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  1. up again, Still here and still sounding fantastic
  2. Hi there - I'll be looking for a pair of 300b at some point. Do you have a price in mind for a pair of EH golds? Best, Andy (performanceandmedia at gmail)

    1. Dan K

      Dan K

      Hi Andy,

      No idea at the moment, but I do still have them sat in their boxes.

      I'll have a think and let you know

  3. Up again, still for sale If nobody want's to try these then I may simply have to keep them I also have a very beautiful pair of cherry wood veneer Avalon Ascendants - I can't keep both :-(
  4. Just realised mine are the EH Gold varity - if of interest
  5. I do, actually got 2 quads of pretty much un-used and matched Electro Harmonix - all boxed and bought from Hot Rox. Certainly less than 100hrs on them. PM me. Looks like you already have EH, sorry
  6. These are the ones that were subject to a lengthy restoration thread on here. Piano black gloss with a very subtle metallic sheen. I've listed them on the bay and PFM, looking for £1500 + sensible delivery costs. Do I need to say that they sound exactly as they should Selling to make space - I have too many speakers now thanks
  7. Mike P is the guy for fixing old Sony CDPs
  8. Were these the ones that were on Ebay for ages? I was tempted
  9. Hi NSM, What are these 'Pirate' stands that you speak of? Do you have a link to a pic? I'm guessing that you meant load the speaker stand and not the actual speaker cabs for your lead shot loading? thanks
  10. Is that electrical tape at the DIN connector?
  11. Hi, I've already got one pair of these, but I'm looking for a second pair to modify to active. I don't mind if they are tatty, but the drivers must all be perfect. Let me know what you have and your price. If you've got stands for them then all the better. Thanks Dan
  12. I've a 770ES to sell. Will send you a PM
  13. I've a black Sony TA-F770ES. It's on eBay at the moment. You might have to stretch your budget a bit though.
  14. Dan K

    Bluebell audio??