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  1. Was just about to press play until I saw the Gary Moore reference.
  2. Geoff at ServiceSound is a bloody genius with valve amps. His other speciality is Reel-to-Reels. He's in Bexhill
  3. James, The guys at Kronos stock them. I heard their little valve integrated - nice sound for not a lot of money. They used to be in Uckfield but have now moved to Haywards Heath
  4. Thanks Adam. Was that the one that Sony threw everything at? ie all the bits-and-pieces they had left lying around. Got good reviews if I remember
  5. I remember reading that Sony produced their last ever, full sized cassette deck a few years ago. Does anyone know the model number or any info on it? I've tried googling but just can't find the info. Ta.
  6. May be worth looking some bluetooth headphones as well
  7. Will there be a charity that the event will support?
  8. Don't forget Shane McGowan - a truly great lyricist
  9. Steve - Dave here (who sold you the EE Minimax DAC).  I'll take both the M Zero and the Quad stuff.  Call me when you have a minute 07753-746838.

    Cheers, Dave

  10. I've just spent a good 30 minutes of my life reading this 'thread'. Take it from me as one who's first start at the Wam involved posing a cable question - I learned very quickly to shut TF up. But to summarise what I've learned so far from this glorious discussion: 1. Cables can be cheap or expensive or somewhere in between 2. Some think they hear a difference, and some know they don't 3. er, that's it