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    Ivor Cutler. Although it had a pattern, crumbs on the carpet weren't wanted. We were obliged to kneel and eat cream crackers with butter and gouda on a white plate, with our heads inside the sideboard. This was a treat ! Because there was room for four and in the luminous gloom we whispered jokes so when laughter rose, showers of buttery spitty crumbs flew out of our mouths like starlings and lodged against the aromatic mahogany, second magnitude stars. If somebody choked you got quite big bits. From Life in a Scotch Sitting room. Ep.1.
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    I put this little system together in October. Raspberry Pi 4 - 4gb version Official Raspberry Pi power supply HifiBerry DAC+ DSP HifiBerry case Sandisk 128gb A2 SD Card MiniDSP UMIK-1 SPDIF optical cable Mini HDMI to HDMI (female) cable FLIRC remote receiver Justboom remote control The system runs HifiBerry OS and provides the following DSP capabilities: - Parametric EQ (using REW, or using an inbuilt web interface) - Room correction (using REW, or using an inbuilt system which I've not tried) - Sound profiles (a really cool interface that lets you scroll between 'warm', 'bright', 'relaxed' and 'energetic'; see video below) The standout feature is that it has a 'digital in' and so is able to apply the above to your external digital source. It has a digital out to go to your own DAC, or an in-built Burr Brown DAC. I used it as follows: Source -> Optical In : Raspberry Pi : Optical Out -> DAC. What's more, it also has a full streaming platform built in, to which the DSP effects are also applied: - Streaming from NAS (file share or DNLA) - I've tried this and it works well (set up was a bit fiddly but I can talk you through it if you have problems) - Streaming from phone/PC (Airplay, Bluetooth, Roon, Snapcast, Squeezelite, OpenHome and Spotify Connect) - Internet radio The system is wireless. Support is (obviously) via forums e.g. the HifiBerry forum and here, as this is not a commercial package, but it is reasonably polished for open source. It has a HDMI out which is optional for use in hifi, but if you do want to use it it will display cover art on your TV. Included is a MiniDSP UMIK-1 for use for measurement. I am asking £350 all-in including insured shipping. I appreciate that this isn't really a discount off buying the components separately, but I have done the hard work of putting it together, it is only a couple of months old and basically mint. I am also happy to help give you a few pointers to getting it set up if you are new to all of this.
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    Many see Philip Lynott as the iconic , quintessential Irish ☘️ lead singer and bassist of Thin Lizzy , But he was actually born in West Bromwich.and wrote a couple of poetry books .Sang along side Gary Moore before he learnt to play the Jazz bass guitar. I often wonder if Gary Moore influenced Phil or the other way round Fell in love with the band while I was studying for a City & Guilds . Finally saw Thin Lizzy at the Hammersmith odeon 3 years before he died ..he was just 36 ..What a loss ,as with so many of that generation.
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    New to me Heco Direkt speakers with my @Edd9000 DIY Pass Aleph 60 Class A monoblocks. First impressions are very positive.
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    Average White Band - AWB Simply Vinyl (great Pressing) Such an Iconic cover.
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    The Tabriz only came with a bog standard job cable , just fitted this , it's beautifully made .
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    Bob Marley - Exodus Original vinyl
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    I would say the Cyrus sounds more clinical/analytical than the Linn and personally wouldn't match it with Focal. FWIW. My preference for Focal would be Arcam, Pathos, UR Unico and Electrcompaniet.
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    MoFi do sometimes do a re-press of their titles, so it’s possible in the future that they could reissue some Cars albums.
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    Patrick and Michael dug up three rusty hand grenades when digging a road. "We had better take then to the Police" said Michael. "But what if one of them explodes" replied Patrick "No problem, we can make out we only found two"
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    I realise this is probably an obvious choice, but it is was it is... Johnny Cash - Hurt. Best cover of all time, added insane amounts of heart felt emotion to Trent Reznor’s already impressive original.
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    Two.of my 70th birthday pressies...
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    Our Emma's been suffering these last few weeks - her resilience during her school being closed has been amazing, and I'm truly proud of the way she's handled things. However, her X-Box died about 6 weeks ago. Total kaputnik. She's waited nearly 6 weeks for a Nintendo thingy to arrive so is making up for lost time (time which is strictly managed of course)... Nintendo by Boxertrixter, on Flickr Olympus Pen F/Lumix G 20-1.7
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    You’re welcome over anytime..... These improvements are just so obvious. I would not have thought you could elevate a Klimax DS higher than its factory spec., but you can. micro details previously hidden or unnoticed now revealed help the whole music landscape meld even more cohesively together. ( don’t know how else to describe the improvement.) The music has an ethereal quality the speakers truly disappear. I have another Laid sheet on order as I will probably cover the remaining sections of the display cut out and the analogue part of the board - it will be revealing to hear the if the improvements apply here also.
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    i heard these up and running over the phone , the auctioneer phoned me , but the last bid i heard was 3400 + fee
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    The Klimax 320As are rarely seen here. Nice and neat system.
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    Some amazing new Linn systems here. Here is a pic of my vintage Linn system which still sounds great to my ears. Next step is locating Aktiv cards.
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    My view from the listening chair
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    Out a short twenty five mile run this afternoon, so good to get out...! V-Strom by APM Photography, on Flickr mac
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    Bellmount Tower - a folly built around 1750, overlooking Belton House nr Grantham. Bellmont Tower by Boxertrixter, on Flickr Olympus Pen F/Lumix G 20-1.7
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    Result! More than I’ve ever spent, but I’ve been lucky- and poor! Not convinced by expensive digital cables - got mine free from The I.T. guys at work 😉 Enjoy!
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    Is it a Speciale?
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    No hate from me, whatever makes you happy. I bought a bundle of dozens of ferrite cores - no discernable difference in my system. I prefer my speakers on wobbly support platforms. Yeah, I've done some basic room treatment. Errr, not sure about it, really - but I do know that I can't be arsed to take it out again.
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    i have a room , attic to be precise set up as a home cinema and we hardly ever use it since i started using the actives for tv duty, i stupidily just kept them for music for a while. we have some old tv series downloaded that are so poor at delivering vocals that they were a real pain to listen to through the tv alone, through the atcs and my w4s stp-se stage 2 pre , took a while but this is now my favourite preamp with the atcs, vocals on rubbish tv recordings are now as clear as a bell and i hear a lot of background noises, birds in trees, cars passing by etc that you would otherwise never know existed and of course for good recordings they are amazingly clear and detailed with great sound effects. It took me years and big bucks to realise that excellent 2 channel for home cinema can easily sound better than average to good 5, 7 , 9,11 channel sound, you just miss out on a few tricks but gain enormously on quality of what you do get., of course if you have zillions to spend and a perfect cinema room to put it all in it will be a different world, but i try to live and comment on the real world.
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    In the club. Currently listening to Tracy Chapman. Sounds great.
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    I will have to put spikes in the plinths for the mancave
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    This puts their size into some perspective...
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    Great speaker, I was thinking about buying it when it came out, but somehow I went with s/h Special 25. I have the new Special model on home demo right now.
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    another vote for Floyd. I think you've listed the mains treatments already, but a few others that I'm currently considering as well. Acoustic plasterboard - there's different densities and properties, I'm looking at double layers to build a new stud wall Acoustic rockwool - lining for the stud wall Acoustic membrane & underlay to go under the carpet - the floor & ceiling are very large areas and big source of issues in the room Acoustic tiles - for the ceiling, these come in a number of different forms, I'm considering combining it with rockwool in the ceiling cavities but that's a pretty big job Large plants as diffusers Acoustic curtains - much heavier than normal curtains, they pretty effective at high frequency absorption Have a read about reflection free zones, if you have the space that's an option to consider too
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    If she doesn't like it, she can always stay out of the room
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    I prefer the BW original, but interesting anyway. By coincidence, I got around to watching this youtube last night. Heroes deconstructed by Visconti, and he describes tape track by tape track, and instrument by instrument, including Eno ‘treatments’, how it all came together. The three mic mic recording of vocals, had me listening again. New light thru old windows. Well worth a view.
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    Basically we are trying to produce the full range audio frequency from a pair of speakers sometimes with 2 or 3 or more sound emitters ie drivers . Made of many different materials .and possibly a sub or 2. up to 15” across ..the whole lot weighing tens of kgs and transfer those sound waves in all their complexity to a thin film of flesh 0.1 mm thick with a diameter of about 8mm and weighing approximately 10 to 15 mg .. this little bit of flesh then moves 3 minuscule little bones that then at the end “stirrup which moves a fluid full of receptors.. these tiny tiny tiny little receptors then produce a signal for the brain to interpret both chemically as the information jumps synapses and electrically along the nerves connecting the synapses.. Simple really
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    Hi Cno, The Linn is considerably better in timing, with more fluidity in its presentation (more detail too). I tried it as a transport into the D33, which was better than the rPlay, but I preferred the DS alone! Its the organic fluidity that just wasn't quite there with the D33 (although the Arcam is perhaps a tad more dynamic). Timing is more important to me though (I feel its more fundamental). Had I been connecting my TV up through the hifi system, I would've held onto the D33, but I was only using it for streaming from a NAS drive, so couldn't really justify it. No other changes, I'm still using the A49 with the Harbeths - wonderful!
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    My daughter is saving for a Basik as we speak
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    Help! I've run out of space!""
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    I made this triangle shaped rack out of nine or so hardwoods, all scrap pieces from other other projects. Super heavy but very stable...
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    And mine deals with my Tannoy 12" Monitor Golds very nicely as well - an efficient but awkward to drive speaker. It also dealt with my AE1mk3s' with consummate ease - but not too loud of course - an inefficient but easy to drive speaker. Hmm...Kef 105.1 arriving soon, shall I or shan't I (as if the answer wasn't obvious )
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    I once got my directional cables the wrong way round and the music didn't play backwards. Go figure🤔
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    Dark side of the Room?.....
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    😀 Mars, Saturn and is that Orion’s Belt...?!😀
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    I really loved the Sky at Night 😀
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    A photo of my current hi-fi setup, the box at very top is a (homemade) Valve DAC being fed by a Squeezebox Duet streamer. The elderly A&R Alpha integrated is connected into the Promitheus Audio TVC pre-amp just above using it as a power-amp style. Audioplan Kontrast MkII's which are 86db, plenty of space if required to insert (maybe Class-D) mono-blocks...! Hi-Fi by APM Photography, on Flickr mac
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    SCM40A: 1023x239x365mm and 40Kg each. SCM150 ASL: 1104x495x635mm and 77Kg each. SEVENTY-SEVEN... I can imagine my girlfriend's face if those turned up... Then again, there would be more room on top for a bigger flower pot - I reckon I could sell it to her!