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  1. Hi @tuga, I would like to buy this please and have sent you a PM. Thanks.
  2. Not strictly speaking relevant to '2 channel', but if anyone needs home theatre speakers, AV Online are selling off their Emotiva Air Motiv range of speakers with good reductions. They have a Wife Approval Factor of zero so potentially good for a man cave (or bat cave from the looks) home theatre system: Emotiva - AV Online - UK Home Cinema and Hifi Specialists (audiovisualonline.co.uk)
  3. Ha!🙂. I wasn't very impressed at the time. I've got previous too - I have also managed to bend the cantilever on a Denon dl110 in a cack-handed queuing mishap and also bent the cantilever back on a Rega Exact when the crap stylus guard slipped down when I was holding it whilst pushing a cartridge tag on🙄. I must admit, streaming gets increasingly attractive with each cartridge calamity. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy your new stylus and thanks for keeping me in mind if it doesn't suit. Cheers, Kieran
  4. Hi, If this isn't sold to @Tazman46 could I please have second dibs. I put a 90 degree bend in the cantilever for my VM750ML .
  5. Hi, There is a Leema Acoustics Pyxis currently listed on the dreaded *bay.
  6. Thanks for the information and advice. I will look into this. On a positive note, I guess £20 is a small price to pay to learn this particular lesson.
  7. I might check with my bank and find out. You are probably right, sadly I bet he has been busy this year.
  8. Hi @StingRay, Thanks for the advice, I paid by debit card, unfortunately, so I don't think I am covered. Luckily it was only a small amount. I do find it quite hard to believe that SN is still in business, to be honest.
  9. I ordered a few bits and bobs from him a while back, the order came to around £20. I don't know if it is still the same, but the order and payment process was very strange and involved ordering, then waiting for an email with a link to an online payment page. I was very close to not putting my card details in, as it seemed very unsecure. I never got the order, chased a few times, never got a reply and then threatend small claims. At this point I did get a reply from Scott saying that the order had been sent. I asked for proof of delivery but was told Royal Mail only keep records for 4 months (or words to that effect). I then realised that for £20, I should move on and put it down to experience.
  10. I too am currently using the exact same amp and love it. The Switchable MM / MC phono input sounds great to my ears.
  11. I have to agree with Dan, above. A very good price (must resist).
  12. Hi, is this still available? I am looking for a stereo amp with AV bypass and this looks like it would fit the bill nicely.
  13. Kmap

    TD125 Restoration

    Really nice job Stuart, well done.
  14. Got the motor wired in last night - it works perfectly Thanks again Stuart.
  15. Hi Stuart I have done the well documented dynamat and Cork sheet damping mods. I have also bought an oak plinth, excellent rb300 tonearm and mounting plate from a really nice guy from Kilmarnock. He gave me loads of great advice and even told me where to buy the DL 110 from . Kieran - - - Updated - - - Chris, that is good to know. I will make sure I use a switched outlet and switch the deck off when not in use.
  16. Cheers Stuart, that's brilliant. I wasn't 100% sure about which way around the blue and red went but your drawing has answered that perfectly. My little turntable project had stalled because of this - I was going to try and guess the wiring and get the wife to test it afterwards but I didn't want to damage the motor:P. All systems go again now, and my new dl110 arrived today too. I'm very grateful for all the help and advice. Kieran
  17. Hi, I'm trying to wire a motor from a TD160 mk2 (I think) donor deck into a TD160mk1. I'm having difficulty working out where each of the four wires from the motor (2x black, red and blue) go as the wiring post and component layouts are slightly different, even with the help of a schematic diagram which I have found on the web. The motor wires had also been removed from the mk1 deck so no clues there either. After puzzling over the schematic I have decided to put the wires as follows. Both Black wires from the motor to Connector No.4 (connected with resistor and motor switch), Red wire from motor to Connector No 1 (Connected to Capacitor), Blue wire from motor connected to Connector No 3 (Connected to other side of Capacitor). I'm not too sure about the Red and Blue - the schematic appears to show that they bridge the capacitor that is not connected to the resistor. However, it looks like something was soldered to Connector No.2 previously (judging by the big blob of solder hanging down). So I am a bit confused. Also, I have replaced the mains cable and know where the wires go (Connectors 1 & 5), but as the original mains wires were both grey (and I took the plug off beforehand) I have been scratching my head about which wire goes to which post and whether it matters. I think that I have settled on the positive wire going to the Resistor - Connector No.5 but would love some reassurance that this is ok. I have marked up some photographs that I took of the wiring connector block but I can't seem to be able to post attachments - I will look into this. You may have guessed that I straying quite a distance from my comfort zone here, and I'm sure there are some people shaking their heads in disbelief. I honestly thought it would be a straight forward swap over job with no requirement for the interpretation of electrical schematic. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Kieran - - - Updated - - - I haven't got permission to post attachments so I can't upload the photos (which would explain things a lot better). Anyone know how I could do this? Thanks,
  18. This turntable has really inspired me, Peter. I have recently bought a TD160 with no plinth and a very dented and tatty top plate. I am now considering carbon fibre as a replacement material for the top plate (along with plain, brushed aluminium sheet). I was wondering, did you remove the original, thin aluminium top plate and if so, was it difficult to separate from the chassis? Great job and thanks for the inspiration.
  19. Well I managed to read through the post, in its entirety, without suffering any ill effects. As the new owner of an old Thorens turntable I have an interest in future upgrade options, particular the ones that are cost effective. I have to say that I found the comments from the ‘punctuality police’ to be unnecessary and unwelcome – my interpretation of the post is that Mark is trying to be helpful to forum members. I am new to Hi fi Wigwam (prepares for tirade from sanctimonious Super Wammers) but isn’t this what the DIY forum is all about? Mark, I think it sounds like a good idea but I need to initially focus on the more fundamental upgrades for my turntable – like a tonearm.
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