inaccurate and vacuous.
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    Digital ‘harshness’ doesn’t exist, a NOS dac may add enough distortion to go some way to replicating the many forms of distortion you hear from your analogue playback. Keith
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    I remember this one.
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    That’s a key point, imo, as the cost has to be borne in mind versus getting better kit, or spending it elsewhere, on things like room treatment, cables, special racks and stands, or - shock, horror! - on music, live or recorded! Linn are remarkably foo-free, in that, unlike pseudo-rival Naim, they don’t sell mains leads or extortionately priced interconnects. Black and Silver interconnects and regular mains cables are the order of the day. Nor do they say everything needs recapping every few years!
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    Camel Paris Collection CD Took it with several others to my mum's place, but the CD player is skipping tracks and playing a few bars at random before going elsewhere to lay a few more bars. It has already been "fixed" once so I'd rather replace it but my mum isn't that bothered. Her attitude is "If it doesn't work then I'll live without it". If I can get her another CD player for a few tens of quid I'd like to do so. Anyway this sounded fine on my old CD65 / Leak system when I got back home.
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    Wow, what a good looking table. Every time I see one of these 10s I start dribbling. If only I had the money.
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    I really like the current format - informal Saturday and formal show on the Sunday. The Saturday is a great time to catch up with everyone and have a wander round.
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    Hi Everyone, it's been quite a few years since I posted in the old Linn forums so I thought I'd say hello to everyone. Doubt many will remember me, I was active for a few years and had a stickied thread covering all the upgrades & tweaks that the hive mind recommended - that might be enough to trigger a vague recollection in some of you I've just bought a 2nd hand Akurate system hub and Autobarik Exakt to replace my Majik 140 with dynamik aktiv 4100s, klimax renew DS and Kisto system. This was all triggered by the sad death of my Kisto which will be going back to Linn to see if it can be fixed! In truth it was an excuse for a long overdue upgrade.... I can already feel the bug taking hold again, I've already got a good amount of room sound treatment panels and curtains, on top of that on my to do list is Set up new system Space optimisation using Pauls guide Room EQ wizard with mic to do some Space optimisation tweaking - think this will be an interesting exercise which I'll document and maybe write a guide on if there isn't already one Power cables and conditioning Build a new listening room with better shape & listening position Revise the room treatment - hoping to get near to full room coverage if I can convince the wife I can do it without it being too invasive Upgrades - Add surround sound using existing Majik 109s, 112 + sub, Katalyst as for the most important bit of the system, I'm now up to almost 10,000 24 bit tracks, and 35,000 16 bit track. Lots of duplication between the 24bit and 16 library though I almost always listen to 24bit these days. My musical taste has changed dramatically in the past few years as I've found myself gravitating towards good recordings from the 80s, 70s but mainly 60s, as a 45 year old it's been great learning about classic albums which are before my time - i'm completely hooked. let the madness begin again Phobic
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    Well after completing my system build and having a great sound from all sources, I have ordered a Well Tempered Reference Turntable fitted with a new Dynavector 20x low output cartridge. Big thanks to Rob @ Adventures in HiFi for the great deal. Will post pics once its set up .
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    I've re-tested all three 6SN7 types, and I seem to have got muddled initially! Anyway, the Tung Sol 6SN7 seems to shoot to about 3A for a split second before eventually settling to 595mA. The David Shaw labeled CV181 starts the same and settles to 606mA, the Treasure Z CV181 the same but settles to 635mA, slower than the other two. But I am not convinced about the 3A surge; it may be an artifact of my bench power supply. So they are all 6SN7s it appears, no CV181s among them! I will definitely be asking some questions of Icon. And if a current limiting resistor is required I won't be sending it back, I'll do it myself. I had a reply from Grant Fidelity and they say Shuguang stopped production of the 6SL7-Z while they relocate their factory, and they don't know when, or even if, production of the Z will resume. They offered an alternative, but it would be pricey, especially with import costs. So I am no nearer to a decision.
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    I used to have two pitbulls as a pet when I was in Philippines and they were never aggressive.
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    After a bit of a break I missed my bike, missed the rideouts, the trackdays, making any excuse to take the long way via twisting B roads... YOLO and all that jazz. Meet my new bike that I won’t get near 50% of its potential (no change there then). (stock image - hasn’t stopped raining since it was delivered a couple of days ago )
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    At Beamish today...more to follow: The store by Boxertrixter, on Flickr Leica M-P typ 240/Nokton 35-1.4
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    My current speakers use a 250mm (10") woofer and a 30mm tweeter in a shallow waveguide. The difference in relative acoustic centres is 41mm. I can achieve good phase alignments with a 4th order, acoustic crossover at 1000hz. It's slightly tweaked, so not perfectly symmetrical. 1000hz is very low to cross a tweeter, but this one is very robust. To achieve good phase alignment with a lower order crossover (1st or 2nd order). I'd need to either cross even lower in frequency because the wavelength are longer (it's much easier to cross a woofer to a mid at say 300hz, than a tweeter to mid at 2000hz), or I'd have to use an asymmetrical crossover, or think about physically altering the driver positions. Time alignment isn't important, it's phase alignment where the drivers cross. I think the only time passive diy speakers would be cost effective, is if you build a large design, using high quality drivers. I've spent a fortune over the years on drivers, tools, measuring gear, crossover components and software. Add that lot up and I'd probably surprise myself, but I do it for fun - And what keeps me going, is knowing the next build is going to be the ultimate - but I always say that
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    Well I've spent 3 hrs on the router table today setting up the cuts and machining 12 of 30mm x15mm rebates to form the joints. Until you start to handle 30mm MDF you don't realise how heavy it is .....constant handling of panels to form the rebates 3 passes at a time for each cut etc and my arms feel like I've been in the gym worth it tho Was going to post some pics but the page won't let me add them in for some odd reason ......Now I've emptied out some older pics from my 'allowance' on here....
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    So just take the unit that has been made and created at cost to both the environment and to me and throw it in the bin as it is just too much bother and cost to fix . Instead why not buy another unit from us at double the price , or save up for a unit three times the price and when that breaks , oh just throw it away . Frankly this was the attitude and response from the old company that went bust a constant push to deny any older products and tell you to buy a new shiny one at treble the price . I had hoped thibgs would be better but obviously not . I do accept this is my view only and is stoked by having a piece of equipment that has become a small aluminium brick .
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    He's quite good at playing the guitar, isn't he?
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    I think I had my fill of swapping in my part-time Hifi shop days, rather like @uzzy Once I stopped working I was quite happy with my setup, and was only spurred to change it when quite a few items were burgled in 1997. The system I replaced it with was something I’d had never afforded without the £5,000 helping hand from the insurance. It was a big investment, but I changed nothing until 2017, apart from selling my old Linn Sondek and buying a Michell TecnoDec which was pretty cost neutral. That experience taught me that buying and owning well supported products of high quality are great value in the long run. However, adding streaming several years ago, and then trying some KEF LS50s last year were fun distractions. The KEFs I sold for what they cost me, less £1, and I recently sold my first Linn streamer for more than I paid, so not out of pocket. The ATC speakers and the Linn Akurate were quite big items though.
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    This group have been playing since the late sixties
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    I'm a box swapper. Not trying to reach an unreachable perfection. I just enjoy trying different things. No angst, no compulsion. It's just my idea of having fun. It'll be a cold day in hell when I don't enjoy listening to what I happen to have at any given time.
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    This is one hell of a starter song for a rock concert. The beauty about its impact is that it gets straight to the point - melody-energy- and even empathy. There are no boring 'bits' in the track and for me raises that rare feeling of goose bumps.
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    Fasting from 7pm till 11am, cut out added sugar, cut right down on carbs, legumes and pulses are out too, as is fruit except berries. I have lost 5Kg since 1.7.20. The sugar was the hardest, it actually hurts. I also cut out all alcohol for the month of July.
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    I think you need a check up.
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    That looks so right IMHO. I have a thing for VU wattage meters.
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    Lousy pics, but not a lousy amp. Arrived today, so still evaluating it, but I can't see why I won't keep it. And Mrs Awkward even like the looks; she says it could have been made for us, as it fits right in. A better picture, from the website. Transcription Audio GM70. Some really cute touches, as he does all the wood and metal work as well as the circuitry. And the oil filled caps are HUGE! I've only run it for a couple of hours so far (well, my wife did to be honest, lots of Leonard Cohen and Al Stewart) and it's turned off for now,as leaving it on all day would get expensive. I stuck an ammeter in circuit, and it draws 1.6 amps. 388 watts! But the Quad 2805 seem to like it, so who am I to argue? I guess I will have to pay for it, as he wanted me to be happy with it first!
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    My oldest bit of kit still in use would be my 508 Wharfedale speakers brought new in 1983, still in use in my third system ( the one the wife plays her Celine Dion stuff on- sometime I wish the drivers would fail
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    Invisible speakers are the best. floorstanders can have more issues close to walls, yes.
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    mr muck , i will come over and plug one in and see if you can hear the difference , i would be incredulous if you couldn`t hear the difference !!!
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    The speakers are fantastic, they have totally disappeared.
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    That is not possible. A mains regenerator can't affect sound quality.
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    Crikey, with my OCD, don't give me something else to worry about. Ignorance is bliss....and less expensive.
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    The response from Metrum has been quite quick and here is the result . I will not be sending my Octave for repair and I will not be buying any Metrum Acoustic units in the future . Hi Andrew, Yes we could repair your Octave but I can’t advise you to do so. With shipping back and forth, the hours a technician is going to make.. Your half way a brand new Metrum Amethyst. We could do it and I could quote you on a price. But what would be the right choice is putting the money towards a brand new R2R NOS DAC. Kind regards, Wouter Hazenberg Chief Executive t: +31 611 334 660 e: Wouter@metrumacoustics.com
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