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  1. I am not familiar with the Manley Stringray but if it has output transformers wouldn’t the arrangement mean that even though it is unplugged, the other amp would be ‘driving’ the output windings of the Manley as well as the speakers. That may or may not be an issue for the Manley.
  2. @Snoopdog And you told your wife they were amazing value at £500 per pair and those dCS boxes were no doubt well within budget at £100 each? Nice kit though. Lucky guy.
  3. You piqued my interest to look at the TAD CR1 and found this which I guess is you. Nice!!
  4. It doesn't seem to stop them using bs though. The amount of faux science clap trap is woeful.
  5. The rant and preach brigade is a great description. The level of ignorance on that thread is rather surprising but some of the threads on that site are not really in favour of letting facts get in the way of a jolly good rant. The amount of mocking condescension and bullying on there is also disgraceful. Anyway, back to Griff's search . . . .
  6. Agreed. Get it in your own system and have a listen. There are plenty of us who can hear what it does and many of us have aging ears. It does not depend on being able to hear top frequencies anyway as what does applies throughout the frequency range. Indeed a lot of people first notice the improvement to the bass.
  7. Griff, best you hear it for yourself and make up your own mind. I have heard it with Chord Qutest, TT2 and Dave. You might as well flog a dead horse as ask K which DACs he has heard it with. I may be proved wrong but I very much doubt that he has had any demo of the Mscaler.
  8. This your opinion but which is not shared by all people. I do however agree that some laptops, but not all, can sound very good when they are used on battery only (ie not connected to mains) and connected via optical cable.
  9. Technically you are correct, but you do sell an £8,999 DAC unless Mola Mola have dumped you. I attach another dealers pricing as you do not appear to have any pricing on your web site.
  10. 1) Thanks for the Stereophile review of the Mscaler. Those measurements do not show or support your claim that the "mscaler does nothing", they merely show that the person measuring was trying to measure the wrong thing. That is the problem with some measurements. 2) a) That is a fairly bold statement to put in print. Unfortunately for you, the very same Stereophile article says about the Mscaler, "Conclusions As David Rich, then with The Audio Critic, wrote in the 1990s, "in the next century, all audiophiles will be listening to will be different digital filters." Chord's Hugo M Scaler illustrates Dr. Rich's point: It replaces the various reconstruction filters used in other manufacturers' DACs with Rob Watts's enormously long WTA filter. That filter does sound superb, and, as a bonus—in addition to upgrading the sounds of older DACs—the M Scaler adds a USB input with Roon compatibility to DACs that don't have one, like my Levinson. At $4795, the M Scaler is relatively expensive; I recommend you audition the M Scaler with your own DAC before getting out the credit card. But "[improve] the recreation of the original music signal," as Chord claims, the M Scaler definitely did, with all three D/A processors I tried." Keith, just how long you get get away with trying to manipulate the truth by telling your own lies in a misguided attempt (presumably) to sell other DACs in your dealership is a mystery to me. If any DAC manufacturer placed adverts which lied about their competitors they would get short shrift from the advertising standards authority. As a dealer selling DACs and lying about competitors products in a forum is surely worth of similar short shrift. It is however unlikely to win you extra sales. 2) b) I have had a look. That is not discussion. It is childish drivel based on a lack of knowledge. Chord will rightly not even be bothered to read it. 3) That is nice for you.
  11. That of course is not just a Chord thing and I’m sure you did not mean to imply that it was and yet you deftly did just that.
  12. err, so? Careful not to become a Keith and just post links without saying what your thoughts are.
  13. And following on from your later posts regarding noise and its effect on the music signal creating harshness or a fatiguing sound it is more than likely that will not be picked up in any published measurements
  14. No, that does not have any credibility at all. One main advantage of the Music First passive pre amps is that they can be paired with very long interconnects to the active speakers. It doesn't seem as if the dealer understands the way that Transformer Volume Controls work. Be wary of anything that dealer says based on what he has told you . . .