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    And you think actives are any different? Good luck!
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    Time for my most published picture on the Wam again. But, no, I didn’t do a listening test. Tightening two pairs of plates under six screws when you’ve largish fingers isn’t easy however, so this seemed like a worthwhile move. At about 1% of the speakers price I didn’t think it extravagant either. It definitely looks much nicer.
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    Yes he was a great sport , RIP Des .
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    Aye im still here dont worry, any service requirements for my speakers will still be honored under there original 5 year warranty, the address is the same as where they were purchased from, the write up on the website as you have probably all guessed was nothing to do with me and as you can see, it doesnt even have my contact details on it, i cant say much about those 2 as not much of it would be nice, there is an ongoing solicitors battle taking place to try and resolve things, but yeah im still here wife is doing great after she had the heart attack in May when all this crap started and at some point i will get back to doing what i love doing and wont be daft enough to let anybody into the business again.. cheers for all your support over the years, its great to know there is a bit of back up out there...thanks guys...
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    My memory is definitely going, but I have built more than a few different things. BTW, just looking at your avatar, I was at Home Park the other day for a blood test (it's being used as an NHS test centre) and spent ages watching a groundsman walking up and down spraying something on the pitch. That bored, I was watching grass grow!
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    A thing of beauty 👀
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    95 years old today! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OE9pT_jpf9w
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    You asked a general question about how well do DIY speakers compare with off the shelf equivalents - what I hear is that, £ for £, Diy speakers will be better by 50% or so. That's a bold statement I know, but my Jantzen TQWT were a DIY build by SteveS and I paid £700 plus travel for them. I would have to spend over £1K on the used market to beat them I reckon. The builder said that he estimated he spent £1500 to buy the kit, and the wood and that includes his time . DIY scores in specialist areas such as high efficiency systems where mainstream manufacturers and retailers come up a bit short..this isnt Sevenoaks Hifi territory.
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    Heather Nova Pearl 180g mesmerising voice
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    No, you're not. Having spent more time than is strictly good for me fiddling with stuff like this, I found that they made the square root of bugger all difference. Frankly, a decent glass of Rioja has a bigger effect (when you drink it; not pour it on the speaker connections, obviously...)
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    Yes - and the spike-RNA vaccine doesn't need to be stored at such extreme temperatures, which makes it a much better candidate for wide distribution, especially in remote parts of the world. Unfortunately, I think we are probably too late to head off the tinfoil helmet brigade - I'm flabbergasted by how many of my friends, who seem to be otherwise moderately rational, seem to be up for the anti-vax nonsense. Over to you, Darwin...
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    I wish I could lease my Hifi sometimes, just like I do with my car these days. New kit every three years - yes please!
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    We used to have a gas fire where the metal front panel vibrated, but only at high sound levels. It was a bugger to find. And I cracked a window with Tannoy Monitor Gold 15s, that went at a VERY high level! These are not guesses, but actual experiences.
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    Just cut the amount needed from your speaker cables and make your own.
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    You're an audiophile if you can buy a respectable automobile for the same funds.
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    Pheobe Bridgers - Stranger In The Alps. Tidal
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    It's quite a design icon from the 70s. Given the condition and originality it might be worth emailing the Design Museum in W8, London. They are probably too strapped for cash but I suspect they'll want to sniff around! Sent from my BLA-L09 using Tapatalk
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    Sorry but this sentence is conflicted (even though you do say it's your "general opinion" rather than actual fact, for which I salute you, along with the rest of your post!). If you haven't heard a TVC, you simply haven't heard what a proper passive does. Passive pre-amps which are neither transformer (TVC) or Autoformer (AVC) put a potentiometer in the signal path which degrades the signal. The whole point of a TVC is that nothing gets lost, to use your terminology. An active doesn't bring anything to the table, it clears the table and serves its own food. You might like that food, but until you've tasted proper wholesome, nutritious, organic TVC you haven't heard music as nature intended. Frankly, you won't know what the rst of your kit is actually capable of until you've heard a TVC/AVC passive in your system. If you then decide to go in another direction, absolutely your call.
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    Been a while: looking forward to catching up this evening! One from the weekend (edit..... something gone wonky with the fast n diirty snapseed edit there)
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    The Unknown Quarryman 1914 by Mr ff1d1l, on Flickr The Trains Don't Run Here Any More by Mr ff1d1l, on Flickr
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    He would happily laugh at himself, which I find an endearing trait.
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    Never mind that- full report required when received.
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    Just wanted to add that I messaged Michell on Saturday with a link to this thread and he just phoned me with some really useful information. Also, the recent Ebay sale of a deck and arms, the value RR suggested above and his valuation align very closely so job done. So thank you all very much and a big thanks to Steve - clearly one of those well established UK manufactures of fine quality Hi Fi that are run by great people.
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    Underworld - Dubnobasswithmyheadman:
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    https://www.amazon.co.uk/OMERIL-Lightweight-Waterproof-Headlight-Batteries/dp/B07CM41Q18/ref=asc_df_B07CM41Q18/?tag=googshopuk-21&linkCode=df0&hvadid=309816003291&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=3868165791506188269&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=t&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9046501&hvtargid=pla-467211374570&psc=1 This shouldn't ruin the mood at all😁
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    A nice disc of Vaughan Williams. It was incredibly cheap to download from Chandos. Suite for Viola and Orchestra plus extras.
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    Yeah that’s definitely something I miss with them also. I actually tried smart plugs with these but they had clear effect on sound quality so I removed and returned them. The smart plugs I tried were made by Osram who mostly make lighting stuff so probably the smart plugs were aimed to switch lights on/off. Power ratings were ok but still it sounded like something was holding off the 40’s. Less dynamic and duller sound. ADSM/3 works great with ATC. Great one box solution and comes with the marvelous space optimisation which really helps a lot in positioning speakers in room. I come from mid-range Naim stack + passive 40’s and my current simple setup of adsm + actives wipes the floor with the old setup. Actives are in different league really.
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    From the "Bude Sea Pool" series Into the sea pool by Tillman Kleinhans ARPS EFIAP/g DPAGB BPE4* Hon LCPU, on Flickr Canon 5D4 + 70-200L f4 IS, 1/4s @ f32, ISO100 raw. PP in ACR.
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    Anyone considering ATC SCM40, and in particular the Active version, should read this thread. The title and pics are no clue to the content, hence linking it here.
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    Here’s mine and will be finding it’s way on a Gyro very soon
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    To follow up @Phobic to get a decent cup of coffee it is very important to start with fresh beans so it is crucial to know when they were roasted. Anything roasted more than a few months earlier will not give you a result as good as you could get with fresher beans, although it might still taste okay. That's why I buy freshly roasted beans whenever possible in bigger volumes to get the best price, but they are likely to be more expensive than supermarket beans. Coffee Compass were good: https://www.coffeecompass.co.uk/collections/espresso-range/products/mystery-coffee-mark-13-1kg £14.50 a kilo Django sometimes have good offers on kilo bags, but none at the moment sadly: https://www.djangocoffeeco.com/collections/coffee-beans-online-order-coffee-online Hasbean has a good starter pack - 4 x 250 gm's of different beans for £20: https://www.hasbean.co.uk/collections/starter-packs/products/espresso-pack The Rave coffee Christmas blend was really good last year so will be putting that on my Christmas pressie list! https://ravecoffee.co.uk/collections/coffee-bean-blends/products/christmas-blend-no-12?variant=36995876782248 Cheers
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    2 hours ago, chrisph said: to take the Digital Audio Coax output from my Soncoz SGD1 DAC into a miniDSP DDRC24 TOSLINK input. I expect you have a good reason but why are you sending the digital signal via the Soncoz DAC? The DAC is taking inputs from my CD player, PC (USB or Bluetooth) and Squeezebox touch and I want to feed the digital signal output to the DDRC24. So it will be my digital preamp for my system, if that is the right terminology. Hopefully this approach will work. I am using the RCA inputs on the DDRC24 for my TT/Phono.
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    Highly recommend this - the wife and I really enjoyed it and we have zero interest in chess.
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    I find a similar disc by Isotek useful for setting up the sound stage as I often swap speakers, or move them around to experiment.
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    Visit to Guildford Audio By George Sallit I have written previously about a visit to Guildford Audio https://www.hifiwigwam.com/forum/topic/145135-guildford-audio-mini-visit/. When I was there with Trevor (esteemed owner of Guildford Audio) he suggested I might like a proper visit and spend the day in the demo room. Before he could say ‘possibly’ I had accepted the offer and was booking it into his diary! So, a week or so later I arrived at Guildford Audio towers. Guildford Audio have their normal ‘room’ sized demo room in the house and now it is accompanied by a new demo room in a purpose-built external building. So, we sidled up to the work area and having grabbed a coffee we ‘spun the wheel’ about how things were going and the audio business in general. Having had an exemplary career in the electrical / energy industry and having built a successful international business for other large organisations, Trevor decided to step out of the limelight for a while and spend time enjoying the finer things in life, primarily motorcycles and music. Being a radio amateur talented engineer, he became somewhat frustrated by the quality of the hifi dealer network. Consequently, he started his own business as he could not get anyone to provide the sort of service he wanted when buying audio equipment. He wanted personal service geared towards him, not what was easy to sell or gave the dealer the most commission. He wanted to compare audio products and select those that interested him and hear them at home in his system. Revolutionary at that time. And that was what he has set himself to achieve. His products had to sound great, last, and be easily serviced and well supported. Ambitious if nothing else as box selling was very common then. So, over the years Trevor has built up his dealership to provide high-quality service and sell some of the most desirable audio products around. The range is wide and although I will concentrate on two super systems Guildford Audio sell systems at a more achievable price from companies like Project, Harbeth and Lavardin. However, I had come to see and hear the big boys! Yes, both systems were super expensive and I can’t afford them but that is not a reason to avoid listening and enjoying them. I asked Trevor how business was doing and he said that with people trapped at home by Covid they wanted to improve their system’s sound quality. So, people were upgrading and business was brisk. Oddly enough the ‘super’ systems were also doing well with two systems based on Wilson Alexxs soon to go out of the doors. Add a sale of a pair of Wilson XVXs, as well as a Dan D’Agostino Relentless amplifiers and the usual Dan amps including the M300 and M400 monoblocks, sales were good. Trevor thought it was his best performance so far but I think Gavin was thinking about all that weight to carry around. Relentless amplifiers are a four-man lift as they weigh 0.26 tonnes!!! Oh, and if you like power they produce 1.5 Kw into 8 ohms, doubling down to 3 kW at 4 ohms and of course 6 kW at 2 ohms. Arc welding anyone? You will have to provide 10 kW of electricity to feed them as well. Yes, the prices are high but these systems are some of the best there is and are showpieces of what can be achieved when the cost is not a constraint. All of these companies make more affordable products that benefit from the knowledge and technology used in the cost no object equipment. Over to the new demo room. Designed and built in house, this a modern room with no perfectly parallel sides and different depths of plasterboards to reduce resonance. In addition, there are adjustable room treatments but they have avoided that dead, monitoring room sound. It felt and sounded more like a real room that human beings would live in. Big but this was for the big systems. So, what was the system? The speakers were the Wilson Audio Alexx, tall big and butch. These speakers look like they mean business and they do but in a surprising way as they have phenomenal power with great subtlety. Adding some scale here are the boys. The long of it (Wilson Alexx) and the short (LS3/5As). I just told Trevor I wanted a pair of Wilson Chronosonics hence his look of surprise! Feeding them was a pair of ARC 160M monoblocks, I heard the stereo version previously. The preamplifier was the ARC Ref 6 SE, the latest version and at last, the pre and power amplifiers have the same livery. And yes, we played louder than 8. On CD duties was the ARC Ref 9 SE player. For analogue duties, there was an ARC Ref 3 SE phono stage fed by a Tech Das Airforce 2 turntable with Graham Phantom Elite arm and a Koetsu Tiger Eye cartridge. For streaming duties, there was the dCS Vivaldi stack. The cables were supplied by Transparent Audio with Reference XL for the speakers and the interconnects. Feeding the electricity was a Shunyata Denali V2 Power Distributor Fed by Omega Power Cable. Shunyata digital cables were the Omega for Ethernet and Sigma V2 for digital interconnects and clock cables. So, what did this set-up sound like? In a word/two staggeringly good. It was beyond any previous references I had heard so a bit difficult to compare with other systems. Trevor gave me the Roon controller and said play what you want. So, I did. I started with a gentile track from Leonard Cohen, You Want it Darker, the title track from the same-named album. The track starts with a male choir and the voices just appeared in the room. It was easy to hear the individual voices, their individual tones and characters as well as hearing how they all came together, floating in space. And then in comes Leonard. His voice is deep, as the years have taken their toll, whispered, close-miked and real. There is some delicate cymbal playing and it was clear how it was being played, although it was more a background instrument. Next, no restraint, Hans Zimmer Are you Serious from the Batman film. A great mixture of an orchestra and electronic effects. Best played LOUD and boy could this system play LOUD, VERY LOUD. Totally in control. And forget any ideas about valves having soft bass. This set up had real impact and power and it did not change, no matter what the volume levels were. And so it went on for the next few hours. I was in audiophile heaven. It was then time to hear a great solid-state based system in the house in a more typical living room. Yes, Wilson Alexx in a normal living room! The Wilson Audio Alexxs this time were in a fetching silver. The preamplifier was the Dan D’Agostino HD preamplifier. Note the lovely copper and polished stainless steel and multiply by 10 to get the look of these amplifiers in real life. This fed the Dan D’Agostino monoblocks. Providing digital duties was the dCS Bartok streamer/DAC. This new baby from dCS is causing quite a stir based on its looks, build quality and most importantly it's sound quality. No skimping on cables. Transparent Audio Opus cables were pressed into service for the speakers and balanced interconnects. And the sound quality? On the same Hans Zimmer track, the bass was deep and powerful but I preferred the ARC valves for sheer shock and awe. The Dan D’Agostino bass was tighter and probably more accurate but the ARC’s bass had real blood and guts. Neither was dry and both just ‘breathed’. Either system would satisfy and there were more similarities than differences. But the differences were preferences and I like what the valves did. But if you offered me the SS amplifiers I would not say go away…..more likely come in and do NOT expect me to help you schelp them around. And on the way back we had a look at their new Covid safe demo room!!! In final discussions, Trevor said he always tries to ensure the customer gets exactly what ‘they’ want. Yes, some awkward people constantly change their minds and there are a few of the ‘give me a demo and I’ll buy from the internet’ but most people play fair and for Trevor, the main thing is to treat the customers as human beings and not walking wallets. That way they will want to return. He is more interested in long term relationships, not a quick box shifting deal. Prices: OK. Both systems cost about the same at £280K and £360K with the TT set up but that is not the point, this is what they can do without cost constraints. These companies have all the gains of this equipment and can use them on less costly equipment. For me, it was a new reference point. Great day and yes, I have a new amplifier from their used stock. https://guildfordaudio.co.uk/
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    Which of course falls into the trap of making two major assumptions. The first is that it is a review from an independent 'user', and the second is that the 'user' has actually used it. I have had far too much life experience to fall into the trap of automatically assuming anything, and when I see (as others have) word-for-word repetition of somewhat overly flowery praise of some product or other, my BS detector goes into overdrive. This is especially the case when the product in question has been on the market for literally just a few days. This is not cynicism, this is taking an impartial stance.
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    A fool and his money are soon parted.
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    OK. I'll bite. I've seen this item being spammed across many forums and even more Facebook user groups. Sometimes the text (I don't normally post to these forums) is virtually the same. That doesn't necessarily make it a bad product but it does set my alarm bells ringing. I've seen a lot of 'flavour of the month' products being wildly praised in the past. Most are debunked and forgotten, now. £300 for a metal shim? To me, it fits in a similar category to the £130 mains fuses, in that the material value is so shockingly poor compared to the price that I simply don't need to hear it. I guess it's made of unobtainium, though? The 'benefit' value is always an interesting one. If your turntable were badly set up and I set it up properly for you, it might take me 30 minutes, tops...but you would experience a dramatic improvement for the rest of time. Would £30 for 30 minutes work be fair? Or should I charge £500 for the dramatic benefit? I expect manufacturers to make a worthwhile multiple - around 4 times the build cost (dealers will add their 40% on to that), and more for items that have required extensive R&D. I certainly don't expect stuff to be given away. At £100? I'm giving it a try. At £300? Not a chance.
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    What an absolute tragedy, I really hope Alan can regain control and start manufacturing again.
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    I just got a new job at the guillotine factory. I’ll beheading there shortly.
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    I didn’t think that you were that old!!!
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    Irish historians have discovered the headstone of the oldest man to have lived. He was 193 and was called Miles from Dublin.
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    The LP12 dosn't need to be constantly 'fettled' despite claims to the contrary on numerous fora (mainly by people who have never owned one). Once it's set up. it's set up. The only thing tat's going to make it go out of tune is poorly transporting it.
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    Frau Merkel goes on a short visit to Poland. Passport check at Warsaw airport: Name? Frau Merkel: Angela Merkel PC: Nationality? Frau Merkel: German PC: Occupation? Frau Merkel: No, just here for the weekend
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    If I stick my elbows out when I wake up and there's no wood either side that's a bonus
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    Someone called Buster has been sending me spam WhatsApp messages. They are all youtube videos of 70's pop/rock band The Sweet. Does anyone know the way? There's got to be a way.. to block Buster? ?
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