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  1. Just to be clear , my personal opinion is not a criticism aimed at BB stage , I'd say completely opposite but you need to listen to a few phonostages in your own system and draw conclusions on your own , it would be so boring if we all liked same thing . I think at it's price range BB it's definitely something to try and if I were after tube based stage it would be on my list , close to the top of the list as a matter of fact.
  2. Yes Vida is not best suited for very low output cartridges as it has only 62-63dB gain also loading is quite limited unless you drop “high” level a bit . When you compare both make sure you match the volume level but as I said BB stage surprised me how good it was and I could happily live with
  3. Wouldn’t worry about , I’ve heard Vida, Paradise and BB3 in my system , all 3 sounded rather good but Vida came on top IMO . I compared Vida and Paradise with no BB3 present week later and surprisingly I liked Paradise better and sold Vida in the end , different day different mood I guess . I could live with either of 3 above stages tbh
  4. Looking for the above in NM condition Thank you
  5. Hi Do you have test results by any chance?
  6. Replied to your query on DIYAudio , don't use standard resistor in this position and see what happens as suggested by someone over there , if you decide to do so use "flame proof fusible resistor 400R/7W" as it would "fuse" at around 0.125A as on the diagram , standard resistor would just get extremely hot and keep working for way longer - you might do more damage that way . Check all transistor, diodes and power tubes before you attempt to power it up
  7. That's right , it needs someone competent to find source of the fault , overheated/burnt mark is a proof that resistor must have been working for a long time at the border of it's working range , replacing it won't cure the problem .
  8. It looks like fusible 7W resistors AudioResearch, McIntosh and other american brands used quite often in a screen voltage circuit . It blew as one or more of the screens started conducting too much current or one of the fet's or diodes failed ,
  9. PM'd you last night John ,
  10. Ok , TFK sorted , thank you John Now I need some oldish but good testing Mullard
  11. Hi John Can you PM me you PayPal or bank acc details , if you have any valves that need testing I'm happy to help , also if you like to try 6201 valves in your player I have quite few and you could borrow a pair for a few weeks . 6201 is a military 10k hours, gold pin version of Ecc81 , I use them all the time in my amplifier but fancy something different for a change .
  12. I am bit fed up buying and sending back on Ebay so looking for above , must be matched and testing at least New . Let me know what you've got ,
  13. Hautonga has 2 pairs of speaker terminals for each channel for bi-wiring
  14. Anyone knows if Kazoo would be updated to support Deezer ? I'd like to give it a go but Deezer is not integrated with Roon and doesn't appear on Kazoo on the tablet , not a massive Linn App fan here
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