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  1. Ok thanks am planning on taking the bolts out later.
  2. There are 8 screws on the back all with in 2 inches in a 8 inch square holding something on the back it’s bolted with 4 big eyes boot on front part and back part am guessing it’s going to twist with the bolts out
  3. How do I get in it Steve can’t see any screws any we’re
  4. Some small legs and glass on top nice coffee table with a light in 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼💰💰
  5. Yes that sounds like it’s going to be a lamp or coffee table great looking tho isn’t it. Thanks Ned bob
  6. 24 inch across needs restoring may get it done if local to Cheshire just want more info please trying to put pic on
  7. I can send a pic. To any emails if required so can be posted By someone with more knowledge 🤨
  8. Hello i have acquired this speaker and was wondering the age and any ideas were it may have come from and what it would cost to restore I can’t seem to download a picture my files are to big it’s a round 24 inch speaker with tannoy across the front about 12 inch thick it looks 30s thanks bob
  9. Thanks for all replays They are all now on ebay untested as knowone came forward and it's holiday season soon:oops: Thanks bobby
  10. Do you think these need testing there mint unopened what are they for thanks bob
  11. As in thread am looking to have a load of valves tested I just found some gec kt88 and 66 plus others please inbox me with contacts I will drive over and pay you for your troubles thanks in advance bob
  12. Yep I'll try get on it thus weekend it sounds like I will have to take them some were to get the tested as I don't have a clue i have a jukebox with valves in and that's all I know about valves Am a trader really ,that just comes across different stuff everyday thanks and I'll get back when I find a test chap
  13. Hi chaps thanks for reply am in knutsford cheshire wa169dz postcode thank yu bob
  14. The 4 biggest boxes are unopened so I opened 1 its sealed inside a bage then a carton so unused am sure thee are the ones with English electric valves on the front