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    Paul Miller does this all the time and has recorded differences for USB cables and PSUs and backs them up with measurements, which are recognised and accepted by most of the audio community, unlike a certain site.
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    Blues, rockabilly and gospel all in one package.
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    Lon-Garret towards Parys Mountain by Mr ff1d1l, on Flickr
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    I am not going down the route of name dropping, but when you have a conversation with some well respected names in the professional audio design sector, they are all very vocal about what does and does not affect sound quality. Most of what is discussed in the Professional sector are very similar to what is discussed in this forum, including Balanced Mains Supply, SMPS v Linear PS, cables, Dac sound differences, monitors and their mains supply and how large the cross section cable to use with them (min 6sq mm fully shielded). So enjoy trying out different power supplies, cables, and Balanced mains supplies, the pros do so why shouldn't us hobbyists enjoy it as well
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    Problem is Rob, as I stated, they are not a ‘ground up’ new design. They are tweaked and if I get the explanation back from Harbeth, I’ll share the thoughts. I am a member on the HUG but it’s extremely political so don’t post. if you compare the range to the Spendor Classic range, they are very much competing close to the equivalent models but Spendor did massive changes to their new classic series and didn’t price hike an older design
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    If I'm ever sad enough to analyse kit in such a way, please end my pathetic, boring life. Buy whatever you like and enjoy it
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    Hi Nick The one I alluded to was the original Response 2, not sure but I think it was the first speaker in the ongoing Response/R series. I heard the D2 only at a Show but having high hopes I was a bit disappointed, I wasn't that taken by the 2.5 either, although many folks loved it. At shows I've heard quite a few over the years; maybe it's just nostalgia but I suspect there was a magic in the original that they never quite managed to repeat. They seemed to develop into increasingly hifi-impressive rather than music-impressive. I wasn't the only one to fall in love with that speaker, I seem to recall an ecstatic review in one of the US mags .... ah yes, here it is by the idiosyncratically cutesy Corey Greenberg - https://www.stereophile.com/standloudspeakers/792proac/index.html He was dead right about using Target R2 stands, essential for getting the best out of them. You get at least a 50% performance drop otherwise. Here's the conclusion from that 1992 review .. 1992 ye gods, nearly 30 years ago! Conclusion I don't have to tell you I loved these ProAcs. As thrilled as I was with what they could do, I was even more impressed by what they did not. As antithetical to the whole hi-fi–nut syndrome as any I've heard, the ProAc Response Two is a stunning product that delivers a quality of sound most audiophile speakers only hint at. If, like me, you're sick of playing the "hot speaker of the month" game and just want to ENJOY YOUR MUSIC, leave the audionuts to their speaker-angst and audition the Response Twos. At almost $4000 with stands, are they expensive? Yes. Are they worth it? Without a doubt.
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    Needs, another category for votes: I haven't got the foggiest what your on about, I just use my ears.
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    Paul Simon - Paul Simon. FLAC. I'm always floored by the brilliance of Paul Simon's songwriting.
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    Well I've started my introductory words ahead of receiving the Dentons and thought I'd post them now ahead of delivery. I’m trying to keep things ‘real world’ and erred on the less formal side. I hope it's of interest. What I’m trying to do: Whilst I want to give some impression of the differences between the two sets of speakers I’ll try and avoid a review though this may be tricky to achieve. I do read reviews but am often left thinking they are limited in use (and yes, it follows on that this comparison may be) given they are one persons’ interpretation of the sound characteristics of a component that is then described in words. Logically this doesn’t translate well to my mind. I do enjoy reading some reviews though and it must be a great way to earn your shilling. And let’s be right, if we drop our guard for a minute any half decent system is a joy to listen to and own. Perhaps this exercise is better thought of in terms of which speaker I enjoy most and by how much. The Harbeths: So, the Harbeths P3ESRs, why do we love them so and what do they do ? Well if you simply can’t or don’t want to have what you consider to be obtrusively sized speakers in your living space you may as well get the best small ones you can, right ? I went for the P3s years ago out of curiosity and they stayed ever since. Mid-range magic, vocals in the room, natural sounding and as a good a bass as you might get from a speaker the size of a shoebox. Cliché alert no. 1, they are so utterley clean, a window into the music. Are they as good as Stirling, Graham, Rogers and the rest, no idea, since owning these I simply had no real motivation to compare. Would I prefer big speakers, yes I probably would (or at least the option) but I’d need to upgrade my home and that isn’t going to happen ! My pride and joy: I think it’s common practice to grandly state your reference system when commencing a review (which of course this isn’t, as mentioned above ). My reference system is, well, my system which is some Croft boxes and a Quad CDP-2 with a really annoying sticking CD drawer that I must get sorted. My record player is a Project Classic TT with a Goldring 1042 cart. No streaming here ! Let’s factor in the cost: I often find myself thinking that some reviews of high end gear tend to breeze over how much we might have to shell out to buy the box they’re reviewing. I think this should be factored in because cost ultimately defines our accessibility to their subject. The Denton 80th retail at £550, can currently be picked up new for £350 and the last two pairs that sold on Ebay recently went for less than a pint under £250 (delivered). Original Dentons can be picked up for less that £100 but you might need to apply a little TLC to the cabinets, which I think would be quite rewarding So how do they look, feel and compare ? To be continued !
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    OK. I’ve had a few weeks of living with these changes, and I wanted to provide some feedback. A couple of weeks ago, I placed an English Electric (EE) 8Switch in the network chain, daisy-chained from a NETGEAR GS108 on the network. In addition to this change, I placed a length of Chord Signature Super ARAY Streaming cable between the 8Switch, and my Roon Nucleus. In addition, I placed a run of Chord Indigo Tuned ARAY Streaming cable between the 8Switch and my KDS/3. ABSOLUTELY FLABBERGASTED with the improvements these changes make! Take what you will away from changes in networking cables, switches etc. But IMO they are jaw-dropping!
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    Guggenheim Bilbao Guggenheim Museum Bilbao by Tillman Kleinhans ARPS EFIAP/g DPAGB BPE4* Hon LCPU, on Flickr Canon 5D4 + 24-105L, 1/2000 @ f6.3, ISO400 raw. PP in PS & ACR.
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    I think it’s more like semi-retirement as John Atkinson seems to be keeping up the measurement side. I’ve fond memories of meeting him at Link House, Croydon when he was editor of Hi-Fi News. It wasn’t so many years later that he took up the Stereophile job, so that must’ve been late 1980s. John Atkinson, left. Yours truly, right. 1986. I’d just won a Hifi system at the recent Heathrow Penta Hi-Fi show, and was presented with it in their boardroom. Hence the bubbly!
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    I’ve understood everything that‘s been posted, it’s not difficult. And I’m not attacking you, I’m attacking your ideas and views ie. that your price protection/loyalty scheme idea (which would mean cheaper prices for some customers - like charity, in effect) is delusional because you’re placing so much importance on your own specific circumstances with regards to how a global business should run. The forex situation, supply chain projections and a dwindling baby-boomer customer base are far more salient points to consider than sneaky Alan and his monetary greed.
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    I had to listen to some dacs because they are being returned. I also only just got a 5v sbooster before the weekend. Meanwhile the thread got distracted by loads of off topic chatter but I still intend to do some listening to a pimped node 2i and various power supplies.
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    Start a thread with a 'strawman' and nothing good could possibly happen.
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    Cheers, been a while since I’ve used eBay on the PC so all done.. uk bidder has now bid again up to £146! Is this a record I ask lol
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    You can use remote disks mounted with NFS or SMB
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    It is my experience that those most against controlled testing either have never taken part in such a test or are frightened that their absurd prejudices will be exposed for what they are. However we are all (well mostly) grownups and can listen to whatever we like in whatever way we like. Some like to write up their experiences on here, strangely enough I am perfectly ok with that.
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    Reduced slightly to £1200 delivered. It really is a stunning watch for the money.
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    Intelligence is the first thing I look for in a woman… Because if she doesn’t have that, I may just have a chance.
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    Quick update, have ordered a Luxman 507 unheard. Thanks to Domt and Whitehart for pointing me in this direction. Researched GATO, Primare and other suggestions and am sure all have considerable merit, but sticking with tried and true. Anything leaving the ports of Shenzhen were automatically excluded on principle.
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    This mirrors my experience. I bought my 150s damaged. A kind former Wammer obtained a couple of new drivers from ProAc, fitted them and upgraded the crossover. I’ve had them for 11 years now. I upgraded my amp 4 years ago to a Rotel RA1570, the 150s thrive on the current the Rotel produces. I’d like to try something with ribbon tweeters in the future and fancy some big Tannoys if I ever have the room. I’ll never sell the 150s though. I heard extensively the 140s that the previous owner of my 150s replaced them with. I think the 150s are a better speaker. Cheers BB
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    Yes i see it...we have all been duped...all that money spent and the time comparing cables..dragging our long suffering partners in to confirm that a cymbal was more zingy than splashy! Who are to blame for this? Hifi magazines? hifi forums? all that wasted time.. When i could have been laughing strolling along a country path or smiling at a sunset! Now all i have to look forward to is a wee dram and maybe someone might like one of my comments..damn you hi fidelity!!! And to think that old sanyo music system wasnt so bad after all..as everything according to the gurus sounds the same! 🙃
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    response 2.5 anyone?
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    Glad to see you are hearing a demonstrable improvement. When I started my HiFi journey and started trying out new things such as cleaner power, vibration control, room acoustic treatment, better network cables and switches, I generally didn't approach it with skepticism , but with an open mind. I let my ears be the judge
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    Jethro Tull - Heavy Horses LP, first pressing
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    It's a moving magnet Jake, so resistive loading is unlikely to change things. However, capacitance will. The info I can find online reckons 47K resistance is optimum anyway, and capacitance should be 275pF. You can add capacitance, but ideally you'll need to know the figure for your cable and take that into consideration. Too much and you'll knock the treble back excessively.
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    To me they are quite different DACs and the addition of the power supply to the RME does not change that basic difference in the style of presentation. I can quite see why people like the Denafrip and in many senses it will tick a lot of people’s boxes for what they most enjoy listening to. The RME is a more precise sound. I used to have one a while ago but sold it because that precise sound went over the edge for me into a slight brittleness that I could only cure by selecting a filter with quite an audible roll off. This time around I was still getting that same presentation but rather than having to roll off the frequency response the change of power supply gave me the sound that I was looking for so that I was getting good transparency but no side effects. But @HouseElf , I am not going to steer you towards either DAC, there are many people who love each of them. What I would say is not to take either off your short list until you have heard them (and preferably in your own system).
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    Well as the title of this thread is "A bit Underwhelmed" I thought I should add a note about where I am currently with my new headphones system in case anyone reads this with a view to purchasing any of these items. The Wyred 4 Sound Intimo I now know to have great potential and when paired with good quality headphones is capable of producing a stunning sound, it's a very flexible and accomplished player and amp and great one box solution. It has a dual mono class A amp, along with a high res 32 bit sabre DAC and can also be used as a preamp, and can be tweaked to suit your headphones via the many user options and functions such as Gain, Phase, EQ and Impedance. It has multiple functions and both looks good and sounds great. The Shure SRH1840 are a fantastic pair of headphones, capable of stunning detail and incredible clarity. The mid range is awesome and the bass very tuneful and taut, certainly not overblown or bloated like some headphones, and some, including myself will find some EQ useful to bring up the level of the lower frequencies a bit, depending on your choice of music. I find the treble very clear and sweet, not bright to my ears. So as you can tell I am no longer underwhelmed, my latest listening session left me wowed by all the detail and separation and it's easy to loose yourself in the music. It appears that headphones and amps do need some matching to get it right, and I am glad that I had the capability to make adjustments via the various controls, both on the amp/dac unit and on my laptop which I use as a source for this set up. It was well worth the perseverance, and I am now very happy to have a headphones system on hand that provides a great alternative to a loudspeakers system and can provide a great escape into the wonderful world of headphone audio.
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    Looks like Celi likes them too! 😀
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    One from last night at Porthcothan
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    Out on my morning walk today - roadside reds: Roadside reds by Boxertrixter, on Flickr Nikon D700/Nikkor 85-1.8D
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    Me pooch after a hard day of showing people her ball. [/url]IMG_20200525_214119198 by
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    Another thing to do with a Zero https://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?111502-Jivelite-on-a-Pirate-Audio-240x240-screen&p=961046&viewfull=1#post961046 ronnie
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    An interesting report suggests the Cummings' pay no council tax and have no planning permission for the spare cottage in Durham! Would be a major splash for a small website. https://universalcreditsuffer.com/2020/05/31/cummings-spare-cottage-without-planning-permission-and-pays-no-council-tax/ If true, Cummings must go and it just shows how the wealthy Brexit elite operate. They ignore the rules the plebs must follow. Even if it is not true, Cummings must go for being Cummings.
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    It must be a “We don’t spend money on fancy websites, it goes on the product” scenario..
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    Had the p3esr for a few years.Would say your right.Top speakers,that still do everything so right.My mate has the Denton 80th.To both our ears .No where near as engaging as the harbeth.Very wooley flat sounding when compared .But they do look,and feel nice.
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    The diagrams/graphs are great . Think this is my favourite: I trust it's clear to everyone what this means!
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    I feel I should really put up a pic of how my Gales turned out and where they live now. Apologies for reflections and stark lighting on the generally iffy photo but it's the best I could do for 6:30 am on a cloudy morning. As you can see I'm using them as TV/Multimedia speakers atm. The amp I decided on is a Hegel H160 which does the job just fine, even at extreme output levels. There were many secondhand contenders but the need for a built in DAC changed the state of play and it seemed churlish not to take advantage of the Hegel price drop in some quarters. The disc player on the bottom shelf is a Cambridge Audio CXUHD, which carries out it's duties very well, and any resemblance to an OPPO UDP 203 is far from coincidental. The only other thing connected is a Windows 10 NUC which I use for Tidal/Foobar etc.. I popped a couple of bass trap gravestones behind them to tame the "room boom of doom" which can be problematic in that position.