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  1. HiFi News bias tracks aren’t the best for set up , you will end up with much higher than required anti skate . Not sure how well calibrated bias dial is but I never had to go higher than 2/3rd of tracking force value , in your case 1.7gram . Try and listen to some difficult to track records with setting you got and back it down to 2/3 and 1/2 , in worst case scenario excessive bias would skew cantilever . Let is know how Bronze tests
  2. I agree , also angular offset creates small force and when lowering cartridge body tends to move towards outside of the platter , my way is to align stylus so it drops on null point then start slowly lifting cartridge to the point where it barely touches protractor , cantilever comes back to its natural position and you can clearly see alignment lines as cartridge body is way higher then in playing position
  3. Many modern MC cartridges have trouble passing last track , modulation is way above what you ever experience on a standard record , if your setup sounds good and you don't hear distortion especially end of disk , no excessive sibilance than enjoy it and forget .Alignment apart from 2 points on the disc is never perfect don't worry too much ,
  4. Difficult to find anything better than SmarTractor but it cost few quid , dr Feickert would be my choice at lower price but accuracy compared to SmarTractor isn't as good ,
  5. Lostwin uses Roksan Tabriz tonearm and Ortofon cartridge as far as I understood and his problem is bit different from OP
  6. Above wouldn't make difference to resonance frequency , i'd start with the other cartridge to see if suffers from the same problem ,
  7. Another thing to try would be using Stevenson alignment as per Rega design , have you managed to align both points with Lofgren ?
  8. if you have spare cartridge , calculate resonance frequency and check if your cartridge test similar with HiFi News record it would give you an indication where to look
  9. what is the type of alignment of your tonearm ?
  10. Resonance frequency is mainly related to cartridge compliance and resonating mass ie: cartridge weight, tonearm effective mass , fixings . twist in the cartridge , zenith adjustment would affect THD and IMD and you doing it right , align cantilever not cartridge body
  11. If you like I could test this cartridge for you sometimes around 11-12 of July to rule out the cartridge , PM me if interested , unfortunately I am down to one cartridge atm as my cadenza went back to Ortofon factory so I couldn't lend you replacement I'm afraid
  12. Try to set up bias on lowest modulation track than one up , note the settings and go somewhere inbetween but make sure TT is level first . has your tonearm been re-wired ? sometimes internal wiring could cause bias problem
  13. when you say distortion was in the left channel now is in the right do you mean when checked with test record?
  14. I looked up the scpecs and you're right you shouldn't be that high on resonance frequency , possibly suspension but most likely too high ant-skate causing uneven wear to the stylus - how old is your cartridge/ how many hours? If your tonearm swings back to the arm rest with zeroed bias I'd have a look at turntable leveling first , possibly there is no way to set proper zero bias as is the case with many arms - is it weight bias or dial one ? You mentioned left and right channel wired wrong , does cartridge still distort on the right channel or it has moved to the left one ? I could run your cartridge in my setup and check what's happening with a distortion analyzer but it won't be for another couple of weeks ,
  15. What's the lateral resonance frequency ? Bias setting tracks on HiFi News test record are very highly modulated , quite often to pass them you need to increase tracking force beyond advised by manufacturer and this is not something you would experience on most records I check bias testing THD level on 300Hz end and beginning of the record track and double check with 10kHz track and never got across cartridge requiring more than 2/3 of tracking weight , set it between 1/2 and 2/3 and you should be fine , Do you experience any distortion , excessive sibilance ? What's the tracking force?