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    Three little updates to my system recently. First is a Origin Live Encounter tonearm, then a Partington Minim rack & a Power Inspired AG1500. Fair to say I am very happy with all of them.
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    After selling off a few things I no longer used I thought I’d better post a pic of my main system.
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    [1976] Bryan Ferry ‎– Let's Stick Together [flac]
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    I have built a turntable tachometer that are based on partly borrowed arduino code that can be used on any turntable. It can be used for "built in" or freestanding use. All the code (even the files for the 3D printed case) are available for download. All this and the full instructions takes to much space in one post so I hope it is appropriate to post a link to my personal website? Enjoy/Stefan https://www.stockholmviews.com/wp/diy-lp-turntable-tachometer/
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    Gentlemen; knowing that a demo was probably not going to be workable for me, I have gone somewhat against my better judgement and taken the calculated gamble of ordering the Akurate Exaktbox-I.
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    Great day out yesterday visiting Staffa - a few puffin and black guillemot shots:
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    Tongue Out by Keith M, on Flickr
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    I gave my kids two bits of financial advice , buy a car and keep it , never pay for a holiday on a credit card because you'll go away again before the first is paid for . I learnt the hard way .
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    Could I ask those on here who use MiniDSP items for a little advice. Due to the problems that I was having and at the time not being able to identify the issue I bought a second hand MiniDSP DDRC 22D off e-bay . This is due for delivery today and I may well put it in place of the one I have and give it a try to see if I can confirm what I think is now the issue which is the USB ports on my laptop . If that proves to be the case then I will not be sending the DDRC 22D off to Hong Kong as it proabably does not need a repair . This means I will then have a spare DDRC 22D and the sensible option would be just to list it snd sell it on . But in my head I am thinking of doing somehting a bit different even if just for a short period . What I am thinking is offering the DDRC 22D as a loan unit . Anyone on the WAM who is interested can borrow the unit but they pay for the courier collection . Then the next person who wants it pays for the collection from the previous user and so on . Not sure if there is many who would want to do this but it is a good way of getting to listen to what DSP can do in your system without going the full active scenario . What do you think ?
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    Frankie chilling to Wishbone Ash think he’s put on a few ounces during lockdown .. kindest regards Julian
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    And since this forum is called "show us your linn system" two snapshots from my little system which enriches my study ...
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    Indeed. I managed to get the pressure on my boiler back to normal thanks to a YouTube video the other day. I read the manual first but the info was insuficient...
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    Good luck with your journey and I really hope that you get the music sound that you are looking for . Am I the only one that thinks the above trials and tribulations to get these speakers to work and the various can't be done is a disgrace for a product that costs as much as D&D ?
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    I have both seen & heard these, they look superb & give 'em a bit of room to breather & they sound absolutely stunning.
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    For five years or so I have been using a pair of DIY speakers in a second system based on Scanspeak Discovery drivers - 15W/8434G00 mid-bass and D2604/833000 fabric dome tweeter. These are essentially badge-engineered Vifa units; whilst the mid-range clarity is pleasing, I've never been satisfied with the bass. Although a second system, it probably gets used as much as the nominally first system in the lounge and felt I would like to upgrade the mid-bass units to Revelators whilst making use of the existing 10.5 litre cabinets. The Discovery tweeter is good for the money, but I have had a pair of Scanspeak Revelator ring radiators sat in a box for a few years, awaiting use in my much procrastinated over three-way project, which is a terrible waste. The Revelator 5.5" driver models beautifully in a 25litre enclosure with a port tuned to 35Hz but 25 litres doesn't fit on a shelf. There are however a few designs on the net with this unit in enclosures of approximately 10litres; Troels' "Ellam" series and the Dutch "A4" design on which the original Ellam was based. Modelling the proposed driver in 10.5l showed there would be some elevation in the bass; whilst an extended, maximally flat response would be be preferred, there isn't the space available to accommodate a significantly larger cabinet to achieve this. Of all of the faults a speaker can have, a bit of bass bloom is one I find easiest to forgive - up to a point at least. Near field low-frequency measurements shown below, with port scaled by -7dB according to ratio of radiating areas: Simulation was pretty accurate except the port length calculation was, as ever, out by a factor of around 0.65. f3 at 45Hz compared to around 65Hz with the Discovery drivers in the same box. No crossover present so no falling response as you see in Stereophile. I will try lengthening the port as far as space allows to lower the port frequency. Excited to see how the speaker might sound, I dialled a rough crossover into my Mini-DSP 2x4HD: LR8 at 1800Hz with a shelving filter and notch for BSC and baffle-diffraction based on a theoretical model and level compensation based on the sensitivities given in the drive-unit datasheets. I was immediately struck by the smoothness of the tweeter and the solidity of the bass from such a small enclosure - as good as that from a decent small floor-stander. Actually, I later measured the on-axis frequency response with REW and it was flat within +/- 1.5dB from 200Hz to 20,000Hz - I was pleasantly surprised given that this was a bit of a "thumb in the air" effort. However, given the use to which these will be put, there isn't room for two power amps and an active crossover box, so passive it will be. Santa bought me a Dayton Audio DATS; in-box impedance measurements for all-four drive units below: Pair matching appears pretty-much faultless. The ripple in the mid-bass traces at 1kHz is present on the manufacturer's datasheets. Small ripples at 350Hz and 600Hz - not sure if these are due to cabinet resonances - will investigate with an accelerometer. The cabinets are braced internally and the walls are lined with self-adhesive bitumen sheets and are pretty dead to a nuckle wrap. Driver response and impedance measurements loaded into XSim and after a couple of hours faffing, I have what looks like a workable first-pass crossover design. The modelled, on-axis response is shown in the graph below; blue is the total system response, yellow and red lines response from mid-bass and tweeter respectively and green line is target response for the mid-bass; LR4 at 2,000Hz: Null at crossover with polarity reversed on the tweeter; colours as above but green line shows LR4 target for tweeter: Ignore these graphs below 250Hz, these are derived from gated acoustic measurements taken at 1m. Measurements were taken at as low a level as REW would permit to minimise risk to the tweeters, which I simply can't afford to damage, so ignore the absolute levels. Calculated system impedance: 6 Ohms minimum but phase angles clipping +/- 45 degrees and rather pathetic sensitivity (about 82dB @ 1m/2.83V) - it's decent bass from a small box and there are no free lunches. They won't be asked to play loudly. Next job is working out how a crossover of this size can be accommodated within a smallish enclosure. The caps and resistors aren't a problem but spacing out four inductors sufficiently to avoid cross-talk may be difficult. However, many of the 2nd order filters for this driver I have seen on the internet use an LRC with a similarly sized inductor to pull-down the response around 800Hz, so probably wouldn't save any space that way. I'll also fine-tune the crossover in VitiuxCad for an even power response before raiding the parts bin and ordering any bits I don't have.
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    Do you carry out repair work to hifi gear?
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    “Dough"........... I tried to put this in the right section..........honest I did
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    One should not solder/tin the wire directly under a screw terminal. Because with time and temperature changes the solder/tin will cold flow and allow the screw to loosen. Also with terminals that are subject to a lot of vibration, where the solder/tin stops will be a ridge spot and the strands can fracture one at a time. What I do with fine strand wire, is strip a short section of insulation. Solder/tin the tip then strip more bare wire.
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    Thanks to you all for your input. The xerxes i have bought is an early model just like yours Radiant Red....... But in walnut. It is in nice condition and happily does not have a way problem. A manual though would be so helpful and only later models are available on vinyl engine. It's problems are with running speed as it is turning at marginally under 33.3. Shou!d i change the belt. Loved your picture with the audiomods tonearm. Is it a good match?
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    Robin perched at the edge of the woods Robin by Keith M, on Flickr
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    Hi Dan Where are these speakers? I'm in West Yorkshire - wondering whether I can collect?
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    We had the 30 day matured at £4.99. There were some cheaper ones at £3.99, however the Mrs liked the look of the 30 day ones and they were very very good. We've paid almost double in local butchers and they didn't come close to these. Previously had some fillet steak from the local Lidl and whilst edible they weren't in the lets have more category. As said it can be hit and miss but this is true for a butchers as well as a supermarket.
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    Ok, so 7 months after ordering them the horns arrived today!!! 😃😃😃 I had no intention of rushing the fitting of them but just had to get them in today for initial impressions! All I can say so far is that it was worth the wait. I think because the horns interact with the tweeter and bass horn at specific 400hz crossover point they seem to have cleared up the mid-range and in turn this seem to make the bass a lot sharper. more to follow
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    Cute little visitor to the garden: Hedgehog by Keith M, on Flickr
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    Rescued and repaired. The combination with the audiomods arm is sublime
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    IME all of the JJ Gold Pin series are surprisingly good. They're among the very few modern production valves I really rate, and quality-wise they're right up with a lot of decent NOS stuff. I have a handful of 'Holy Grail' 12AX7s and some of the JJ variants, and the distance between them is way smaller than it has any right to be. As for rectifiers, I'm afraid I could never bring myself to pay the sort of prices some go for now. However, as it's 'build it yourself' here, I can usually adapt. There are plenty of really excellent sounding half-wave rectifiers around for beer money, though they're often more fussy about things like reservoir capacitor limits. Anyway, I've got enough to keep me going for a while...
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    Finished and in transit
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    Sorry. But I get the impression that some people here can't hear no music or listen to music. - No music = means that your systems are so out of tune that no music comes out. - Can't listen to music = That just the feeling for music is there. Does also mean that the feeling what the musician expresses does not arrive. - Or it simply only a profiling rail When I see the stand assembly above I think there are some things that have not been understood. I would suggest throwing out all that nonsense and making a decent SO2, as well as keeping the standards exactly. When it sounds good, you don't have to constantly look for improvements, but enjoy your music. Although I deny that nobody here comes close to the know how of Linn. I think Linn does not give so much away so that such excesses do not take place. Me and some others who are happy to experience music have tested some of what is posted here (one is open for improvements) but to 80% the sound was rather worse. People who listen to music talk about e.g. new great music. Here is a hint: Jules Ahoi - 3 AM (DEAR___) The video for this is the hammer very lovingly (no he does not saw it in pieces):
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    OK. Long story short. I've had my T9i for a couple of weeks now, partnered with my Harbeth M30.1 speakers. I have not done any measuring Just fiddled with the settings by ear. It's astonishing. At first, I was freaked, because I'd not heard low frequencies like this ever in my life and it unnerved me. Now, I simply cannot imagine my stereo without it. Why doesn't everyone use one? Why would you willingly cut off those frequencies? You wouldn't do it at the other end of the spectrum after all. Genuinely, by a country mile, the best £600 I've ever spent.
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    The easiest big change would be an Exaktbox-i that has been upgraded to Kat or was built with Kat. It will allow you to add external power amps later and then go to an Akurate Exaktbox10/1 later again. As Linn equipment comes with a 5 year warranty buying used is low risk. Your dealer may have an ex dem box. I just had a 3.5 year old Exaktbox-i upgraded to Kat and it now has a new 5 year warranty. You can also get a used Akurate Exakt DSM for a similar price to the value of your Majik DSM.
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    They key to this is by being 'authoritative' on this subject means that people can learn and benefit from your sound advice (sorry for the pun), surely this is a good thing? By not divulging your studio references it serves to confuse and dilute your advice as uncharitable people may think you made it up and it lead to 'flame wars'. If you say you designed these top places it makes no sense that you wouldn't name them. In all my years in the recording industry I have never met or heard of you, none of the people that I know have any experience or knowledge of you - any of the major designers that I can think of; Munro, Harris Grant, Level Acoustics, ADG, White Mark etc etc all get a massive amount of their work by recommendation but also are happy to publish their clients (with obvious exceptions - I have that issue myself) and put effort in to their websites with case studies and references so that people new to them/or the industry can learn about them, their ethics, style, expertise and all that.. At random, I visited the websites of some of the above to check I'm not being daft and they publish a selection of their clients: Level Acoustics: https://www.levelacousticdesign.com/about Harris Grant: https://www.harrisgrant.com/studio.php (They designed that studio in Box). Munro: http://munro.co.uk Whitemark: http://www.whitemark.com/music.html I am not convinced that any acoustician would want to avoid any references to the studios that they had designed other than private/sensitive studios. It's inconceivable. Just to be clear, I am not here to criticise your abilities, after all, I've not met you or visited any of the studios that you have designed (that I am aware of) but personally, feel that if I were trying to establish credentials to win work, I would make sure that I put up references? Presumably you are here to attract some additional work. Data protection: Any commercial studio WANTS work and wants people to know that they're there. Why would they not want you mentioning them? That's why I, and others that have also asked, would want to know more about your work? The main point that I have is that if you say you have designed top studios etc then you really should name them. It's certainly not a matter of data protection or client confidentiality unless it's a private studio. That way, people can be assured that they are being informed by a specialist with a serious understanding of the subject. There have been conflicting viewpoints on a range of acoustic treatment standpoints on this thread and that is why someone that is being 'authoritative' needs to be seen to be so. My references: Have run RecordProduction.com for 20+ years, have worked at a major equipment company 25+ years, was a recording engineer for many years (from Hank Marvin to Sharon from Eastenders), know where the teabags are kept at pretty much every studio in the UK
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    Don’t owe a bean to anyone. No cards, no hp. Being 20, and a moron with money taught me a valuable lesson. My hifi is modest, but I love it.
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    I'm not one of the sensible ones My philosophy is simple - I'm only here once so why not enjoy myself I could be brown bread tomorrow. Stereo bought on two years interest free, speakers on credit card, card tart like crazy to move purchases to interest free option. Don't have a flash house or car and don't do holidays anymore. My priorities have changed over the years.
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    Me too. Same for most things. I would never borrow money to buy a car, you can get a perfectly serviceable one for £500. The only money I ever borrowed was my mortgage, now thankfully paid off.
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    Well nearly two years after getting my Quad ESL57 refurbished and in my music room I think I have finally got them to sing. It has been a frustrating journey and one needing me to be determined to make things work. If anyone could see my set up they would say that just can not work but then the music insinuates into the room and in your ears and the smile starts. It is now very hard for me not to smile when I listen now. Vocals are just beautiful so natural and unlike any other speaker I have heard. Bass is never going to soundsystem like but it boogies along nicely thank you . It powers the music and you can hear the individual notes and the texture. At last mine have finally given in and let the images out real placement solid images were it has been recorded that way but muddy mess when the pans are all wrong so just letting you hear what is there . ESL,s just seem to get out of the way and let you listen . Been waiting a long time to get to this and now I am just going to do nothing but buy music and listen for a while . Will I ever stop grinning probably not and singing and even dancing may well breakout .
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    Frightened little Plummer Terrier Elsa
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    As an open minded person, I tried some. And to my surprise I heard an improvement in sound quality. It's as simple as that.
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    Sorry Alex but you’re very very wrong there. No one should be putting room treatments up at all and first reflection points are a bit of acoustic mythology dreamt up by people that make “acoustic panels” etc. We manufacture acoustic panels, they’re 11” deep and about as suitable for a home environment as a rattlesnake. They do a cracking job in professional environments though. Foams and things really do nothing at all, about the best room treatment you can have in your room is a sofa and a couple of comfy chairs, it has everything a good wideband absorber and diffuser can have. A range of different surfaces to bounce things off and mass, enough mass to do a proper job. In 25 years I’ve put panels in 3 times and in those cases rooms were critical rooms that had been built out of spec. As for bass traps and things like this, those things need to be 9” deep, a hemholtz or similar needs to be 15” deep and putting anything on the wall behind speakers is quite simply a waste of time and money unless you’re using the wall as an infinite baffle and your speakers are less than 4.2m apart. My professional advice is to not bother, most rooms can easily become exceptional listening rooms with no treatment and a little care and attention. But if you really must, you’re on a one way battle to spending more money than you need and a slippery slope of hearing things (and consequently not hearing things) that aren’t there. The first thing every true consultant I know will do is remove them. I appreciate that this may sound really harsh or against accepted acoustic “lore”, but if you know what you’re doing it really isn’t difficult to deal with rooms and in most cases, if not all, give the person listening what they want without resorting to the rather ridiculous lengths studios go to chase frequencies, which as I’ve said elsewhere in the thread, leads to a dull, boring, flat room that’s utterly devoid of life and energy. And that’s an acoustician saying that, not a manufacturer or someone with a vested interest, but someone who’s been doing this for a long time with studios, critical rooms and good old fashioned living rooms armed with a few measurements and a good audio analyser.
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    A 10-year time lapse of the sun from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory As of June 2020, NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory—SDO—has now been watching the sun nonstop for over a full decade. From its orbit in space around Earth, SDO has gathered 425 million high-resolution images of the sun, amassing 20 million gigabytes of data over the past 10 years. This information has enabled countless new discoveries about the workings of our closest star and how it influences the solar system. https://phys.org/news/2020-06-video-year-lapse-sun-nasa.html?utm_source=nwletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=daily-nwletter In this 10 year time lapse video of our local star, every second is a day.
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    The Kans would really benefit from a pair of stands with top spikes. The need that to really perform at their best, and as close to the wall as possible.
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    I am using a Sugden IA-4 with my Falcon LS3/5a’s. It is, to my ears, a wonderful combination.
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    Personally, I’ve cut down on the protein and fat a lot and eat about 80% carbs the last 6 years, plus lots of beans and legumes with my vegan diet. At my age (40) there’s no need for large amounts of protein as funnily enough I’m not growing anymore, and fat is the most calorie dense thing so takes more calories to feel full. The fixation you often see with getting protein is mad. Protein is for growth and the time when a human needs the most protein is when they are an infant, yet human breast milk contains about 5% protein! So don’t worry about it. One of the many good things about eating chickpeas, beans other things like that is when eaten at one meal, any food eaten at the next meal causes less of an insulin spike - even if the gap is evening meal to breakfast. Other things like eating berries at the same time as more unhealthy foods leads to less adverse reactions in the body. I always try to eat something healthy with anything unhealthy.
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    Errr, no, I would suggest the basic idea of hifi is to play music in a way that the listener enjoys .
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    In praise of the humble but affordable SP25 . My first "proper turntable " as a lad was the SP25 IV . No great shakes in performance terms but, with it's little Goldring cartridge, it played my LPs enjoyably ....and without damaging them . I have that SP25 to thank for many of my old early 70s LPs still being in excellent playable condition to this day . So I owe it a lot !
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    I also own a pair of d&d 8c’s since the start of 2019. Having always bought secondhand kit in the past when was struggling to find a speaker that worked well in my room (lots of trial and error with some lovely high end speakers from the likes of Avalon, Wilson, sonus faber & boenicke passing through my room). So when I decided on my new speakers (d&d 8c’s) I wanted them installing properly to stop me wondering if I had them optimised. OP Statements like ‘playing around’, ‘experimenting’... was what I’d been doing for years and was exactly what I was trying to avoid with the 8’cs, they deserve better than that. Lee at strictly stereo supplied my demo /speakers which involved hours of measuring my room, locating the speakers, setting the boundary coupling , advising on different cables/connections to existing kit and programming the the all important DSP filters. I’m not someone who has the technical knowhow nor desire to use/learn room acoustics/REW so having Lees knowledge really assured me that I was getting the very best sound from what is a spectacular sounding speaker. I’d strongly urge the OP to engage someone like Lee to help you set the speakers up properly taking any guesswork out of the process and in return you’ll be given one of the finest sounding speakers available. IMHO This is not a plug and play speaker but one that needs someone with a high level of knowledge on room acoustics and how the 8c’s use their surroundings. They do sound good out of the box without the dsp working, but once dialled in are simply spectacular. Nb. Lee sent me some new filters this week and now I have 4 sets of slightly differing dsp filter groups installed that I can switch between should my ears want a change. Historically that would have been a trip to eBay/web to buy a new box/cable/speaker/etc, but with the 8c’s it’s simply a matter of turning on my laptop and selecting the different filters. OP please don’t take any of my comments as criticism as you have bought a pair of amazing speakers, I am only reflecting my experience of ownership and I too are a very happy owner.
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    One of the best concerts I've been to & what applause they got... Nad Sylvan new his craft - he sang like Gabriel & Collins without appearing to imitate them. It was quite something listening to this music played so well like this.
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    Been doing some tweaking. First of all I re tuned the port to 65hz, the same as the 1SC, this gave the speakers more punch & at the same time more leading edge detail & texture. Second tweak has been to re tune the Xover adding a notch filter to the bass/mid unit to flatten out the peak centred around 2KHZ, the peak was about 3db & was clearly audible on for eg Robert Cray vocals & guitar, it would all sound fine then suddenly anything around that area would pop out a hit you in the face. Now this has been done they sound fantastic. While I had them to pieces I also chamfered the rear of the baffle where the bass/mid fits, as you can see from the picy there is very little room for airflow from the rear of the cone except through the rear support spider, I can't really say if this has improved things, the bass sounds better but this may be as a result of sorting the midrange peak. I'm now a very happy chap, music memory can play tricks but these are just as enjoyable as my 1SC's were. Cheers Simon.