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  1. @jas0_0 the weight of the room is 3m and the listening position is 4.5m from front wall and 3.3m from left window. I did save measurement rather than save all measurements in REW thats why the files dont have all the info. Having said that I did a new set of measurements (L, R and Both) with no smoothing, curtains closed and speakers pushed back (30cm from back wall) and closer (210cm between them). File is here
  2. @jas0_0 thanks again for all the valuable feedback. I downloaded and applied the calibration file in my REW. I took separate right and left measurements and a combined R+L measurements in all three scenarios. I saved 3 difference files that contain the different measurements for each scenario (curtains, windows etc). I applied VAR smoothing if I am not mistaken. If you give me directions I would be more than happy to take new measurements that would be more useful. Also below answers to your questions What changes in sound do you notice (if any) when the doors/curtains are open/closed? - Open curtains sounds the worst with open windows and curtains being the best in terms of "sweet/warm" sound but lacking bass extension. How does the sound of these speakers compare with the outgoing set? - Hard to say, as I didnt do a side by side before packing the Hyperions. The do have less presence, less imposing (much smaller speakers) but at the same time they are less offensive. I was only able to download plots for both speakers - do you have separate plots for left and right? - They should be in the same files but happy to do new measurments. Have you already applied smoothing to these files - do you also have un-smoothed versions? - If smoothing cannot be reversed in REW then I no longer have unsmoothed Which new speakers are you buying? - So, I had some hickups with the transaction so I would rather confirm when I know its definitely happening Do you have any accurate measurements of the dimensions of your room (LxWxH), and the current position of the speakers (measured from the front wall to the front of the baffle, and the side walls to the middle of the bass driver)? - See below picture for room layout and measurements (it will all be Greek to you, but measurements are in meters). The left speaker is 1.8m from the side window and the right speaker 2.4m from the side window. Both speakers are 1.4m (baffle) away from the back wall. Do you have any means to apply EQ in your system? - Currently, other than applying EQ on the laptop (which is my main source) I don't.
  3. @jas0_0 I have now received my UMIK mic. I no longer have the speakers which are en route for a part exchange. I wanted to do some testing so I used my transmission line 90s Audio Spectrum speakers. I guess I want to understand the big problems of my room ( for instance echo per discussion above). I did 3 sets of measurements as follows. In all 3 mic was positioned @ centre of listening position. In all 3 sets I did a L+R, a L and a R without changing anything. I started with windows and curtains closed. 2nd set is Windows closed curtains open 3rd set is both curtains and windows open. See pictures and results below
  4. It is not unlikely that my room is echoey given large size and shiny surfaces. I agree that in the grand scheme of things the cost of a dedicated measurement mic is worth it. I will probably use this shop So they also have the umm-6 mic in back order. It will take a couple of weeks more. Do you think is worth waiting? Also the laptop is 5m + away from the listening position. Will these mics work ok with such long usb cable or will I have to split the distance between the amp and the mic. Finally with using the Gato Dia usb dac as my input from the laptop will I have to calibrate anything on the output side before I can trust my measurements?
  5. Yes you are correct, did 3Ls and 3Rs without changing anything. I didnt change volume between Ls and Rs. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this! Hands down wamers are the friendliest and most helpful forum species around. I can repeat the measurements with speakers pushed closer to back wall. Unfortunately I wont be able to keep them permanently there as the wall behind is basically cupboards whose doors have to be functional. Also the cables are fed under the speakers and as such moving them more than the speaker dimensions will mean that the cables will be sticking out in the middle of the room. I measured sofa and its not far from 1/3 of room length!
  6. @George 47 and others, in the absence of a usb dedicated measurement mic I had a go with taking measurements using the audyssey calibration mic. These are attached below (REW file and snip) I don't have a clue of what they mean but there is a lot of dancing around which cannot be good.
  7. I have bought my GATO DIA250 from audio emotion. All I can say is that they are excellent ! Fair pricing, friendly communications and top service !
  8. @George 47 Gents is it worth having a go with the below mics (calibration mics from a Denon and a Pioneer receiver respectively) through the laptop sound card??? Or will have to order a USB measurement mic to get started?!
  9. I do that the manual way. I didn't know of this tool! Thanks for the pointer!
  10. another one
  11. @George 47 hi George with your lovely name ! Thank you for the below. I understand that the above write up relates to the Hyperions, correct? On USB microphone, would you have something to suggest ?? Are the mics that come with AV receivers any use ?? Also how do I send sound from the laptop to the GATO DIA? I guess USB DAC? I guess I could use the first video that comes up on you tube :-)
  12. Below is the comparison of the Web site information for the two variants :
  13. Saw this add and was wondering whether a pair of professional mastering monitors could live harmoniously on a hifi system?? that is if one likes or can tolerate the looks. I know its unlikely that this pair will be available given age. But still would be nice to understand whether these are in essence the same speakers as the M40 hifi version with a difference finish. I guess one obvious difference in the XLR connection but I am sure that, it will be workable in that respect.
  14. Still on the lookout
  15. Stereo Nova - Asyrmatos Kosmos, - One of the first albums of Stereo Nova, which are considered pioneers of the electronic music scene in Greece. Sounds more like poetry overlayed on the electronic music. The lyrics paint the picture of the Athenian urban landscape blended w Pavlos Pavlides - Ayto to ploio pou olo ftanei - In this album Pavlides puts on his travel mood and takes us on a trip in a more easy going and relaxed universe. My favourite album for a warm Sunday afternoon. New york rock and roll ensemble - Reflections - A 1970s album composed by the Greek composer Manos Hadjidakis and performed by the American Rock band. Later released with Greek lyrics. Miles Davis - Kind of Blue - need no introduction Tripes - Tripes, The album that made Trypes a household name in the Greek rock scene. Quoting from Wikipedia "Their unique sound emerged mainly from the combination of vocalist Giannis Aggelakas' distinctive singing style and lyrics and Giorgos Karras' Post-punk and Alternative Rock instrumentation" Evidently I selected mostly Greek albums because they were a big influence for me in my younger years. I hope you like them!