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  1. I have a Old Stands Unique hifi rack, but they went out of business years ago... http://www.standsunique.com/productrange/support/hifi/index.htm
  2. A guy started at work a few weeks ago. Was a live musician,but no income for 9 months and not likely for the next few years, so had to start a different way to make an income.
  3. You always get one. I do model flying and we lost the field due to a noise complaint. Ok, the person lived the other side of the M6 Motorway, near Jct 17, one of the most busiest route, The field was 200 meters from the motorway, facing away, she was a MP and obviously used her "powers" to get what she wanted, although we had a noise meter the other side and got about 95DB at all times. I then flew a poor silenced model as a test, and no-one could hear it. Just shows, not the noise, but people's idea of it.
  4. I had the family say once that she couldn't hear the TV, even with it on full power and her ear next to the speaker. Though it was in jest and they didn't mind, just that one day I was watching Kraftwerk in concert and was getting late. Low frequencies do travel far, low bass can travel between spaces and re-amplify itself.
  5. This is utter garbage. Seen it in the shop, horrible and sounded horrible, overblown bass and cheap rubbish. Says its 3900W! yeah, right, more live 390W, at 100 % total harmonic distortion!!! I don't think people want quality, they are quite happy to watch a movie on their phone with the speakers and think that will do...
  6. Hmm, Gerrard. Thinking about it, my parents have a Gerrard deck in an old 70's cabinet. Thinking one day of taking it out and do like you've done and give it a new home... It's a MC unit, but luckily have a amp for it, which am using on my Audio Technica deck, instead of the built-in pre amp. Found a picture on-line, the same one. Can't miss the switches and the square arm stay.
  7. I like the Rotel brand of CD players. Seem to sound to my liking and have 3 at the moment: 1070; 951 and RCD-02. All are HDCD players and supposed to make non-HDCD come out more. Although not using the DAC on the 1070, as using a separate unit. The 951 is on my shed workshop and the RCD-02 upstairs system. Also keeping the same make means setting up the universal remote will work on all players.
  8. The stereo imaging is awesome! One of the tracks feels like you're going through a meteor storm, so much spacing on the channels. Again a record my parents used to play on some Sundays.
  9. Playing this now.. My favourite childhood film and music. Original 1978 LP. being used again - sounds awesome!
  10. I've re-joined the Vinyl brigade. Had a cheapo Midi deck years ago, before going into High-end audio. Decided on the Audio Technica LP120. Sounded better than the Philips one and plaing LP's first time in 20+ years!
  11. Hi-end Hifi sounds so good! I mean it, listening to music just is such an experience that I savour! Sound quality, feel, just out of this world. I'll never listen to cheap mainstream "hifi" systems again...
  12. SVS, powerful and good price. ALso do sealed and ported designs. I have the PC-12 Ultra, and even on lowest power the house shakes, and that is not even the powerful version, the PC-13 Ultra is just silly!
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