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  1. Matt, I am sure that you do have some finesse. I just wanted to be clear to anyone reading this thread that spraying a cartridge, or something near a cartridge with something in an aerosol can was not a good idea. I have a few suitable products available, but I am in no hurry to fiddle with my audio system at the moment. It sounds very good, so why change it?
  2. The thought of an aerosol can anywhere near one of my cartridges scares me. If I need to remove the traces of glue, it will be done with elbow grease, in a controlled manner. I don’t want any product getting on the foam, and ruining the Isolator either.
  3. My tape arrived today. I may try the Music Maker Classic on the Houdini soon.
  4. Matt, I already have one. Never tried sucking it though. It did not work well with my heavy DL-103, but works nicely with my more normal cartridges.
  5. Matt, A Funk FX1200. As for the rest, no idea. But if it is designed to work with a certain mass, it would be good to know what the design range was.
  6. What would be useful information is what weight range of cartridge it works with. It gave me lots of problems with my 23g Denon 103. It kind of worked, but not as well with my Technics EPC-205 or AT20SS etc.
  7. I believe that there is a patent. But you won’t see the detail of how it works in the paperwork.
  8. I very much doubt that you will get internal photos. I can’t see Funk giving their “secrets” away.
  9. Thanks Matt. I am pretty sure I can as well, especially as I have ordered some new tape. I am not sure if I can be bothered though, as my XX2 is now fitted, and I see no reason to change it right now.
  10. I have a box full of Oreo.. They come in packs of 4. My daughter prefers to eat the .... I would be interested in feedback of the efficacy of these type of damming devices, as my speakers are on a suspended floor. There is no way I can build underneath them, as it is the first floor. I currently have rubber feet fitted to the o,in this, but have been wondering if a properly designed damper would be better.
  11. These one off posts by new members certainly don’t help. Personally, I can understand that people are reluctant to try it. I am not keen on Spam. Paul is right, it does something. I have heard that thing. I like that thing. Some do, some don’t. We are all different, and we look for different things. £300 - is it too expensive? In comparison to my €1600 cartridge, and the improvement it has given over my €600 cartridge, I would say vfm is more than acceptable in comparison to the difference between the two cartridges. Some people pay more for a cable, and that can make less differen
  12. I just fitted my XX2, and also had a problem with the green tag. It was still in place, but no sound from the RH channel. I had to re=make the joint. It was pretty scary fitting it, as there was no stylus guard in the box.
  13. I can’t see any info about the modified 540 on the website. It seems interesting, as I think the 540 and 740 share the same generator, only the body material changes.
  14. This is why I am reluctant to touch it.
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