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    Just a nice little story to share... We have been in lockdown for many months and I think that from all the bad, there has been some good. It’s allowed us to get to know each other better in some ways. My partner, I have been with for the last four years and with the busy life we all lead, it has given me a bit more time with her Son. I’m not saying he is well into Hifi or anything now at 11 years old but I have spent a fair time with him on bike rides, sorting out his PlayStation etc. Anyway, yesterday he apparently went out with some of his pocket money and got me a magazine for Father’s Day. He doesn’t know which was the one I read but it was irrelevant because it was the thought that counts. Both of them know music has been good for me. nice to share some positivity through this period in our lives. 👍🏻
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    As well as Where Are They Now: a subject that has burned a hole in the soul of some audiophiles has been money, money, money, or more correctly Value For money (VFM). There has been a trend in the last few year for audio companies to chase big money. This has resulted in some positives and some big negatives. There is now a rash of ultra-expensive audio products where huge amounts of effort (and money) has gone into the case or the box surrounding the audio component. But not what is inside. The extremes of this has a US amplifier in a fantastic looking case with the audio boards inside having less than good components. This is made worse by other changes in the audio industry and venture capitalists getting involved. These guys (obviously) want better and better returns on their investments and that comes from increasing prices and using cheaper component costs. Just look at what has happened to prices for some of the more famous audio companies that have been taken over (received investments) by ventures. Prices go up and the quality gets lowered. Even the hallowed halls of Naim have had pressure applied to reduce the costs of their components and/or the testing they do. Fortunately, it has been resisted. If it is happening at Naim you can be sure it is happening elsewhere. And add to this, observations made at the Bristol Show 2 years ago, the Ascot Show this year and a few UK shows where we are hearing ultra-expensive audio that either sounds awful and unreal or audio that has pretty boxes with less than good audio components inside. Both represent poor value for money and are more about audio jewellery or making more and more money. There are glimmers of hope with budget audio getting much, much better particularly digital audio where some DACs sound good and less like a visit to the dentist. Some audio companies have not gone down this route and are content to make lievable profits such as NVA. However, companies are finding the ultra-expensive audio market is saturating as once those people have bought a pretty box, they do not worry too much about improved sound from the newer models. They also find the more ‘hardy’ audiophiles have moved on so they are losing out at both ends of the market. Some audio companies have ‘seen the light’. Audionote’s Cobra amplifier is a push-pull EL34 integrated with a digital board and costs about £4K. Not cheap but not £40K. After hearing it at this year's Bristol I asked awkward questions of fellow audiophiles. Could you live with this amplifier/DAC? Yes. Does the £40K system represent £35K better audio? Next question. There were some new inexpensive loudspeakers that sounded great at Bristol. No thunderous bass and sparkling highs etc….but boy were they fun sounding speakers and brought back the joy, the impact and that back to the recording feel of the music. Hope? But that is not what I want to talk about. It is used audio. Putting aside the really lovely looking older audio which has a great feel such as Japanese made audio with real volume controls and no computer twiddles. It has to sound superb. Or ‘trendy’ used audio, which to be honest has average sound quality. No, I am talking about older audio that still sounds superb. Yes, there are some old duffers that should remain in the local tip but there is an awful lot of audio that still sounds superb, it is sold for sensible prices and provides excellent VFM. What have you heard and thought…..my God that is better than my modern XYZ, costs not a lot and represents excellent VFM? Let us know what it is. To kick things off I have recently got hold of an A&R Cambridge A60. And boy it sounds good. Yes, it is less clear, less dynamic, less 3D than my five expensive amplifiers. But boy is it an enjoyable amplifier? Does it represent great VFM compared to my £15K amp……compared to the £125 it is worth? Could I live with it in my second system? Yes. Would I miss what the current amp does? Yes, but not for too long. I will write a bit more of a review later. What would help is if any of you know of people who can repair/update these items. I suspect they are much easier to repair as they are not surface mount or full of computer chips. I may even be tempted to update the A60. So, what used audio equipment do you think represent excellent VFM because of its great sound quality? Do you know of anyone who can repair/update it? And what makes it sound great? It may be worthwhile getting together a few such systems of gems and then have them at the next Wam Show. Right where can I get a Krell KPS25SC?
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    Hi Folks, My gear : TW Acustic/ Audio Technica / Project / Exogal / Vitus / Wilson Untitled by Steve Willett, on Flickr No changes for last 3 years other than a recent change from AT33 to an ART 9. Cheers, Steve
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    More building done (and in progress), so it's all moved around a little. Rubbish phone pic, sorry. Left: Well Tempered, valve phono stage, solid-state phono stage, SUT. 5687 valve preamp. 845 power amp. Centre: Pioneer used as transport. Valve DAC. Two solid-state DACs and spare valve phono. All the rest is assorted solid state and valve power supplies. Right: Sony R2R. Spare solid-state power amp. Part-built valve headphone amp. I'm going to have a serious space issue when I get the next preamp finished...
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    Bit of a pilgrimage, this one. My dad's ashes (some of them, anyway) were scattered beneath this tree. 5 years ago Today's sunrise
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    My System by FITBITSFELLA, on Flickr BlueSound Node 2i - SJS Arcadia Model 1.5 - Sugden Bijou Musicmaster - Heco Direkt - Mark Grant cables.
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    My DIY Aleph 60 monoblocks on their new forever home - a pair of isolation platforms from https://www.solid-sounds.co.uk/.
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    This is a superb post. *Start ramble* This seems a little more reasonable than the copy n paste vomit spewed from a certain measurement "gospel" website obsessive. Jesus wept, people go on about hifi snake oil but then latch on to shite like ASR like it's biblical.... The guy running it is making money.. He's just hitting the opposite angle to the "snake oil" crew and appealing to to people who absolutely cannot deal without parameters and measurements. Hence the "Donation" page... Midwest Preacher comes to mind! Cognitive bias goes both ways! *Measurements are good, but they're not everything! I trust my ears and I know what like and at 39 years of age I'm comfortable with that. I don't need Keith to tell me relentlessly that un sighted tests are the only way. I'm a newbie on here but I'm already sick of the constant thread crapping and snide replies that posts get. I'm astounded by the amount of grace that a certain member gets while repeating the same thing over and over again, often in one thread. Quite frankly I'm pissed off! This forum is generally great forum with decent people and I've gleaned some superb information over the past few months but it's painful reading sometimes and it needn't be. We're all in this hobby together aren't we? Sorry to bring one particular person to account but we all know the script. Suspend or ban me. Whatever. It needs to be said. Sorry for the ramble.
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    Two weeks ago I joined a very select club by getting hold of a Denon PMA 850, a behemoth vintage solid state amplifier that was top of Denon’s line from 1977 to 1979. The catalyst for this leap into the dark was finally acquiring my dream speakers, a pair of Shahinian Obelisk Mk 2s. It quickly became apparent that my trusty Rega Elicit couldn’t quite cut it with the Obs, which are notoriously difficult to drive – despite claiming a nominal impedance of 6ohm, their four top mounted super tweeters and two midrange tweeters tend to hover around the 2ohm mark. While they made a nice sound with the Rega overall, some strain was evident particularly in the higher frequencies. Having already stretched to get the Obs, I was dismayed by the prospect of shelling out for a high current amp that could handle them (no, I handn’t thought this through ). Some forums (not this one!) were full of bullish Obs owners insisting I’d have to rig them up to Battersea power station to get them sounding as they should. I considered a used Dynavector at one point, but it was still going to be costly once I factored in a suitable preamp. If only there was an affordable integrated that could do the job! Enter the Denon PMA 850. Some of you will no doubt be familiar with the Denon through Geoff Old (Oldious of this Parish) who has championed the amp since it became a cornerstone of his own system. Were it not for Geoff I would never in a million years have considered a 40+ year old amplifier with no remote - and a Denon to boot! There was one – just one – for sale – on Ebay, a minty-looking example from a reputable vintage hi fi seller in Spain. It arrived safely, with battleship build quality and in amazing nick for its age. There were a few teething issues as it settled into my system – realising I needed a new digital cable, fine-tuning my TT to suit a much more revealing setup, etc. Once I’d banished these gremlins I really started to bond with the amp. The first thing you notice is its sense of authority and grip – it controls the Obs impeccably from top to bottom and really makes them sing . There’s nothing ‘seventies’ about this kit. It sounds thoroughly contemporary - precise, neutral and highly resolving, with a refined and imperturbable treble and deep, firm bass. It gets straight to the heart of the music and communicates exactly what’s going on. The internal phono stage is superlative. It reminds me of the stage on a Leema amp I once had, but better. My Arcam R Phono, while cracking for the money, cannot compete. The PMA 850 hails from an era when amps lived or died on their phono stages, and I reckon you’d be talking serious cash to equal it with an external stage. The icing on the cake is the fabulous headphone stage, which has made my Graham Slee destined for the classifieds. After a week or so, out of curiosity I tried the Rega back in my system. The Elicit is a great amp, but it was clear the older amp was in a different league. With my Rega and warm Revolver speakers, I could never hear that much difference between Red book and high res streams/downloads – now I can. Next up, once the lockdown ends, is to get it serviced and recapped to ensure I can continue to enjoy it for decades to come. Including the anticipated cost of the recap, after the sale of the Rega, the Arcam and the Graham Slee, I will still be quids-in (Actually that’s not quite true - my Ikea rack is now looking decidedly wobbly from the weight of this thing so I’m going to have to fork out on something more robust, a proper grown up hi fi rack!) Between the amp and the Obs, I feel I finally have the kind of sound I’ve wanted since I went to a hifi show in Manchester 11 years ago and came out thinking I had to get me some of that. I was beginning to think that kind of sound was only achievable for the well-off, but with the Denon I feel I have managed to cheat the system! In today’s money the Denon would have cost somewhere around £2,500 - £3,000 when it came out. It was at a time when Denon were a company with something to prove and they really overengineered this amp, which must be one of the best integrateds of any era. To anyone like me who is long in hi-fi ambition but short on cash, I say: if you can find one, get one. Thanks to Geoff for his patient and wise advice
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    Update: They did have the CV, My son was quite ill with the usual symptoms, breathlessness, fever, headache, loss sense of smell and taste etc but he has got over it pretty much now after a couple of weeks. His Mrs had a bit of a headache and cough but was not too bad. The grand children hardly had a sniffle, just a bit off colour for a couple of days. I hope they have immunity now!
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    That reminds me my speakers are 10 years old now too
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    Rhyd-Ddu by Mr ff1d1l, on Flickr
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    My new Akudoriks arrived yesterday, so I thought I would post pictures of my current Linn system See if you can spot the stealth Akudorik in the jungle
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    Dinorwig Ruins at Sunset by Mr ff1d1l, on Flickr
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    Sorry Tony - I didn't see this. She's an Asian small clawed otter - but she lives with us in Thailand. Sadly I had to come back so I'm not with her at the moment. She was apparently distraught when she realised I'd gone - at least someone was... As a pet Mike, it's difficult to say. Latte's mother was killed when she was a baby. Otters don't open their eyes for a month or more so we bottle fed her with milk when blind. She basically thinks we are family and that she is a cat. Obviously they have hugely strong jaws but she soon learnt how much she could use when playing. They are, after all, one of the most intelligent mammals on the planet. She plays, she sleeps with family. She takes care of kittens. She has saved my life once in an incredibly intelligent fashion. I had a seizure in the bathroom. She ran 200m to where family were and would not stop screeching. My wife realised something was up so went to her and she ran towards the house. They followed her, realised the problem and got a neighbour to drill the lock out. Even then, she jumped through and tried to bring me round by gently biting my nose. To this day, I still find that astonishing. One day she will leave. Sexual maturity assures that and she's in no way tethered - she's free to go at any time. Right now though. She's family. Difficult to describe. Like a dog but seemingly more affectionate than most and certainly more intelligent.
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    I am going to have to disagree. As a example Naim audio makes very good streamers/DACs. As a customer you can go to your local Naim Audio shop compare it to other streamer DACs and after a listening test decide if it is the best sounding one for you and at the right price. You can then take it home and try it out for a few days. If it works there, good. It is well designed, it has a good PSU and sounds how you like it. Happy bunny. 9 months later the boss says well done, have a bonus (imagine this bit). You fancy improving your system. You have a good amp and speakers and wonder if you can improve the streamer? You go to the dealer, he says yes, he adds an additional power supply box and it improves the sound (or not). Great but if you wanted to try to upgrade any other make then you have to sell at a loss of 0.3-0.5 x the price you paid and buy a new one. Naim offers an alternative. No need to sell, you can upgrade. I see that as a real positive not a detraction. The original streamer was built to a set price with the PSU in the box. Can it be improved? Naim says yes and that is achieved by moving the PSU away from the streamer. The PSU can be bigger with better components. Disagree? Well, listen if you hear no difference then keep your money. It should not be a surprise that audio components are built to a price, even £9K ones. Naim's top streamer the ND555 is £13K with £7K for the essential PSU. Upgrade? Add £7K. If you do not like the Naim sound then walk on by. So where is the problem in adding a separate PSU? If it makes no difference, keep your money and smile. If it does then only you can say whether it is worth the change. The original is NOT broken, it is NOT badly designed. It is built to a set price. Naim (and many others) believe the PSU being in the same box is a compromise. Companies spend a lot of time getting the interference between PSUs and the audio circuits to a minimum but some believe to get below that low level requires the PSU to move off-board. If you disagree and think it is a con, hey ho. No one is forcing you to buy. But if others listen and hear a difference then great, they need to decide if they wish to spend. So here it is a little more unusual in that this is an after market PSU upgrade from a different company. The same audio rules apply but Chord will be more wary about servicing/ repairs. Is the PSU worth £4K? Big question. Depends. Very few companies charge the cost of components + a 30-40% mark up. Well ones that offer an after sales service do not and stay in business for long. Naim and Audionote both can service every component they have made (bar some CD transports). That costs. Plus all the other manufacturing costs. Some have quoted a mark up of a factor of 4/5x for audio. For something like mobile phones the mark-up is far greater. Only you can decide whether it makes any difference and whether you should part with your money. Nick's comments offer an alternative upgrade route for Chord owners. Make your own decision. Nick has.
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    Lovely new Audiomods Classic III, recently acquired following advice / encouragement from Radiant Red. Took a while to get just right, particularly with the at33, but sounding rather good now. A definite improvement over the TecnoArm I had before.
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    Am I allowed 3? If I was pushed to choose it would be Technics RS1500 closely followed by SP10.
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    Dom if your rips are going to take that long hold off PM me your address will try and sort out a carton tomorrow with the CD drive . Wait till you get it set the offset using Accurate Rip and do all of them again . Will be much quicker in the long run . Will try and get everything out tonight .
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    Another video sequence, even more jaw dropping imo. The Rosetta spacecraft mission to the comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko (67p), which completed in 2016 with a landing on the surface. 400,000 individual images were taken and a clever clogs has put together an amazing video sequence from them. Watch - and then gather up your jaw from the floor.
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    New thread, as the other one was getting untidy. The beast is alive at last and fortunately breathing music, rather than fire. Sum up. AD1865, non-oversampling. Bought as a populated board with a SOIC chip and AK4118 receiver. Valve output stage. Separate regulated supplies for all the digital bits and the valve filaments. Valve rectified and regulated HT supply for the output stage. Fiddly bits. The regulator boards and HT board came as bags of bits, so the bits that matter are decent spec. If I ever do another one, I might play with voltage reg valves for the HT, at the moment it's shunt reg. The regulator boards for the digital side use LT1083 and I had to put 470R across the output to load them, I also added an additional 100uF at the power inputs to the board. Without, at least one of the regs was struggling with stability as the load is very small. The valve board is currently running a pair of 5670 (each paralleled) because I have a few and wondered if the hype is justified. The raw AC for the filament regulator board is 15V, and can handle up to 5A, so alternative valves will be easy. For 6.3V output, it's dropping too much voltage across the regulator for comfort, so there's a 10W 5R in series with the input. I can obviously bypass that if I want to up it to 12.6V filament valves. For IV conversion, I cut the PCB tracks and at the moment it's just using a pair of decent 200R metal film resistors bypassed with 0.01uF. The caps are probably unnecessary, but won't do any harm. It's only been running half an hour now, but initial impressions are extremely positive. From experience with similar boards before, the digital board needs a few hours to come on song properly. All the other bits are either new or NOS, so I expect some changes. As it stands, it seems to have a lovely 'open' 3D sound and it's starting to get wider and deeper. Once it's had a few hours, I'll have a better idea of whether the 5670s are going to stay, or whether to experiment with alternatives. After a few hours I'll also know whether the output coupling caps are OK or whether I need to up the value a touch.
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    This is my home-office system: I'm running my NAD C325BEE integrated currently; my C375BEE amp has started to go a bit duff and crackling yesterday; needs a good clean inside I think, will look at it over the weekend (same with my C320BEE too). Cracked the C325BEE out of the loft and no issues, at all! Still as good as the day I bought it So, my system is: NAD C325BEE integrated, Fyne Audio F302 speakers, 2018 Mac Mini i3 Quad-core and iTunes as source, USB into a Topping D10 DAC And this is my retro 'very comfy' chair that I got as part of my wife's Nana's will; she sadly passed away September last year and she always knew I loved the 2 gold chairs, as did my brother in law, so we got one each They're over 60 years old and still as original as they were they day they were bought (bar a few marks etc); it's a bloody comfy place to sit when listening to music; just wheel it across to the 'sweet spot' and it's instant 'musicoma'
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    South from Westminster Bridge.jpg by Ben Bolton, on Flickr
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    Me likey Jap crap... Accuphase E-306 amp, Yamaha NS1000Ms, Technics SP10 MK2, Audio Technica AT1010 tonearm and Audio Technica Art9 cart... 👍
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    I do still enjoy my deck whenever I use it. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Keith. Is there any way you’d consider leaving this forum please? I genuinely think it would be mutually beneficial, as we wouldn’t have to read your nasty, sniping posts and you’d probably alienate fewer prospective clients at the same time. Win Win.
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    One of the dandelion heads in our back garden yesterday... Delicate by Boxertrixter, on Flickr OM-D E-M1 Mk2/Oly 60-2.8 Macro/8 image stack.
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    The deck finally arrived but I need to wait for the cart alignment protractor and the upgraded power supply. Quite heavy and solidly built.The bearing housing is massive. Needs a bit of dusting and cleaning.
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    Conwy Castle late last night on my daily walk castle by Simon Gee, on Flickr
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    I think there is an issue here (and potentially a big one for Linn), but it is actually more complex than you describe it. Linn has now produced, with varying degrees of finish, no fewer than four different control points and a music server, none of which have been widely admired. Kazoo is probably the best of this undistinguished bunch, but it is still (apparently) a bit flaky on iOS. My experience with it on both Windows and Android is that it works as well as the network will let it. Meanwhile, the one man 'team' who calls himself Bubbleguuum has created what I regard as by far the best Android compatible control point available for OpenHome (Linn and Lumin) devices, in the form of BubbleDS Next. Of course a large part of this problem is that we all have very different views on what makes good software. Kelly200269 thinks that Linn software is "pants" (whatever that means) and that Roon is "the solution" (whatever that may be); I can live with Kazoo on Windows and regard Roon as an expensive irrelevance. A further aspect of the problem is that much of the user experience is a function of the server rather than the control point, and many servers make basic browsing and search operations completely frustrating. Users also fail to understand that they have their own part to play in making sure that metadata is accurate, consistent and complete. Just as a properly organised LP or CD collection makes accessing and playing the music that much more enjoyable, so good metadata associated with intelligently implemented server software is (somewhat paradoxically) the single most important factor in making a control point work effectively. I am sure that the Linn team understand all this. But Linn make their money by selling hardware. And that means that, all too often, the demand for firmware and feature changes becomes more urgent than the work on supporting software. This has to be the reason why work on the Linn app has languished so badly; effort has been diverted both into supporting new products (Selekt, Series 3, the Kustom DSM) and on to those firmware features (Space Optimisation 2, Exakt equipment filters) which most obviously, in Linn's opinion, differentiate their products from those of their competitors. In this situation, I believe that the decision to start developing the Linn app was misconceived from the outset. What has always been needed is a basic, straightforward, robust app that Grandma finds easier to work than her TV remote control. I believe that, after some years of mediocre performance (Linn's failures are not the only ones in this area), the fairly basic Naim streaming app is now pretty straightforwardly and robustly implemented (with what I suspect are better lookup facilities than KazooServer). If Linn had followed a comparable development path, they could have concentrated on making Kazoo for all platforms more robust in more difficult network conditions and sorting out some of the less happy aspects of its look and feel, particularly its poor scalability to different screen sizes. As it is, where Linn's user-facing apps are concerned, we have something that is little better than the software equivalent of a junkyard. Linn badly need to sort out the mess soonest. I think that they should abandon the Linn app as a lost cause, put some effort into rescuing Kazoo, replace the moribund Kazoo Server with partnerships in respect of both Asset UpnP and MinimServer, and leave any thing more clever and complex than that to the likes of Roon. That way, the Linn team would be able to concentrate on the firmware that must always be a priority, and which they are actually quite good at. David
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    [1975] Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here [2016 remastered/reissued 180g LP]
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    RIP Florian [2003] Kraftwerk ‎– Tour De France Soundtracks [flac]
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    In lockdown I have been doing what is known as faffing about. Now the stereo image is lopsided, many changes have brought about this "improvement". Including, moving all kit on rack to between speakers, involved putting one speaker near a bay window, this is now the dominant channel, left side bias! Putting stand on isolation feet, changing speaker cables (1.5m left, 3m right, manufacturer says that's ok, Isolda Townshend). Marginally worse/more obvious on vinyl than CD, thought it was the TT bias or valves in phono stage, swapped about, interconnects also swapped about. Maybe output valves in the AI500, not done that yet, could also be the room more expensive to fix that. Post really for info, if it isn't broken don't try and fix it no matter how much time you have on your hands
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    Next lockdown project nearing completion. One AD1865 non-oversampling () DAC with valve output and some power supply fun. Separate regulated supplies for the valve filaments and the three digital sections, plus a valve regulated HT supply for the output stage. The AD1865 was an off-the-shelf board, the rest I bought as bare boards and built up over the last couple of days. Output valves are paralleled 5670s, because they're really small, have a good reputation, and I've got a few I've wanted to try for a while. The specs look decent so we'll see. I've stolen the current output from the chip by breaking into the PCB and initially it'll just be a resistor for IV conversion, with the output feeding the valve grids direct. I've left enough room in there to try IV transformers, but I'm trying to build based on what's in the box, rather than buying stuff. I've done it with two valves so I could always redo the board to run them in SRPP if I need more gain, but on paper it should give enough output. The on-board IV conversion is with opamps, so initially I've left them all in situ and they'll be powered, which means I should be able to stick a switch in to change between the valve output and opamp output. Hopefully it'll be up and running tomorrow. Plenty of time, so it was worth going a bit OCD on the wiring.
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    Well it’s up and running just to test. I have not received the cart protractor yet as the seller might be living in mars (15 days waiting). I just used the supplied universal protractor from Project. Still waiting for the Solid tech tt shelf which will be here shortly. Im fed up tracking all these items from outside UK! Im glad they arrived undamaged.
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    Led Zeppelin- Physical Graffiti Vinyl
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    Finally got my 'lockdown' system sroted and singing today. Must say I am rather blown away by the Ref 3's, they seem to partner beautifully with the Sony amp and it sounds great. Very pleased I overspent on my orginal budget because I now have something with satisfying SQ. I have played around with positioning since these pics, they are further apart but more heavily toed in. Seems to be a winner. 20200419_192652 by Simon Gee, on Flickr 20200420_214114 by Simon Gee, on Flickr 20200419_192725 by Simon Gee, on Flickr The room is a mess as this pic shows. Its waiting for the Mrs to give it a good painting , some decent curtains etc and then I can start unpacking all my music and setup my proper front end. Then the long wait for my new speakers begins, these Kefs will keep me satisifed though. if someone spots a pair of Ref 4's in rosewood for sale let me know, I think I would like them 20200419_192701 by Simon Gee, on Flickr
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    Can't you ask me the easy questions!!!!! The total number of deaths in Germany is significantly lower than most EU countries and whilst there are all sorts of biases there is no doubt that the testing of the population was a major factor as it gives you good data about how CV is developing. The UK let its industry fade away, Germany did not. Clearly a lesson for all. I suspect there will be (rightly) a lot of soul searching after this event. I was involved with a team putting together responses to major pandemic events. Without putting too fine a point on it, the responses across the EU were variable and not brilliant. The big question is how much should we spend on our 'insurance policy'. I hope we will be increasing our premiums even though we will have taken a big finacial hit. But that is not my area of expertise. The tricky question, number 2, is hugely impacted by data. Cobra will receive tons of data and information (to me data is the numbers etc. information is an expert's digest of the data). I do not have access to that information, which is my cop out. I did have limited access early on and tried to assist but I have been out of it. The overall approach was outlined in a report issued by the Department for Health some time ago following a major exercise. The government have broadly followed that and as with any plan changes were needed due to circumstances. I suspect the real issue is the sheer resources needed and the ultra short timescales involved. For example, to try to put a testing industry together from effectively very little is an enormous challenge. I suspect we will probably not quite get 100,000 tests a day on 1 May with all the supporting machinery to organise the doing of the tests and distribution of the results with all the re-tests. Despite that the progress is astonishing. And the Excel, Nightingale Hospital was another great example. Yes PPE supply and distribution is real problem but we have effectively ramped up from not a lot to enormous warehouses with everyone else in the world doing the same at the same time. But to answer your question: it would be wrong for me to critique as I do not have access to the important information and I would end up doing what I have accussed others of doing.
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    Ian Dury - New Boots & Panties Vinyl
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    Seen in the Arenas de Cabrales, Northern Spain. Old door by Tillman Kleinhans ARPS EFIAP/s DPAGB BPE4* Hon LCPU, on Flickr Canon 5D4 + 24-105L, 1/100s @ f8, ISO400 raw. PP in ACR & NikCFX.
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    Lili Under The Bridge by Mr ff1d1l, on Flickr
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    [1973] Led Zeppelin ‎– Houses Of The Holy [flac]
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    A few lockdown pics. Still in the same place - we’ve got a buyer but there’s nothing to buy currently, so we’ll be here for a bit. I’ve toddler proofed the set up, which is working pretty well! Surprised how good the Prima Luna is, Can’t see myself changing it for a good while.
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    Nearly there. Spent some time in the garden, so only just a couple of hours on this today. All the voltages etc. look fine and it all powers up perfectly. At the moment, the music is sadly lacking, though there is an entertaining hum. I'll do some digging around tomorrow, but it should be a simple sort out. Gain stage seems to be gaining, so I suspect something is amiss in the IV realm. Shouldn't be a difficult one, though it'll serve me right for tidying all the layout before doing the final checks, as some of it will have to come to bits again. Looks nice though, and everything glows that should.
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    [1986] Paul Simon - Graceland [flac]
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    Hello everyone...my gadgets...:) Garrard 401 in huge like a tank plinth, around 25-30 kilo, armed with upgraded from 9'' to 12'' tonearm, Grace G-714 tonearm and SME 3009 improved tonearm. Marantz PM4 amplifier. Under bed still have Quad 66 pre and Meridian 105 power amps. Tannoy V12HP drivers in huge (again) cases, one around 40 kilos. Pioneer N50A (dreaming about N70AE) Copland CDA266 cd player PC with around 8 TB music on DSS/SACD/Flac formats.
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    Update on the medical staff appreciation in Spain in the evenings. We go out on our verandas and clap every night at 19:00, and then a convoy of police cars and an ambulance drives round the village. A great way to encourage community spirit!