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    Michell Orbe
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    Modded RB250
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    Trichord Delphini
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    Papworth PPA6
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    Papworth M100s
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    IPL Transmission Lin
  1. I've a similar system to yours and changed from my beloved worn out Reca Reson to an AT33EV based mainly on reviews and forum opinion. Initially, my first impressions of the AT33EV were the same, i.e. Where's the Bass gone! and a confused soundstage. I was so disappointed with the AT33EV I made my mind up to sell it and reinstalled the old Reca. Unfortunately the Reca only lasted another week before it completely gave up and reinstalled the AT33EV just to have some music. Prior to this I had done some reading on the sensitivity of the AT33EV to VTA and loadings. I had up until now been using the Michell VTA adjuster on my Orbe with a modded RB250 but hadn't tried removing it. This I did, and as suggested on another forum increasing the loading on my delphini phono stage. Well , what a difference! The bass was back, maybe not quite a punchy as the Reca but in every other respect the AT33EV was on another planet. I didn't go to bed until 4am that night and was late for work the next day - wow what a cart! At this point there was around 50hrs on the AT33EV so wasn't quite run in. I've been playing it for about 3 months now and the sound has improved even more - better bass texture and depth, mid and treble detail and more spacious soundstage. Again and again I'm pulling albums out that I've heard 200 times that sound like different albums and albums that I thought were poorly recorded to find they're good. I even came across Fleetwood Mac's Rumours album that I hadn't played for years as I'd played it to death and was astonished at how great it sounded - the harmonise on "you make loving fun" sound like angels. Would I change back to the Reca - never! The AT33EV run in, the right VTA and loading is an amazing cart - happy I bought it.