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  1. There is no IF. WHEN it happens I would like to have the final commercial production version of the Sean Jacobs ARC6 power supply for my Dave and have it fully bedded in. I am also hoping that @George 47 will have his Terminator + and be inclined to bring it. In my bones I therefore suspect we might be aiming for a DAC DAY during September . . . . . I am hearing not just subtle improvements with my Dave with the prototype Sean Jacobs ARC6 power supply so I would hope we can all hear interesting things when we get together. There will also be available PGGB 705/737 kHz upsampled files to compare and contrast played through the Dave and any other DACs.
  2. @Rayymondo You have just done similar to those who directly refer to the ‘Scottish Play’ by its actual name. You have risked bringing down an audiophile curse on yourself and the whole of the Wam! Similar to the ‘Scottish Play’ it is accepted wisdom to refer to ‘that’ person as ‘The Former Member’. I hope the plague of locusts does not last too long for you.
  3. Dom, there could be a myriad of reasons for the difference in acoustic performance between those two properties and you are I am afraid leaping to a conclusion as to the part played by the Rockwool. I am an architect by training and have quite a bit of practical experience in searching down noise transmission and also in designing solutions to difficult problems (I have for instance designed apartments immediately above a nightclub). Although to your eye the properties are constructed in a similar fashion apart from the Rockwool it may be that they are not at all similar in acoustic construction. I’m sure you can see the point I am making.
  4. Epc = energy performance certificate. It has nothing at all to do with acoustic insulation and is only related to thermal performance. The two forms of insulation have no bearing on each other.
  5. My original DC4 when I bought it and also the new prototype ARC6 all sounded amazing straight out of the box and then continued to get even better from then on in. I suppose if you personally are considering ordering one then you can discuss it with Sean to ask if he will run it in for you but as far as I am aware all the many DC4 owners around the world have known that it reaches its best sound after several hundred hours of use and all of them want it shipped as soon as it has been completed and tested.
  6. We will have to wait a while. Rob still says that a Dave successor is not even on his future ‘to do’ list.
  7. According to Sean it is the large Mundorf caps which need time to settle. In the last week I have personally heard big differences during the first and second day of the DC4 ARC6 being continuously powered up and then lesser differences during the following week. The differences in the first 8 hours were quite alarming. The original DC4 had 4 x 10,000uF per rail and the ARC6 version has 6 x 33,000uF per rail. I am told it takes several hundred hours for these particular caps to fully settle down.
  8. Dom, just to say that from today you can upgrade the Zen Mini to the Innuos 2.0.5 software upgrade. I think you will like it.
  9. Sorry, I am not ignoring you. I simply do not know the answer to your question..
  10. No Problem. The task is really to find which ones are using volume control or digital processing, or perhaps more importantly which one is NOT doing those things then you can use that as a base to assess the others. The television and the laptop are my suspects for fiddling with the signal.
  11. Shall we tentatively go with my place as a venue then? LE14 4BE I will liaise with George once he has got the Terminator to see if he is interested and able. @tuga and @Shadders are you up for this? It would be great to meet you guys and with your DACs. Tuga I can run HQPlayer from my Antipodes if that helps not having to bring a computer. Once there is a tentative date I will start a thread in the Bake Off section.
  12. Ah, George. That should indeed be interesting and I am particularly interested to see how it sounds compared to the Holo May which only lasted three weeks here. I have offered as a venue (Fourlegs Towers @ Melton Mowbray - easy access from M1 and A1) but that is not cast in stone. As to when, I would very much like to hear the Terminator + compared to my DC4 ARC6 Dave as well as what else is on offer so if George is willing to play it rather depends on his slow boat / burn in regime / diary. The only thing I have which would affect dates is that GoldenSound wants to borrow my DC4 ARC6 Dave to do a rematch video against his favoured Holo May but no date is yet agreed.
  13. Indeed you are right about nothing beats being there and indeed I was there, the only pity was that I had to leave early. It was a great day out. But it is coming on for three years ago and we need to have a rematch.
  14. Oh, yes please. (for others, Keith had already invited himself to a curry this coming week so it looks like being a dac evening as well). @TheFlash are you around on Thursday?
  15. Hi Phil, great about your Jolida. A dac bake off has been done before and it was very interesting. The one I went to was in Coventry but my dac for one has changed out of all recognition since then. Also there are some new kids on the block such as the Terminator+ (not that I have ever liked a Denafrips yet but I have an open mind, no really!) I don’t want to see any more graphs, I want to hear how some of these DACs sound.
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