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  1. Have you got the record upside down?
  2. Hey EFmax, The same EFmax subwoofer enclosure designer of old, car audio? I remember you from old TalkAudio days. Welcome to the Wam
  3. Strap the BK sub in temporarily and see what you think. You can get more serious about it later once you’ve discovered wether the sub adds the bits you’re missing out on. It will, in my opinion.
  4. That’s only half the components per crossover, the rest (air cores/resistors etc) will be on the other side of the panel and end up in the bottom of the crossover box. Tricky to explain but I’ll draw a pic tomorrow.
  5. So I've been at it again with some more bits. Since opening the box that arrived with all the new crossover parts in I've been longing to get the binding post assembly together, wire the speakers and then start on the external crossovers and their housings. If you remember from the previous page I posted a picture of a set of copper binding posts, these were bloody expensive but I think they're wonderful so I ordered them for the rest of the build, but.. So there's 14 pairs in total, and I thought they came individually so ordered 28, of course, 28 pairs turned up!! Costly screw up, at least there are a few (14 sets, enough to do another complete build) spare... We live and learn. We finished a project a few days early this week so had a spare day Friday, I asked one of the guys if he'd make up some rear plates for me whilst I worked out the crossover layout, the results are the genuine Alcantara upholstered items below, gaskets were made and they were installed - At the moment, top - middle - bottom represent their respective drivers, I'll likely have this laser etched or have a foil sticker made for the side of the cab to show orientation. I then started to figure out passive crossover orientation. I'm not a specialist crossover builder so if anyone spots any fundamental errors please feel free to point it out, but don't be a dick about it. I've faced the coils in odd directions to minimise any interference between them but the caps are laid out simply aesthetically. Now this panel is made, I can start to design the depth of the enclosure that will house the crossover, hopefully I'll be done with that this week so I can get those boxes off for paint to match the speakers. While they're away I'll make up all 8 cables - 2X 3M and 6X1.5M with some lovely braiding and bananas. Really enjoying this build, it's nice not to have a time frame and just do thing the way I want them done. I've a long list I'm yet to do but we'll get there. I'd love them playing records on Christmas day.
  6. I've loads of childhood memories associated to these speakers. I can't buy them as I just don't have a use for them, I wish I did, they're great
  7. I’ve not said they were pick up only, I’d rather not ship them but I understand some people can’t collect. If you’re interested in having them shipped give me a shout. To answer the question above, Yes, I have the boxes and manuals Carl.