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    Up for sale is a REL S5 SHO (Super High Output) subwoofer in high-gloss black finish. It was bought in 2018 from Peter Tyson and is in very good condition, with only the odd very small blemish that you might reasonably expect on a second-hand item. It comes with all original documentation, spikes, leads and packaging. This unit incorporates a 12" drive unit driven by a 550W amplifier, plus a downward-facing carbon passive radiator and reaches down to 21Hz (-6dB). It is also compatible with REL's LongBow, for wireless operation. For more information, visit https://rel.net/shop/powered-subwoofers/s5/ . I am asking for £850. Fully insured carriage costs from Lincoln will be £70 due to the size and weight (40KG), or £30 if you are willing to accept the risk. I will not be responsible for any damages in transit. Thank you.
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    As per title in 100% working order with only a few minor scratches. The ABS box has all it's protective padding so will be safe to post. I bought it a few weeks ago for £110 off HiFi Wigwam, they are £290 new and this functions as new. No instructions but plenty of youtube demos, it's a piecs of cake to use. As well as the QED Airlock plugs it made a cracking job of some Cardas spade ends. I think it will be ok for any plug as long as they are copper and not phospher bronze. I have now completed all my cables so it's pointless hanging on to it. Do the same, do the cables you need and pass it on. I would like £100 delivered, no offers please and I will inform buyer of postage details as I get them. Thanks.
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    Free to anyone who has use for them nice if you have a littlun who wants music in their bedroom Been having a clear out at work and I had these connected to a receiver in the factory for listening to Radio 2 lol 😂 Not in mint by any means and could do with a bit of TLC tweeter caps pushed in by an early child when they were at home and need a couple of terminal lock nuts on the back . I will look to see if I have any spare tweeters to match . jumpers are there and can be bi wired spiked stands But they work and sound good for what they are collection Junction 26 M1 Kindest regards Julian
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    Two high quality monoblocs for £900 seems a bargain to me. I know Dawson and he is a top chap.
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    [1967] The Beatles ‎– Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band [2009 remastered/reissued flac]
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    Why? Have you heard equivalent passives vs actives? I had the passive ‘40’s and moved to active 40A’s. Yes, I could have improved amplification as it appears you have done/are doing but you’re not going to reach the performance of the equivalent actives (same cabs, same drivers, everything) without spending at least twice as much as you’ll spend buying the actives in the first place. The actives don’t need to keep getting better; they’re already best. You’re as entitled as the rest of us to make your own choices but hearing actives might help you appreciate why people who have them simply don’t need to keep tweaking that part of their system; they’re like passives + amplifier + your next 100 improvements.
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    Coincidentally, I was just on the phone to a pal who works at the pointy end of aerospace and he tells me I'm slightly wrong. Apparently both Russia and the US originally used pencils, but both abandoned them due to the above mentioned problem.
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    Brilliant that actually sounds a lot more powerful than stated. A lovely sounding thing that sounds better, (in my opinion), than all the earlier amps. Bargain. Glws
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    [1970] Santana - Abraxas [flac]
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    [1975] The Who ‎– The Who By Numbers [flac]
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    [1969] Santana - Santana [flac]
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    Deep Purple - Who Do We Think We Are
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    [1973] Lynyrd Skynyrd ‎– (Pronounced 'Lĕh-'nérd 'Skin-'nérd) [flac]
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    Led Zeppelin IV. remaster flac nuff said
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    [1970] George Harrison ‎– All Things Must Pass [2001 remastered/reissued flac]
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    Simon & Garfunkel - Greatest Hits Vinyl
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    Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms. CD
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    Just to chip in and say I have the earlier version with the more basic remote and it is wonderful. I had been enjoying chord’s offerings but this has got me off upgrading for a while. DSD functionality is better I am told in other, more expensive dacs, but overall for me it conveys detail and texture very naturally and the headphone out is good enough to leave my hp8 valve amp to off much of the time. The chord hugo tt was a bit more etched, but this is a very natural presentation overall.
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    Received from lordmortlock today and coming through the restored 1979 mission 730s beautifully.
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    [1979] Dire Straits - Communiqué [flac]
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    Just a wonderful moment loved it 😍 thank you for posting.
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    [1968] The Rolling Stones - Beggars Banquet [flac]
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    Free - Free at Last CD over headphones (including bonus tracks)
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    [1968] Simon & Garfunkel ‎– Bookends [flac]
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    Led Zeppelin - 1V Original Vinyl
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    [1970] Simon and Garfunkel ‎– Bridge Over Troubled Water [flac]
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    Hawkwind - Doremi Fasol Latido CD over headphones
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    Hi @emcc_3e, yes, that's about what I found it for in the US - unfortunately with ~$48 shipping charge. Over here in Europe it's approx the same cost to consumer, with the purchase price and shipping price re-balanced. This album means a lot to me, and I'm very glad I now have a pristine copy. For future purchases I shall, however, bear in mind the price premium of MoFi here vs a "standard" pressing from Amazon or The Sound of Vinyl. Or, alternatively, get my sister in Boston, MA to pull together a bulk shipment
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    This seems like an appropriate title to play for this cold weather
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    Our elderly neighbour died of Covid a few weeks ago. Used to run errands for her and look in to make sure she was ok. She was great fun and always very kind. Occasional glass of wine with her. We were unable to attend funeral due to cv rules. Her son knocked on door and asked if we would like small memento. So we have inherited a really nice trad wooden bird table. Out of bitter comes sweet.
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    Looks like it will be a very neat and professional looking job, nice case and plenty of room to work. It really is a fantastic stage and Oliver is always there if you need him, he really is a top chap to deal with. I’ve nearly completed my one box BB3 , just a little bit of case fettling to do. The only thing that I haven’t put in is a soft start and I believe Oliver now puts one into all his builds, it’s a nice touch especially with the relays for the LED’s. Looking forward to seeing the progress👍
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    I'm unsurprisingly (for anyone who knows us) in agreement with pmcuk here. Far too many 'same old, same old' push pull tetrodes for my liking. Good to see the SIT there and a couple of the Border Patrols though.
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    Ridiculous that in their opinion there is nothing good below $4000
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    A lot of big push-pull valve amps, which I must confess don't interest me much with their usual small 9 pin inputs and KT88 type outputs. Dress them up in mahogany and chrome, but they're still the same old schematics. What was most interesting to me were the 250 SIT-3 amps which are available to buy at $4k. I've heard such a SIT amp in my system at home and it was very special. Something quite out of the ordinary - so much so that they don't actually make the SIT devices any more. And that's our loss.
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    IKEA bathroom towel rack on the left. IKEA coffee table on the right. Wilko chopping board for the 3O3, below.
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    Second hand Kontrapunct B with a FGS stylus.
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    Hi Andy and Martin. ATC definitely do have a demo room. I was given a full factory tour by Ben Lilly and shown every aspect of the build. You would be shocked for how world leading ATC are compared to the old school manufacturing they use.
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    SCA2 preamp and SCM100ASL's here. Never had an itch since. This was my listening room till a few months ago. Now living in the UK, still looking for suitable housing before my family joins me.
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    So, electrons get constipated? How weird!