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  1. No idea what it really means but it looks pretty
  2. I dem'd a larger pair of maggies with an Audiolab 800P power amp (100W) and it coped very well in a large room. To be fair the Onkyo you mention is specced down to 4ohms and is capable of more power.
  3. It does seem to be a recognised categorisation issue with Spotify though it doesn't affect all equipment, for example I can use the Chromecast. Hence the request page for Spotify which needs more votes otherwise they won't do anything ☹️
  4. It was the In Our Time episode apt Paul Dirac, bit apparently spoilers to all BBC ones
  5. I recently came across this issue, Using my Yamaha Network receiver's Spotify Connect it would not play a BBC podcast via the Yamaha, it would play via Chromecast though. (I had never previously played podcasts via Spotify) I initially blamed various changes I had made, new router, additional switches, a temporary break in my Spotify subscription, and spent some considerable time rebooting equipment, reinstalling apps and power cycling equipment. To no avail. It did not occur to me to play anything else at the time because I had made a lot of changes. I slept on it, and in the morning played some music and it was fine, tried the podcast, again but no joy. I did an internet search on that basis and found it to be a known issue, Spotify for some reason classify podcasts (or at least some podcasts) as mixed media, so they will not play on some audio equipment. This has been reported to Spotify but failed to reach the threshold number of votes for them to do something about it. So, any Spotify users out there could you please have a look at this link https://community.spotify.com/t5/Live-Ideas/All-Platforms-Connect-re-categorise-podcasts-as-AUDIO-so-they/idi-p/4853379 and upvote the issue please to help out this Yamaha user? Thanks Ian
  6. If you've ripped them then you should keep them to stay vaguely legal.
  7. JTW

    Good Riddance Vinyl

    Well I got rid of my TT a few years ago, have all of my classical vinyl away, about 150 to 200 LPs, still have my rock and jazz albums in the loft for old times sake. My executor will have to get rid! I converted to streaming after years of owning the TT and not using it and playing CDs a few times a week. Result is that I now listen to music most days not just occasionally. Don't worry about the equipment just glory in the music itself. Bliss.
  8. I would also like to thank him for adding some rationality, and as for trolling? Glass houses.
  9. To start with, thanks to FunkyMonkey for his link to the historical magazine archive in another post. I was browsing an early copy of Gramophone and there was a piece correcting the price of a recording - "We regret that the price of the Sibelius Second Symphony, H.M.V. DB2599-2604, reviewed last month, was given as 36s. ; it should have been 33s., the last single -sided record costing only 3s" So that is 33 shillings for one symphony, That is £1.65 in January 1936. According to a website which gives the present value of historical money, i.e. allowing for inflation this is the equivalent of over £117. I will never complain about the cost of music again.
  10. An Audiolab 8000A is what I would go for.
  11. I had a CD104 in the 80s. It worked OK until it was stolen. Shame I chucked the RC pyramid thingy away though!
  12. Agree about keeping ripped CDs as a backup and as I understand it, if you rip your CDs you should retain the originals to stay within the law anyway. So you can't legally declutter by getting rid of the originals. I do use a streaming service and I've found that listening to new (to me) music on Spotify does help me reduce my overall outlay on new music as I filter out those CDs that I would only listen to once or twice. I still buy ones I like.
  13. JTW

    Tidal - Black Friday

    Mainly this. Sounds good but, unlike Spotify the actual Tidal app won't play direct to my streamer and the streamer Tidal controls are not as flexible as the tidal app. Qobuz had similar issues I think. Worth a go though and i will persevere. Thanks Baz anyway for the heads up.
  14. JTW

    Optical cables

    Velocity of light in a vacuum is about 300,000 km/s. In other materials dependent on refractive index so in an optical cable with a RI of 1.5 would be about 200,000 km/s. And velocity does depend on wavelength that's why prisms work and most lenses have some chromatic aberration.
  15. Congratulations, great speakers, I hope they bring you much pleasure. Ian