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  1. Your wam info does not say where you reside. If it is in the Uk then you could do a lot worse than telephoning Jack at the Audio Barn. I’m pretty sure they stock Shunyata and Jack is a great bloke to deal with.
  2. @Psilonaught posted an off topic comment in another thread saying, ”I was planning on buying an etherregen as I have a spare 10M output on my rubidium master clock, and then I read this helpful review on ASR “ Psilonaught has responded to me saying his comment was meant to be sarcastic and I assume the sarcasm was aimed at the ASR review which a spot on response. Now it so happens that I bought a second hand EtherRegen a couple of months ago and I would be interested to compare my experiences. Just a bit of info on my system. Having recently changed my Broadband to an EE 4G rou
  3. If you were being sarcastic about the ridiculous ASR review then I’m with you. But were you?
  4. Sorry but I fail to understand how your post relates to the thread title topic. No doubt you are keen to do spread the words of wisdom in the ASR review far and wide but a new thread may be more appropriate. I will save you the trouble and start a thread on the subject of the Etherregen.
  5. Whilst the axes were being honed I sorted the OP out with some cables. I expect he will be happy.
  6. Trust me, RF noise induced IMD is never benign and never sounds pleasing.
  7. Thanks. Much appreciated. I will have a play.
  8. . . . and Amir has done a counter video. I suspect they are both wide of the mark and are using the wrong measurements / measuring the wrong things. For instance Amir's video does not even consider GHz noise from routers in the home environment. If there are any possible issues then this may be more insidious and able to find its way way back to a sensitive circuit in one of the connected devices than the relatively weak FM stations he was picking up. I'm not saying there are issues, merely pointing out possible deficiencies in the Amir video. And that is the danger of people re
  9. Of course I have measurements from product development but not being born yesterday I realise that if someone asks for them on a forum it is almost certainly because they want to try to shoot them down. It is pointless to engage with those people because they are trying to pursue an agenda. Real people, as opposed to forum axe grinders, contact me directly, usually by email, buy the cables, try them in their system for 14 days and then send a joyous email saying how the sound has changed. Actually, that is pure unadulterated make believe. It normally takes about 1/2
  10. Message when you are ready to come. We are 1/2 hr from Rutland Water which I know from my windsurfing days if that helps guess how long it will take to get here.
  11. Richard, is there where I let you down gently and confess that I sold the 300B amp? It just wasn't being used enough to justify keeping it. The Pass Labs amps make such a nice tune that it was always they that got used . . . . But as soon as you can get over here I promise melton pork pie and Stilton Cheese (made 1/2 mile away at Colston Bassett). I don't even mind if we never turn on any HiFi either but I have lots to let you hear if interested in between pork pies . . .
  12. I look forward to giving you the opportunity to hear my system. On the matter of prevention rather than cure, unfortunately no one seems to have come across a better way of assessing if the prevention is adequate other than by adding in some 'cure' and seeing if that makes a difference. If it doesn't then you can be satisfied that the prevention is adequate. As has been mentioned, Rob Watts used his considerable design experience and expertise together with measuring with his fancy kit but it was only when a bit of 'cure' was added in the form of Wave cables that he was able to assess whe
  13. Cool, drop me a message when restrictions allow us to resume listening in each others houses. I would hope you might be surprised at how digital can sound. @TheFlash is only 10 mins away and he has lately gone down a few digital rabbit holes and ended up with dCS stuff front ending his ATC40 actives so he might also participate.
  14. 8760 if I recollect correctly. It is not a Wave business activity, just helping out mates, Wammers etc.
  15. You might win that bet! But one day you need to pop over and hear my ATC 150s with a 'decent' DAC. You are not too far away. I am glad your future plans do not include any foo cables and luckily that still therefore leaves you open to consider my Wave cables.
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