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  1. I use a head torch for lighting up where I'm looking. Best tip is have a look at bits of EEVBlog on Utube.
  2. Sorry public office- elected, but as it happens I do part time in the public sector. Good night Flash. If it were a pub, I'd buy you a pint anyway...
  3. Swallowed the propaganda. The very same doomsayers didn't spot the banking crisis coming, clueless or self-interested, quite a lot of the later... And if the club doesn't want you as a member? Find something else to do with the membership fee?
  4. It's the best description of the subsequent behaviour of a lot of remainers. Public office for credibility, you don't do 20 years without understanding the process and the characters. It also demonstrates community concern and some belief in the process plus other reasons.
  5. Or you could blame Europe for budging not one inch, knowing perfectly well that their deal would be unacceptable. For sending Dave home with nothing. For risking all this by their intransigence. It does send a message though, we don't want the UK. Message received, we'll be fine thanks.
  6. Probably just an accident, didn't think it through, spur of the moment (didn't think there was a chance of losing).
  7. Big IF, Project Fear rolls on. I don't believe there's any evidence to suggest this or we'd never have heard the end of it. What I heard was that not many people changed their minds and above all we should get on with it, which is exactly what the PM is doing. About time.
  8. Yes you've swallowed the propaganda. They did a good job but we'll be fine, we'll prosper. But the London centric conversation, white middle class, BBC paranoid drivel is clearly having its effect. We'll be fine.
  9. Of course, it was the status quo. I didn't vote to join in the first place though. Slightly offensive to suggest otherwise. But the Europeans won't agree a deal acceptable to Parliament, so there is no deal available. There's a peoples mandate to leave, if there's no decent deal available, you just leave. Simple. This childish person has over 20 years in public office but hey. The bad losers here are damaging the country and trying to frustrate the democratic process, I've not seen worse losers. Self interest respective of harm and damage.
  10. I heard/hear a big increase in SQ after replacing a bog standard switch with a CISCO 2960. Mostly bored of reading theory over the years, some commentators build credibility, I try some things and use my ears. This is fun, intriguing, interesting and leads to better SQ. Others use cynicism...If it ain't broke see if it can be improved on?
  11. Some are some aren't? If you have a referendum, respect the result. The fact we had one shows how out of touch the government is, if they weren't they wouldn't have risked it. Bring back hanging should we? If you don't want to know the answer you don't ask. They did though.
  12. They don't and how about support the referendum result? Outsmarted the sore losers, carry out a democratic mandate, showing real leadership. Getting on with business. The spoiling tactics of the sore losers is pathetic and damaging.
  13. An example of flexibility. Perhaps he was pushed into it by the undemocratic actions of sore losers?
  14. Utter tosh. The people voted but "Parliament" want's to save us from ourselves. So we vote one way but if our MP knows better, he can stop it? That's Democracy? MPs aren't even necessarily representing their constituencies, they are doing what they think is best, no democracy there. Democracy give us the option of one of two rather poor parties, I could live without it. Parliament sees itself as above the people, there may be a price. Certainly their credibility is significantly diminished to a great number of people. The constitutional crisis is about the behaviour of Parliament. Hugely patronising to pretend people didn't know what they were voting for they voted leave. Personally I made my own judgement, as I though you were supposed to. I saw no promises, only the usual campaigning. We're most of us grown up. People reaching out to their elected representatives? Fantasy. Bad losers, trying to make the situation as bad as it can possibly be just so they can say told you so. The vote was to leave, just for clarity. In case you missed it. Quite clear. Leave. Look it up if necessary.
  15. No, that's the Furutech socket, fully working and probably quite expensive. Different sockets for different plugs. Built to order.