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  1. Do I have to read 6 pages to find that nobody has mentioned a Honda C50? Don't laugh, I did Farnham to Oldham in an afternoon (well a long afternoon, ok it got dark...) BMW K75 sweet engine. Pranged a K100 when the filth were having problems with them. BMW K1, sweet but expensive to scratch. Only one broken bone. IOW is doing a TT I hear.
  2. Suitable punishment, I feel chastised (but no hate yet).
  3. Don't think I said I'm in favour? Sorry to disappoint. I just don't have the hate. I do feel I'm missing out though, must be so rewarding...one day.
  4. Well it's certainly an opinion (and yours- not mine...). You've clearly got the hate already, I can't wait! Such fun.
  5. I feel strangely unthreatened by MQA. I'm not even mad at Tidal offering it. I don't even watch videos about it. I may need to see a doctor, I'm just not feeling the hate... I've got a bunch of CDs, still buy them, rip stuff, stream. I listen to Radio Paradise (sounds great no?). I guess I'll wake up one day and BOOM, I feel the anger... I've always been a bit odd.
  6. I'd take the Missing Link power strip if still available.

    Cheers Martin


  7. I've been keeping these for the time when... but the time hasn't arrived. Anyone wants these? Triangular section, fillable, threaded underneath. One of the Atacama stickers missing. Pretty good nick though. Top plate 17*19.3. Heavy so pick up ideally, I'd travel a modest distance, up the M3 or somewhere. Based near Winchester. No idea of value £30?
  8. Just wasted 15 minutes on that video, totally unconvincing, patronising even. Their website is no better. Mostly bollocks IMHO.
  9. Out of curiosity, did your research include as to why it could make a difference? Other than "noise". There's some absolute tosh out there on vendors websites. There may be quite a bit happening to the current after it goes in and I don't think it's quite as simple as the noise travels through, regulation easily cleans up voltage but I've not looked into what the cable is plugging in so...
  10. Thank you. I would assume advice would be replace the two capacitors anyway, although I have a cheap Chinese ESR meter. Also replace in both speakers? These are a little pair of non critical speakers obvs. The capacitors are 3.3 uF 50V and 100uF 50V. Is the 50V material, could I replace with 65V? Is the uF critical? I presume these are acting as filters so yes but as non critical speakers could I get away with 10uF instead of 3.3? I'm learning... slowly.
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