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  1. I wouldn't spend £750 on a Nap 155. A Nap 200 would be a much better starting point.
  2. I can vouch for this amp being a "goodun". The PMC Cor that looks like an old Playstation ain't too shabby either. GLWS, John.
  3. Interested in doing the swap, but will be needing a few more details on your mum first. Age, house trained etc?
  4. I can vouch for Rob. I know him personally and steered him in this direction
  5. Yeah, those are pretty crap to be honest. They never fit right and just look weird.
  6. FWIW, I purchased one of these a couple of weeks ago as "stop gap" for £20 (make them an offer). It's actually really rather good and I have zero urge to replace it with anything "better".
  7. I think your arm is an RB900. It's certainly not an RB300. HTH
  8. This one is powder coated. It's a very good job and a flawless finish, just a bit "fridge like" for my tastes. Although it has a certain Stormtrooper (Star Wars, not Nazis) look about it.
  9. Sadly I had to sell my LP12 recently (no income and rent due etc). Some of you may already know that my day job is repairing used and abused DJ equipment for the various bars and nightclubs of Leeds and the surrounding areas. Over the years I've built quite a reputation for being fairly handy with regard to the ole SL1210 (I restored one of the decks from legendary nightclub The Haçienda a few years back). As a result I've got a workshop full of parts, spares and ropey broken stuff. What with work being rather quiet at the moment (dead would be a more accurate description) I decided to see if I had enough crap lying around to knock up a working turntable. Turns out I did. The white plinth was gift from a friend, who decided he didn't like it. Not sure I do either, but it's clean and presentable. The platter on the other hand was hideous, so it got sanded down and a few coats of satin black. The motor PCB is made from 4 (yes really FOUR!) separate boards that had the working bits all installed onto the one PCB to make a working motor. The arm is an RB203 that Johnnie has rewired at some point. Not the greatest sounding deck in the world (phono stage I'm using is absolute garbage though) but considering it cost me no more than 4 hours work, I'm happy.
  10. Can't believe nobody has asked this already, but belt maybe? Could the pulley be slipping on the motor shaft?
  11. Are they the ones that look they have a plinth made out of leftover dado rail from the 80s?