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    Sadly I'm going to have to let my custom 1210 build go (built by myself, I have "form" for this sort of stuff). Unfortunately my income has taken a severe hit since March and the sale of this will keep the wolf from the door for another month. The deck was built back in June and has been used only a few times since (hence being the first thing to go!) Spec is as follows Rega RB202 rewired by Johnnie at Audio Origami (cartridge not included!) Master Sounds Rega arm board Powder coated plinth in gloss white (very nice job too. Please note the black platter has been replaced with a nice condition standard one, happy to supply whichever one takes your fancy though. I have a dustcover that is kind of OK, it's a Linn LP12 one and has a small piece missing, but it sits on top and keeps the dust off. Motor board was recapped and refreshed. Any questions drop me a PM Price £600 (PayPal F&F or bank transfer if you want to do "goods & services, that's fine, but it will add 4%). That includes UK shipping. Collection from Leeds is welcome. IMG_0758 by Tristan Kelly, on Flickr IMG_1147 by Tristan Kelly, on Flickr IMG_1146 by Tristan Kelly, on Flickr
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    Music is the diary of my life. When I play the music I have collected I can remember the time and things I was doing when I bought the album. It puts me in touch with my emotions - it can make me feel happy (when I want to be happy) and make me feel sad (when I want to be sad). Music is my constant companion and enriches my life in so so many ways heightening every emotion and makes me remember, makes me smile, makes me shed a tear - makes me want to move - to conduct - to air guitar and drum - it is the best friend you will ever have..
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    Some interesting thoughts which I overall tend to agree with. Possibly especially the first line of the last paragraph. A couple more thoughts come to mind. Possibly the biggest reason the negativity comes from the UK is because Linn comes from the UK (don't tell them that). Linn is a much bigger player there than they are here or in most other parts of the world. As people know and complain about there aren't that many Linn dealers in the US and fewer yet who are quality LP12 setup places. Linn has also had an on again, off again relationship with the US press and dealers, in part due to multiple changes in distribution and representation. Because of that Linn isn't among the first brands US customers think of. When we look at the UK map of dealers it appears you can't throw a rock over there without hitting a Linn dealer! And you have all seen the comments from US customers about someone whining because they have to drive 150 miles to a Linn dealer. So I'm not sure it's as much people who know about Linn disparaging them less over here as much as not so many people knowing about, or at least caring about them. The Flat-Earther thing is also part of it. There is always kick-back when you are opinionated and vocal about it. And the people who push back hate it even more when you are correct. Hence the attitude towards Flat-Earthers who upheld things like the hierarchy, which immediately alienates the speaker manufacturers who tend to dominate much of the high-end industry, especially in the US. (I would suggest the reason there are so many more speaker companies than there are turntable, or even electronic, companies is that it doesn't take a lot of engineering chops to put some speakers in a box. Though it does take understanding and a good ear to make a speaker that is really good. Hence the paucity of really good speakers.) It is interesting that most of what the Flat Earthers believe has stood the test of time: the importance of the source, the fact that a basic $50 At cartridge can musically kill a lot of more expensive models, the Sony Walkman WM-D6C being among the most musical cassette decks, the perfromance of the original Linn Isobarik, which still musically outperforms more than 90% of the speakers out there when properly driven, the ability of a little 12 watt integrated amp to make real music through real speakers, etc. Part of the push back also came from dealers who don't like being told what to do (and US dealers are certainly privy to this tendency). Requiring dealer setup of equipment, requiring at least one single speaker demo room (all three of ours are), the expectation that you have a proper understanding of the tune method and the hierarchy and the ability to explain and demo it, these tend to stick in the craw of dealers who want to "do things our way". I also want to touch on the pricing issue just a bit more. I think much of this comes from the pricing of the LP12 itself. You have people who complain "When I bought my LP12 it was only $1100 with arm and cartridge, now it's $23,000!" For starters you are comparing two different LP12s as the one you bought in 1978 had a Grace 707 arm and a $100 to $200 cartridge. So lets look at a more reasonable comparison, a 1978 LP12 with Grace 707 II and choose your $200 cartridge, and then lets put it up against a Majik LP12 that now goes for $4995. On the face of it that sounds like quite an increase at over four times the money. But is it? I bought a new Honda Accord in 1976 (two years before I bought my first LP12) which ran $4545 at the time. I bought a Honda Accord in 2012 and it ran me $28,950! That is almost 6.5 times as much! (I own a Tesla 3 now, but that's a different story.) Of course at that point the person you bring this up to will say "But the 2012 Accord is much more advanced and full featured than the 1976 version." My answer: "And that is different than the LP12, how?" Certainly everybody here knows that there is not s single part of the LP12 that hasn't been refined, improved or completely redesigned. The plinth and top plate are both 3rd generation and everything else has gone through more changes, things like the bearing housing, springs, nuts, etc. through seven or more generations. So the modern Majik LP12 has the aluminum, box construction sub chassis, laminate armboard, the exceptional Karousel, improved machining and materials of the platters, improved motor and power supply, the Adikt cartridge and soon the new Krane tonearm. There is absolutely no sane argument that any of those things isn't substantially better than what you would have bought in 1978, and several are orders of magnitude better (Karousel, sub chassis, Krane and Adikt). The other reason pricing gets brought up is that we are used to consumer electronics prices that go down, TVs, computers, BluRay players, cell phones, etc. all keep getting higher-featured and cheaper (OK the iPhone resists the cheaper bit). I won't say they actually are getting better as you will find most of them have limited lives and aren't very serviceable, unlike more quality Hi-Fi and certainly LP12s. The problem is that the LP12 is mostly a mechanical product and the prices of those go up as materials, labor, transportation and inflation all play their parts. While the Accord comparison is one such indicator, lets try a more direct comparison. The LP12 is the longest lived Hi-Fi product in continuous production. But there is one product that has been around even longer, just not continuously - the Klipschorn. It was out of production for several months when the drivers used were discontinued and replacements had to be found. But it originally came out in the late 40s. In 1974 the Klipschorn sold for $1040 each in a finished walnut enclosure, my understanding being that this price list was still in effect in 1978. The cost of a Klipschorn in walnut (or cherry or oak) now? $7499. each! Over 7 times the price and close to the ratio of the Accord (both significantly more that the ratio on the LP12). In some ways the current Klipschorn is more like the original than the LP12 is but it also has had a fair number of parts changes, many due to changing parts availability and a fair number of design changes to improve performance. Of course the top of the line LP12 is much more expensive, but every part of it is still much less expensive than other competitive products on the market. There are $100,000 plus turntables, tonearms at $40,000 and $50,000+, several $12,000 to $20,000 cartridges, etc. Compared to these Linn's pricing on the top line LP12 and its parts seems positively budget! So my message to LP12 price complainers? Brush up on your history and stop your grousing!
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    Winners of the 2020 Drone Photo Awards from Siena Awards https://www.dpreview.com/news/7602974896/slideshow-winners-of-the-2020-drone-photo-awards-from-siena-awards
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    Joni Mitchell, I can put up with a couple of tracks but then her voice does my nut in, strange as I generally love female singers and she’s one of the most revered of all time, just not for me.
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    Pair of Tannoy Legacy Cheviot Speakers for sale. Comes with all original packaging and accessories including jumpers, foam plugs, beeswax, spikes etc plus i'll throw in the wheels that i purchased separately. Fantastic sound (and looks), very natural with great imaging, easy to place and the ability to tune the treble energy and dial down the bass. Lightly used for about a year or so and in great condition. I've found one small mark on the corner that is only noticeable very close up - see photos for details. I'm based in North London and looking for £3750 http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http://
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    Immaculate example. Very original condition with some sympathetic updates. The outer platter is clean and flat. The underneath has been lightly lubricated and is totally original. The motor bearings have been stripped and cleaned. Updates fitted include: 1. Moldovan -Layered plywood plinth 2. Hanze HiFi - Spring motor mounts 3. Hanze HiFi - Drive belt 4. Audio Silente - Bronze bearing cap 5. Audio Silente - Silicone Gel mushroom mounts 6. Cherry wood arm board 7. New switch capacitor Updates also supplied but not fitted 1. Audio - Silente - Motor bearing kit 2. Audio Silente - 2 x Drive belts The original parts will also be supplied, bearing base, motor mounts. The original mushrooms had turned to dust so were disposed of. The SME 3009 has the following updates 1. New SME locking collar 2. Re-wired with Cardas tonearm wire 3. New SME rear stub rubber 4. SME RCA connector A bronze knife edge is also included but not fitted. The turntable runs well and sounds very, very good even with just a Goldring 1022. Note no cartridge is included. I am looking for £1950 ono. I am happy to discuss me delivering within the UK and also happy to install and set up with your own cartridge if required. I am located in Farnham, Surrey.
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    There certainly lots of options to try. As you suggest, I may go back to 4 channels and put the bass driver out of phase. As for your last question, I traded in active Keilidhs for the Akudoriks and definitely lost a bit of bottom end. Definitely need a sub with the ‘doriks.
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    Up for grabs are my Spendor D7s excellent unmarked condition. I was having second thoughts about selling but I have now sourced replacement standmounts as they are a better fit for my small dedicated listening room . So these now need to go -Asking Price reduced to £2275 - collection only from Chester area - any audition / inspection welcome prior to purchase . I have original packaging and boxes somewhere in loft but prefer collection as I would not risk anything happening to these beauties in transit . pics aren’t great but rest assured they are in unmarked condition . Please pm me if interested.
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    Spotted this small horse on my walk this morning trying to ‘big’ himself up today by appropriating someone else’s sign iPhone 8
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    A bunch of favourite classics: Il Gattopardo My Fair Lady Casablanca Lawrence Of Arabia Singing In The Rain Fahrenheit 451 Blow Up Playtime (in no particular order)
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    Yes sir. But then, everyday is a great day of music. A couple of days ago was the first day since I got the Karousel and Kandid on July 7 that I didn't listen to music. Yes, the border closure did have something to do with that. Agree wholeheartedly! That is one of the reasons I moved here. I think that many of us will do some traveling once this pandemic is over. It would be nice to get to know forum members in person.
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    Baby Ongaku with Psvane T series ECC81 double triodes and a matched pair of Psvane WR2a3 valves, all fed from a Dave Slagel Autoformer Pre. Speakers are a challenge with this lot and I am still looking for something a little less domestically challenged than my current Dallas 2's, which are a little on the large side.
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    Feeling the love in that last para 😉. And you have given your amp a name, brilliant (and I'm not taking the pxxx !). It's this madness that keeps us sane.
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    [1986] Paul Simon - Graceland [flac]
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    As far as I know most people here use "vinyl studio". But as I'm afraid of what might be corrupted I will probably use Wavelab or Studio One.
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    Yet others say dedicated spurs won't make any difference.
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    A top Rega like the P10 with Alpheta 3 MC cartridge has a lot going for it. Musically engaging, well balanced and propels things along nicely. The top end in particular is very refined compared to a similarly priced (previous spec) Majik deck with Lingo 4. However, the Karousel will change things a lot so that would be interesting to compare. Obviously, for many folks here the tunefulness of the LP12 would win out in either case but not everyone will hear things that way.
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    [1982] Roxy Music - Avalon [flac]
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    A very rare pair of MINT condition, unused NOS SIEMENS F2a’s. I bought these maybe fourteen years ago (along with a pair of Western Electric 300B’s) as a spare pair when I owned a beautiful Shindo Cortese F2a and have never been inserted into an amplifier. F2a’s are the industrial version of The 300B, with an expected lifetime of 50.000 hours! For sale @ £220, including RMSD. At this crazy price, no offers please. This is a UK only sale. Thanks for looking. M
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    Primaluna Prologue 5 power amp fitted out with KT120s and Brimar input valves. Push pull. About 45wpc. Wonderfully vibrant and detailed sound full of the life of the music. It's the vibrancy and 'in the room' immediacy which gives solid state a hard time. I'd be daft to sell it, it ticks all my boxes. Used with MBL 116F speakers.
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    [1991] Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Into the Great Wide Open [flac]
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    The clue is in the website name "IAmTheAgent.com". All the facts are there. You buy a house if you like the location and the floorplan. It is useless for the seller to attempt to second-guess a potential buyer's desires for cosmetics, so on the basis that however I decorate it someone else will do it different, I've done the bit I wanted to do and left the rest for someone else. Everything works (although I need to finish fixing a loo seat) and the place is habitable: the room I decorated was not habitable nor even usable before i started. Don, I think you might like my gaff - you never hear ANYTHING from the neighbours and it's less than a minutes walk from the pub!
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    Have tried this 3 times and gave up because it turned into a history lesson rather than answering the question. It just is and I cannot understand people who don't like it. There that's the best I can do!!
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    Fairport Convention - Red & Gold LP
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    Well you guessed right ,..adam ..beobloke went back in time to view his mag review of the mabons and they weigh 33kg..each.
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    Marillion ‎– Misplaced Childhood
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    To me it's a bit like asking why we eat food! I would rather be blind than deaf and never heard music again.
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    True but kind of irrelevant. People are under the impression that Ethernet cables carry digital data. They don't; they carry analogue signals that represent digital data. Those analogue signals are usually associated with high levels of noise and distortion. This does not matter from the digital data perspective, because, with error correction, the digital data can (as you say) still be retrieved with 100% accuracy. That leaves two issues which may affect audio reproduction. The first of these is timing errors, specifically jitter. As very low levels of jitter can affect sound quality, whether or not it is present to a relevant degree can be difficult to demonstrate. But given that all streaming via Ethernet and TCP/IP is buffered and that it is the very accurate clocking on the DS that controls the timing of the stream, it is difficult to argue that the characteristics of the Ethernet connection have any effect on jitter. And in the case quoted by Phobic (sound quality different with Ethernet plugged in and unplugged), it seems particularly unlikely that the problem is related to jitter. That leaves noise. There is no doubt that Ethernet connections produce and carry significant levels of (by definition, analogue) noise. There is equally no doubt that keeping noise out of the analogue domain of any streamer is a major challenge, particularly given the very low noise floor at which DS(M)s are supposed to operate. So it is reasonable to suggest that, at least in the first instance, Phobic's diagnostic efforts should centre on noise suppression and reduction. Given that, in any electronic system, almost every component generates noise, changing one single component is unlikely to be the whole answer to any problem. Defeating noise is a war of attrition. This is why I, in company I suspect with Phobic, am deeply sceptical of the idea that one given cable or device is the invariable solution to any noise problem in any system. The starting point for any diagnosis has to be the assumption that the system being considered is sui generis. Parallels with other systems may emerge, but cannot be assumed from the outset. When I have encountered issues, I have tended to try to reroute relevant parts of the network, bypassing potentially suspect components such as particular switches, rather than replacing those components on an ad hoc basis. Long Ethernet cables that can temporarily be run across the floor and from room to room can be very useful and relatively inexpensive diagnostic tools. David
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    I went for ardens as I have a room big enough but.... Tannoy legacy are forever speakers (even 18 months in as self diagnosed terrible system changer😁)
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    As we are all music lovers, I thought it may be a good idea to start a thread on related documentaries etc. Incidentally, I watched the two part documentary 'Laurel Canyon' on ARTE TV (in the German language) yesterday. It features the US westcoast scene around LA from approximately 1965 - 1975. I'd bet, those of you with an interest in these good old days would love to watch it. It's still available on the web in the 'ARTE Mediathek'. You can select German, English, or French language in the player, but I'm not sure about geo-restrictions. Those who try may want to report back. Here are the links https://www.arte.tv/de/videos/098138-001-A/laurel-canyon-1-2/ https://www.arte.tv/de/videos/098138-002-A/laurel-canyon-2-2/ Happy watching!
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    Sarah McLachlan. Afterglow. CD. Says on Wiki she has sold 40m albums, blimey!!. Good though.
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    [1986] Talk Talk ‎– The Colour Of Spring [flac]
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    I'd be inclined to put it back together a bit half sharp and contact the seller about a return and refund, especially as your covered all ways by eBay and PayPal. It's then up to the seller to argue the toss with the courier about compensation for the damage. The courier won't deal with you as you weren't their customer, just the addressee.
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    Thank you ThomasOK for this brilliant write up. ‘I think we all appreciate you summarizing your life-time of gained knowledge and experience with the LP-12. This guide should be essential to all that want to own an LP-12 or all those that have an LP-12 and looking for a clear path forward of future upgrades.
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    Well, this is a big question with a lot of answers so let me give it a try. Since the OP is new I'll also give a little background that most on here know. I have been in the consumer electronics business for almost 43 years. I have worked for four different Hi-Fi shops and also for the US Linn and Naim distributor in the mid-80s. All the shops I worked at were Linn dealers otherwise I wouldn't work there. I have also had experience with many other turntables including the Regas that I have also always sold. I am the LP12 setup person at the store where I work now and I have been in that capacity, as well as sales, in every place I have worked. The list of turntables I have setup, and often rebuilt or refurbished, is long and includes: Thorens (including the TD124), VPI, SOTA, Clearaudio, Basis, AMG, ProJect, SME, Technics, Denon, Revox, Harman Kardon (including Rabco), Dual, Onkyo, Rotel, Benjamin (ELAC) Miracord, Lenco, Garrard, BIC, U-Turn, Schue, Teres, and I'm sure many more I don't currently recall, including a few custom built tables. I have yet to hear any table at twice the price of any version of the LP12 that I have found as musical. So is the LP12 expensive? Well it certainly isn't cheap but expensive is a relative term. To some customers we help out, like the young lady who was in yesterday wanting help to get her poorly designed Crosley to work, a Rega Planar 1 at $475 was expensive. (All prices listed are US.) To other people the Klimax LP12 isn't expensive enough, or blingy enough, to impress their friends - they don't buy from us because we don't sell the kind of gear that is about appearance, status, specs and "detail" rather than musical enjoyment. To put it in perspective, the last time I checked there were over a dozen turntables that sold for over $100,000 and that was a couple of years ago. The release of ultra-expensive gear hasn't slowed down so I'm sure there are more now. I have not worked on any of these but I have heard many of them at Hi-Fi shows and dealer showrooms and have yet to hear one that impressed me. I have had people sell $30,000 or more turntables to get an LP12 once they heard the difference. So my perspective the LP12, while not cheap, is very reasonable for the price in terms both of musical perfromance and construction quality. Linn spend money where it is important: Karousel, Keel, Ekos SE, etc. and use basic, but carefully chosen, parts where they serve their function well, like nuts, bolts, washers, springs, screws, etc. That and a design that IMHO has not been beaten allows them to provide a level of performance nobody else can match for the money or even a substantial premium above the price, and that holds for the Klimax LP12 as well as it does for the Majik LP12. That brings us to the different versions, the differences, and how to upgrade. As to the perfromance difference it doesn't make sense to me to try and delineate what each cartridge, arm, sub chassis, etc. does to the sound. The important thing is that each LP12 upgrade from Linn digs more information from the groove, lets you hear more of the music and gets you more into the groove - the emotional communication that music is all about. Sonically most also tighten up things, reducing resonances that interfere with the music and also reduce the audibility of surface noise. While Linn list three versions of the LP12, with the exception of the Majik LP12 the parts are really sold a'la carte. In other words the price of the Akurate and Klimax LP12 is the sum total of the cost of the included parts and the dealer doesn't receive a built turntable but six boxes which they assemble into a working LP12. Because of this (and for other reaons I will cover in a bit) there is no necessity of buying things in specific packages - indeed it can be musically counterproductive. So we'll start with the Majik LP12. This is the exception in that Linn subsidizes the low price, now $4995 in the US, by discounting the package and it is shipped partially assembled in two boxes, one with the dustcover, hinges, etc. This is a bargain at the price which not only represents a savings of over $1000 over buying all the constituent parts, but which I would also put up against any other turntable at twice the price. Indeed I feel so strongly about the value this LP12 represents that I would argue it makes sense to start with this as a basis and add upgrades, even at the time of purchase, unless you are looking at spending around $13,000+ right off the bat. The Majik LP12 includes the Karousel, Majik sub-chassis and armboard, Majik power supply and motor, Krane arm and Adikt cartridge. A good solid platform to build on. So how to build on it? There is a hierarchy in the importance of the various parts of an LP12. Once you have the Karousel the next most important upgrade, eclipsing all the others combined, is the motor/power supply. The Lingo 4 at $1890 is a very big upgrade, the Radikal is a huge upgrade at $4250 and with a Trampolin 2 will make the best $9500 turntable you can buy when added to a Majik LP12, while also outperforming the Akurate LP12 at $10,900 despite staying with the Majik sub chassis, Krane arm and Adikt cartridge. The next most important upgrade is the sub chassis. Once again there are two options, the Kore at $1200 which offers quite an improvement and the Keel at $3250 which takes you to the top level. There, however, is a hitch here as the Keel really only works with certain arms. The Akito 3 on the Akurate LP12 is not one of them (unless you don't mind giving up your cueing device). The Jelco and the ProJect that used to come with the Majik LP12 also don't work. The Ekos SE (currently version /1) is what the Keel was designed for but it also works with older Ekos and Ittok arms. One big question I have is whether the Krane can fit on a Keel. I probably won't know that until late November when they start shipping but it would be a game changer if it did. Only when you have the best possible motor/controller and sub chassis should you consider upgrading arm and the cartridge, again in that order. An Ekos SE/1 at $4250 with the $640 Adikt/3 will musically outperform the Krane or $2400 Akito 3 with a $4710 Kandid. I have not heard the Krane so I can't comment on how close it is to the Akito 3. Although I expect the Akito will still be a worthwhile upgrade I would tend to save up and jump directly to the Ekos SE/1 as it is truly superb and the best I have heard, although you will need the Keel to get all it can give. So once the rest is sorted it brings us to the cartridge. This is in some ways a more interesting choice. When you have a Klimax LP12 in everything but the cartridge and phono stage - Karousel, Radikal, Keel, Ekos SE/1 - any good cartridge will sound really, really good. The extra consideration with the cartridge is that it is a wear item and will need to be replaced, or have the stylus replaced on an Adikt, on a regular basis, whereas the rest of the LP12 will run for decades (with an occasional belt and tune-up). This means that whenever you wear out the stylus you are looking at $320 for an Adikt stylus, but a $1450 replacement for the Krystal and a $3510 replacement for the Kandid. The other consideration is the phono stage since a really top quality MC phono stage, like the Lejonklou Entity at $2695, is more costly than an equivalent MM phono stage, but at least it is also a one time purchase. These figures lead different people to make different choices. There are those who use the Adikt, which is an excellent MM cartridge and sounds better than most inexpensive MCs, especially when paired with a Lejonklou Slipsik 7.1 phono stage, as it is a very frugal way to play your records. Others who want the extra information retrieval of a really very good MC like the Krystal at $1900 will go for that as it still costs less than half as much to replace as the Kandid. But if you want IMO the most music money can buy, the Kandid will get you there. Partially to reduce complexity I have purposely not touched on third party cartridges, arms or especially turntable parts. The last is because I have yet to hear ANY third party "upgrade" for the LP12, other than most of the Harban plinths which are going away, that didn't make the LP12 LESS musical than with the stock Linn parts. And I have heard countless top plates, motors and controllers, sub chassis, armboards, plinths, mats, etc. Arms are a different story and there are some arms from other companies that have been worthwhile on an LP12 and a lot that haven't been. Cartridges have a wider range of possibilities as some people like different sounds than others and the cartridge will make the biggest cosmetic (not the same as musical) difference in the sound. I won't get into a bunch of recommendations here, although if you really want frugal record playing the $49 Audio Technica VM-95e or $34 VM-95c are impossible to beat. But also, my experience is that the Linn cartridges and arms perform better than anything I have heard at the price so I use a Kandid in one of my LP12s and an Adikt in the other. I think that pretty much covers the gamut but feel free to post a question if anything could use more explanation or if I left anything out.
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    The DC blocking won't do a damn thing unless you have DC on your mains supply so how a Syncro can improve the sound from your system is a mystery, unless you have DC on the supply.
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    Shawshank Man who would be king forrest gump edward scissorhands the girl on the bridge les untouchables jean de florette/manon des sources live at pompeii
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    There is a lot of Neil Young that I like and admire yet sometimes his voice grates with me. Bjork was the one who I really couldn't stand.
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    In no order... Annie Hall Secrets & Lies Amelie Death In Venice The Remains Of The Day The Big Lebowski Female Trouble Serial Mom Fight Club Zelig The Night Porter Being John Malkovich Passport To Pimlico East is East Rocky Horror Picture Show The Blues Brothers ...and lots, lots more (please phone for details)
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    yes avoid talk talk . my elderly neighbour has just tried to at least 2 months to get internet with talk talk to no success , they are just DIABOLICAL
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    Anything penned / produced by either Max Martin or Doctor Luke which seems to include just about every radio friendly artist these days. As for Kanye West or Ed Sheeraan I just don't get their popularity.
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    For me it has to be Bob Dylan , admire the songs and can see the beauty in some of his lyrics but please , please Bob do not sing . I just have to reach for the off button . Next in line for me is Bruce Springsteen another voice I just can not listen to and feel comfortable and I just do not get why the adulation for him is so strong .
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    Andrei Tarkovsky - Stalker (1979) Richard C. Sarafian - Vanishing Point (1971) Ingmar Bergman - The Seventh Seal (1957) Stanley Kubrick - Dr. Strangelove (1964) Bob Fosse - Cabaret (1972) Jean-Jacques Beineix - Betty Blue (1986) Lindsay Anderson - if... (1968) Michael Cimino - The Deer Hunter (1978) Stanley Kubrick - The Shining (1980) Francis Ford Coppola - The Godfather (1972) Francis Ford Coppola - Apocalypse Now (1979) Jean-Pierre Melville - Le Samourai (1967) Milos Forman - One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975) And so many others...
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    Aye, the Mrs loves her "bodies" on the TV, as she calls the whodunits that she's addicted to. Thankfully she has her own den to watch the blessed things in, and I have my music room. We plan a meetup at least once a fortnight, by prior arrangement.
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    What you definitely don’t want is a pair of Q Anon speakers..............🤪
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    What benefits are there to gold plating an optical lead? Just asking like...