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  1. Oops sorry guys it's cv4016/m8161 hope that makes more sense
  2. I'll check tomorrow but I'm thinking cv4061 ??
  3. Hope you don't mind a cheeky little thread hijack but if anyone could ID these for me it would be a great help ? They came in a little dot headphone amp along with 2 spare pairs of mullards. They don't look like the Chinese originals but the guy I bought it from couldn't remember what they were, just curious really as I swapped to the mullards although these didn't sound bad.
  4. I've been very good really, just the 2 items, a Nord Acoustics Easystream Dac & a cheap linear psu to go with it not bad really but there's a pair of reference 3a standmounts on the Bay making my spend finger itch !!
  5. I've had a few goodies over the years, A Chord mains lead, a Copper tech Alpha rca interconnect & a pair of headphones from Hi Fi World, plus various cd samplers. I`ve found generally that (after blind testing) free stuff sounds ace 🤣
  6. Using one on my main system & all seems OK but tried one on my daughter's bedroom system & got lots of phono stage hum, swapped back to a cheapo supermarket one & it improved dramatically
  7. Many thanks Andrew, an update to LMS 7.9.2 & an update to the touch has sorted it, I definitely owe you a pint at Keggy !! 🍻
  8. Hi Computer Peeps ,I have an issue with Spotty on my squeezebox touch It seems to have disappeared & if I open the advanced settings on LMS it says plug in failed to load .I've had a quick look in all the folders in the squeezebox folder on my pc & can't find anything referring to Spotty at all ,any suggestions gratefully received. p.s. I'm bloody useless with computers so If it involves terms like tree node root or whatever I am completely lost
  9. Very nice down there, used to be my old stomping ground when I was a kid, spent many a happy hour playing in Lillands Woods & swimming in the river, really nice what they`ve done with it now
  10. Ah so you've been to Brighouse then 🤣🤣
  11. Not good here, Local Brighouse Sports Club
  12. OK where we are but further down the Calder Valley around Todmorden & Hebden Bridge severe flooding occurring with some roads impassable
  13. Highlight of my Hi-Fi year has just nicely arrived over Christmas when I set my 14 Yr old daughter's first system up in her bedroom, nothing fancy, Ariston QDeck, Harmon Kardon amp Denon CD & a pair of Mission 780s. After spinning Billie Eilish on vinyl she says "Oh my god it sounds completely different, so much better than Spotify on my bluetooth speaker" Boom !! Job done 👍🔊
  14. Great day yesterday catching up with everyone, can't beat a mix of great people, music & good food, thanks again Fred & Nicky for your wonderful hospitality