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  1. I was thinking of around £1000, but it can flexible if the improvement in sound quality warrants extra outlay.
  2. I have run high quality analogue systems for the last 40 years, but I need some advice to bring myself into the 21st century. I am planning on replacing my turntable, CD player and tuner with a streaming / network device, but I have no idea how to go about it. I have purchased a pair of AVI DM1O active speakers, which contain a remote controlled preamp, power amp and 24/96 DAC. I also have an iPad Air 2, but no laptop. I would like a device that can play and rip my cd collection, play music obtained online and also have an internet radio facility for jazz fm, classic fm and radio 2. I prior
  3. I got no response to my PM, so I snapped up a pair of Stirling LS3/6’s 40 mins before Somerset and Gloucestershire went to tier 4.
  4. If it’s any help, I think that the original new prices were £600 for the standard power supply and £1000 for the MB version.
  5. I have had many enquiries about the OBX RW’s and I didn’t realise that you were the same person that I had spoken to on PFM. I would not have posted the message here if I had known.
  6. There are a nice pair of OBX RW’s on PFM if you can accommodate the crossovers.
  7. Can I put myself next in the queue if the sale does not go ahead please? Regards Roy
  8. There is an Opus 21 on hifi-forsale.co.uk at present. Regards Roy.
  9. Can you tell me whether the tweeters are beryllium? Cheers Roy
  10. Can you tell me if these speakers are still for sale please? Many Thanks
  11. Could a kind Wammer offer to buy John’s rather tasty amps please, as I would like to buy his speakers separately?
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