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  1. Dom, I can lend you a set of L112 I have sat at work if you want some hands on? May help with your decision making.
  2. I would say it’s around SEAT level of build. I’m familiar with the 156 etc, they put a lot more effort in back then. I’m disappointed with how this Stelvio is built, it feels like a mix of cheap japanese blended with Ford, not what I expect from Alfa. Maybe the coupes/4c etc are built better, but then they should really carry their build through their lines. Like Mercedes for instance. I have quite a unique expertise in automotive interior build and I feel the Stelvio is way off par for its ticket.
  3. I get a number of emails from Hifi and Car Audio companies in China about their products, I ignore most of them but these guys have a line of porcelain carts that I found fascinating (to look at). What do we know about these guys? Anyone using any Jasmine Audio products? Link to their website, specifically the porcelain cartridges
  4. We’ve a Stelvio in at the moment for various sound upgrades, it has to be the worst built car since the last Tesla we had in.
  5. Lovely stuff, I’ve just come in from staring at the moon while I was in the jacuzzi, which was quite special as it was completely cloud covered when I went out there. I could look at the moon for hours.
  6. MUST...DENY...BIG...JAP....INTEGRATEDS.. In black, too!
  7. Thanks Bazzer, I love taking pictures of them just being them, I find that when I look back over them (which I do often) they immediately take me back there.
  8. First car - Mk1 Nova get (and I absolutely loved it) One of my current cars - Porsche GT4
  9. My NS1000 forever speakers
  10. Good thread this, just going through my playlists and The Christians keep popping up, too. I was very young when these bands/groups where around and I think the reason I’m into them all is because I can remember hearing them from the back seat of my mums pea green Vauxhall Cavalier.
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