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  1. If anyone near me (Melton Mowbray) wants to try some 15v LPS (or indeed 5v) with their DAC then I have a few different power supplies from the mundane to the exotic . . . . . bring your DAC over here and have a play to see what difference you can hear . . . . . . . PS, I don't sell power supplies. This is offered in the spirit of letting people hear how much a power supply can improve a DAC. I have SBooster 5v, MCRU 5v, Farad3 15v, Sean Jacobs DC4 5v and 15v, iFi 5v, DIY supercap 5v, Uptone LPS-1.2 variable output voltage plus some others if I can find them . . .
  2. Fourlegs

    JJ 2a3 40w

    Phil, what is the small valve I see at the front of your amps? Is there any chance there might be hidden synergy waiting to be revealed by changing that?
  3. Using third party lps with DACs is something that I am very keen on doing and I have great success with it. I am always interested in hearing of others and their experiences. With a better power supply for the dac I normally hear firmer and deeper bass and usually I hear a less prominent top end but with more detail despite being less forward. However mention of improved dynamics, detail and soundstage due to a different power supply sometimes rings alarm bells as these characteristics can all be caused by inferior power supplies putting more noise into the dac and causing intermodulation distortion and which can initially be mistaken as being improvements but which may cause fatigue with extended listening. A cheap LPS can sometimes be worse than a smps.
  4. I don’t know the reason here but sometimes dealers sell off stock when they have decided to stop selling a particular brand.
  5. Perhaps it perfectly reflects the functional but not beautiful inside of the amps?
  6. "Dealers MUST NOT self promote, use shilling tactics or hassle members in any way." Does anyone feel hassled in any way?
  7. . . . but it could be a mistake to assume they are the final word in terms of measured assessment of all products. For sure they are one of many useful indicators but there are other engineers more experienced in measuring audio equipment than the ASR site and who are perhaps more conversant with the audio implications of different measurements. To blindly follow all of the ASR's pronouncements without question does not seem prudent
  8. Upload the video to YouTube then just post the link.
  9. Oh, so from what you said just there I take it that the RME dac isn't 'properly engineered'?
  10. Feedback received this morning on the WAVE Storm cables from a customer in Japan. "A few days ago, I received the WAVE Storm reference dual BNC cables. Thank you for sending them in a nice wooden box, even though they were sent to a destination outside the EU. When I switched the BNC cables from the stock ones to yours, I could hear the difference right away. At first I felt that the sound pressure in the low frequencies was increased. As I continued to listen, I could hear the kick of the bass drum with more intensity and the electric bass more clearly in pitch and note down to the lowest. The sound image also became clearer and I could hear the details better, but without being too analytical. The overall sound is more organic and refined. I found the galvanic isolation of the Hugo M Scaler to be very effective, as inserting the Hugo M Scaler between the source device and the DAVE improved the sound quality even with upscaling turned off, so I was amazed at how easily your cables improved the sound quality further. Good job!"
  11. Haha, you seem to have a different view of 'state of the art' compared to many of us! I'm glad you are so easily satisfied.
  12. I’ll try to look that out. We have just played through this album as a Fourlegs Towers tribute to Peter Green.
  13. Very sorry to hear about that. The Peter Green Fleetwood is the only Fleetwood I listen to. It is beyond brilliant.
  14. And me. But I seem to be more into the. Classic range
  15. That device is still dependent on having a low noise power supply connected to it. Using any old smps at that point in the digital chain can infect the whole system.