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    Ok Benz now fitted, not for the feint hearted fitting this. But easy really especially with the Audiomods arm as I can even get the VTA exact (slightly down at the back). Anyway it’s on and as soon as it hit the black stuff WOW!! I’ve had a few MC’s over the years but god this is singing brilliantly straight out the box!! I’ve loaded the BB3 at 100R for now and it’s sublime! I went for the 0.8mV version as it is much kinder on the volume. Seriously no background noise and I can hardly hear any surface noise! fast, dynamic and imagery is spot on. This BB3 phonostage is a revelation and makes the EAR I tried sound average. Bit of Yello, then Led Zeppelin and then to Buddy Holly.. nothing can compare to this phonostage imo at the money. I’ll be listening most of the evening methinks Much easier to align cartridge when you can see the stylus 😊
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    Aye im still here dont worry, any service requirements for my speakers will still be honored under there original 5 year warranty, the address is the same as where they were purchased from, the write up on the website as you have probably all guessed was nothing to do with me and as you can see, it doesnt even have my contact details on it, i cant say much about those 2 as not much of it would be nice, there is an ongoing solicitors battle taking place to try and resolve things, but yeah im still here wife is doing great after she had the heart attack in May when all this crap started and at some point i will get back to doing what i love doing and wont be daft enough to let anybody into the business again.. cheers for all your support over the years, its great to know there is a bit of back up out there...thanks guys...
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    [2020] Lonely Robot ‎– Feelings Are Good [flac]
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    Talking Heads - Speaking in Tongues LP
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    Looking from Hartland Quay. Hartland Quay, looking south. by Tillman Kleinhans ARPS EFIAP/g DPAGB BPE4* Hon LCPU, on Flickr Canon 5D4 +24-105L, 1/200s @ f9, ISO100 raw. PP in ACR & NikSFX
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    Moloko - Do You Like My Tight Sweater? CD.
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    Keyhole by Mr ff1d1l, on Flickr
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    As you guys know my CD player didn't come with a remote. After spending a while looking on auction sites etc, I decided to call Exposure Electronics this morning. They are sending me a brand new remote out... for £20 incl. postage.
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    Yes and I’m a proud owner of the Lector 4 box setup ....incredibly musical and so non digital
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    This is indeed been my way of testing for many years. This is why I don’t see a tweak, that works for me, as being a mistake. I love to read the way others improve their systems and also read product reviews and manufactures claims before I purchase something, but I am capable of deciding for my self if it’s an improvement or not. And if not, Ebay is my get out clause.
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    Townshend Audio have been proponents of decoupling for many years. I have used their products for several years and found it makes my system much more musical. Here is a short youtube video of Max doing a demo and explanation of why he thinks it make speakers sound better on both concrete and wooden floors. Although they seem very wobbly, they are tuned to prevent vibration above 3Hz. So if you push the speakers they do move
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    this is a bit basic and it doesn't cover resonance in wooden floors which for me personally is my biggest benefit from decoupling - I can actually hear my floor if I hard couple. https://bestspeakerstand.com/speaker-coupling/ This link goes into a bit more the physics of what's going on, worth noting that if you buy proper isolation feet or platforms that they're designed to manage forward/backward, side to side, and up/down motion in different ways to address some of the points raised in the paper. https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?attachments/genesis_loudspeaker_coupling_decoupling-pdf.57680/ Key thing though is this is very dependent on your floor, if you have a good solid concrete floor then coupling is best as anchoring to a big mass will help stop cabinet vibration. At the other extreme a bouncy suspended wooden floor which resonates and moves due to the bass isn't going to work in the same way with coupling as it's not a big stable mass. There was another thread where a structural engineer warned that not all concrete slabs are created the same though, some can resonate quite badly depending on their structure. If you don't know how your floors constructed it might be best to try and measure if there's any floor movement or resonance 1st, and then give isolation a try if there is - it can be quite situational though.
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    The retailer who sold me a sub last March said that it never failed to amaze him how many hi fi lovers will spend £silly on cables etc to try and correct what’s not quite right with their systems, when the solution is often a carefully tuned in sub. He was not a Linn dealer but sold some top notch kit including big ATCs. He firmly believed that subs could improve nearly all systems and nearly all speakers, whatever their size. My limited experience with a sub has, so far, been very positive.
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    Just received today. Excellent build quality: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BRAND-NEW-MODEL-SPECIAL-EDITION-RHODIUM-CRYO-CLASSIC-1-5-MTRE-IEC-MAINS-CABLE/402522883664?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
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    Jimi Hendrix Experience - Are You Experienced.
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    I'm nearly finished building a Pass F5 with boards /parts mostly from diyaudio. I've run into a couple of issues with the biasing and the diyaudio forum has been a great source of help, so if you need any hand-holding (like me) I would recommend going down this route.
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    The characteristic impedance of a speaker is as much down to the drive units as to the crossover and there are also effects resulting from the electrical reaction of drivers. None of this can be modelled in a dummy load and every speaker is different. Without accounting for that, a blunt instrument method of measuring is inherently flawed. It proves that one specific property can be measurably different in a laboratory situation, but that cannot be extrapolated to real-world conditions. Skin effect? No idea other than theoretical. The theory of 'it cannot have an effect at audio frequencies' has been questioned, and also for other effects. Once we understood the actual way electricity flows through a wire, it became clear that things like skin effect and dialectrics can and do have an influence at any frequency. As before, however, the magnitude is another thing entirely. Nobody has yet looked at the issue with the scientific rigour it would need, because it is far more complex than it appears at first. There is a great deal of published work about all sorts of cable and dialectric properties at single AC frequencies, and especially high frequencies, as there are obvious large-scale commercial interests for power distribution, radio transmission and the electronics industry. The problem with audio is that it is a signal with a near infinite combination of frequencies and magnitudes and it is also at overall relatively low levels, which adds layers of complication for measuring. The other problem is that the actual commercial applications are relatively extremely small scale.
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    Built a Wonfor SECA from kit, that sounds excellent, polished, hefty, tonally spot on. Its currently in the system, love it. Of course its not perfect but what amp is? I've got a DIYAudio MoFo built but not tested yet. Thats a weird one, single stage, single ended pure class A, but the 'active' element is a choke! Good for high output pre amps apparently, that's why I've built it. Lots of fun, my class A sand amps have been a doddle compared to valve builds.
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    the theory on decoupling from suspended wooden floors is pretty clear, not a mistake to do this at all.
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    Hi Rich. Happy to send you my Dr Feikart protractor on short-term loan, (you cover postage) you'd then only need to get a pair of digi scales and an azimuth block which should be no more than £15 all in. I would get this type of scale as it weighs the cart at record level.
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    Says his hometown is Hong Kong in the description.
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    I’m sure that was true for your combination of speaker, room and floor. That’s why these things aren’t universal. There are too many permutations to ensure every condition will make an improvement. A bit like Space Optimisation, where many relish the lack of boom and yet some ask “where has all the bass gone?”. Besides, none of us hear or like exactly the same results, otherwise there wouldn’t be thousands of piece of Hifi to choose from.
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    I don't feel so inadequate now. Seems a professional job...
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    Stick another name on it and people would lap it up. It just highlights the prejudices (not only) in this hobby.
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    I’m not a techie, but I think the simple answer is that the speakers will wobble at a lower frequency than their lowest bass note. So it won’t diminish the wanted output, but will reduce unwanted vibration or reflection through the floor.
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    King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard/Fishing For Fishies:
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    Latest revisions to the very comprehensive and thoroughly essential LP12 Setup guides are now available for free from the Cymbiosis Website https://www.cymbiosis.com/download/setting-up-your-lp12-volume-i/ Or the links I've added below every home should have one. https://www.cymbiosis.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Setting-up-your-LP12-Volume-1.pdf https://www.cymbiosis.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Setting-up-your-LP12-Volume-II.pdf https://www.cymbiosis.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Setting-up-your-LP12-Volume-III.pdf These have been very helpful if not essential over the years and I've just found out that these have been revised and updated by the original author Peter Swain of Cymbiosis for your interest and convenience. Hope these help and yes I know other dealers are available but they haven't done this.
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    [1978] Supertramp ‎– Breakfast In America [CD]
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    Alan Parsons Project Turn of a Friendly Card Vinyl
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    Laura Marling - Song for our Daughter Qobuz
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    I use quite a few closed back headphones, some for work and some at home. Some of my favourites are Shure 1540 which are a bit cheaper than the Focal's and are my work references, and for home use MrSpeakers Aeon's which would have been around the same price, but have been replaced by Aeon 2's at £900 which I haven't heard yet. Another one to consider is Audeze LCDL closed back (there is an open back as well) at £700. It took my quite a long time to choose between the MrSpeakers and the Audeze when they where similar prices, so with the current pricing I suspect I would have chosen the Audeze instead. No idea's about cables as I make my own using Mogami. Just for completeness I use a Woo Audio W7 headphone amplifier, which looks and sounds brillant.
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    "the addition of the Wave BNC cables put the Dave and M Scaler on a new level. One that puts it in spitting distance with even more expensive DACs like the DCS Rossini." "the Dave + M Scaler + Wave Storm BNC cable combination performed at a similar level to the Rossini in my system." Two great quotes from the recent Sam Rosen review on Positive Review.
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    I cannot believe these are still for sale. Anyone looking for the classic BBC sound and style, these should be snapped up!! £4295 new!! If these had come up before I had upgraded to the Harbeth HL5+ I definitely would have had these. I’ve heard them on Sugden and they truly delight. Total bargain
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    Barry, cheap printers are loss leaders to sell ink I'd suggest that you state spec required; e.g. mono / colour, paper size, ink type (I assume at £80 new you are inkjet not laser) my advice is look at gumtree for a good 2nd hand one, quite a few near you, printers tend to be heavy vs. value so collection is cheaper . . . . just my 2p worth
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    My first real system needed a speaker upgrade so I went and bought a pair of Mission 762 standmounts. Nasssty boom n tizz boxes! Had then for a month and then swapped them for a pair of Tannoy Mercury Gold. Much better!
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    It's 1985. Every hifi journo is spoofing his pants over the Mission Cyrus 2 integrated so muggins here goes off to Laskys (remember them??) in Tott Ct Rd and buys one. No audition... 'surely it must be awesome'. Got it home and plugged it in. It was shit. Let it run-in for a couple of weeks. Still shit. Plugged by little Rotel RA820BX back in. Music and sanity restored. Some mug paid me the new price of the Cyrus to get his hands on it - apparently his dealer was struggling to get hold of one for him due to demand. Ever since then I've not believed a word spoken by any hifi magazine reviews.
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    Being over excited having purchased a new power amp so I could bi-amp, and being really disapointed for a few days at how little detail it had, before finding out that I was running without tweeters
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    HiFiWigWam wrote: :rofl: It hurts! Not sure if I posted this a while ago. In my younger inexperienced days I was in a downstairs demo room at a small hi-fi shop listening to some headphones. I plugged a pair of Beyers into an amp and cranked up Deep Purple's Speed King I was into at the time without realising I hadn't switched the speakers off. After a few seconds this bloke came charging down the stairs yelling 'I say young man, could you turn it down a tad as I have customers upstairs who can't hear me?' or words to that effect.
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    I bought a Roksan Kandy amp having never listened to it. Having had my ears shredded by its unlistenable high frequency bias i replaced it with a second hand Musical Fidelity X-A2. Lesson learned - ALWAYS listen to anything you plan on spending more than £50 on!
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    Quite right Keith. Only two boxes? Way too few
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    Which ones are the best ??? [emoji2] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Enjoy listening to music? Good God, anyone would think that was the point of this hifi stuff.
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    Spending more than £1 in richer sounds
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    Got my cock stuck in the drawer of a Mark Levinson CD player once at the Heathrow HiFi show. That was embarrassing I can tell thee.