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  1. Just one point, that power supply is rated at 220v on one part of its specs and 230v on another part but the transformer is marked at 2 x 110v ie 220v and so it would be worthwhile establishing that it is happy at UK voltages which can often be 250v for most of the day (I know because that is my mains voltage). I personally would not want to run a 220v item without knowing more.
  2. Your post is interesting and thanks for the mini report. Is this the LPS you have pictured below? I am not familiar with that one but is it possible that the LPS is simply not of sufficient quality to give you a sound quality upgrade you were hoping for? I have a Denefrips Ares 2 DAC on loan and I will make sure I listen to that with the pimped Node 2i and a few different LPS.
  3. I did mention in my preliminary write up many pages ago that I was underwhelmed with the DAC analogue output from the Node 2i. The power supplies I tried with the Node 2i do improve its Dac output but even with an expensive power supply it was a much bigger and better improvement to simply add a DAC. That is why I mentioned the huge improvement I got to the Node 2i by adding the Qutest. It also explains why I am not really all that interested in trying many more power supplies with the Node 2i internal DAC because to my ears the 2i internal DAC is sonically challenged no matter what the power supply and like @TheFlash when it gets to the £500 area I would probably spend that on a DAC first. What I am interested in is connecting the 2i to an external DAC and then seeing which power supply powering the 2i gives the best sound quality.
  4. Tony, great write up and thanks for doing it. It takes time to do the experimenting and as much time then to write it up. I note however that you deal mostly with audible noise rather than sound quality and you only mention sound quality at the end where you say you did not hear any difference in sound quality. Was this using the analogue output from the SBT or was it a digital output from the SBT? I assume the former and in which case it would be interesting to see if other different LPS did actually improve the SQ.
  5. Sorry, I missed this until @TheFlash brought it to my attention just now. I used to have the active 40s and now have the active 150s which I bought second hand and then had completely fettled at ATC with new tweeters and refurbished mids and bass drivers. That way I got a pair of active 150s for not much more than the price of active 40s and was the only way I could purchase 150s due to their eye watering new price. Whereabouts are you? After lockdown ends you are welcome to come and listen/chat if you are within a reasonable distance. These are mine before I sent them off to ATC.
  6. Hopefully I will have time over the next few days. First I have to put the 2i back to stock. I would say post your findings and do not wait for me. Are you using a dac with the 2i?
  7. I also noticed the sub text to robbyrtp's post but as you and I know, my pimping has been sidetracked by an emergency admission to the hospital. The ambulance driver, a Mr @TheFlash, said that he feared for the patient's life. I post this photo of my sitting room kindly provided by an anonymous person which does show that the Node 2i pimping is progressing albeit that it was left in a partially pimped state on the table whilst I attended to the the A&E patient on the sitting room hospital floor. A transplant was required but luckily the hospital had a donor available.
  8. Forgive me, but which concert are you talking about? And which SPL meter did you use?
  9. Just in case anyone gets twitchy about those voltages, that is the AC pre rectified voltage. I think the dc is 500 and a bit.
  10. When you say one amp is more powerful than the other perhaps it has more gain and hence the hiss being audible? If the amp sounds fine in normal use just turn it off in between. Pull out the plug if it hasn’t got a switch.
  11. Fourlegs

    Valve info

    I have bought from Watford a few times. No issues at all.
  12. Just make sure it is the Van Damme HiFi series speaker cable. It sounds better than Tour Grade etc.
  13. I know you are having a laugh but these issues can generally be sorted with a bit of investigation. I’m certainly not going to compromise my sound quality with a smps!
  14. To be fair, what you say about modern equipment means nothing in reality. I have modern well specced Hifi stuff where the transformers will suddenly start buzzing / physical humming when the central heating pump kicked in.