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  1. Hi, I am using 4 tweeters and 4 bass drivers per cabinet in the current plan, that should allow for more power handling / headroom. In my Linaeum tweeter collection I have several melted ones!.
  2. Thanks. I know the b139 is not the ultimate woofer, my 18" bass guitar sub is the best one I have had, but I don't fancy making the speaker completely impractical. I think the break up is above 1k, so should be ok up to 200Hz. As the B139s will be on opposite sides of the box, some degree of mechanical vibration cancellation should occur, or so we have been led to believe....
  3. I love my Genexxa LX5 speakers but they are a bit small and sweet spot, so they don't get much use these days. So a couple of years ago I came up with a plan that encompassed various elements that I liked from speakers I have heard in the past, and or new shiny ideas like cardioid woofers. I heard some b139s that I liked, the linaeum tweeter I love, which left the mid. I am intending to crossover at 200Hz and 2kHz. After much research I found some Accuton 5" ceramic mid woofers for a reasonable price. These are a bit of a gamble as the don't seem to make this size any more, so if one of them breaks it will be a pain. Ideally the speakers will be passive, but in my typical build first and then fix or re design approach this may not work out. At least the mid/ tweeter should be passive 1st order as in the LX5. I know the type of sound I want, it should be big airy and endless bass. Speed and dynamics not top priority but would be nice, so, to add to the excitement the mid / tweeters will be openish baffle, but I am also planning to incorporate a wave guide for the front. As they will be quite big they will start off a bit like the watt - puppies. As quite an ambitious project that I don't have space for in my current room I have been hesitant to begin. But yesterday whilst pondering the fate of some old Goodman's magnums I decided to cut them down and make a mock-up of the "Watt" part. I then realised that I could make them the same width as my Yamaha subs and this would give me a down- sized version for low risk close enough version for sanity checking. This will probably go on for a few years and maybe never get finished, but it feels good to make a start. Driver spec per 1 speaker 4 stacked linaeum tweeters, wave guide, 1st order xover 1 Accuton mid with wave guide 1st order xover 4 B139 woofers, separate enclosure from mid / tweeters. 2 on the front 2 on the back, probably active bi amped with negative impedance amplifier circuit and some EQ till I work out what works best.
  4. Quite right, get an enormous directly heated triode amp, air ioniser heater and dehumidifier in one. (I am being serious,) no need to connect it to the stereo, just plug in ant turn on and let it sit for an hour or so before listening to your normal stereo!
  5. Sweeping generalisation, but any thing with a Sony mech.
  6. I went down with something last Wednesday, felt pretty rough and was bracing my self for the week of woe, mercifully spared, but did not want to touch stereo, so I ploughed through a bit of my must watch them some day VHS videos that I have accumulated over the years, becoming interested in stereo marked my recovery, back to working from home.
  7. dave

    Bluebell audio??

    Thanks, I love diecast boxes, and I shall be placing an order for a 275mm one soon, for the strange amp. I am after a particular look though and I worry about the weight of the transformers for the ongaku homage. There is a seller on eBay in Turkey that looks promising, for the custom bent alu...
  8. dave

    Bluebell audio??

    Hi, thanks, I always seem to forget CPC. They have a nice die cast aluminium box which will do for one amp, the others, the ongaku homage and quad II inspired, I need a bent steel or alu box for. I can't believe Mr Bluebell had exclusive distribution of these boxes, unless he was making them?
  9. IB speakers do seem more forgiving of positioning. DSP could fix everything else, toys!!!
  10. I would think that they are for keeping the wire tidy.
  11. dave

    Bluebell audio??

    I have been looking forward to buying some reasonably priced plain chassis from Blubell Audio, for 3 looming amp projects , but now they seem to have gone. Does anyone know of an alternative supplier of similar aluminium / steel chassis?
  12. Trick or , well actually, sugar frenzy treating, parental supervision uniform headwear. Re purposed to reduce rear wall reflections.
  13. eddie, what is your phone, sounds better than my tascam dr-05!
  14. Never done this before either, and my modest nature prevents me from publicly exhibiting all my sound deadening equipment.... so a picture of an improvised mono dummy head microphone slumped on the sofa, in an attempt to get the sound balance I enjoy. The first track from eternal CD player, dynaco pre, ST70 and Wharfedale Teesdale SP2 speakers with replaced woofers. the second track, turn it up a bit, taped on Tascam 122, from BBC sounds 6music, and played back on valve tape deck, and wireless world Dolby B decoder. Is obviously compressed by the radio unfortunately. Subjectively it sounds much better in the room than on the head phones. The recording makes my room sound a bit like a bath room, when it is pretty dead, cause its full of stuff, er, sound treatments. new to this recording, used a Focusrite 2i2 and M audio Nova microphone. room 206
  15. Thanks for saving me (us) from 48 hrs of painful deliberating. Just picked up the Mrs from Addenbrookes to find they now have their first confirmed case... so where do we post /host our mp3s of our home stereos.... First virtual HiFi show, put pursuit of perfect systems out of business ! (humor).