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  1. Thanks. Coud you explain how the dispute procedure works?
  2. I was looking at this Squaretrade Warranty. Why does coverage start on the 46th day? Seems a bit random.
  3. Thanks all for the advice. Looks like a return/replacement, then.
  4. I've just bought a NAD 516BEE, which gives a wonderful presentation to the sound, but it seems excessively fussy with discs. I have over 200 classical discs, some quite old and procured second-hand, and this player can often be heard clicking if there is a speck of dust or hairline scratch on the disc. This is a problem with solo piano and polyphony works, as it can be heard under the music. Sometimes the clicking is low, othertimes it's unbearably loud. I can play the same discs on my Denon M38 and car CD player without any issues. Is this a sign of a fault or a good player doing its
  5. Hi-Fi News is perfect if you're in the market for a £12,000 DAC or £35,000 floorstanders, and who isn't?
  6. Thanks again to all for their pearls of wisdom. As I mentioned earlier, I had an excellent discussion with RSand and was sold on the Quad s/h route (he advised something like a Quad 405-2 and the Quad 99 CDP with built-in pre as being excellent value, a safe bet for re-sale, and allowing me to free up more cash for speakers) I had intended to post a Wanted thread to such effect, but my limited number of posts here means I can't do that yet. Then I saw the Roksan...
  7. I appreciate all the comments. It's just me trying to look before I leap, as this is the largest amount I will have ever outlaid on hifi. I agree, Simon seems very affable. Just want to know where I stand if it goes tits up. Someone today said that a KEF warranty would be transferable from a private sale. Throppers
  8. Her field is International Trade...and she is French i.e. studied French law, not British law...but she will be looking at the small print, that I know.
  9. Dear Wammers After a long day looking into possible amplifier options (and much thoughtful and helpful input from a very kind Wammer, RSand), I may be about to buy an amp, though not the ones suggested. RSand (Rob) recommended going down the Quad route, for lots of sound practical, musical and financial reasons (he made a compelling case!) but Mrs. Thropplenoggin may find it hard to fathom, buying old gear for a 'new' system. So I did some sums and looked around. A Quad pre/power amp or Quad power amp + Quad 99 CDP (inc. pre) could come in for £500-600. Then I saw this Roksan K2 integrated
  10. Yes, but I'm worried about things being out of warranty and then breaking, esp. CDP trays.
  11. Is there any difference between a banana plug and a z plug? Will most modern amps and speakers accept both?
  12. Thanks, Purite North (and Corpus chain!): some excellent advice. I'm definitely leaning towards the budget Exposure offering and will try and set up a demo near me this week. Unfortunately, PMC speakers are outside my budget at present, but they do have an enviable reputation. Would love to hear a pair some day! Throppers
  13. Hello, TS. Thanks for your post. I don't own any of kit yet, aside of a pair of Dali Zensor 1s on Atacama stands which the Denon M-38 doesn't do justice do. I'm hesitating over the Q Acoustics because of their size. I was also considering the Neat Motive 2, but not sure how the Exposure 1010 will stand up to it. I'm due to move into a new house at the end of the month (29th) so would be able to home demo from then. How does it work? Thanks. Throppers
  14. Still researching my future system and have had my eye on these: http://www.creative-audio.co.uk/HD.php?_NEA_MOTIVE2_&CAT=STSPEAK&ID=5375&UNIQUEID=1234&nexd=1 The WAF seems substantially higher than the Q Acoustic 2050is I also have in mind. Even I find them easier on the eye. However, the QA 2050is are rated at 90db, the Neat Motive 2s 85db. I'll probably be driving them with an Exposure 1010. I wondered what any users on here think of them? I listen mostly to classical. Thanks. Throppers
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