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  1. And I'd take the USBridge side if it doesn't work for Dennis...
  2. One of these-https://www.audiophonics.fr/en/hifi-power-supply/audiophonics-lpsu25-linear-regulated-low-noise-power-supply-usb-115v-to-5v-2a-25va-p-12581.html I've got rather too many power supplies. Fun but... £65 delivered. No leads (presume you would use you own flavour, could throw something in). Cheers
  3. I love improving my hifi! I'd say hobby rather than cult. You do need an open mind though, things have change hugely in recent years, lots of excellent kit for small beer, realising the importance of power supplies etc. It's great! Democratic because lots of it is cheap. Fun! Have a go...
  4. Depends on the ethernet cable length (no). I'd run ethernet from router to switch in the living room and then ethernet cables off that. At £25 a snip, put switches in where you want, I wouldn't run 4 15m ethernet cables, possibly lots of unneeded ethernet cables...
  5. When I bought my 2960 a few years ago, it was a specific model that was sought after "catalyst etc etc", it wasn't a generic recommendation. BTW it's fairly easy to access the console to make it accept non CISCO SFPs and to make the fibre accessible as an output as it were.
  6. Whatever will the measureophiles say?
  7. How about iFi iPower Elite, hearing good things about it?
  8. eBay, I bought another one as I was so excited. Currently not being used...
  9. Pure SQ, I've never suffered from pops and clicks. Also the CISCO has a fibre port which can be configure to "output". So, cost effective optical on the other end and you have galvanic isolation for modest cost, not the £4-500. Jobs a good 'un. Now if only Amir would allow me to hear the difference and his acolytes would stop telling me I'm insane and I'm making it up...
  10. I spent £50 on a CISCO 2960 and was astounded by the increase in SQ. I guess it depends how you do it (but get permission from Amir and his gang first).
  11. High Priest Amir, measureophile. If you can't see it, it isn't there (he says with his eyes closed...). Measurement arguments are so last year, very lame. My dad actually did say "there's none as deaf as those that can't hear". Wise man.
  12. Paul, you really should get in touch with your classical side...