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  1. Hi NSM, What are these 'Pirate' stands that you speak of? Do you have a link to a pic? I'm guessing that you meant load the speaker stand and not the actual speaker cabs for your lead shot loading? thanks
  2. Is that electrical tape at the DIN connector?
  3. Hi, I've already got one pair of these, but I'm looking for a second pair to modify to active. I don't mind if they are tatty, but the drivers must all be perfect. Let me know what you have and your price. If you've got stands for them then all the better. Thanks Dan
  4. I've a 770ES to sell. Will send you a PM
  5. I've a black Sony TA-F770ES. It's on eBay at the moment. You might have to stretch your budget a bit though.
  6. Dan K

    Bluebell audio??

  7. Hi Dan...I have sent you a private message. Mark.

  8. Dan K

    WTD headphone amp

    A Rock Grotto maxed out X-Can V2 or V3 might be a decent choice. I can't think of anything that could get close for the money.
  9. Hi Garn, I've got a Joe Henry built F5 Clone. PM if interested. Dan
  10. Thanks Ovlov. Will look out for the LCD2. I can make my own cables, so will probably experiment.
  11. The closed back wood bodied ones. I may also be interested in a pair of LCD -2 or 3. PM me with what you have thanks
  12. I'm looking for one of these in unmolested / near mint condition for a 2nd system. Please PM me if you're looking to sell Many thanks Dan
  13. Darn it! I've been looking for one of these to fit my Alphason Sonata. If anyone has one please PM me. Thanks 😃
  14. Dan K

    DAC/Streamer Project

    A quick Google would suggest 'not yet'.
  15. Dan K

    DAC/Streamer Project