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  1. I have had many enquiries about the OBX RW’s and I didn’t realise that you were the same person that I had spoken to on PFM. I would not have posted the message here if I had known.
  2. There are a nice pair of OBX RW’s on PFM if you can accommodate the crossovers.
  3. Can I put myself next in the queue if the sale does not go ahead please? Regards Roy
  4. There is an Opus 21 on hifi-forsale.co.uk at present. Regards Roy.
  5. Can you tell me whether the tweeters are beryllium? Cheers Roy
  6. Can you tell me if these speakers are still for sale please? Many Thanks
  7. Could a kind Wammer offer to buy John’s rather tasty amps please, as I would like to buy his speakers separately?
  8. To John I have sent you two PM’s. Regards Roy
  9. See photo thread. We are snowed in in Gloucestershire and can’t make it. Will there be a refund on advanced tickets purchased, or preferably, could the show be repeated on a future date?
  10. So, one of life’s more harsher lessons this morning. We are desperate to get to the show, but there’s 4 ins of snow on my steep drive and the car won’t move. I appreciate all of the work put in by the exhibitors, but I fear that the attendance will be low today. Can we get a refund on advanced tickets purchased, or preferably, can the show be moved to another date?
  11. I am interested in buying some older Croft equipment, such as an Epoch or Charisma preamp and a series 3 OTL, 4 or 5 power amp. I have a nice Bel Canto S300i integrated amp and a pair of Maggie 1.7 speakers if anyone wants them in part exchange. Has anyone got anything interesting?
  12. I clicked on Duvet’s link to see who will be exhibiting at the show and I had to set up a google mail account. I am now clicking on the link and it won’t allow me to see the spreadsheet. Can anyone offer advice? Regards
  13. I have sent you a PM.



    1. hexx


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