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  1. an update I contacted Linn yesterday by e-mail , today first thing in the morning received reply advising to try wired connections while updating , I sent them konfig userlog file as well again after not even half an hour reply - I have to say I'm impressed with customer support and I'm not a Linn person . After I got home as advised I tried the update using wired connection but with the same result as before , after downloaded software update bar in Konfig stays black , ADS screen shows no network connection/blinking dot and after a while message update failed appears. Then I thought I try something I was going to and completely forgot about after frustrating day of unsuccessful updates - disable antivirus and firewall on Windows 10 and try again , finally software upgrade bar starts moving but when approached the end another update failed message . I powered ADS down as it lost network connection again and on power up it shows now newest Davaar version installed . I was able to log into Tidal acc. now and all works , Thank you for all help
  2. Thanks for all reply’s Im quite certain it is network/software related issue , not a biggy as I can use Quobuz but Tidal has more of the material I like and I’d rather use that instead, I’m certain it would be sorted sooner or later. On another topic, so far on a few albums I compared my Unidisk 1.1 and Akurate DS/0 Unidisk wins , there is something more fluid about the sound it just slots together . Digital is sort of secondary choice to my vinyl rig so I’m not bothered much about it and on the plus side I have a massive collection of tracks to choose from .
  3. Thanks for all the help but nothing seems to work , previous owner deleted device from his System and I was able to add it to my Linn account , Restore to factory settings has an impact on the DS settings only not the software , I tried again updating from Konfig with same results : Update failed , then I need to reboot network for DS to appear again . Possibly/most likely it has something to do with Network/Firewall settings , I did have a look and Konfig seems to be enabled with no restrictions , I have sent Konfig userlog file to Linn , hopefully they can help as I have enough at this time ,
  4. I’m not sure if he can do it with device not connected to his network , I will email him now .
  5. Can you tell me how he can do this , Kazoo won’t let to do it without DS connected to network I guess
  6. Possibly this is it , Linn acc says my Akurate is associated with another account , possibly I need to ask previous owner to remove it from his account ?
  7. Well , I tried Update , Recovery and Restore and every time update fails and DS looses network connection , I tried to disconnect all wired to ethernet apart from Akurate , different ethernet cables . Any advice ? shame Linn forum ceased it's existence
  8. Found this in Linn docs: Tidal keeps rejecting my Login on Kazoo/Linn App Due to recent changes, Sept/Oct 2020, Tidal requires to be login into a new Server. This is implemented in Firmware Davaar79. This can be done using the Konfig App or speak to your Linn dealer to perform this action. It does explain my login issues but only trouble is I cannot do any updates , I try to e-mail Linn in the meantime
  9. I tried both Restore and Recovery and every time it fails , makes me wonder if there is a problem with security or firewall settings , do I need to disable any of this futures ?
  10. `I thought about saving Davaar 79 zip file on the computer and upgrading from there instead , it works fine on 75 but Tidal login is an issue .
  11. I managed to get Akurate connected and running , I have no problem accessing Quobuz , radio and Tuneln but Tidal won't le me login saying invalid username password combination. Tidal was enabled in the settings , I can access it via web on my Laptop with Win10 but LinnApp on the iphone and Kazoo on the laptop show above message , I have tried even Lumin App but no luck . Konfig says update is available - Davaar 79 but every time I try it fails and crashes whole network , it has Daavar 75 installed . Any ideas what to do , should I try to try update form my computer from Advanced setting option ? Quobuz is fine but lot's of stuff I listened is not there
  12. That’s great , I’m glad you got things sorted at last , always exiting time waiting for new stuff to arrive
  13. That’s great guys , lots of useful info .Thank you. I try to connect everything this weekend , possibly more questions to follow