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  1. I do that the manual way. I didn't know of this tool! Thanks for the pointer!
  2. another one
  3. @George 47 hi George with your lovely name ! Thank you for the below. I understand that the above write up relates to the Hyperions, correct? On USB microphone, would you have something to suggest ?? Are the mics that come with AV receivers any use ?? Also how do I send sound from the laptop to the GATO DIA? I guess USB DAC? I guess I could use the first video that comes up on you tube :-)
  4. Below is the comparison of the Web site information for the two variants :
  5. Saw this add and was wondering whether a pair of professional mastering monitors could live harmoniously on a hifi system?? that is if one likes or can tolerate the looks. I know its unlikely that this pair will be available given age. But still would be nice to understand whether these are in essence the same speakers as the M40 hifi version with a difference finish. I guess one obvious difference in the XLR connection but I am sure that, it will be workable in that respect.
  6. Stereo Nova - Asyrmatos Kosmos, - One of the first albums of Stereo Nova, which are considered pioneers of the electronic music scene in Greece. Sounds more like poetry overlayed on the electronic music. The lyrics paint the picture of the Athenian urban landscape blended w Pavlos Pavlides - Ayto to ploio pou olo ftanei - In this album Pavlides puts on his travel mood and takes us on a trip in a more easy going and relaxed universe. My favourite album for a warm Sunday afternoon. New york rock and roll ensemble - Reflections - A 1970s album composed by the Greek composer Manos Hadjidakis and performed by the American Rock band. Later released with Greek lyrics. Miles Davis - Kind of Blue - need no introduction Tripes - Tripes, The album that made Trypes a household name in the Greek rock scene. Quoting from Wikipedia "Their unique sound emerged mainly from the combination of vocalist Giannis Aggelakas' distinctive singing style and lyrics and Giorgos Karras' Post-punk and Alternative Rock instrumentation" Evidently I selected mostly Greek albums because they were a big influence for me in my younger years. I hope you like them!
  7. Stereo Nova - Asyrmatos Kosmos Pavlos Pavlides - Ayto to ploio pou olo ftanei New york rock and roll ensemble - Reflections Miles Davis - Kind of Blue Tripes - Tripes
  8. I got drawn into the game by my fathers Sansui system (Analogue Receiver, Tape deck , record player and speakers). I remember it was all about recording radio shows on the tape deck at the beginning. Also a close geeky friend was a big influence. His family had a Nakamichi system. He was often bragging about this system which I guess made me jealous at the time. I remember most middle income families had a hifi system of some form at the time, whilst now its pretty rare, with many people listening to music on their cell phones and tvs ????
  9. Many thanks for the above! So I read the above as SP100 and SP100 R1 referring to the same thing! Whilst SP100 being the successor to the S100
  10. @tuga thanks for the above! So are S100 different than SP100 and SP100 different than SP100R ??
  11. @patbarrydub so I was able to find the box and evidently I used DHL which took something like 5 days. Mind you this is a miniature amplifier. It was something like eur50 for the shipping. I remember the amp came with a broken input selector. Contacted the seller who sent a replacement plus a small refund for the repair cost locally. Had no other issues since. I used PayPal to have more leverage on the seller.
  12. @patbarrydub I bought this amp almost 5 years ago. The whole process run smoothly.
  13. Greetings to the group! Can you please educate me around the Spendor 100 different generations/iterations, or point me to a suitable resource. If my understanding is correct the family tree was as follows S 100 SP 100 SP 100 R1 SP 100 R2 Classic 100 Are all the above real iterations? Is SP100 different than SP100R1? and Was there an SP100R which is difference than that SP100R1? What years were each of the above manufactured and what were the major upgrades.
  14. Yet another fraudulent advert here