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    Linn Axis
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    Jelco SA750D/AT150SA
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    It's in the preamp.
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    Allo Digione Sig
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  1. Tristan

    Naim Volume Pot.

    The 32.5 and 72 came with Alps RK40s. Happy hunting! Be careful these pots are somewhat "mythical" these days and there are a number of fakes about. They're long out of production unfortunately.
  2. Need an arm for a Linn Basik turntable I'll be looking to shift on soon. As it's an entry level deck I feel it stands a better chance of selling if it has an arm and cart on it. I'll be keeping my Jelco 750 and transferring that to its replacement, so need something cheap and cheerful to fill the hole. Anyone got anything suitable lying around? Cheers in advance
  3. Cracking amp. I had one of these myself for a couple of years.
  4. Thanks for the mention - re the Neutrons - mine were upgraded from the 3’s to the 4’s in fact.  But I wanted to ask how yow find the Russell K Red 150s you have - been thinking of changing from standmounts in my main system (Harbeth 30.1) to floorstanders since I’ve acquired a more powerful amp, and they are one of several I’m considering (Spendor D7.2, various Proac, etc.) Want to try to keep fatigue-free & low-volume listening but maybe a different soundstage etc.



    1. Tristan


      Not sure if I ever saw or replied to this, but the 150s are excellent. I love mine and they're going absolutely nowhere. Which is a pretty bold statement for me as I'm a serial box swapper! 

    2. Tristan


      Definitely go and demo a pair of you can. 

  5. The only pair of Elac speakers I've ever heard were the Jet 310i. They were tiny, but blow me they did something extraordinary. It may rose tinted specs (it was 20 odd years ago) but I've always wanted a pair for a second system.
  6. You don't need deep pockets. You can get a really good vinyl rig for around £7k
  7. I'll third that. Excellent product
  8. I've had a few sets of these over the years and they're bonkers good for the money.
  9. I think Pro-Ject might make something like that. Couldn't tell you if it's any good, but for your intended purpose I'm sure it'll be adequate.
  10. Yep. Agreed. I went down the "classic" new road for a bit, then happily swerved back to the Olive stuff. Anyway. you're right. Off topic and no help to the OP.
  11. You're about 5 years late on this one, Gene!
  12. I'm probably in the minority, but always found the 160 or 180 preferable to the 250. As long as you cut the SOA circuit of the napa boards. As for preamps, well, they all have the same circuit, but with some sneaky value changes, so it's pretty easy to buy the 102 (that nobody wants) and swap a few bits to make it truly sing. My 102 sounds f'ing awesome. It's certainly shocked a few fellow Olive fans.
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