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  1. With the Dave I used to use an Icon Audio LA5 TX which is a valve pre amp and this was connected to a pair of Icon Audio MA845 Mk2M power amps. Then I changed to the MFA passive pre because I found it a more natural sound. The Dave direct to the 845 power amps did not work at all. The sound was horrid. In fact I have found that any DAC with volume control always so far with me sounds horrid and flabby when connected direct to any of the valve power amps I have tried. Hence why I was using a pre with the Dave. However after changing to the ss Pass Labs power amps I found I much preferred Dave direct to them with no pre.
  2. No, I meant what I said but I have added two words below to hopefully clarify as I see my post might have been ambiguous. Sorry. ie, “You do realise the signal path is unchanged within the Dave whether one uses it in DAC mode outputting to a preamp or whether one uses the Dave in Pre Amp mode outputting straight to a power amp. So the only difference is that in the former case one is adding all the extra circuits of the (additional external) pre amp”
  3. You do realise the signal path is unchanged within the Dave whether one uses it in DAC mode outputting to a preamp or whether one uses the Dave in Pre Amp mode outputting straight to a power amp. So the only difference is that in the former case one is adding all the extra circuits of the pre amp.
  4. Me saying that different TVCs sound different is a world away from saying what you are trying to imply, ie that all TVCs have an affect on the sound quality. My claim is that the very best TVCs are as near as makes no difference the same as a wire but with gain control. You have not disproved that. Instead you seem to suggest that all active pre amps are better than TVCs. Whilst the very best active preamps might indeed be better in measurement terms (and how they sound) compared to the worst examples of TVCs you have in no way shown that the best TVCs are inferior to the best active preamps. I am really picking you up on what I perceive to be you tarring all TVCs with the same brush.
  5. Transparency cannot be added to a signal. There was very slightly less with the MFA in. The way of describing the effect in visual terms would be to say that it was as if an almost invisible net curtain was being held over the image. But I do mean almost invisible. The change with the MFA Baby Ref V2 in the circuit was pretty much not detectable sonically.
  6. My experience is that using a MFA Baby Ref V2 compared to taking a Chord Dave direct to the power amp was that the Baby Ref did not change sound at all in terms of character, tone etc but there was a very slight (and I mean very slight) difference in absolute transparency with the MFA. I am not being fooled, the MFA as near as makes no difference did not impart any sound of its own on the signal. Also I am not fooled because I have owned many TVCs and yes they are different but to my ears the best of them such as the Baby Ref V2 really are just about invisible from a sonic point of view. Was this one of the TVCs that you mention you have measured? It would be really useful to the conversation if you could actually be more specific in your claims because at the moment it is just generalisations and which seem to conflict with the specifics which others of us have experienced. Can we have some specifics named please? Also, it would be really useful to have some more specifics of what you say you measured. The fuzzy photo doesnt really help.
  7. But this was a specialist packing and shipping firm which one often has to use when buying from auctioneers when bidding online and the auction venue is remote. The provision of adequate packing is part of the service they offer. ALL of the responsibilities for ensuring adequate packing therefore lie with that specialist packing firm. No, it was the failure of the firm who did the packing. Parcelforce would be magicians if they had managed to transport that box without damage to the goods inside. Also it seems we all need to get used to parcels now being left at our houses. The days of actually signing for anything seem to be long gone. I am lucky and we have a covered porch and live in a remote location with a very low risk of theft of the parcel but it must be a big problem for many others.
  8. Whilst the Townshend Allegri is well thought of, all transformer preamps are not equal. I knew this before but then had it reinforced when I first heard the MFA Baby Ref V1 owned by @TheFlash at that time (and now owned by @Lurch) and then afterwards when I got my own Baby Ref V2.
  9. I am guessing you are possibly not familiar with Transformer Volume Controls such as the Music First?
  10. On the face of it the packing was not fit for purpose. Possibly notify them of that and then if they refute it then pursue through the small claims court system. Make sure you record everything as you go as has been suggested in getting someone to inspect the amp and give a report, maybe you can get someone to state in writing what packaging would have been fit for purpose etc.
  11. The ‘drive and dynamics’ you refer to is almost certainly due to the pre amp departing from the accuracy of the original recording. If you prefer that then of course that is fine. (I am beginning to sound like Tuga!) The reason the Music First did not add drive is because as a pre amp it is ultra transparent and truthful to the musical signal. People like preamps because they colour the sound (by and large except for Music First etc).
  12. Did you use both versions to compare? I guess so looking at your post. My experience of the earlier one was that in some systems it could make a difference but not based on jitter but rather it seemed to filter noise. But as I say, this rather depended on the systems.
  13. Dom, as you know I use Dave direct into my Pass Labs power amps (and indeed direct into my ATC active 150 speakers). In the days when I had the Audio Innovations MB845 mk2M valve power amps it was a very different story and the sound suffered dreadfully unless I used a pre amp. The bass lost its detail and impact and the mids became quite smeared. It was not nice. In the end I settled on the Music First passive preamps as being the best for that as they were the nearest thing to transparent as I could find. This was the same with various valve power amps that I had and as far as I can tell it might have been some sort of impedance mismatch. But I am not sure this is what you are discussing (unless any of your power amps are valve?) and I suspect your query is about adding a bit of colour or character with a pre amp?
  14. Musical instruments mostly don’t go above your hearing range anyway hence probably why you don’t notice anything wrong.
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