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  1. Thanks guys , Tim over on PFM has first dibs on Paradise and Bronze but negotiations with the seller not going well so all items might stay with me after all. I would update this thread after next weekend .
  2. As always things come up for sale when you've spent your hifi budget hence need to offload some stuff , just to be clear I would be selling either Linn Akurate or Paradise and Ortofon Cadenza depending what attracts more interest . First Linn Akurate DS3 , originally it was DS2 but upgraded to DS3 in July 2018 - remaining warranty until July 2023 . I can see only few for sale , there is one in old case listed on Ebay for £3200 so my price would be : £3000 as there is a small nick on the top , see photos: Next one Paradise phono , I finished this one earlier this year , Shinkoh resistors in the RIAA section - personally I prefer these to Charcroft and Rifa capacitors , 3 box affair , I have 3 sets of loading plugs : 56R, 100R, 120R but can make more Price : £1800 And Ortofon Cadenza Bronze , This one is a replacement I got after the previous one started playing up , it played 382 LP's which amounts to less than 300 hours , most likely even less than that as not always managed to listen to the whole album . Works great but isn't blemishless as one side has a small gap between plastic body and aluminum part , I realized this as soon as I received it and send back to Denmark for assessment (not much of a luck with Ortofon build quality ) , here is reply from Katrina Nielsen .I've been offered another one but got bit fed up with running in cartridges . " The Cadenza Bronze has now been looked at by our technicians. As, you mention there is a small gap, but we have tested the cartridge and everything is testing perfectly. These small gaps can occur sometimes, but it is not something that affects the performance of the cartridge. How would you like us to proceed?" Price would be : £600
  3. Just to be clear , my personal opinion is not a criticism aimed at BB stage , I'd say completely opposite but you need to listen to a few phonostages in your own system and draw conclusions on your own , it would be so boring if we all liked same thing . I think at it's price range BB it's definitely something to try and if I were after tube based stage it would be on my list , close to the top of the list as a matter of fact.
  4. Yes Vida is not best suited for very low output cartridges as it has only 62-63dB gain also loading is quite limited unless you drop “high” level a bit . When you compare both make sure you match the volume level but as I said BB stage surprised me how good it was and I could happily live with
  5. Wouldn’t worry about , I’ve heard Vida, Paradise and BB3 in my system , all 3 sounded rather good but Vida came on top IMO . I compared Vida and Paradise with no BB3 present week later and surprisingly I liked Paradise better and sold Vida in the end , different day different mood I guess . I could live with either of 3 above stages tbh
  6. Looking for the above in NM condition Thank you
  7. Hi Do you have test results by any chance?
  8. Replied to your query on DIYAudio , don't use standard resistor in this position and see what happens as suggested by someone over there , if you decide to do so use "flame proof fusible resistor 400R/7W" as it would "fuse" at around 0.125A as on the diagram , standard resistor would just get extremely hot and keep working for way longer - you might do more damage that way . Check all transistor, diodes and power tubes before you attempt to power it up
  9. That's right , it needs someone competent to find source of the fault , overheated/burnt mark is a proof that resistor must have been working for a long time at the border of it's working range , replacing it won't cure the problem .
  10. It looks like fusible 7W resistors AudioResearch, McIntosh and other american brands used quite often in a screen voltage circuit . It blew as one or more of the screens started conducting too much current or one of the fet's or diodes failed ,
  11. PM'd you last night John ,
  12. Ok , TFK sorted , thank you John Now I need some oldish but good testing Mullard
  13. Hi John Can you PM me you PayPal or bank acc details , if you have any valves that need testing I'm happy to help , also if you like to try 6201 valves in your player I have quite few and you could borrow a pair for a few weeks . 6201 is a military 10k hours, gold pin version of Ecc81 , I use them all the time in my amplifier but fancy something different for a change .
  14. I am bit fed up buying and sending back on Ebay so looking for above , must be matched and testing at least New . Let me know what you've got ,
  15. Hautonga has 2 pairs of speaker terminals for each channel for bi-wiring
  16. Anyone knows if Kazoo would be updated to support Deezer ? I'd like to give it a go but Deezer is not integrated with Roon and doesn't appear on Kazoo on the tablet , not a massive Linn App fan here
  17. Low output moving coil cartridges have very low inductance in uH range @1kHz hence irrelevant is correct term to use as capacitance doesn't affect frequency response
  18. I have owned Akurate DS/0, DS/1 and use DS/3 atm , each of them was better when compared to the previous version , I'd say newest Organik DAC would be rather good
  19. I have no idea without reading it but maximum possible sound level is something like 180dB maybe bit more and hearing anything 300dB down would be quite something , he must be a half bat half human Mentioned soundstage depth came up during a discussion about phono stages and one which apparently had shrank depth was a SS design with "extremely" high SNR , I thought about looking into phase issues but noise might be the answer as it was compared to tube based phono .
  20. This is quite interesting as I have been asked similar question lately , can you point me to above thread/writeup
  21. If you have one and considering selling please PM me , not really interested in 8000 or 9000 but would consider one if no 7000 available thank you
  22. I'm afraid it's not correct , 309 has removable headschell and DIN connector at the arm base
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