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  1. I've been thinking about getting a Bluesound node but having read this thread I am not sure it would be right for me so asking for opinions. I have a modded Jolida DAC and I'm using a Raspberry Pi and occasionally a chromecast for multi-room use. The Pi requires a little maintenance from time to time. I'm using MoOde and I'm not dying about the UI. Occasionally I can't get it to open/work without first opening Spotify and streaming to MoOde player only to disconnect because I am trying to stream from my NAS. I am wondering if I bought the Node I would I really see any improvement in sound quality and if not is there an alternative device that would be better than the chromecast (which I would be happy to continue using for multi-room) and more dependable with a better interface than the Pi. For the Node would I be spending money on the sound quality unnecessarily when I have already invested in the DAC? Or would a better input to the DAC improve what it is doing?
  2. I've been considering selling mine as per the link below. It sounds great and is in perfect condition. I have the original box.
  3. I'm in Belfast. Not quite the same country.
  4. I'll do a temporary swap for a Sugden A21aL just for the purposes of experimentation. 2 weeks seems reasonable to me but I've never really done the box swapping so if you're interested I'll follow whatever leads on correct ediquette. I've been following this thread just to see if there is an amp I should try with my own ProAc.
  5. At one stage I looked at eBay USA. Shipping and conversion for power still made it seem like a good price. That was for MkI or II anyway a year or two ago when I looked at it.
  6. They come up regularly enough. I am totally delighted with mine I got couple of months ago.
  7. You're absolutely correct. But the apparent price difference between one with and one without is what makes the difference, to be honest. I already own this amp. I just want a second one and I'm not in a big rush (for a change).
  8. I'm keeping my eye out for one of these but don't need the phono stage. Anyways, good luck with sale.
  9. Had one a few weeks now, got the mods done and I feckin love it.
  10. I recently got a Jolida DAC second hand. They seem to pop up about one a month on second hand market. I've not played any vinyl in a long time. There was one on pfm with decent modifications done going for £275 yesterday. Only the mark 3 is WiFi connectable.
  11. I'll have the Audition if you decide to sell.
  12. There are granite chopping boards available from many retailers that people have repurposed as plinths. Myself included. Just in case it might be of interest
  13. Ruairi


    I'm just a couple of weeks ahead of you in setting up my first sub for stereo in a T5i. I was quite frustrated at first, just wanted to hire someone to come and set it up for me. I just kept doing it from the start each night and think I've gotten better at setting it up. I've never really had much noticeable difference between 0 and 180 for phase. Nor did angling the sub. Just made sure it has room and moved on to the next stage. I'm reasonably happy with it now. Some albums or songs make me wonder if I've got it right. Homework by Daft Punk has ridiculous bass. Same for some early Chemical Brothers.
  14. I keep fish tanks. I have one big tank I keep South American cichlids in. I've another planted tank that I keep community fish, snails and shrimp in.