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  1. Nuff


    My Denon PMA-2020AE IMG_3247 by Nathan Rose, on Flickr 9c6a5afe-1a72-46af-9df3-eb69f7a50006 by Nathan Rose, on Flickr
  2. Nuff


    Here’s my fully working Pioneer SA-8100, TX8100 and CT-F7171 I’ve had this setup for a few years now and the sound quality is amazing. I suppose the amp could do with a recap but at the moment my thinking is, If It ain’t broke, Don’t fix it. IMG_3090 by Nathan Rose, on Flickr
  3. Now sold subject to payment.
  4. Bump up for this excellent MC phono!
  5. Thanks Steve! Thats a great help.
  6. As I said a few posts up. Oliver (Bigman80) has kindly said he would support anyone who buys this as its his and Alan Kendals (FireBottle) design. I myself am a complete novice and really couldn't answer questions in regards to building this.
  7. Sorry for the late reply, I had an early night. Yes all you would need is as Stevie said is the sockets, some wire and a case. Trust me this really is a great sounding stage and well worth the money.
  8. Oliver (Bigman80) has offered to advise and support anyone who buys this. (Don't know if it helps but im happy to advise and support the construction of this into a fully working unit, if thats holding it back from selling. Its an easy build...Nathan has done the hard bit! Thats for anyone who buys it, on any forum.)
  9. Bump! This really is a great sounding valve phono
  10. As I’ve upgraded to the BB3 I have up for sale my BB1 I built this myself and upgraded the caps to Vishay. it runs perfectly and has done since I built it. I can supply either the MC board on its own for £150 delivered. or the board, an R core to suit and a set of valves Phillips and JJ £200 delivered. E8FC4A86-0CC4-4467-B416-ACBA98043594 by Nathan Rose, on Flickr 735098E0-07B4-4C5D-832D-B37A90313A64 by Nathan Rose, on Flickr 8F47E762-4D57-424B-96E6-F3E432180930 by Nathan Rose, on Flickr