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    Thorens TD 124
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    Ortofon Denon 103 R
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    Whest PS30R
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    Sony xa20es
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    Smart TV
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    Benchmark DAC 1 HDR
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    JVC JAS 31
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    Prima Luna Prologue3
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    Radford STA25
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    Tannoy Yorks

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  1. The Mullard GZ34 is essential for this beautiful amplifier.
  2. Im sure your Marantz would sound much better than this £43 bargain.
  3. Hi, have you tried connecting your Leben via the tape outs to the Marantz?. You might find the experience enlightening. I currently have my CD transport into a Benchmark dac via coax, Using the calibrated output on the dac, I feed my Leben RS28 CX. My turntable goes straight into the Leben and Ive connected the whole lot to a Denon AVC A11 SR via CD direct input. Sounds like a mess doesn't it? The results surprised me , The Denon is a good amp but has no right to sound THIS good. It seems that much of the flavour of the Leben is retained via its tape outputs. Give it a try, It will cost nowt. PS Im not using my Radford STA 25 until I get new valves and thought i would give this a try.
  4. A used Benchmark DAC1 hdr will do everything you want and save you some wedge
  5. The big Denon AVC A1D on sale here. Massive power and a very good dac.I have one in use constantly. Im feeding mine with a Leben RS28 CX and it sounds great. I have actually been a bit scared at times, The way the Denon grips my Tannoy HPD 385,s and makes them punch the air is something to behold.
  6. Hi, Ive been using Siemens EL34 in the Radford for a few years, Recently one of them failed ( it was about four years old ). I decided to replace all four valves with Groove Tubes EL34-M (mullard copy) . Having done so , Im now finding the bass to be overfull, bloated. The mid range and top end were improved. My question is, Would JJ KT77 or Winged C EL34 alter the balance? Or what about 6CA7 ? Or any other suggestions please. Ive already spent about £80 and am worried about dropping another bollock. The small valves are nos Mullards. Thanks in advance.
  7. Ive just sold my Whest PS 30 R, Its magnificent and Im very sorry to see it go. Recommended.
  8. The big spring was added to the mk2 electronic version and was load supporting. I know because I had a mk1 and part exchanged it for the new mk2. The outer springs on the mk2 wont suspend the floating assembly, It just sits on the plinth. I loved the mk 1 but Ive always played a lot of 45rpm discs and the belt would slip on start up, drove me nuts. It had an Ittok and Supex SD 900 on it.
  9. Do it, I need a main centre spring for mine plus the electronics are knackered. I will get it sorted one day..
  10. Seems like good value. Has anyone tried one?.Its on the Ortofon website £500.00 for the elliptical version
  11. Ive just got my mate an AS701 and its super value for money. 100 wpc with a built in DAC and phonostage.
  12. Primaluna equipment is very well made and inspires confidence. Good shout.
  13. Has anyone tried one of these? Paradox 103 Ive been thinking about a Blue one for ages . Better photos on ebay
  14. Update, I have the Kefs now and am very impressed. The only downside being, I had to pay £350 for them . My mate is going to get a very nice sound for £1000, I have also found him a Systemdek and Linn arm for £180. I have £450 left for a CD player, Powerful amplifier with phono stage and 14 meters of decent speaker cable, Oh, a cartridge as well. I love a challenge. Update, This is the Amp I got him. Yamaha AS701, 100w per channel with inbuilt DAC, It drives the Kefs with enthusiasm . £399.00 14 Meters of QED cable was £15. I gave him a Marantz CD63 to use as a Transport. It has been in my spare bedroom for years but still works well. Free The Final touch will be an old Shure M75 ED with an Ed Saunders stylus. Its a cracking system for a grand and he is over the moon with it.